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Chapter One

In which Jennifer is assigned a new tutor.


“Miss White, am I boring you?” The booming voice of professor Jackson shook Jennifer from her reverie.

“Yes,” she thought to herself. She straightened up to look the man in the eye, “Sorry, professor, I’m just tired.” she answered, “It’s been a long day for me.” He looked at his watch, and took a deep sigh and walked away from the whiteboard.

“Very well,” he closed the book on the lectern, “I guess this will do for today.” The silence of the lecture hall was replaced by textbooks slamming shut, chairs scraping the ground and the voices of students eager to leave for the weekend. The professor had to raise his voice to make himself heard, “Don’t forget the finals, covering the first five chapters are in two weeks. Start studying in time!” He straightened a stack of papers and placed them in his carry-all. “Miss White, please stay. I want a word.” He looked at her meaningfully. Jennifer dropped her backpack on the floor and fell back into her chair, deflated. “You too, miss deMille.” he added. Jennifer watched the mousy honours student freeze at the mention of her name, then looking around in confusion.

From the back of the lecture hall Jennifer watched the demure Kathleen deMille, hidden away in her ubiquitous hoodie, finish her notes and the professor wiping the last equations from the whiteboard. Slowly, but surely the last of the students left the hall. “I don’t even know what she looks like under that hoodie.” Jennifer thought as she stared at the back of her small classmate. Slowly but surely, Jennifer’s mind went blank again, as she continued to stare into empty space. “Miss White,” his warm voice shook her awake again. He sat at the edge of his desk to take the weight off of his feet, “I’m sorry to say you’re about to fail this class.” A knot formed in the pit of her stomach as the dreaded words were spoken, “In fact, the only chance you have to turn this around, is with a nearly perfect score on the finals this month.” The blood drained from her face.

She fidgeted with her cold clammy hands and nervously began to stammer, “Bu- but…” she took a deep breath, “But-, I need a passing grade to…” her voice faltered, and she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Yes, I know.” he paused, “You have a choice, either you come back during break for the catch-up course, or…” he waited until she looked him in the eyes, “Or you write an essay, due the day of the finals, and if you manage to get at least 80% on both you’ll still get a passing grade.” Slowly his words sunk in and he watched her realisation take effect. “Which brings us,” he continued, “to you, miss deMille.” Jennifer rubbed the remainder of her tears from her face and eyes, half listening to the professor and half wondering how she’s going to get an 80%. “Your academic record is excellent. Not a poor grade in sight.” he got back on his feet, and moved behind his desk. “Except for your extra-curricular credits, and it would be a shame if you missed the honours roll based on two extra-curricular credits.” Jennifer stared at the back of the other girl’s head and saw her shoulders slump.

“So here’s the deal, for the next two weeks you will tutor miss White. You’ll need to review the entirety of last year with her, and help her write an essay using the texts to analyse current events. If she passes, you’ll receive your last two extra credits.” He picked up his leather carry-all, and made for the exit. “Good luck.” and he was gone.


With her face tucked deep inside her idiosyncratic hoodie and her backpack slung over her right shoulder, Kathleen hastily left the lecture hall straight unto the quad. She was gone so rapidly, that Jennifer had no choice but to carelessly cram her stuff into her own backpack and run after her. By the time she got outside, Kathleen had already crossed half the quad heading for the campus library. Jennifer ran after her. The library was an imposing building, named after some 19th century local big shot Jennifer always forgot. Most students though, preferred to do their studying at the media-plaza with it’s all encompassing Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop islands and adjoining food-court. Inside the library Jennifer barely caught up to Kathleen, as she sped past rows and rows of bookcases. “Um, where are we going?” she asked while trying to catch her breath. Kathleen abruptly stopped and turned around, looking at Jennifer with her eyes wide open in surprise.

“Wha- what…? Why are you following me?” she sounded almost afraid. She even took a step back.

“Um… To study? Kathleen, we need to study together.” Jennifer’s voice quivered in uncertainty, wasn’t that what the professor had told them to do?

“Now!? But… um, I can’t… I mean… We don’t have the materia…” her voice trailed off weakly. She let her head hang and sighed in defeat, “Ok, fine.” Jennifer looked around her, seeing nothing but row after row of dusty old books no-one güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ever needed,

“So… uhm, should we go to the plaza to study? Or maybe the computer centre?” Kathleen remained silent. Uncomfortable in the silence Jennifer began fidgeting and for the first time noticed that she was a full head taller than new tutor. Kathleen looked around furtively, apparently making sure they were alone,

“Ok. One, call me Kath, not Kathleen.”

Jessica smiled in triumph, “Will do, Kath.”

“Two, Don’t tell anyone about this place. It’s quiet and I like quiet.”

“Mum’s the word.” Jennifer made the obligatory key turning gesture.

A few seconds of scrutiny lapsed, “Just follow me, then.” Kath turned and headed deeper into the library. Jennifer followed closely as Kath led her past an entire section on biology, and even an entire bookshelf with nothing but books on sexuality. But eventually, after having crossed the entire ground floor, they came upon a small, rarely used staircase leading up to the first and then second floor which Jennifer always assumed was the top floor of the library. But Kath turned back around a corner to a hidden staircase leading to a smallish low-ceilinged hall. It’s centre was occupied by study tables while it’s walls consisted of alcoves with benches and tables.

Jennifer’s mouth dropped open in astonishment, “I didn’t even know this floor existed.” she said.

Kath slid into the back of an alcove, dropping her bag on the table, “We’re right underneath the clock tower. Most students stopped coming here until they forgot about it entirely. It’s only used by a handful of nerds and geeks like me now.” Jennifer sat down beside her, still in awe of the hidden campus study room. Kath grasped her by the hand. Her fingers felt warm but strong, and for some reason fascinated Jennifer. “Remember,” Kath hissed, “you promised not to tell anyone.”

Jennifer looked at the smaller girl with newfound respect. “I promise.” she almost whispered the words.

Kath opened her backpack and produced a notebook with pens and pencils in various colours. She set her iPhone down next to her. “I don’t have much time today. Let’s start out with your notes.”

“Notes? Umm…” Jennifer guiltily fished around in her backpack, “You see, I ummm… I can’t listen to the lecture and take notes at the same time. I keep losing track of the lecture.” She opened her notebook, mostly empty pages with a few disjointed words, and handed it to Kath.

Kath leafed through a few of the pages and found more of the same. “Okay,” she said giving the notebook back, “we’ll start with that then.” and opened her own notebook. Jennifer slid closer on the bench to get a better view of the work. Their shoulders touched as she leaned in. Using her own notes from the previous lecture, Kath explained how to take quick shorthand notes, that can be expanded upon after class. Jennifer took notes, and practised the techniques Kath espoused. While copying and working on the notes of the last lecture, the two girls got even closer together. When Kath reached across to point out a mistake in Jennifer’s notes, all Jennifer could think about was how her legs felt pressed against her own, and was astonished to find out she enjoyed the feeling more than she should.

After an hour working together like this an alarm on Kath’s iPhone went off. “I have to get home now,” Kath began packing her stuff, “I’ll see you on Monday, I guess…”.

Jennifer panicked, “Actually,” Jennifer reached out to stop her from packing for a second, “my parents are out all day tomorrow, if you drop by we can study the whole day without being interrupted.” Jennifer looked at the girl pleadingly but Kath looked unsure and anxious. “Just think about it,” Jennifer smiled reassuringly and hopefully, she quickly wrote down her phone number and address on a blank page of her notebook, “No pressure.” She ripped it out and placed the paper in Kath’s backpack before she could object.


Jennifer lay dozing in her comfortable bed, enjoying the warmth of the morning sunlight that crept in through a crack in the curtains. She stretched and with a mighty yawn kicked most of the covers off of her stretching body, allowing the sun and the clear fresh morning air to caress her without hindrance. Still luxuriating in the softness of her bedding and only half awake she smiled to herself. It was Saturday and she would have the place to herself all weekend. Her parents had already left by the time she came home yesterday, and weren’t scheduled to return from their cabin until late this Monday. Slowly she slid her hands along her thighs and up her body, caressing her stomach and ample breasts. A soft moan escaped from her lips as her hands continued to roam her body. She bit her lip when she pinched her left nipple with her right hand, while the other was slowly working it’s way down her flat stomach. She opened her legs and felt her own dampness with a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri luscious smile. She licked her lips in anticipation of what was hidden in her night-stand. Unable to contain her cravings she rolled over and reached into the night-stand’s drawer. After a bit of rummaging, her hands closed around her small silver vibrator.

The doorbell rang. “Noooo…,” she quietly moaned as she buried her face in her pillow and let her arm drop over the side of the bed in defeat, still clutching the vibrator. Reluctantly, she dragged her body off her bed and stretched her naked body once more to fully wake up. She tossed the vibrator back on the bed. With an air of indifference she stepped out of her room, grabbing her bathrobe on the way out and casually slinging it over her shoulders as she walked down the hall. The doorbell rang again. “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.” Jennifer thought to herself as she stepped up to a window that looked out over the front door. Holding he robe closed with her left hand, she unlatched the window with the right and swung it outward. She stuck her head out and in her groggy state of mind it took her a second before she recognised the skittishness of Kath, her head once again tucked deep inside the hoodie of her sweater. She looked around nervously and seemed ready to bolt.

“Mornin’.” Jennifer called down, “you’re early, aren’t ya?”

Kath actually jumped up when she heard Jennifer’s voice but quickly recovered, “I… I’m sorry, I can come back later.” She spoke meekly, turned around and began walking down the garden path back to the road.

Jennifer stopped her, “Nah. Stop. It’s fine. Wait there, I’ll come down and open the door.” Jennifer ducked her head back inside, closing the window behind her. As she sauntered downstairs she tried to absent-mindedly reach for the robe’s belt to cinch it closed. As she approached the front door it occurred to her that the belt still lay somewhere in her bedroom. She unlocked the door and kept her body behind it as she pulled the door open, “Come on in. Make yourself at home.” she offered. Despite her best efforts to keep her robe closed and her nubile flesh hidden from sight she could clearly see that Kath had noticed and blushed a bright red. The feelings of desire that she had been cut off of from reasserted themselves with a vengeance. She felt her nipples grow hard against the soft fabric of her robes and an odd sensation rippled outward from her crotch, sending shivers up her spine. They stood like that, watching each other in silence. It was Kath who broke first, shyly turning away from the nearly naked Jennifer and averting her eyes to her own feet.

“Oh, yeah. Right this way.” Jennifer broke out of her trance, redoubled her efforts to keep the robe closed with one hand and led the other girl to the kitchen, “Would you like something to drink? We’ve got bottled water, soda, iced tea, you name it.” She opened the fridge as she said this and lost control over her robe. She could almost feel Kath’s eyes on her naked flesh. She smiled at the thought.

“No,” Kath’s voice broke so softly that she had to clear her throat. “Not right now, thank you.”

“Alright,” Jennifer gestured to the kitchen table, “you can set up there at the table while I go put on some clothes.” She struggled some more with her rebellious robe and got goosebumps when she noticed Kath checking her out.

Jennifer left the kitchen in confusion, “Why is this girl getting me so turned on?” she thought. She sped upstairs and into her room where she threw her robe at the peg next to the door and missed. With Kath’s strange influence still on her mind she stood in front of her body-length mirror and checked herself out. Her nipples stood painfully erect and she could clearly see her own wetness glistening between her legs. She admired her own smoothly shaven legs and neatly trimmed pubes while, as if by it’s own volition, her left hand gently caressed her stomach, breast and finally her nipple. Waves of pleasure shot down her spine and right to her clit, as her right hand wavered near underbelly and groin, ready for a morning session of self pleasure. It took quite an effort of will for Jennifer to break her own transfixion. As much as her body wanted it, she had no time to play this morning.

With a deep breath she picked up her panties of last night and used them to wipe the worst of her wetness away. She forced herself to step away from the mirror and opened her dresser. She picked a cute red and black summer dress that was both easy on the eyes and comfortable to wear. She put it on and quickly ran a brush through her long blonde hair. She worked the tangles of the night out of her hair and tied it into a simple ponytail. Returning to the mirror, she smiled at the result of her quick handiwork. She looked comfortable without sacrificing her good looks. The dress was long enough to hide the fact she wore no underwear even while sitting, and only betrayed the smallest indication güvenilir bahis şirketleri of her erect nipples against the fabric. But she was fairly certain they would behave themselves before she got back to her guest.

Back downstairs, Jennifer entered the kitchen and noticed Kath sitting at the far side of the table with her back to the wall. She had placed a stack of books on the chair to her right, creating for herself a sort of artificial corner booth like they had sat in yesterday. Jennifer got the distinct impression of an apprehensive creature trying to hide, completed by the perennial appearance of Kath’s hoodie. She absorbed this idea of Kath longingly as she went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of spring water. “Are you sure you want nothing to drink? It’s plenty warm out.” she asked.

Kath shook her head, “No, thank you”, she placed a couple of notebooks on the table.

“Okay,” Jennifer closed the fridge and took a sip of her water, “But aren’t you really hot in that hoodie of yours?” She sat down next Kath.

“A bit, but it’s okay. I can handle it.” Kath replied assuringly but noticed Jennifer peering at her questioningly. She hesitated for a bit but eventually made up her mind. She pushed the hood back off of her head, revealing her exact features without impediment to Jennifer for the first time. Her hair was cut short into a sort of pixie-cut style and dyed deep black and bright purple. But it was Kath’s eyes that really caught Jennifer’s eye.

She stared at her tutor’s mesmerizingly beautiful sky blue eyes, “oh… wow.” was all she managed to whisper in response.

“What? What’s wrong?” Kath’s hands went up to her face searchingly, an expression of anxiety written in her eyes. “Is there something on my face?” she asked worriedly and instinctually wanting to hide, her hands unconsciously moved to draw her hood back up.

“No!” Jennifer exclaimed, surprising herself with her zeal. She stopped Kath’s hands before they could hide her face. Jennifer wanted to see more. “Don’t hide.” she breathed, “Don’t hide,” she repeated a bit more steadily, continuing to stare at her face, “I was just surprised, is all.” She smiled and avidly inspected Kath’s face. “You’ve nothing you need to hide. And I honestly love what you’ve done with your hair.” Kath blushed and looked down at her hands, still locked in Jennifer’s.

It took a second before Jennifer snapped out of her trance, “Uhm, right. Study.” she dropped Kath’s hands from her own. “Wait here.” she said as she dashed into the next room to retrieve her backpack. She came back into the kitchen, awkwardly digging around in the pack, “So the Professor,” she finally withdrew a stack of papers from her pack, “gave me these to review.” She handed them to Kath. “Those are my tests from the past year. I… uhm,” she scratched her neck, “I never really understood what I did wrong to fail all these.”

She sat down next to Kath, who began paging through test sheets. “Ok,” she said after a minute, “we can work with this. There’s a few classic mistakes like this one here.” She pointed at a sheet, “You got the right answer, you just forgot to explain your reasoning. Or here,” she indicated a second sheet, “again, the hypothesis is correct, but you fail to follow through to it’s logical conclusion.” She looked Jennifer in the eyes, “Basically with a bit more focus and a slightly better work ethic you would have passed most of these.”

Jennifer looked back, saw Kath smile, “Can we go over all these then?” she asked.

“Of course,” Kath replied as she sorted the papers, “that’s what I’m here for.” Over the next two hours the two girls discussed Jennifer’s test results and with each minute spent discussing their schoolwork Kath grew more confident and comfortable around Jennifer. Soon Kath allowed the blonde into her personal space even as she began feeling comfortable enough to do the same. By the time they were discussing the last test sheet she was completely at ease with Jennifer and even reciprocated Jennifer’s friendly touches.

Jennifer groaned out loud as she stretched her body, “Aaarghhh, I’m basically useless. I’m never going to get this right.” She slouched in her chair in defeat. Kath looked at her for a second and then, throwing the papers on a stack, she leaned back in her own chair. The two had shoved their chairs ever closer together and now as they sat back their shoulders touched. Kath didn’t even flinch.

“Maybe,” she began finally, “we got a bit carried away.” she glanced at Jennifer. “Maybe we focussed too long on what you did wrong.” she patted Jennifer’s right hand encouragingly, “Like I said, you could have passed most of these,” she waved at the pile of paper, “with just a small change.” She paused, “It’s just practice really, and focus on the day in question.” Jennifer turned to look at her. “We’ve still got ten days to work with, no worries.” Kath reassured her.

Jennifer watched a drop of sweat roll down Kath’s cheek. “Okay, I know you’re feeling hot. You are actually sweating. Take off the sweater vest.” Jennifer sat up straight and began tugging up on the sweater. “Come on.” she felt a strange feeling of anticipation she had not expected, “It’s just you and me. No-one you need to hide from.” Kath stopped her and held the hoodie down.

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