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Much to my surprise when I tried to push my acing cock into Tina’s little ass ring I found it was much to tight for my nine and a half in dick. She let out a slow soft moan as I let the tip of my cock play just inside her puckered back hole. But there was no way she could take it.

I moved back. “Oh god Sam! Make me cum please! I need it!” she was trembling as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“I will sweet hart but we have to go slow.” I took the tube of KY out and put the tip of it just inside of her little back ring I squeezing the slippery stuff into her as I told her. “I don’t want to hurt you doing this baby. I want you to like it and I want you to come back to me the next time you want it in your bottom. But if I just plow into you that will never happen.”

I moved my thumb into place over her back hole as I looked at how soft and smooth her skin was. “Oh god, oh, oh yes!” I began pushing my thumb into her bottom as Sally lay down next to her. “Woo easy, yes oh!” she began pushing back onto my thumb as she relaxed he tight little bunghole. Sally began kissing her as Tina lifted her bottom up taking my entire thumb.

She began to whimper. “Oh god, just fuck me with it! Make me cum!”

I began positioning my thumb in and out of her erotik film izle as she got closer and close to her climax and when I felt her began to tighten up in her belly I started working her clit with my fingers. She began to hump and pump my thumb as a low growl built in her belly and worked up to her throat.

“ggrphaaaaaaaaewooohhhhhhhhhph! Came from her as she came. “FaASTER fuck me faster!” Her arms collapsed under her mashing her face on the floor. She lifted her ass higher into the air as I banged my thumb into her swollen ass hole! “Aaaaaaaaaaaa oh god hooooooooo! TOO MUCH SAM! OH TOOO MUCHHhh baby!” came from her as she tried to slip down onto her belly and away from my fucking thumb!


Tina passed out with her last spasms and in the few seconds she was out I slipped my thumb out of her and moved behind her nestling my cock in the crack of her ass. Sally leaned over her mashing their breasts together as she kissed me.

“God Sam that was hot!” she kissed me again. “Are you up to it or do you want to rest?”

I kissed my wife again as I slipped my cock into the open wet slit of the passed out girls pussy. “I think I will wait until she wakes up. I want her to see it when I fuck film izle you up your ass. I want her to know what she will be getting.” I cupped Sally’s breast as she held Tina in her arms.

She kissed Tina one more time as she stirred waking up. She began kissing Sally back as we smashed the girl between us. “Are you ready Sally?” Tina asked. In answer Sally moved away from us and got on her knees. She looked over her shoulder to Tina as she reached back holding her self-open. I moved behind her and slipped my cock into her wet pussy as I lubed up her ass.

“Will you put him in me? Will you? I want you to watch him fucking me Tina! Fucking me in my nasty ass!”

I pulled out of her pussy behind as Tina moved up to us. I took my steal hard cock in my hand and slowly pushed it into my sweet wife soft bottom. I caress her soft round ass cheeks as I went in deeper and deeper until my balls hit her clit. I moved in and out just a little as I let her adjust to my cock being in her and then took her by the hips and slowly began to fuck my self in and out of her tight ass.

“I won’t last long baby.” I said as I pushed into Sally as deeply as I could.

“I don’t care! Just fuck me!” she cried as I began to pound into her ass. I pulled out to just the tip of seks filmi izle my cock and slowly pushed back. “Oh, oh god yes Sam! Like that ewoooo yes slow!”

I could feel may balls tighten as I pulled out and pushed in. I could feel Tina’s hand on my back as she watched my cock slipping in and out of my wife and I could feel Sally pulling on her own clit. Suddenly it was too much.

“CUMMMMminnnnggg bbbaaaabbbyyyyyy aaaiiieaaaaaa oooooph ohhhhhh! God ohhhh!” I grabbed her by the hips pushing deep, trying to push out her belly button as rope after rope of my white hot cum shot up into her ass!

“I feel it! OH GOD Sammy I fell it shooting in me ohhhhhhhhhhh yes pump my ass! Make me cum baby!”

I began pumping, pounding into my wife as the last of my seed shout out of the tip of my cock. Sally went down on her tummy pulling me down on top of her as my dick twitched in her bottom.

I started to pull out. “NO! God don’t move! Just let me relax!” she said as I kissed the back of her neck.

“I love you.” I said to her as I kissed her neck.

I bit her lightly on her ear as my cock began to grow soft and she let out a soft moan as I slipped out of her tight back hole. “I love you to Sam.” She smiled up at Tina as I moved off of her. “If you still want him in your bottom hell be ready in about an hour. So, can you think of something we might do while we wait?”

Tina just smiled and got a silly look on her face. “Oh I don’t know. I bet we can think of something!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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