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“The BDSM lifestyle is not incompatible with Islam, indeed, lots of Muslims, both singles and couples, incorporate BDSM into their daily lives,” Professor Soraya Aluko said, speaking to her World Religion & Sexuality class at Carleton University. The six-foot-tall, well-dressed, bespectacled Nigerian-Canadian Muslim woman paused and took a look at the students seated in the Kailash Mital Center.

It was a cold, snowy day in late March, and out of the forty eight students that Professor Aluko started with, only twenty nine remained. These were her core group, the regular attendees of her Friday evening class. As usual, Karim Odunayo sat at the front, a rather smug expression on his dark, handsome face. Heaven deliver us from arrogant men from Naija, Professor Aluko thought, rolling her eyes.

In her forty years upon this earth, Soraya Aluko had been many things. Born in the City of Kano, northern Nigeria, to a strict Muslim family, she learned early on that going for what she wanted meant clashing with the Powers That Be. When Soraya decided that she wanted to study business administration, one of the first people she had to get past was her father, Imam Mohammed Aluko, one of the city leaders in metropolitan Kano.

Soraya’s passion and intellect was such that she won her father over, and the old Imam accompanied her on her first day at her new school, Carleton University. The year was 1994, and this was Soraya’s first trip to the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Father and daughter visited the Carleton University campus, and inquired about the school of business, student life, and of course, immigrant politics in the City of Ottawa.

Satisfied that his beloved Soraya was in good hands, Imam Mohammed Aluko shook hands with Ellen Dumarest, the Dean of Students, before returning to Nigeria. Soraya Aluko found herself on her own for the very first time. All her life she’d been sheltered, as befitting the daughter of a wealthy West African Muslim leader. That’s why Soraya yearned to explore life on her own.

The City of Ottawa was a long way from Kano, Nigeria, and Soraya knew that she couldn’t count on her father’s influence to shield her from life’s harsh realities. That’s why Soraya set out to make her mark on the City of Ottawa. Carleton University afforded her an opportunity to do things her own way, and all without the threat of repercussion. In Nigeria, most young men, Christian or Muslim, wouldn’t mess with the daughter of a Muslim leader. In Canada, no one gave a flying fuck…

While living in Ottawa, Soraya Aluko did what young folks always did while studying at university. The young Nigerian Muslim began doing some exploring, since that’s what life was all about. Carleton University was unlike any place Soraya had ever seen. There were lots of students from places like Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, Australia, Japan, China, Haiti, France, and other nations she knew little about.

In one of Soraya’s business classes, she met a man named Tariq Jama, a tall, dreadlocked, well-dressed and handsome young Black Muslim man from the City of Houston, Texas. He was the one destined to change her life forever. From the moment Soraya laid eyes on Tariq, she knew that the brother with the Midwestern American accent and the unique swagger was trouble with a capital T. In this instance, Soraya’s instincts did not disappoint. Too bad she was drawn to Tariq like a moth to the proverbial flame…

“A lot of folks think the BDSM lifestyle is just for Whites but that’s not true, our brothers and sisters enjoy it as well, in private,” Tariq said to Soraya, in one of their first sessions together. After their initial meeting in business class, Soraya escort çankaya found herself drawn to the tall, handsome Somali-American Muslim student. Tariq carried himself like a prince and was admired by young women of all hues on campus, but he seemed to only notice Soraya.

“Teach me,” Soraya pleaded, trembling with excitement as Tariq drew her into his strange, wondrous world. Back in the City of Kano, Nigeria, the young men that Soraya dealt with were drawn to her due to her height, curvy figure, mahogany-hued skin, and those thick round buttocks of hers. Tariq was attracted to Soraya, but he wasn’t just trying to bang her. The brother had much more than that in store for her…

“Glad you feel this way,” Tariq said to Soraya, admiring the tall, curvaceous West African gal who stood before him, stark naked, her body glistening in the light of his basement apartment. Soraya’s hands were bound to sleek chains hanging from the ceiling, and she looked oh-so enticing. Tariq grinned and walked up to her, gently pressing his lips against Soraya’s.

As the young Nigerian Muslim woman kissed him back, Tariq suddenly grasped Soraya’s breasts and pinched them. She winced, and he smiled. Pleasure and pain go hand in hand, Tariq thought slyly. As the evening progressed, Tariq showed Soraya a great many things. He had her spread her legs while he dripped hot candle wax over her crotch, making her squeal and squirm in pain…right before he licked her pussy.

Soraya moaned in pleasure and pain as Tariq worked his magic on her. He was sick, twisted and freaky, and she couldn’t get enough of him. At some point, Tariq bent Soraya over his knee and caressed her big round ass. Gosh I love my Black women, Tariq thought as he caressed Soraya’s ass, causing her to purr like a kitten. Suddenly Tariq slapped Soraya’s big beautiful ass, and she winced.

“You’ve got one fine ass, Soraya, ah, the things I’m going to do to you,” Tariq whispered, and a flush of excitement flooded the young woman. Grinning, Tariq began spanking Soraya’s ass, loving the way the young woman’s ass jiggled. At some point, Tariq playfully bit Soraya’s ass, causing her to squeal. For Tariq Jama of Houston, Texas, the fun was just beginning…

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Soraya moaned, a little while later, as Tariq bent her over a nearby bench and fucked her like this, face down and ass up. Gripping the sturdy, curvy young woman’s wide hips, Tariq fucked her with slow, vigorous thrusts, burying his long, hard dick deep inside of her. Tariq fucked Soraya silly, delighting in her squeals and moans. They fucked and sucked the evening away, and their first time together was truly one for the ages.

Professor Soraya Aluko blinked, remembering those halcyon days when she and her former classmate and lover Tariq Jama were a thing. He was long gone, of course. Still, he was the one who taught Soraya about the world of BDSM. For the past twenty four years, Soraya had been involved in the BDSM lifestyle, first as a sub, then as a switch, and eventually a dominant. It had been very rewarding in so many fun, wickedly fun ways…

“There’s a lot of feminist women in the BDSM lifestyle, I guess they really enjoy male domination after all,” Karim Odunayo said, interrupting Soraya’s little trip down memory lane. She looked at him and smiled, while several of the White female students in class shot him a disapproving look. This one is badly in need of a spanking, Soraya thought, amused.

“Well, Mr. Odunayo, the BDSM lifestyle also features female dominants, some of whom have been known to spank macho males,” Professor Soraya Aluko replied, and several students laughed, while Karim looked away. otele gelen escort Serves him right, she thought, as she continued with the lecture. Karim could be charming, though he sometimes got on her nerves. Why did he have to resemble her former lover Tariq so damn much?

Class ended, and Professor Soraya Aluko left the building, after reminding her students to get a head start on their ten-page paper on the topic of BDSM and The Law. She walked to her car, got in and drove away. She lived in Barrhaven, Ontario, in a nice townhouse built in a newer section of the opulent suburb. After getting home, she took a shower, had a glass of wine to relax, and watched Luke Cage on Netflix. An hour after she got home, a buzz at the door caught her attention.

“What took you so long?” Soraya said to Karim as he stood at the door, flashing that cocky grin of his. Karim shrugged and was still grinning when she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in. Slamming the door behind them, Soraya pressed Karim up against the wall, a sly smile on her lovely face. She looked at him the way a hungry wolf looked at sheep, and Karim found that both sexy and scary…

“Well, ma’am, you know us Nigerian men, always showing up on African time, I apologize for my lateness, nevertheless,” Karim said, smiling, and Soraya grabbed his face, and stuck her fingers into his mouth. With her other hand, she patted his crotch, and it began to bulge, aroused by her touch. Karim was intimidated, but refused to let it show. Nevertheless, they both knew who was in charge…

“Hmm, Karim, you’re such an ass kisser, now, get on your knees,” Soraya commanded, and Karim did as he was told. Grinning, she walked to the nearby living room and Karim followed her on all fours like a good pet. Dropping her pants, Soraya squatted down, showing him her thick Black ass, which was bulging out of her crisp White panties. Soraya clucked her tongue impatiently, and Karim nodded, for he knew just what to do…

“Yes ma’am,” Karim replied, and he began doing his duty, polishing Soraya’s big beautiful ass with his tongue. When his sultry mistress dropped her panties and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open, Karim slid his tongue into her asshole, going for the gold, or in this case, the brown. Soraya smiled as she felt Karim’s tongue burying itself in her backdoor. Anticipating this delight, she’d showered and cleansed herself profusely, giving her sub a delicious plate of clean female booty to eat…

“Hmm, I don’t care what those other brothers say, Karim, real men eat female booty,” Soraya cooed softly, and Karim nodded, even as he continued to lather her asshole with his tongue. To really shine him on, Soraya had Karim lie flat on his back and she sat on his face, smothering him with her big beautiful ass. Like a queen on her throne, Soraya rode Karim’s face, back and forth, and they both absolutely loved it.

As the afternoon rolled on, Soraya and Karim found plenty to explore together. Karim found himself on all fours as Soraya spanked his ass, at first with her bare hands, and then with a thick wooden paddle. Soraya laughed gleefully as she paddled Karim’s ass, loving the sounds he made as she unleashed sensual, sadistic hell upon him. If more Muslim women spanked Muslim men the world would definitely be a better place, Soraya thought happily.

“Hmm, my ass hurts but I like it, ma’am,” Karim said, a little while later, and Soraya looked at him and smiled. If this brother only knew what else I’ve got in store for him, Soraya thought. The two of them continued with their fun, and this time, Karim found himself the recipient of surprised, etlik bayan escort wondrous delight. Soraya grasped his cock and balls, massaging them gently.

“Hmm, you’ve been a good sub, Karim, I’ve got a treat for you,” Soraya said, and Karim blinked in surprise as she brought her lovely face close to his groin. Without another word, Soraya took Karim into her mouth, and began sucking his dick. Karim closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying himself as Soraya fellated him. Suddenly he gasped in surprise, for he felt Soraya’s fingers enter his asshole…

“Oh snap,” Karim gasped, as he felt Soraya’s fingers up his ass. Opening his eyes, he looked at her, and saw a wicked smile on her lovely face. Soraya is one naughty, bossy woman, and I like that about her, Karim thought. Soraya twisted her fingers inside Karim’s asshole, and felt his dick lengthen and harden in her mouth as a result. Now we’re getting somewhere, Soraya thought happily.

“Hmm, I want to play with your ass, lover,” Soraya said to Karim, after polishing his cock and balls with her tongue. The brother was hard as a rock, and definitely in no position to refuse the lady who’d brought him such pleasure. Nodding, Karim assumed the position, and Soraya playfully smacked his ass. Let the games begin, Soraya thought as she reached for a certain tool in her purse…

“Alright, Soraya, go easy on a brother,” Karim pleaded, and Soraya smiled and nodded, then stroked a certain phallic object lovingly. Karim spread his ass cheeks for her, and she dutifully reached for some Aveeno before smearing some on Karim’s ass. Fingering Karim’s ass for a bit, Soraya then replaced her fingers with the dildo, and then pegging the hell out of her favorite Nigerian brother.

“Relax, Karim, you’re in good hands,” Soraya said, and she shoved the dildo into his ass, burying most of it up his bum. Soraya smiled as Karim groaned while she began filling his ass with her phallic toy. Karim gritted his teeth as Soraya buried the dildo into his ass, twisting it around for good measure. While fucking his ass with the dildo, Soraya stroked Karim’s cock, and he felt himself get hard, in spite of himself.

“Hurts and feels good at the same time,” Karim groaned, and Soraya watched as the tall, strongly built brother came, his hard dick spewing precious manly cum all over himself. Soraya left the dildo embedded in Karim’s ass and turned him around so that he faced her. That’s when Soraya wrapped her lips around Karim’s dick, tasting his manly cum. At once, the brother cried out, overwhelmed, as his mistress drained him dry. Tastes and feels like home, Soraya thought as she savored Karim’s essence.

“Habibi, how do you feel?” Soraya asked Karim, as they emerged from the shower together. After all the fun and wicked things they’d done that evening, they needed to get cleaned up and so they did. Karim looked at her and smiled, his handsome face filled with gratitude. He had plenty of girlfriends at Carleton and all over Ottawa, but none of them could fulfill his most twisted needs. That’s why Karim was thankful for Soraya and all the freaky things she did for him…

“I feel great, ma’am, Shukran, thank you,” Karim replied, and Soraya smiled and gave him a hug. After getting dressed, Karim wished Soraya a good evening then got into his car and left. Soraya watched him go, and smiled, feeling giddy after the fun, creative and kinky evening that she was having. These days, life was tumultuous and fast-paced but ultimately okay.

Soraya Aluko was pleased with her career as a Carleton University professor, her kinky and very private, discrete sessions with Karim Odunayo and other sexually adventurous young African Muslim men, and her upcoming book about BDSM and its place in modern African life. She wasn’t married nor was she a mother, and she liked her life without such complications. To many more evenings like this one, Soraya thought as she retired for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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