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It was a perfect night. You and I walking along the beach back to our hotel room after another night of dancing and just enjoying being with each other, away from all the stress of normal everyday existence.

Our week in the Caribbean was quickly coming to its conclusion and neither of us was ready to go home. The sand was warm, the breeze was gentle, the surf lapped quietly along the shore. A full moon reflected off the water inviting us. You looked beautiful. A simple yellow sundress accentuated your tan…your expression relaxed and uncaring…your hair loose about your shoulders. I held your hand tightly as the blue water broke over our feet.

Nearing the path that would lead us off the beach and back to our private room, we heard an unusual sound coming from the rainforest that bordered the resort. Stopping, we listened. It was unmistakably the sound of two people making love. The sounds of their passion was enticing and we crept closer to the brush. We peered through the fronds of a large tropical plant to see a very attractive couple. The full moon lit the scene perfectly. She was on top of him…riding him. Her eyes pinched closed…head tossed back. Her hands reaching back to his thighs, his on her breasts. The two were so lost in their passion that they had no idea we were only 10 feet away. Any feeling of guilt we had for intruding on this sight was suppressed and we stayed…. maybe it was all the margaritas we had that sincan escort evening or maybe it was the feeling of being amateur voyeurs. I was aroused instantly.

She was grinding into her lover …her moans becoming louder and louder. You were in front of me…watching… hands moved to your hips. You stepped back to me, your hands covering mine as they slid to your stomach. I leaned forward and lightly kissed your neck…just below you ear. You arched your head away from me , exposing your neck. Softly I licked down to your shoulder …then kissed back up to your ear. I took your lobe in my mouth and sucked…I know what that does to you. You pushed back against me and then giggled quietly when you felt how hard I was already. Kissing your shoulders…..sliding the strap of your dress off, my hands slid down to your waist. I grabbed at the cotton material of your dress….pulling it up, and found you not wearing panties. Any thoughts I had of trying to wait until the privacy of our room vanished. I needed you here …now. Slowly my fingers slid through your soft tangles of hair….finding you as aroused as I was. When I lightly ran a finger over your wetness I felt you catch your breath. You grinded back against my stiffness as I rubbed tiny little circles right up top…where you enjoy it the most. My left hand slid up to your breast and caressed your hard nipple through the thin fabric. The other strap slid off and I managed to manipulate the ankara escort zipper down the back of your dress. It fell to your waist. Both of my hands came to your breasts…and the dress fell to the sand. Your reached back and rubbed my aching cock through my pants as I playfully pinched your nipples. Telling you how bad I wanted you …how bad I needed to be inside you.

Still the couple before us continued. You finally turned to me….kissing me hard, passionately. I love to kiss you. The feeling of your soft lips….your tongue. I could kiss you for days and never grow tired of it. You undid my pants letting the fall, then my boxers. You stepped on them and pulled my feet out. You knelt before me…I pulled my polo shirt off. You took me in your hand…your touch was enough to make me want to cum. Slowly you slid your hand up and down. Teasing me all the while with your tongue. I go wild when you tease me…prolonging the pleasure. When you took me into your mouth my knees went week. The sensation was exquisite. Your warm wet mouth. It felt incredible. My hands in your hair as your head moved. Listening to the orgasmic screams of a stranger not 10 feet away…but somehow seemed a mile away. You stopped and I lay back on the sand. Delicately you moved on top of me. Holding my cock you rubbed the head on your wetness…..teasing yourself. You leaned forward and kissed me…sucking on your tongue, I felt myself sliding deeper inside you. You began to etimegut escort move….and you broke from our kiss. Leaning back your hands on my thighs….your eyes pinched close….your head tossed back. Watching the look of passion come over you. I thrusted back to meet your movements…. I wanted to be deeper inside you.. I knew it wasn’t possible but I the passion was driving me wild. You grinded against me …harder…faster….my hands on your breasts…caressing….teasing …pinching…I heard your soft sighs becoming more forceful.. soft moans escaping your lips. It didn’t matter we were outside….in a wholly public area….it was just you and I at the moment. You mouth open …eyes still closed…my hands moved to your ass…..yours to your breasts. We met each others movements…..and soon you told me you were going to cum…in the way you do it that ensures that I will be there with you. I cant get enough of hearing you when your like this…the way your breath…the way you move….the things you say…..the incredible sounds you make when you are on the verge of being completely satisfied. Thrusting wildly I felt you shudder with orgasm…immediately I came…..deep inside you. It was amazing… primal ……we slowed and then eventually you collapsed on top of me….kissing you again.

When we finally composed ourselves enough to leave, we noticed that our inspiration for this incredible sexual encounter was gone. The couple we had stumbled across was gone…and we didn’t even notice. But there was more….as we started to head back to the trail, we heard a sound. The unmistakable sound of a couple making love….not 10 feet away from us in a clearing with a wonderful view of…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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