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Before leaving for work, I brought up the college question. It had been a week since her graduation and Paige was still dodging the topic.

I wanted to know. “Paige, what is going on with your college decision?”

“Okay, the issue is, I only applied to out of state schools. They all accepted me, but now I don’t want to go to any of them.”

“What’s wrong with the state college in town?” I had gone there.

“Nothing now, except I only submitted my application last month.” she said. “I’m on the waiting list.”

“Why did you only apply to far off schools?”

“I didn’t know what I wanted out if life. I figured I would get out there and see what I could find, but I found you first. Now, I know what I want and it’s not at some women’s college in Connecticut. I screwed myself.”

“What if State doesn’t accept you?”

“I’ll take the year off or go to a junior college and transfer.” she looked like she was going to cry. “Why am I so dumb? I didn’t allow for staying near home. My parents are going to say ‘I told you so’, because they did.”

I put my arms around her. “We will figure this out. I’ll see if I can pull a few strings and get you in. If not, the junior college idea isn’t bad. You can still graduate from State, that’s what counts. But, I want you start college this fall, no skipping years.”

“What strings can you pull?”

“I only have one string we can pull, but it’s a pretty good one.”

“Really? What is it?”

“Your first lesson in the real world. Be nice to the secretary that works for the big guy. She actually runs things.”

“Did you sleep with someone’s secretary?” Paige asked. I started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Paige wanted to know.

“You’ll see.”


I had gone to the engineering college at the state university and had a friendship with the department head’s secretary. She had helped me out while I was there. On Monday while I was at work, I called the office for the chair of the engineering college. Someone whose voice I didn’t recognize answered. I asked “Is Helen there?” I prayed she was.

There was a pause, “Hello?” It was her!

“This is Paul Douglas, I was a-“

“I know who you are. Oh, by the way, thanks for the birthday present you sent. You didn’t have to, you know. How have you been?”

“Good. I bought a house and met a girl.”

“That’s wonderful, sweetie. You need to bring her by.”

“That’s why I called. I want to send her to you. I need a favor.”


“She applied to school really late and is stuck on the waiting list to get in.”

“Why did she do that?”

“She didn’t know she was going to fall in love and want to stay in town.”

“Ah, this is starting to come together. You can send her but I can’t promise anything, I’m not a fairy godmother you know. Have her bring her transcript.”

“After what you did for me, I think you really are my fairy godmother.”

“Oh stop it. You would have done the same thing if you were in my shoes.” She referred to past favors she had done for me. I hoped she was right. I’d like to think I could be that big hearted.

We exchanged contact information then I called Paige and told her who to visit.


A couple of hours later Helen called me back. She started the conversation with, “She’s adorable! I was wondering what kind of girl could have you so smitten.”

“I think she’s ‘The One’.” I let her know.

“I hope so. She’s so sweet and so smart. I love her to death.” Helen was absolutely gushing. I wonder what Paige had said.

“Can you help?” I asked.

“Maybe, with her records, maybe. I’ll have to borrow some favors.”

“I know you like to bend people to your will.”

“I might be able to sneak her in with the engineering department admissions.” she thought about it, “She wants major in Lit. Did you know that?”

“Yeah, I know she wants to major in Lit.”

“You should know I can’t get her in there, that major is always way too impacted. I’ll try for general admissions, but if not she may have to pretend to love engineering for her first year.”

“Okay, thanks. This means the world to me.”

“You mean, ‘she means the world to you’.” Helen interpreted me well. “You need to stop by. It’s been too long.”

“I will. I should have you and your husband Fred over for dinner with Paige and me so that you can see the house.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be in touch about Paige”


Later when I got home from work, Paige jumped in my arms. “Do you think Helen can help?”

“If anyone can.”

“You had me all worried about her being an old flame. She’s 60 years old!”

I laughed at her. “It’s not always about sex.”

“What is it about with her then? She seems be closer to you than just the average student. Like, she really knows you, she really cares about you. Is she family or something? Or ‘is’ she an old flame, you sly dog?”

“She’s almost family.” I thought about how much I wanted to say right now. I had been tight lipped with the details of what happened when my parents passed away a couple izmir escort years back. It wasn’t something I liked to dwell on. They had a car accident a month before my graduation from college. Beyond working with my professors to get work deferred or outright excused while I went home for a few days, Helen had helped me coordinate the funeral. She sent out the death certificates for me and dealt with the lawyers and the insurance companies. She pretty much did everything. She even had the people I needed to see stop by the school office.

I just had to make sure I graduated, as Helen had told me. She took care of everything else. She even counseled me to keep me on track with my life.

I decided that since I had already bought an engagement ring for Paige and was going to make her a permanent part of my life, I needed to bring her closer into my inner world, including my dreary past. Paige had treaded lightly when it came to my parents, knowing it was a sensitive area for me. I should come clean now. “She’s the one who pulled me from class and told me my parents died.”

“Oh” Paige lost her perpetually content and happy expression. She traded it for a look of pained loss. I felt bad for bringing her down. I told her the whole story of what happened and what Helen did for me. Paige cried. It was as if my loss was hers. I had dealt with it already, I had moved on, but she was dealing with it for the first time.

“That’s how I inherited the money to buy this house,” I told her, “and the renovation was like therapy. I kept busy building whenever I felt bad.”

“You were building around the clock that first year. I had fun watching you.” Paige kissed me.


Later that night after dinner, Paige told me, “There’s something we need to talk about.” She had me sit on the sofa next to her.

“Okay.” Oh man, what was coming now? I couldn’t take any more drama today.

“This is critical to our relationship.” She solemnly warned me.

I thought to myself, “Oh no, here comes the drama.”

Paige paused. “I feel like a bum just hanging out while you are at work, so I decided to clean up the house.”

“I’m not going to complain if you want to clean the house. If that’s what you want to ask.”

She ignored me and continued, “Well, I was cleaning up and I found something that I need you to explain.”

Oh shit. In my mind, I ran through a list of things I had that may need ‘explaining’. Did I have any artifacts left over from old girlfriends? I didn’t think so.

She reached behind the sofa and picked something up. When she showed it to me, I thought I was going to die of humiliation. It was a porno DVD; a compilation that featured petite girls and guys with big dicks. I hid my face behind my hands in shame.

“I’ve never watched one of these before. I wanted to watch but I figured I should wait for someone who has more experience to act as my guide. Based on the collection, it seemed like you probably have the required experience with these.”

“Dear god.” I said. She was torturing me.

“If this isn’t a good DVD there were several others to choose from.”

“I know there are more.” I never felt this embarrassed in my life.

“Let’s get started then.” She picked up the remote and played the movie. As the scene opened, Paige slouched on the sofa with her knees wide apart. She lifted her dress and exposed her crotch. She was not wearing underwear. She was ‘commando’. Paige started to rub her clit with her fingers. It looked like she had planned this whole situation out. “This is what we are supposed to be doing right. You bought these to masturbate to, didn’t you?”

The humiliation was horrendous. “Paige, you’re killing me.” I begged.

“I really do want to watch with you. I don’t want to do this alone, get your thing out. It’s not going to stroke itself.” Paige returned her attention to the TV. The girl had progressed to giving the guy head. She was swallowing most of the guy’s huge cock. Paige commented, “How is she doing that? It doesn’t look possible.” We watched a few minutes more. “I think I see how she is doing it now. You should have shown this to me before I deep throated you; it’s very instructional. It would have helped to see this first.”

Was she being serious or was this an elaborate punishment for being caught with a porn stash?

Paige took on a stern voice, “Get your pants off now. I want to do this together. I’m serious.”

I stood up and took off my pants. I sat down and watched the TV. A minute later Paige slapped my arm with the back of her hand. When I looked over, she pumped her fist up and down in the air doing the international jack-off hand gesture. I started to stroke. I glanced over and she was fingering herself. At least we were doing this together. Maybe she was serious about wanting to explore porn as a couple. I never imagined a girl watching this stuff let alone masturbating to it. The guy onscreen started to ream the tiny porn starlet.

“So, do you just sit and watch them have sex?”

“I usually fast forward to the parts I bayındır escort want to see and skip over anything else.” I admitted.

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

“A little, I’m not into the fake boobs though.”

“What are you into? Show me the parts you always watch.”

I let out a heavy sigh and took the remote control away from her. I flipped forward through several scenes until I found the one I wanted. I let it play and did not talk. It was a scene with a gorgeous flat-chested blond with a tiny body dressed like a schoolgirl and an older man posing as a teacher.

Paige studied the screen quietly, as the scene unfolded in a very predictable way. The blonde had been caught cheating on a test and offered a blowjob to get out of trouble. There was a little spanking, then some sucking, and then the girl started to ride the teacher.

After watching her ride for two minutes, Paige had a sudden revelation and said, “Oh my god! She looks a lot like me when I had blonde hair.”

“Yes.” I confessed.

“You bought this DVD because you thought she looked like me?” Paige looked shocked.

“Yes.” What would she think, how was she going to react?

She sat in stunned silence for a moment then said, “I was right next door, you idiot! You could have had the real thing. I was humping my pillow to thoughts of you every night and you were here wasting your time watching this! Instead of… you know… doing it for real.” She sounded a mad, but not for the reasons I feared.

She didn’t say anything for a little while. Paige just watched TV and masturbated. She watched me as I stroked myself too.

When the ‘pretend-Paige’ on scene bent over the desk and started to have her pussy pounded hard from behind, Paige said. “God this is a hot fuck. You’ve done most of these things to me. That’s just like the time on the dining room table. I think she is enjoying that. It felt really good for me.” Real world Paige fingered her pussy vigorously now. I was stroking fast. She said to me, “Tell me before you come, I want to watch you shoot off.”

“You will see just fine.” I promised.

When I was ready to cum I moved over to the Paige and aimed at her crotch. She took her hand a way and watched me intently. I sprayed her pubic area with cum. Lots of it. It looked like she had frosting for pubic hair. She started to rub herself again through the sticky mess.

She asked me, “Skip the end of the scene to watch this guy shoot off.” She rubbed hard as she watched the pretend Paige on screen take a huge load on the face. I noticed she Paige quivered a little bit.

We sat and watched the porn girl wipe his cum into her mouth and eat it. When it was done, Paige said, “I want to try that sometime.” I thought it was a good idea. “Let’s do this whole scene. We can have it playing while we do.”

“You didn’t orgasm.” I pointed out.

“Yes I did. I can’t make myself explode the way you do but I give myself little ones.”


The next day at work, Helen called me. “I got her in.”

“You did? Great! That was fast. I owe you big time.”

“No, it was not that hard. Do you remember Professor Cringle?”

“Of course.” He was one of the professors who had helped me stay up on my work while I dealt with my loss.

“He’s the department head now. I told him about you and your little lucky bride-to-be and her predicament.”

“You know, she’s not my finance yet.” I was pretty sure I had not said anything to Helen about proposing to Paige.

“Yeah, I figured it wasn’t too much of a lie since you are going to ask soon.”

“I never told you I was going to ask.” I was really sure.

“I know you too well. I bet you have a ring and everything.”

“Yeah.” I admitted lamely. Was I this predictable? “Did you have to sneak her in? Is she a pretend engineer?” I asked

“No, he walked her application through himself. She’s accepted as a normal student.”

“Fantastic! Did you tell her yet?”

“No. I think you should be the one. I do wish I could see her face though. I want to come to the wedding.”

“Of course you are coming. You are a fairy godmother for both of us now.”

She laughed and said goodbye.


I came home from work to find Paige cooking dinner. She was wearing a volleyball uniform. A real women’s volleyball uniform, not just something faked together. It had a white polo style shirt with a number on the back, a navy blue pair of those tiny volleyball shorts, and she even had on the kneepads. Everything looked well used. “What are you doing?” I wondered.

“Making dinner. I’m so excited. It’s my first big meal on my own. I found a recipe online. I even went to the grocery store on my own.”

“Like that?” I said pointing towards the too small shorts.

“Huh?” she looked where I was pointing. “Oh yeah, I was dress like this.” She smiled and spun her back to me so I could admire her perfect ass. She wiggled it for me before turning back to the food on the stove.

“Why?” I thought about all of the attention that bayraklı escort an outfit like this would get her in public. I was a little jealous of the leers and less than saintly thoughts that must have been tossed her way.

“I had practice today.” She claimed.

“I wasn’t aware you were on the team.” It seemed ridiculous. I thought all volleyball girls were tall and skinny, like her friend Ashley.

She smiled at me. “I’m the one who jumps up and spikes the ball over the net. My favorite thing is to block the other team.”

I knew she was toying with me but this was such an elaborate costume. “Wow, your team must be hard up for players.”

“Hey! Be nice. You don’t believe I’m on the team?”

“Not really, you don’t even go to that high school anymore, remember.”

“Its Ashley’s uniform.” She confessed. “She gave it to me.”

“How could it fit? Isn’t she a foot taller than you?”

“She’s only five foot nine. But this one is from her freshman year.” she felt her butt. “Man was she a skinny toothpick back then. She was almost as tall as she is now that year, but the shorts are actually a little tight on me.”

“Okay? What did you do today and why are you wearing it now?”

“We all went over to Ashley’s to help her go through her old clothes.”

“How is Lauren doing?” I asked. I had not seen her in awhile.

“Oh, she’s not around much since she started her ‘job’.”

“She got a job? Doing what?”

“Running Rory’s life. I hope he likes her a whole lot, because I don’t think he will be able to shake her loose. I’ve never seen her like this.”

“Rory works all day at his software business. Well, really it’s just him, but he does work all day and some nights.”

“Yes and now he has a partner. She is doing all for his administrative stuff. You know, billing and paying bills. It’s the same kind of paperwork she helps with at her dad’s accounting office when she works for him.”

“Sounds like a match made in heaven. I wonder what he pays.”

“It’s not cash. She claims he pays her in bed and the pay is really good.”

“I don’t need to know about that. Let’s talk about your newfound love for volleyball. “

“Well, while we were grouping the clothes that she is going to get rid of, they started to dress me like I was some kind of life size Barbie. Most of the clothes were huge on me. It was kind of fun, I looked funny in her extra tall clothes. But then we found this.” She point to her shirt. “It actually fit. They insisted on me wearing the shorts and kneepads too. They made me promise to keep it on until you got home to see. What do you think?”

“You look like a wet dream. You went to the store like that?”

She grinned, “Yeah, one of the stock boys was my personal shopping assistant. I tried to tell him I was fine but he insisted. Good thing though, I was having trouble finding the ingredients and I couldn’t reach some of the stuff. Why so they put things on such high shelves.”

“They probably had to mop up his drool afterwards.”

“Yes, but I tried to drop hints I was making dinner for my man at home.”

“I’ll shop with you from now on so that I am the one reaching up to get your things.”

“Oooh, I like it when you reach up to get ‘my things’.”

“Behave. Well, let’s see how dinner turned out.” I suggested.

“Okay, then I want to try out these knee pads. My performance after dinner depends on how much you say you like dinner.”

“It tastes wonderful already!”

“That’s what I figured.” Paige thought about it for a few seconds. “Do you think that’s why my dad never complains about my mom’s food?”

“Please don’t go there.” I warned. Paige was just like her mom, always trying to make me cringe. My mind drifted to the thought that maybe they were similar in the sex department too. Paige is always so eager to please… Oh god, now I was feeling awkward.

Paige smiled, “With her food, she probably has to spend half the evening on her knees every night making up for it.”


Paige had made a pasta dish. Dinner was okay. Almost good. Great for a first try.

She admitted, “It went wrong somewhere.”

“Do you want to know where it could be improved?”

“Yes, but be nice. I’m very disappointed in myself.”

“You overcook the noodles. That’s why it got so mushy. The sauce is great.”

“Oh.” She looked dejected.

“I really liked it. Just a little less time boiling and perfecto.” I assured her.

“It’s okay you don’t have to sugar coat it. I really do want to cook well. I can’t imagine raising kids on the food my mom served. I can’t do that to them.”

She took my plate back to the kitchen and came back. She was still wearing the volleyball uniform. “Hey Coach.” She yelled. “I need to see you in your office.” She pointed towards the bedroom then marched in ahead of me. I enjoyed watching her ass as she went. I was willing to bet that the stock boy at the grocery store had let her lead the way a few times to get this awesome view.

“Coach, I’m sorry we lost. You look stressed. Let me help you with that.” See got down on her knees.

“Then we should hit the showers.” I suggested.

Paige worked at getting my pants off as I took off my shirt. “I watched the porno again today to help improve my technique, you know like watching game film.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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