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It had been eight years since she had seen him last. They had met as teenagers on a cold and snowy evening just before Christmas. A group of friends had decided to go Christmas caroling and had invited both of them. Other kids seemed to group together into couples and they were the only two left so they joined together.

After awhile they ended up at an Elementary school and a few of the couples found corners to make out in. She decided why not, she had not had a serious boyfriend and she didn’t think she would ever see this guy again so a little fun wouldn’t hurt. They stood close in a corner and she could feel his warm breath and warm mouth on her cold mouth. He kissed really great even though she wasn’t much experienced in kissing, especially French kissing.

Soon she felt his hand moving down her back and around to the front near her breast. She had on several layers of clothes so she wasn’t too worried about what he would feel. But soon he was searching under each layer looking to find some bare skin. Below her coat she had on a sweatshirt, a flannel long sleeve shirt, a turtleneck, an undershirt and her bra. She felt his cold fingers brush against her stomach and realized he had made it under all the layers. Then she felt his fingers brush over her thin bra and felt her nipple go taut. He circled around her small breast and reached under her bra and gently pulled on her nipple. The sensation was incredible.

She felt she shouldn’t be letting him touch her so intimately, but at the same time it felt so good she didn’t want to stop him. He played with her nipple some more as they continued to kiss. He started to reach down between her legs, but she pulled his hand away. She felt she had to have some dignity and not let him think she was too easy. He reached back under her bra then and played some more with her nipples.

Soon the other kids were calling to leave and go back to the house they had all met at. They followed along and she wanted to get to know him better, but the friends she had ridden with were ready to go. He didn’t ask her for her phone number and she thought that was the last she would see of him. Then her friend got his number from another friend and called him and found out he wanted to see her again. They met again and went out several more times.

Each time they went out they grew closer both physically and as friends. They talked a lot on the phone and went to the movies and bowling and other activities. One night at the drive-in in the backseat of his brother’s car they were kissing and he guided her hand to his pants. She could feel the giant bulge and was surprised it felt so big. She ran her fingers around the outline of the bulge and he undid his button and zipper. She reached inside and felt his warm skin and he let out a sigh. She had never seen or felt a boy’s erection before and didn’t know what to think. He seemed to enjoy her touching it and she ran her fingers up and down and around on it.

As their dates progressed so did their feelings and so did the sincan escort intimacy. Soon she was letting him feel down her pants and she couldn’t believe how incredible it felt when he touched her there. One evening they ended up alone in his basement in the guest room. She knew they would be alone for awhile as his parents had gone out to a party for the evening. She had her top off and was lying on top of him and could feel his cock pressing into her. “I want to go all the way with you, I want you to be my first”, she said to him. She knew he had had some experience and would make it easy on her. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes, I have never been more sure”, she replied.

He pulled her close to him and held onto her for a minute. He gently removed her pants and underwear. He pulled his pants off and his underwear, freeing his large cock. He knew it would hurt her, but as he felt between her legs he felt that she was very wet. He spread her legs apart and gently inserted the tip into her. She could feel the pressure of him entering her and wanted more. He reached up and pulled on her nipple to distract her and pushed in at the same time. She gasped as he went in all the way and it hurt, but also felt satisfying. He told her to relax then and as she did it felt better. Slowly he pulled out a little bit and went back in. She was so tight he thought he would explode but waited for her. As they moved together he could see in her face she was close. Soon he couldn’t help himself, but as he came he could feel her muscles tighten around his cock as she came at the same time. She was happy her first time was with him.

They saw each other off and on through high school, but life got in the way and she moved away and he went to college. She met and married another man and had two kids, but they stayed in touch with a quick note here and there. He was always at the back of her mind, her fantasies when she couldn’t sleep.

Now she had recently moved back to the same area and heard from a friend he was back in town also. Every time they had been together the air had been charged with a sexual current and this night was no different though she thought it would be after so many years. He was the same funny, charming boy, yet now a man, taller, broader, more mature.

They went out with a group of friends and the two of them ended up back at her house. He was sitting on her couch and his eyes were clouded over with that look that never failed to leave her breathless. Slowly she was drawn to his mouth to kiss him. The kiss was better than she had remembered but still brought back many memories. She quickly withdrew and went to the kitchen to get some water and think. He followed her and pulled her back into another embrace. He squeezed her ass and pulled her close into him and kissed her deeply. “I can’t do this” she sighed and pulled away. “That’s okay” he said, “I’ll be around if you need me” he said as he left that night.

It would be another eight years until she saw him again. It was their High School reunion ankara escort and he looked fantastic and still caused her to catch her breath when she saw him. His eyes still got that clouded over look when he saw her. By then he had moved out of state so she figured it would be safe to be friends by e-mail and phone. Little did she know that their friendship would deepen and the sexual current would grow even at a distance. She learned a lot of things about him that she hadn’t known and they grew very close, confiding in each other about their relationships, work, life and death. Soon they were planning when they could get together and be with each other.

“Let’s meet in Las Vegas in two weeks” he called to tell her. She felt very nervous all of a sudden and a little guilty. Should I be doing this, she wondered? Her marriage was not what she thought it would be and there was not any more intimacy there. She then thought about all the conversations they had and all the e-mails back and forth and thought this can only go forward and get better and there was no turning back for her at that moment. She made her reservations and told her husband she was meeting one of her girlfriends for a weekend away. Things were set and going well. The anticipation only increased until the day they were to get together.

They met at the hotel and he immediately pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. He poured them each a glass of Amaretto and they drank to each other. She couldn’t believe she was with him, together and alone. He then kissed her again and slid his hand to her breast. He gently tugged on her nipple pulling it and making it hard. He quickly unhooked her bra and she felt his fingers brush back to her bare nipple. She ran her hands up under his shirt and could feel his nipples harden under her touch also. The hair on his chest was thick and silky, so different from when he was a teenager. His tongue dove in and out of her mouth and played with her tongue.

She could feel the moisture between her legs as they moved to the bed. He removed his shirt and pants and had on boxer shorts. She could see his large cock straining against them. She pulled off her shirt and bra and her pants, but left her black, silky panties on. He ran his hands through her long, blonde hair that was so soft. His mouth found her nipple and he ran his tongue around it and then sucked on it. Her body melted and everything became concentrated into that one nipple as he played with it with his tongue. His hand reached out and played with the other one, making it just as hard as the first one. She reached a finger in his mouth as it sucked on her nipple and she could feel how hard it was and how sensitive.

She reached out tentatively to feel his hard cock. She had forgotten how large it was. She reached down inside his boxers to feel the whole thing. It was warm and so hard. He quickly pulled off his boxers and freed it completely. It looked so magnificent she couldn’t wait to run her tongue over the tip of it and down the shaft. etimegut escort She had gained some experience since they had been teenagers. He moaned gently. She then put her mouth over the top and pulled him in. He was so large she could barely get her mouth around him. She ran her tongue up and down and around the tip, sucking him in and out and bringing him close to the brink. She then moved down to his balls and ran her tongue around them, sucking first one then the other.

Slowly she moved back up his body and ran her tongue around his nipples and then kissed him. He moved her up further to get her breast back into his mouth and play with her nipples more. He reached a hand down to her panties and felt the moisture soaking through them. He ran a finger around the edges of her legs, along her panty line, teasing her before he reached inside them. All her hair was shaven off and her skin was smooth. He pulled her panties down and looked at her wet pussy. It was gleaning with moisture and he ran his fingers around the lips teasing once again. He then slid his fingers deep inside her and she moaned out load and spread her legs wide allowing him deeper access. He bent down and ran his tongue over the lips of her pussy and around her clit, but not touching it, teasing her into a frenzy. Then his tongue went straight to her clit and swirled around on it, teasing it and sucking it out of its hiding place. It felt so good she thought she was going to explode. His tongue flicked on her clit and his fingers dove in and out while his other hand pinched her nipple.

Slowly she could feel the orgasm coming on in waves. She squirmed as he held on as her body shook with the orgasm. Just when she was coming down from the high of the orgasm he slid his big cock deep inside her. “Oh my god!” she gasped. It filled her pussy completely and felt like it could reach all the way to her heart. He covered her mouth with his and teased her tongue with his. As his cock slid in and out their breathing matched and their rhythm matched. His stomach fit perfectly against hers and her legs wrapped around his waist to give him even deeper access. He then quickened his pace and could feel her coming again. She exploded again and again. The orgasm was intensified by the knowledge that this man was her first love and her dream man. Slowly he rolled off of her and she realized he had not cum yet.

She knew by the look in his eyes what he was wanting. She kissed her way down to his cock and slid her body between his legs. Her soft hair brushed against his balls as she took him in her mouth again. She licked and sucked and ran her tongue over the sensitive spot near the tip. She held onto his cock with one hand and held his balls with her other, continuing to suck on him. Soon she could feel his balls tighten as he started to cum. He tried to pull out of her mouth, but she held on continuing to lick and suck as cum shot in her mouth hot and salty. She swallowed quickly and licked again sending shooting sensations through his body. Slowly she withdrew her mouth and they both collapsed against each other, both spent with their lovemaking. “That was amazing” they said at the same time, laughing. They wrapped around each other and fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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