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“Well how pissed is she going to be that I am late?” I ponder. It’s only twenty minutes this time.”

Still living at home after graduation sucks. You have to still play by your folks rules, yet you want your independence. Had to clean the kitchen and pick up after the dog. Christ, I’m eighteen my girlfriend is eighteen and we still get treated like we are twelve. Well at least we can drive and hide when we want some, well us time.

Pulling into the driveway April bounces to the truck saying something to her Mom as she gets in. T-shirt and jeans are the outfit of the day. My mind curious if she has on the satin panties and shear bra I love.

“What are we doing?” she asks.

“Anything you want to do.” I return.

“Let’s go to the mall, I want to check something and we can stop at steak escape.” She says.

So off we go. Slipping in close and taking the middle of the bench seat of my small truck, spreading her legs to get the stick shift between.

“God I love it when she does that.” I think. I can shift a gear and put my hand on her inner thigh in one motion. Sneak it right up to that sexy spot too.

We make the mall and do our run through. She wanted something at Target. We stroll down to the food court to find the place to eat.

Sitting next to each other ankara escort as I devour my sandwich as she shakes her head at the fact I got the large. Not just a large sandwich but drink and fry. Enough food to feed a small army, or in this case me.

Having finished up taking our things we head out. Driving and talking about everything and nothing.

“What are we doing now?” She enquiries.

“Hmmmmm, go park somewhere maybe?” I offer

“Thought you would never say it.” April returns with a mocking tone.

“Well which spot? By the theater or the river?” I ask

“Lets do the river.” she says

We head there driving down the freeway. My hand just teasing her sex. My small finger lightly going over the seam of her jeans. A warmth emanating from her spread legs.

Finally making our location we climb out of the cab, stopping for a very long deep kiss, hands finding both hard things and warm things.

Climbing into the canopy covered back end. She finds a place on one of the two bean bags I have there. I ease up next to her.

“God she is cute!” I think. “I hope she is as wet as I think she is. Fuck it’s hot when she is just soaked. Oh and her scent is intoxicating.” My inner monologue rambles in my head.

Kissing starts with a hot smoulder. Tongues elvankent escort playing as hands move about. My hand finding very perky nipples that get her to arch her back at the touch. I take no time to lift her shirt to pop the clasp of her bra. Kissing down her jaw, to her neck, landing on her breast. Kissing around before taking the hard nub between my lips. Sliding over to the other so not to play favorites. This all while I undo her pants.

“Don’t rip my zipper again.” April scolds.

“I didn’t mean too. I thought you had button down jeans on like me.” I say

We giggle about it for a moment but the giggle is cut short by a hard sharp inhale by April as my hand finds its way to her hot mound.

“Oh fuck she is wet!” I think as my finger gets pulled in over her clit.

Her panties damp on the back of my hand. Her scent then greets me with a wonderful inviting aroma. I dip in deep then back to her hot button. Being so aroused she climbs quickly to her first release. With hot breathing and sexy moans April is pushed over the edge.

I work my way down to pull down, and off her pants. April kicks off her Keds as I work her jeans and panties off. My jeans she off in a blur, my cock rock hard. I dip down and kiss my way up her spread wide thighs. otele gelen escort A freshly shaved smooth pussy greets my kisses, then begs for my tongue to taste what I have been smelling.

“Oh good she tastes so good.” I think as I lick from bottom to top skipping her clit.

Up and down I lick interspersed with nibbles and bites. Then taking her spot between my lips to suck.

April grabs my head and pulls me up. Kissing my sex flavored lips, grabbing my hard rod and guides me into her wetness. Rubbing the head of me up and down the slickness, finally stopping at the entrance. I ease it in as her other hand pulls at my hips. With a few short in and out to get it in comfortably due to how tight she iis. Finding my way all in deep, a very satisfied moan slips from both of us. Slowly working in and out as we savor our kisses. Slow thrusting start to ramp up. My motions are being returned by her hips. We start both getting close fast. Our pace starting to move the small truck as I pound deeper and deeper. Breathing gets so confused as we both cum hard. A very warm slickness comes over as I fill her with my orgasm. Extra wet and fun we keep going. I pull April close and in one fluid motion I roll her on top. She rides and grinds bringing herself close again. I decide to help things along and pound from below. Cumming again, she collapses on me. My hands on her ass, looking at me and kissing she asks.

“What should we do now?”

“How about more of this?” I reply.

“Sounds good to me.” April says with a lustful purr.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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