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I walked into the massage room, letting the door close behind me. It smelled wonderful and there was soft instrumental music playing from hidden speakers. Behind the small reception counter was young woman, her dark hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She had huge blue eyes and was very pretty, so much so that I hesitated going up to the counter and just stood like a dork and stared at her.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Umm… yes… I’m here for a session?” I said, finally.

“Do you have your corporate card with you?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, somewhere,” I said, searching pockets.

I finally found my new corporate card and handed it to her. She used an iPad to scan the QR code on the back of my card and then smiled up at me.

“Welcome, Daniel… I see this is your first time,” she said.

“Yeah, got hired less than a week ago,” I said.

“Congratulations… so the app is self-explanatory, just follow the prompts,” she said handing me the iPad.

I saw my picture on the screen and the corporate logo. Click to begin button was under my name. I sat down in a chair and touched the button on the screen. Options for my massage and session popped up and I started clicking away, explaining my reasons for coming. Everything looked as normal as I expected until I noticed the miscellaneous button a little further down. I pressed on it, curiously, and my eyes widened in unbelief.

Under miscellaneous there were options you wouldn’t expect to see… like male or female masseuse, attire you wanted them to wear, touching criteria and the one that really made my jaw drop was seminal release. My hand was shaking when I clicked on it. More options came up. Hand job, blowjob, tit fuck, vaginal sex or anal. I was blown away… was this for real? I clicked back and clicked on attire and there was options for your masseuse to be dressed all sorts of ways or completely naked. I didn’t know what to think… was I supposed to be able to see these options… was the app broken or was this supposed to be reserved for those higher up than me?

I was afraid to ask the receptionist or maybe too embarrassed to ask. I ended up just clicking off the miscellaneous tab and going with my previous input like a normal massage. Standing up, I handed the receptionist the iPad back. She smiled and I was amazed at how gorgeous she was.

“Great, Daniel now follow me to your room,” she said standing up.

I followed her, glancing at her ass several times as she led me to my room. She had a body to match her face, stunningly beautiful in every aspect. She opened the door to suite 5, it said on the wall and I walked in.

“You’re masseuse will be with you shortly,” she said.

Not five minutes later a gorgeous blonde walked into the room with an iPad in her hands.

“Hello, Daniel… I’m Stephanie… I’ll be working on you today… It looks like you have some stiffness in your upper back… we can sort that out for you,” she said, reading the iPad screen.

“Take off your shirt and sit in the chair there,” she said.

I was stunned by her beauty like I was the receptionist. I hadn’t seen women that looked like this in real life ever before. I took off my shirt and sat in the massage chair that had the back toward my face with a hole in it so I could put my face down and still breathe.

Stephanie gathered supplies and soon joined me at the chair.

“So, how did you hurt yourself?” she asked, applying warm oil to my back.

“I was working out and felt something tighten as I was doing pullups,” I said.

“Oh, yes, I feel the knot… I’ll make you feel much better,” she said.

She spent a half hour working on my sore back and then the session ended just like a normal massage. She didn’t hint at anything more or even ask questions about my input on the iPad. I left wondering even more if that miscellaneous section should have been viewable by me. I decided to ask around the office and see if I could find out more from my corporate coworkers.

The next day I went to lunch with a group of corporate guys, the younger bunch that were closer to my age. I finally got one of them alone to ask a few questions. His name was Doug.

“So, Doug, you ever use the corporate massage benefit?” I asked.

“Sure… all the time… great perk,” he said.

“Yeah, I think so too… my first time yesterday,” I said.

“Oh, yeah… who’d you get?” he asked.

“Stephanie,” I replied.

“She’s good… really good… she fix you up?” he asked.

“Yep, I had a sore back and she all but made it disappear.”

“Like I said, she’s good.”

I tried to read between the lines in his face and what he was saying but I got no hints really that the corporate massages go way above the norm and I didn’t know how to find out without just bluntly asking. I barely knew these guys, hardly had the job a week by then and didn’t want to jeopardize my employment so I kept quiet. I figured I could find out on my own by just requesting some of the options under miscellaneous and see what happens.

The following week I went in for another massage ankara escort session. It was the same incredible receptionist and she called me by name when I came in.

“Hello, Daniel… card please?” she asked.

I handed it to her and said, “I never caught your name last week.”

“I’m sorry about that… It’s Jessica,” she said, handing me the iPad and my card back.

I sat down and clicked on the start button and sure enough, the miscellaneous tab was still there. I have to admit my heart quickened and began to race as I read through the options there on the screen. My back didn’t hurt anymore…I didn’t need a massage for anything really besides relaxation and pleasure. I had to know if this was for real and started clicking options. I first picked a female and left the options for attire blank all though I probably could have found out if this was for real by simply clicking sexy nurse or naked instead of what I ended up doing.

I clicked on the seminal release button… the options stared me in the face. Hand job, blowjob, tit fuck, vaginal sex, and anal sex. Holy shit, my heart was really racing now… Stephanie’s image came into my mind and what it would be like to fuck her or do anything on that list. I almost didn’t click anything but dammit I needed to know. I finally just click on hand job closed the program and stood up. I handed the iPad back to Jessica, my heart still racing as if she knew what I had done and what I was expecting.

“Follow me,” was all she said.

She took me to suite 4 this time and I walked in. My hands were shaking a little bit and I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. The door opened and it wasn’t Stephanie but this woman was equally beautiful with bright green eyes and red hair. She had a very pale complexion with freckles on her upper chest where her button up blouse was open. She had large breasts, toned arms and legs and was incredibly hot.

“Hello, Daniel… I’m Veronica… I’ll be working on you today,” she said and then looked down at her iPad.

“I see you need a seminal release… excellent… please remove your clothing and lie on your back on the table,” she said like it was the most normal thing in the world.

It was real… the corporate benefits were outstanding at my new job. I did as she told me, removed my clothes and laid naked on the massage table. She went right to work, gathering oils and other supplies and joined me, standing next to the table. My cock was already starting to grow before she even got to me. She poured some oil on her hands and just went right for my cock, smearing the oil around my shaft, picking it up and stroking it gently with one hand until it was rock hard.

“Very good blood flow, Daniel… that’s not a problem for you obviously,” she said as my cock throbbed in her hand.

The warm oil and her hands felt incredible on my cock. She was in no rush either, just gently stroking and rubbing my cock and balls, working the head and stroking my cock with both hands slow and meticulously. Good hell it felt amazing.

“Do you wish me to continue with my hands or would you prefer a masturbatory aid?” she asked and pointed to the table at my eye level.

I could see some male sex toys, a Fleshlight and a few other toys that resembled a vagina and an anus.

“You’re doing just fine with your hands,” I said.

“Very well,” she said, and continued working my cock to perfection with her hands.

I watched her work, watched her hands on my cock and her breasts jiggle in her tight blouse as she stroked my cock with incredible skill. I wished I had opted for her to be more undressed… I really wanted to see her tits but I didn’t know if I could add options after the session had already started or not, so I didn’t inquire.

There really was no need anyway. Veronica was working my cock so well I was on the verge of blowing my load already. The very idea of what was happening to me and that it came with my corporate card and employment was making me not last very long. My balls had sucked up to my shaft and my head was dark purple from the amount of blood in my cock. The oil made my dick shiny and I stared as Veronica worked it up and down, twisting as she went. I couldn’t hold it any longer, the sensation as she squeezed my head and down my shaft with each hand was just too much. My legs clenched, I groaned as my cock exploded up into the air. The semen curled around and fell down onto my chest just as another long rope of cum shot forth.

She didn’t stop stroking for a second, making sure to keep the sensation high all the way through my climax. She was a professional, making sure I was taken care of for sure. My body convulsed and shook as each blast rocked my frame. I grunted and shook with each contraction and mind-blowing pleasure. By the time my cock was empty I was a mess, it was a large volume of semen, covering her hands and all over my chest and stomach as the ropes arched into the air and fell down onto me. When it finally eased up, she stroked a few more times for good measure and then released me. She cleaned her hands off and then my elvankent escort body with a warm towel and stood next to the table looking down at me.

“Feel better?” she asked.

“Much… thank you.”

“My pleasure… you shouldn’t wait so long… it’s not healthy to have that much built up,” she said.

“I know… I’ve just been so busy,” I said.

“That’s what we’re here for… don’t hesitate to come as often as needed,” she said.

She put the supplies away and left me to get dressed. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. When I interviewed for this position and they mentioned corporate benefits I had no idea what that meant. I went back to my office feeling relaxed and better than ever.


I fell back into my work hard. I was learning so much and more responsibility and tasks kept coming and coming. I was working late hours and had very little time for myself as the days just clicked away. I had lost track of time since the hand job with Veronica, not taking her advice and coming back as she suggested. I finally did the math and it had been over three weeks since I had taken advantage of the corporate benefit. I hadn’t cum since and could feel the urges as I finally had some breathing time after I got my big project completed. I scheduled an appointment and headed to the massage room.

Jessica was behind the counter again. She smiled at me, took my card and handed it back with the iPad.

“Been a few of weeks since we’ve seen you in here?” she said.

“I know… I got really busy, but I have time now.”

“Good… you look tense, it’s good you came in.”

I sat down and begin adding options to what I wanted. I picked a female again of course and this time I made sure to take some clothes off of her, clicking on topless and then down to seminal release. I wondered if I could choose more than one option so I clicked on blowjob and tit fuck and both of them stayed marked as my heart raced in my chest. Just the idea of Veronica’s milky white, freckly breasts around my cock made me plump up in my pants. I stood up, feeling my cock pressing out on my slacks and handed the iPad back to Jessica.

“Follow me,” she said, standing up from her seat behind the counter.

She led me to suite 5 again and about a minute later Stephanie came in the room, the blonde that had given me my first massage. It wasn’t Veronica but just as good.

“Hello, Daniel… it’s good to see you again. How’s the back feeling,” she asked.

“Great, never had any more problems.”

“Wonderful,” she said, before looking down at the iPad.

“It looks like you’ve come for another seminal release… and your last one was over three weeks ago. Veronica noted you needed to come in more often and apparently you didn’t take her suggestion.”

“I got too busy I guess,” I said, embarrassed.

“You should try and find the time, but nothing we can do now other than release all that pent-up semen. So get undressed and looks like I’ll need to have you sit in the chair today for the options you have chosen.”

I removed my clothing and sat down in the massage chair, facing away from the back this time. When I looked up my eyes widened because Stephanie had removed her blouse and bra and was walking toward me with her supplies. Her tits were amazing, round, perky and large. She placed a pad down by my feet and then knelt down in front of me. My cock was already fully hard seeing her topless and expecting my blowjob and tit fuck. She rubbed oil all over her breasts, making them shiny and the nipples hard, pulling the areolas tight and lifting her dark pink nipples. Good hell she was gorgeous I hadn’t blinked since she came over to me.

“Veronica noted you have no problem getting erect and it seems that is very true,” Stephanie said, reaching forward and grabbing my cock by the middle of my shaft.

“Very strong blood flow,” she said stroking my shaft with her oiled hand.

She leaned over and my head was enveloped in hot, wet bliss as her mouth closed around my shaft and disappeared deep into her mouth. The sensation curled my toes, I had never had a woman take this much of my cock into her mouth before… I’d never had a pro sucking my cock obviously. She removed her hand and took all of my cock down to my balls into her face. It was remarkable and felt even better. She held me deep and my cock was treated to hot, wet velvet from my balls to my head. My heart was pounding, I could hear it in my ears as the sensations spread though my cock.

She kept an insanely tight grip with her lips as she moved back up my cock with her mouth. The sensation was unreal, better than any pussy I’d been in, it was so hot and tight. She sucked my head before descending back down my cock, twisting her head as she went. Up and down, up and down, each time she went faster but kept the same vise like hold of my cock. I didn’t think I was going to last to get to fuck her incredible tits, the blowjob just felt too good. Her hands found my balls, my really tight balls and this seemed to slow her down… I think she knew I was on the otele gelen escort verge. She let me pop from her mouth and look up at me.

“Yes, this will not do, Daniel… you are incredible full, dangerously so. I might have to empty you twice today and then make a mandatory appointment for you two days from now. We need to get this under control.”

“Whatever you think is prudent,” I said.

“Yes, it needs to happen. So let’s not delay any further for your own health,” she said, taking me back into her mouth.

She sucked me down fast and her grip was intense again. She moved up and down my shaft with her mouth fast and hard causing my pleasure to jump instantly. She wanted me to cum and she wanted me to cum as fast as possible. I was on the verge less than a minute later. My cock was rock hard, my balls as tight as they could be. The point of no return came and I held my load in, clenching my muscles as her head still bobbed a couple more times.

“Here it comes!” I blurted out.

Her head came off my cock instantly as my semen exploded forth into her face. The rope of semen curled around her nose and stuck, thickly to her face. She pulled me down and stroked me off onto her naked breasts. Huge long ropes of semen splattered her body over and over as she stroked me. My ass and legs clenched as the ejaculation instinct took over fully and my body spewed forth the three weeks’ worth of semen onto her gorgeous oiled chest.

“That’s it… get it out… as much as you can,” she said as she stroked me.

When it finally eased up, I had never seen so much semen before… probably because I hadn’t gone so long before and how excited I was to be sucked like she had done.

“Good, well done, Daniel. Now take a look at this. Do you notice the color? It’s not the clean white semen we want to see… it has the yellow twinge to it and that’s not healthy. We need to get you to bright white today,” she said, playing with the semen on her chest.

“Okay,” I said, breathing hard.

My cock was starting to shrink but just slightly as she let it go. She picked up a towel next to us and cleaned off her face and chest, making her nipples hard again. She cleaned my head and shaft where some semen had dribbled down and then she stood up.

“In about five minutes we’ll see how you’re doing for the second release,” she said, putting on a robe and leaving the room.

I sat in the chair. My mind was pretty blown. My situation seemed really odd and nothing I expected from an employer… nothing I had ever read or heard about ever mentioned corporate benefits like this. The women were unbelievably hot and skilled and it was all free to me with my corporate card. My cock eased down and was pretty limp by the time Stephanie came back into the room. She hung her robe on the hook she got it from and came over to me.

“How are we doing?” she asked, keeling down again in front of me.

“I feel better, lot less stressed,” I said, staring at her naked breasts.

“Good, your penis has drained of blood, so that’s a sign the refractory period is almost over. Let’s see if I’m correct and you need a second release,” she said reaching for my limp cock.

She wiggled my flaccid cock around in her fingers, testing for something, probably new life in my dick as I stared at her tits. She noticed that was all I was looking at and said, “You can touch me if you want… it should help with another erection.”

I didn’t hesitate, reaching out to cup her breasts with both hands. Her skin was silky smooth and warm. I felt her nipples harden under my palms, slowly pressing on them. She continued to manipulate my limp penis as I brushed her nipples and squeezed her firm breasts. My heart was again racing and when I pinched both her nipples between my fingers and thumbs was when I felt the first rush of blood into my cock again.

“There it is… very good, Daniel… I knew you needed another release especially if you’re already getting hard again,” she said, feeling my cock begin to plump up.

She leaned over and took me into her mouth before I was even close to hard. She sucked on my head, pulling my cock away from my body with just the suction of her mouth before taking all of me in with ease since I wasn’t yet erect. My dick plumped as she sucked and as I played with her incredible breasts. I was rigid in another couple of minutes. She didn’t stop sucking and I basked in the pleasure as this gorgeous blonde sucked my cock better than anything before. I couldn’t believe her talent, the depth and speed she displayed was phenomenal. My cock just hummed with pleasure as she sucked and worked it in and out of her mouth. I was able to just enjoy every second since I had just cum a boat load not long before. I now really knew what Doug meant when he said she was very good.

She sucked me for probably five or seven minutes before pulling away from me and letting my wet cock just throb in the open air. She added oil to her chest and scooted forward on the pad at my feet. Leaning forward she pressed my cock between her lubed tits and squeezed them together. She started rocking on her legs up and down, letting my cock slide between her breasts up and down over and over as I watched in awe. My cock head popped through her firm cleavage over and over, stimulating the head of my dick as she kept her breasts tight around my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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