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Ashley Fires

So I was inspired to write this after reading a couple of stories by “racqel,” a really brilliant writer.

Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fictions are above the age of 18 years.


At 23 years of age, I had returned home after my third year of college for summer break. I was half way through my summer vacation and had not done anything of interest. Most of my old neighborhood friends were away on vacation or had not come back from college. I was stuck at home with my twenty year old brother, Jake, as our parents were away on a cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary. Being a good big sister, I was left in charge of all the meals and things of that nature, but to tell the truth, we hardly saw each other as he spent most of his time with his girlfriend.

My days had become pretty routine, I would go for a run on mornings, return home to organize lunch, then take a nap in the afternoon and maybe a movie at night. This morning was no different as I rolled out of bed and got ready for my run. I removed my jersey and slipped my pajama pants down my legs, kicking them to the corner of my room. I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. My exercising had been taking effect, evidenced by my toned legs. I gazed further up to my crotch, my freshly shaven pussy, with a neat little strip of hair above it. I wondered why I even bothered, as I hadn’t had sex since leaving college and as far as I could tell, had no prospects for the near future. Still, I smiled, at my cute sex. Shaking my head out of my daydream, I grabbed my pair of black spandex shorts from the hook on my door. Like other mornings, I struggled to slip them up my shapely legs. They were there since I had left for college three years ago, and I had probably gotten more womanly since last wearing them, so many years ago. Normally, I would wear underwear beneath them, but then it would prove too difficult to fit, and the fact that the neighborhood was almost deserted at this hour was enough encouragement for me to go commando.

As I slid the tight material finally up to my waist, I pulled at the crotch, positioning the garment properly. They were exercising spandex shorts that reached just three quarter the way down my thigh. I must admit, they made me look amazing, as I swiveled on my tiptoes, glaring at my tight ass, pushed up and plump, thanks to the spandex. I slipped on a simple black sports bra and threw on a white t-shirt that reached my midriff, leaving my taut stomach exposed. After finishing lacing my running shoes, I took one more glance in the mirror, straightening my hair before I left my room and headed downstairs. I chugged a glass of orange juice in the kitchen before heading for the door through the living room.

In the living room, Jake and the twins, sprawled out on the couch playing video games, greeted me. The twins were nineteen year old Matthew and Madeline. Matty was one of Jake’s best friends and Maddy, coincidentally, was Jake’s girlfriend for the last two years.

“Morning guys, nice to see you’re not wasting your summer,” I joked.

“Nah, we’re going to the arcade later Nat,” Jake replied, Nat being and abridged version of my name, Natalie.

I chuckled at his response, “Well, I guess that means you’re fixed for lunch, I’m going for a run, see you guys later.”

I headed for the door, hastily pausing to grab the house keys from the table. At my pause, I noticed Matthew’s eyes were fixed to my ass. I smiled to myself and decided not to call him on it as my slender body in this spandex, who could blame him?

After a few light stretches in the driveway, I was off on my run. I normally ran a half hour in one direction, and a half hour back. An hour’s run was enough for me to justify the scoop of ice cream I would have later. Thirty-five minutes later, I slowed my running to a halt. I leaned over, pressing my hands onto my bare knees in an effort to catch my breath. After a minute or so, I began to jog back. About fifteen minutes away from home, I paused again, leaning over to catch my breath. I pulled lightly on my shorts, tugging again at my crotch since the running had caused them to ride up a little. Then, I felt it, tiny cold drops on my back. I stood up, looking to ankara escort the sky. Without warning, heavy clouds had rolled in as a summer shower began to fall. Within seconds, I was soaked and there was little I could do to prevent it. I looked down as my white t-shirt became see through, my black bra clearly visible through it. Other than the sense of vulnerability, I really didn’t mind, as the cold droplets of water running down my body actually felt quite nice. Just as I reached my street, the rain held up, and as I approached my driveway, I noticed Jake’s, car pulling out. I walked up beside the car as I saw the passenger window powering down. I smiled at Maddy in the passenger seat.

“I was now about to come pick you up,” Jake yelled from the driver’s seat over the sound of the car.

“Well, thanks for the thought,” I replied as I stood there catching my breath.

“Listen, do me a favor, I’m off to drop Maddy, she has work. I was gonna pick up Matt on my way back then we were going to the arcade. I just remembered I have to go to the post office and I don’t know how long I’ll be. Could you tell Matt that since the rain held up, that I’ll meet him over there?” he asked.

“Sure, no prob,” I responded, brushing the wet hair that had stuck to my face out of the way, before heading inside.

As I entered our living room I expected to see Matt, but he wasn’t there. I looked down at the puddle of water forming at my feet as water dripped from my long brunette hair and soaking wet clothes. I decided I would look for Matt after I got changed. I slowly and carefully made my way up the stairs and to my room, trying not to soak everything in my path.

Before I entered my room, I noticed my door slightly ajar. Puzzled, I carefully pushed it open, and there was Matty. He was facing away from me, standing over by my dresser drawers. I noticed the top drawer pulled open, my under wear drawer. Looking more closely, I noticed rough movements at his waist.

“Oh my god, is he?” I thought to myself.

After a few seconds, I felt I had to interrupt, to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Ahem!” I faked coughed aloud.

Presumably, without thinking, and as a reflex, Matt spun round.

My eyes widened in shock at what I saw before me. The nineteen-year-old boy, stood before me, my red silk panties clenched in his fists, wrapped around his hard cock.

Our eyes met and Matt immediately dropped my panties to the floor, buttoning his pants, his hardon forcing him to hunch over.

“What the fuck are you doing you little perv?” I yelled.

“Do you do this at all your friend’s houses? Jerk of with their sister’s panties!”I continued, not allowing him to answer.

I stood there furious at Matt’s actions, yet, still felt a stir in my nether regions.

I could not believe it,

“Was I turned on by what I just saw?” I thought to myself.

As I stared at the boy, who had turned pale white by now, I continued to feel that stir in my crotch.

“I’m sorry Natalie, I thought you were running, you looked so hot in your running gear,” he stammered.

Feeling slightly embarrassed now, wheels started to turn in my head as I plotted out what I would do.

“So? What gives you the right to go through a girl’s underwear?” I interrupted.

“Nothing, it’s just, nothing, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Matt pleaded.

“Well, sorry isn’t going to cut it Matty,” I said, shifting the tone in my voice from stern to sultry.

He looked up to me with almost saddened eyes as I continued.

“First of, you can quit hunching over and lose those pants,” I commanded.

Matt looked at me puzzled.

“Come on Natalie, I said I was sorry, I’ll never do it again. Please don’t embarrass me,” he begged.

“Sorry Matty, one time was bad enough, and don’t you think I’m embarrassed? Having you go through my underwear? Off with the pants, now! Or I’ll have to tell your parents about this little incident,” I threatened.

I smiled in delight as the fear of me ratting him out convinced Matt, as he unbuttoned his jeans and together with his boxers, slid them down his skinny white legs, his cock bouncing as he freed it.

“Looks like you were about to blow your elvankent escort load all over my nice silk panties,” I teased, Matt just nodding sheepishly.

“Well, since you liked my panties so much, I think you should try them on,” I said.

“What? No way!” he protested.

“Fine, what’s your home number again? Or should I get it from Jake?” I threatened.

Defeated, Matt bent over to grab the underwear.

“Wait, lose the shirt first,” I commanded.

With a sigh, Matt simply unbuttoned his plaid shirt, sliding it off his back, and tossing it with his jeans.

“Right, now the underwear,” I continued in an encouraging sexy voice.

I looked on as Matt once again, bent over, grabbing my red silk panties. They were regular underwear, not anything super fancy; I figured they would fit him like briefs.

Matt slowly stepped into the panties slipping the up his legs and thighs. I found the sight strangely erotic. Even at nineteen, Matt’s body was wider than my twenty three year old petite frame. When Matt pulled the panties up to his waist, it began to get really tight. He attempted to point his hardon down, into the underwear.

“No, point it up, let it press against your tummy,” I instructed.

Matt fumbled a bit at my commands, but then pulled on his cock, pulling it against his stomach, and then releasing the waistband of my panties, letting it snap against his member.

“Nice fit, do you feel humiliated?” I questioned.

Matt looked up to me, “Yes, very,” he responded.

“Good,” I replied, finally stepping into my room, shutting the door behind me.

I noticed Matt’s eye run up and down my body as I stepped closer. I looked down at my own body. I stared down at my wet shirt, still see through, and my visible black bra doing little to hide conceal my erect nipples as they pushed against the moist material. I looked up to Matt and noticed his eyes looking past me. I turned my neck to see what he was looking at and saw the reflection of my body in the mirror.

I faced Matt with a coy smile, “You like how my ass looks in spandex Matty?” I questioned.

“Uh hmm,” he mumbled.

“Tell me. Tell me what you like,” I egged on.

“Uhh, it’s so tight, looks so firm,” he shyly said as I stepped right up to him.

“Go ahead Matty, have a feel,” I instructed. Reluctantly, Matt raised hand, reaching behind me, resting it on the wet spandex that covered my ass.

“Grab it!” I encouraged. Almost instantly, Matt grabbed me hard, taking a handful of my ass in his grasp.

“Pull me forward,” I whispered. Still with only a single and on my ass, Matt pulled me close to him. Closer and closer until our bodies met. A soft moan escaped me as his throbbing cock, trapped in my panties pressed against my abdomen. I shuffled my body up and down ever so slightly, letting his trapped cock press into me, sliding from my abdomen up my bare stomach and back down.

“Mhmm,” I heard him moan.

“You like that,” I teased as he continued to moan at my actions. Suddenly and purposely, I pushed Matt off me, letting him fall to my bed behind us. He laid on his back, supported by his elbows looking up at me as I proceeded to remove my t-shirt. I fought my way out of the wet garment, finally getting free, tossing it on the floor.

“I think I may need your help here Matty, this wet spandex is going to be impossible to remove,” I joked, trying to lighten to mood for Matt’s benefit. He slowly rose to his feet and approached me. Matt put his hands on my pelvis, digging his fingers in my tights. He pulled and pulled, inching the garment south, peeling it off my damp skin. Soon the feel of cool air against my hot pussy was a relief as I became revealed to Matt.

I saw his eye stay fixed on my cunt as he almost stopped disrobing me.

“Hey, there’ll be time for that later, but now, you got to get me out of this thing,” I reminded.

With a sense of confidence, Matt began tugging harder and harder, until he was lifting my ankles out of the spandex.

After stepping out of the spandex, I pulled Matt up to me, again close to my body, again going wild inside as I felt his cock pressing against my stomach. His chest pressed against otele gelen escort the damp cups of my bra and I looked into his eyes.

“Tell me Matty, what do you want to do? What do you want to do to me?” I asked erotically.

“I want to fuck you, so bad Natalie,” he replied with confidence.

“Good, then take those panties off and get to it,” I commanded, walking past him. I reached behind, unclasping my bra, letting it fall to the floor, finally allowing my petite breasts to breathe.

I laid down on my bed and looked on as Matthew slipped off my panties and turned to look at me. I raised a single finger and motioned him over. Matt hopped on the bed, crawling over me, his throbbing cock leading the way. I smiled as Matt giddily climbed on me. I grabbed him by the neck, pulling him down as I stuck my tongue in his mouth embracing him in an erotic kiss. I could tell Matt was eager as he hungrily returned the favor as I felt his sloppy tongue in my own mouth. A slight shriek escaped me when I felt Matt’s hand on my wet breasts. He ran his palm over my B-cups as my hard nipples pressed against it. As Matt lay on top me I felt his dangling cock between us, poking my leg, then slipping down pressing against my pelvis. I looked down at the trail of precum it left on my body.

“Mhmm, top drawer, over there,” I interrupted. As I instructed, Matt leaned over to the bedside table, opening the top drawer. He looked in, and saw what I meant, retrieving a condom from the desk. He rolled back over to me as I took the condom from his hand. I snaked my hand lower until I found his cock, grabbing it firmly in my fist. I kissed my way down his neck and chest, slightly tugging on his member while I did. Finally, I made my way to his groin. Holding his cock in one hand, I began to lick the tip, enjoying the taste of his precum. Before I knew it, I was swirling my tongue around his cock while I bobbed my head up and down. Feeling the need to be filled I popped his cock out of my mouth, and ripped the condom rapper with my teeth. I lowered the rubber to his purple head and rolled it down his shaft. I rolled Matt over onto his back, straddling his belly. I looked down at his smiling face as I ground my cunt against his stomach, leaving a trail of my own as I pushed backwards. Soon, I felt what I had been wanting. I felt Matt’s rubbered cock pressed against the curve of my ass. I reached my hand back there taking hold of him once more, pointing him in the right direction. Again, I pushed my hips back as I felt the tip of his penis part the lips of my vagina. I did a quick back and forth, slipping only an inch of his manhood in and out of me, getting myself ready. Then I gradually began taking more and more of him, until my pussy hand engulfed his entire length. Matt began thrusting his hips below me, as I grinded my cunt down on his shaft. With Matt’s thrusts and my grinding, my body was in ecstasy as his pulsing cock slide over my clit repeatedly.

“Ahh, that’s it Matty! Just like that! Ahhh, mhmmm!” I screamed, encouraging the young buck below me who was more than willing to comply. I opened my eyes and looked down, brushing the damp hair out of my face. Matt’s eyes were locked, as he seemed to be in a trance. I leaned my head back in ecstasy. I almost screamed out in surprise when I felt Matt’s hands on my hips flip me over. In one swift move, Matt had me on my back, pressed against my headboard; my legs draped over his shoulders as he pistoned his cock in and out of my cunt. I smiled appreciatively at the welcomed surprise, one I didn’t think he had in him, but alas.

Matt was really picking up the pace now and I was feeling it.

“Ahh, fuckk!! mhmmm,” I moaned. “Ahhhh!!!!”

My orgasm took control as I trashed and bucked under Matt’s pumping. My eyes were shut tight as I continued to scream, my body in spasms as my cunt secreted my warm juices. I looked up at Matt.

“Come on Matt, come on mhmm, you like that, mhmm,” I encouraged, then feeling his cock twitch inside me.

“Fuckk! ahh mhhmm,” he moaned as I can only imagine his cock filling the condom with his spunk. As our bodies came to rest together, Matt released my legs, and fell to my side, slipping his cock out of my thankful pussy.

“Ahh. Fuck Matty, I could have been having that all this summer,” I teased as the young boy lay down beside me. I turned on my side kissing his shoulder.

“And to think, all you had to do was jerk off in my panties,” I joked as he smiled back at me.

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