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A few days have passed and Mel hasn’t talked to me really at all, but I pressed the issue with her each time she had to talk with me about business, by winking at her or the such, just to make her squirm a bit.

The office was quite dull this one afternoon. The main secretary was out to lunch and it was Mel and me in the office. Normally there are always several people out and about through the office, but many of the sales staff was out at a conference.

I knew it was just Mel and I in the office and I figured since she told me before that her hubby was away for a week, he would be back tomorrow. I needed to get a little bit more of her ass and it had to be now when most everyone was gone.

I heard her scampering around the office and then it sounded like she went to the bathroom. My chance had to be now. I slipped off my shoes and walked quietly to the door of the bathroom. This bathroom is set up with double doors, so that there is a little privacy. I opened up the first door very slowly and quietly, and closed it. With a quick switch, I also locked the door so that we would have the utmost privacy.

I undid my belt and let my pants down and with the excitement of what I was planning; my cock was ready and waiting.

Mel was wearing a bright flowery dress that was long and flowing. Easy access for me. A very spring like top that fell off the shoulders and her breasts were east targets for me to get after.

I knew I had all of 30 minutes to take her in the bathroom. The bookkeeper would be back and she would let Mel go to lunch.

I heard the toilet flush and the door open up in the bathroom and then water started to run. I swung open the door, walking in with only my t-shirt and boxers on, I startled Mel and she shrieked out as I was coming towards her.

“No No….Jim……NO!!” She cried out

I spun her around, pushed her up against the toilet stall and literally lifted her up by her breasts. Mel started to hit me on the shoulders and cried out begging me to stop. She wanted me to stop this abuse to her until I got my tongue into her mouth.

She cried out through my mouth for a very çiğli escort short time and my tongue started to relive her passions that she had just a few days earlier in her house.

As she slid down the bathroom stall and grabbed her blouse and on the way up and snagged the bra and lifted it over her head leaving her totally topless. I threw her clothes on the ground and went after her nipples and she moaned out in delight. She wrapped her harms around my head and pressed her chest against my face.

As I was molesting her tits, I reached down and grabbed her dress and moved it up her legs until I found some bare thigh. Mel instinctively allowed her leg to ride up my leg and wrap around my leg. I continued to move forward with my hand until I found her panties. Mel tried to stop me from reaching in, but my hand was too powerful for hers and she tried to resist, but finally let in.

As I reached into her panties, and felt how damp Mel was, I knew that she was ready for the plucking. I rubbed her clit and allowed a finger to penetrate her small pussy lips. Mel moaned out at me and begged me to stop. But her begging went on without regard.

As I am fingering Mel to near orgasm, I continue to lick her tits and up her chest, around her ears and across her neck. She is basically in ecstasy, yet she continues to beg me to stop.

“Oh god Jim, stop this, mmmmmm, Jim, no….not that…..mmmmm uummmm” She moaned out.

My finger was gaining speed inside of her pussy and Mel was squirming around as she was about to cum. He breathing began to get heavier and heavier and her moaning was getting louder and deeper.

“Jim, im going to cum…..yes….yes….your going to make me cum!!!” She cried out.

With a rush of excitement, she arched her back some and let out a massive orgasm. She tried to squirm off and away as each wave of ecstasy plundered through her body. She tried to close her legs with the orgasm, but was unsuccessful.

As her orgasm subsided, her body went slightly limp and she was very tired. Each time my finger would touch her clit or pussy lips, her body would shudder. foça escort This was the time I had to take her. I had all of 15 or 20 minutes to punish her pussy before we would be caught.

I latched my fingers around her panties and yanked at the twice and with the second pull, a quick rip came out and my hand was free, yet so was Mel’s pussy.

“What are you doing…..Jim……” she mumbled.

I spun her around again, and she was facing the toilet stall. I pulled up dress and grabbed her quickly by the hips and lifted her up a bit.

Mel grabbed the top of the stall to hang on and I rammed my 8 inches into her sloppy pussy. She came so hard that you could here her sloppy pussy lips slurping up and out with each thrust of my cock. Each time I would thrust my man beef into her pussy she would grunt out with a low deep grunt. I slammed my cock deep into her, with her legs dangling below and she hanging on to the top of the toilet stall, she was begging for me to stop. “Jim…your hurting me….please stop….slow down….it hurts me…” she cried.

I didn’t listen to her whimpers and I continued to fuck her pussy as hard as I could.

It wouldn’t be long and I was going to cum also, but I wanted to see her face when I came inside her. I pulled my cock out and she was panting heavily and slowly turned around with tears in her eyes and asked “Did you cum?”

“Not even close babe!” I said to her.

She gasped as I grabbed her forcefully by the arm and pushed her into the toilet stall. I sat down on the toilet and leaned back and grabbed Mel again my hips. She tried to turn around and I looked at her and grunted at her a bit. She knew what I was wanting.

She began to straddle my legs and work her way up. I grabbed my very hard cock and started to push into Mel’s pussy. The head of my cock meandered into her waiting pussy. She then let herself down onto the cock. I left one leg up and onto my shoulder. IU wanted to see my cock punishing her pussy. As my cock was driving into her pussy, I could see Mel, was starting to tear up some more…..but her sounds that she was izmir escort making was pure joy. Moaning and sigh with each and every inch of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Pussy lips stretched far apart and her beautiful snatch of blonde pubics were matted down with a mixture of my precum and her orgasm.

I could feel the rush of my blood pressure, and I knew that it was near time to blow my wad inside of Mel and her sloppy pussy.

I stood up with my cock buried deep inside Mel still and pushed her body against the bathroom stall and I began to really lay into her pussy with everything I had, making sure that every inch of my cock was buried deep. It wouldn’t be long, and I would cum. With the pounding she was taking, Mel’s grunt became louder. Her legs dangled and would fly around with each and penetrating slam of my cock into her love hole.

Then I felt it. I went faster and faster because I could feel the lovely flow of cum making its way up my shaft and I was going to give it all to Mel.

Mel hung onto my neck and I grabbed onto the bathroom stall and fucked her pussy until a burst of cum came blowing out of my cock, and deep inside of Mel’s pussy.

I let out a long grunt or moan as I came inside of Mel. I continued to punish her pussy with my cock and came kept streaming out in some very long pulsations.

As it finally came to and end, we both stood there, my cock still buried inside of Mel, slowly making its way out.

My cock fell out of her pussy and she sat down quickly on the toilet. I cleaned myself up a bit…..didn’t say a thing to Mel, opened the bathroom stall, kicked her blouse under the stall door and went out to where my pants were. Put them on, fixed myself up, unlocked the door and opened it carefully. Looked around and went on my way to my office.

Not two minutes later the book keeper came in and asked if Mel went to lunch yet and I told her no, that I think she is in the bathroom.

I went on with my day, making a few follow up sales calls and I came back about 430pm. There was a small bag with a note attached to it. I opened the bag and it was Mel’s ripped panties and the smell of sex.

I opened the note and it read…..”You owe me a new pair. Maybe you can bring them by tonight. My patio door will be open from 9pm — 930pm. That’s It! Mel….

I guess I got me some business to take care of tonight after a quick trip to the mall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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