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I’m getting ready for work, leaning over the bathroom counter in nothing but a thong. My music is playing, and I’m dancing along. A slow Ozuna song that makes me roll and rock my hips while I’m putting on my makeup.

Daddy is watching me.

I know what I’m doing.

I’m just finishing up my mascara when he walks into the bathroom and stands behind me, hands resting on my hips.

“You sure make yourself pretty for work,” he observes, hands stroking my hips lightly.

I lean back into him, letting my head roll back onto his shoulder. I like seeing us in the mirror together — especially me standing undressed in front of him. His height compared to mine, and how possessive his hands look on my body.

“Think so, Daddy?”

“I do,” he says, his arms coming up to wrap around my bare stomach.

“Make you jealous?” I rock my hips against him for a moment, to the beat of the music.

“No,” he says, “I know what’s mine.” One hand moves to rest lightly on my throat.

That’s all it takes for my body to turn to liquid fire. I make a small noise in my throat that I refuse to classify as a whimper.

“But reminders never hurt,” he says lowly in my ear, his eyes intent on mine in the mirror. “Take it off.”

I bite my lip and push my thong down over my hips, widening my stance so that it can fall to the floor at my feet.


My cheeks are already flushed and my breathing so heavy that I feel like I’m panting.

One hand is still at my throat and the other moves down between my thighs. He cups me and asks me whose it is.

“Yours, Daddy. All yours.”

“Good girl,” he praises, and my breath catches in my throat.

He starts stroking my clit. I know escort sincan he wants me to keep my eyes open. I try, but it’s so hard when I’m already feeling overwhelmed by him and the pleasure he’s giving me. My eyes drift shut.

“I said, watch.” Sharp. Stern. I’m in trouble.

Instead of his fingers lightly caressing my throat, now it’s his arm pressing against it. He’s forceful but careful, holding me tight against him but not impending my breathing.

He knows what he’s doing.

His fingers are pressing inside me now, and I hear his own breathing catch when he feels how wet and tight I am around his fingers. He curls them inside me and I gasp. He starts fucking me with his fingers, hard. My legs are already shaky and I know it won’t take long. I’m watching his fingers moving in and out of me so fast that his hand is almost a blur. I can hear myself, the wet sucking noises of my cunt and my whimpers and gasps. It doesn’t do any good to be self-conscious, I know he loves what he does to me. My eyes move to his face in the reflection.

“Watch, baby,” he reminds me, giving an extra hard thrust of his fingers to emphasize his words.

“Daddy.” Definitely a whimper this time. So close now, I can’t help it.

“Do it.”

As if I had any choice in the matter, when his fingers are playing me like a finely tuned instrument. It’s a Herculean effort to keep my eyes open as I’m crying out his name but I manage it. I watch in the mirror as I gush around his hand, squirting until there’s a puddle on the floor at our feet.

“Mmmm,” he rumbles in my ear. “Such a good little slut for Daddy.”

I can only murmur my assent as I lean back against him, finally closing my eyes.

“How ankara escort much time do you have?” It’s so unfair how casual he can sound when I’m a boneless, breathless wreck.

Even so, I manage a smirk.

“Oh. I’m off today, actually.”

I meet his gaze in the mirror and he chuckles low in his throat when he realizes I’ve been mischievous.

“You are so, so bad.”

“Then do something about it,” I challenge, leaning over the counter to present my ass to him.

He puts one hand on the small of my back to press me down flat to the counter, while the other slaps both sides of my ass so hard that I know I’ll be wearing his handprints all day. Two times, three times. I cry out but we both know I love it.

“Mmm, Daddy…”

“Beg me,” he commands, pressing against me so that I can feel his hard cock through his jeans. “Tell me what you want.”

I gasp at the scrape of the fabric against my hot, stinging skin.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Please?”

He doesn’t move, just keeps pressing his cock against me.

“Daddy!” A near-wail now. “I need you, your cock. Your cum. Please, please fuck me.”

Finally, I hear the snap and rasp of his jeans opening. His hands grip my ass, spreading me so that he can slide inside my cunt with one fluid movement.

“Oh fuck,” I sigh, pressing my face to the counter and closing my eyes.

“No,” he says. He tangles a hand in my hair to pull my head up. “I want to watch that pretty face in the mirror while I fuck you.”

I want to argue, I’m flushed and sweaty and my carefully applied makeup is smudged around my eyes. But there’s the added benefit of seeing his face in the mirror, his eyes on me and his jaw clenching as he fucks etimesgut escort bayan me. I can’t take my eyes off of him.

He’s fucking me so hard that my body is making the cabinet doors clack with every thrust. A steady litany of whimpers and pleas falls from my lips, I can’t hold anything back.

“Please, Daddy, please please please —”

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Practically begging me to fuck you in front of the mirror while you look back at me,” he growls before slapping my ass again.

“Yes, Daddy, I always want it. I always want you.”

“My dirty little slut.”

“Yes, Daddy, yes — just for you —”

“Fuck. Getting close, baby. You need to cum with me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I gasp. It won’t be hard, I couldn’t stop now if I tried. “Cum in me, please —”

In the mirror, I can see myself: mouth open and powerless to stop my whimpers and words and moans. He’s gritting his teeth and furrowing his brow and his hair is falling in his face.

He’s perfect.

And then I cease to exist, his hands in my hair and on my hip the only things anchoring me to earth. I’m so loud that I’m nearly screaming, my body so rocked by my orgasm that I feel unsteady on my feet. I wrench my eyes open just in time to watch his face as he cums for me. Just for me. I feel the wet heat as my body contracts and clenches, milking him for all he’s worth.

He releases my hair and I collapse onto the counter. He grips the counter on either side of me and I feel his hair tickle my back as he leans over me, catching his breath. I can’t help it, I giggle.

“Something funny, little one?” he asks, a smile in his voice.

It just makes me laugh harder, which gets him chuckling as well. I straighten up and lean back into him, smiling at him in the mirror.

“You really don’t work today?” he asks, wrapping his arms around me again.


“Bad girl. What should we do?”

“I have a couple of ideas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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