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We picked the pool we normally sneak into, away from anyone who would know either of us in a ritzy townhome neighborhood. I’m wearing my tight yellow and white polka dot suit that barely holds my 36 DDs, your favorite as they are easy to pull out and they tend to fall out repeatedly if I move too fast.

We arrive and see that there is no one there as its early on a work day, making it perfect for what we have planned. We find two chairs and put our stuff down and you take your shirt off showing off your toned chest, covered with the salt and pepper chest hair I love running my fingers through. I pull down my cover up and your eyes instantly go to my cleavage. You tell me how stunning I look and that I have a beautiful body. I giggle and blush slightly as I grab the sunblock. You take it from me and squirt it into your hands. Your hands instantly go to the parts of my cleavage that are exposed and you start slathering them with lotion, telling me how you have to make sure that they don’t get burned. I bite my lip as you rub lotion onto the rest of my exposed body and I can tell through your swimming shorts that you are getting hard.

When you are satisfied that I am protected from the sun, I take the lotion and start putting it on your chest. Rubbing slowly on your chest and stomach, then moving to your arms and back. I tell you how sexy you look and I can see your cock twitch in your shorts. You then grab me and kiss me hard, your hands running down my back to my ass and squeezing it hard. Your tongue in my mouth as you push your erection against me. You pull away from me and look down at me. You grab my hand and lead me to the pool; we get in feeling the cool water on our feet. We walk in slowly, enjoying the beach entrance as you still hold my hand.

We keep going until the water reaches my waist, then you wrap your arm around my waist and kiss me again hard. You move until your back touches the pool wall then you lift me up onto the ledge. I shiver from being out of the water but you tell me that you’re going to warm me up. You grab my bottoms and push them to the side exposing my soaked aching cunt; I gasp and bite my lip. You run your fingers over my small patch of pubic hair and then lean in and kiss my pussy hard. You lick your lips and eryaman escort tell me how good I taste, how I have the best tasting pussy you’ve ever eaten.

You then lick from my tight hole to my clit, making me shiver. You then spread my lips and look intensely at my tight wet pussy. Telling my how pink and beautiful it looks. Then you dive in like you’re starving for my cunt juices. Sucking my clit, licking up and down, then shoving your tongue inside me and fucking me hard and fast with it while your nose rubs against my clit. You moan about how sweet I taste and smell as you fuck me faster. I’m biting my lip hard to stifle my moans. I grab the back of your head and start rocking my hips, humping your face as I tell you I’m so close. You gently start to finger my tight ass and that send me over the edge and I flood your face with my juices. You lap up every drop as though you have been thirsty for me.

You kiss and bite my thighs then look up at me and I can see my juices glistening on your beard and lips. I push myself back into the pool and lean up to kiss you hard. You wrap your arms around me and grab my ass hard as you shove your tongue into my mouth, tasting my cum on you. I can feel your cock touching my thigh and can tell how much you want me. I reach down and rub the tip of your cock through your shorts, hearing you moan as soon as I touch you. I rub you until I can feel you are rock hard, then I stop and back away from you. I stretch out on my back and slowly back stroke away, giving you a view of my curves as I tease you and leave you hard and wanting me.

I can feel you watching me as I go under the water, coming up slowly so you can watch the water dripping down my body. My nipples become hard from the water and I can hear you swimming close to me. You growl that I’m such a tease and you bite my neck hard. I giggle and moan and start rubbing your rock hard cock through your shorts. I push my hand into your shorts and start stroking you hard, feeling you shiver against my small soft hand.

You bite my neck and suck it hard leaving an angry hicky on my neck, showing the world that I have a lover who can’t keep his teeth off my pale soft skin. My nipples harden and you push your chest against mine to feel them against you. I hear sincan escort you growl then see you look around. With no on ins sight you push me against the wall and pull my bottoms down. Tossing them on the side of the pool wall near us, you shove two fingers inside my dripping aching cunt fast and hard. I whimper and bite my lip as you stretch my tight hole out; it hurts but I love it and you know it.

I grab your shorts and yank them down fast; I reach out and stroke you fast. Looking up at you, biting my lip, telling you how I need you inside me, how I need you to fuck me so hard that I’m sore for the rest of the week. That pushes you over the edge; you pull your fingers out of me fast, leaving me empty and I whimper in protest. You grab both of my thick shapely thighs and spread them wide as I rest my feet on your lower back, resting my forearms on the pool wall for support. You look at me for a second and tell me how beautiful I look, how you love my body, and that my curves look perfect in the water. I smile and blush as you shove your rock hard cock inside my tight wet hole fast. I cry out and throw my head back, grabbing the wall.

I hear you grunt and say how tight I am, that no matter how hard you fuck me I feel like virgin tight every time you enter me. You slowly push in and out at first, I can tell you are trying to stop yourself from cumming fast from my tight wetness. I hold onto your side, feeling your toned body move against me. I look up at you and our eyes lock as I bite my lip to try and stifle my cries. I lean back so you can see my DDs jiggle and shake as you thrust into me. You grab my top and pull them out, saying how tits that perfect shouldn’t be hidden. You lean down and take one of my large nipples into my mouth and suck hard, like you’ve been hungry for them.

I wiggle my hips as I feel you on my nipples, letting out little whimpers. I can’t take your slow thrusts anymore. I want it hard and rough and you know it, but continue to tease me by going slow. I start moving my hips to try and get you to go faster and I hear you groan against my tits. When I clamp down my already tight cunt onto you it’s the last straw. You let my heavy tit fall out of my mouth, look straight at me, and start pounding batıkent escort me furiously. The water sloshing around us, neither of us caring at this point if anyone comes to the pool now. You’re pounding me so hard that I know I’ll be sore for a few days, which only makes me moan even more.

I grab onto your back, pulling you closer as I dig my long nails into your back. I’m leaving marks but at this point neither of us care, you’ll figure out how to hide them. Your balls are slapping against my ass, as you pound me even harder. You’re in heaven right now and it shows on your face, lost in my tight wet essence. You lean down and bite down on my collar bone hard, pushing me over the edge. I scream and dig my nails into your back so hard I leave angry nails marks on your skin.

My cunt clamps down onto you and even in the pool you can feel my juices flooding your cock as I moan and whimper, calling out your name. This proves to be too much for you and soon I hear your grunts as I feel you shake against me. I feel your cock getting bigger, stretching me out even more. I hear you cry out and grunt even louder, then I feel your hot cum filling my tight cunt up. Marking me as your lover, your goddess. You keep pumping and start twitching as your orgasm subsides, giving me every last drop. Making sure that I’ll be leaking you for days.

You bury your face into my neck and breathe in my scent, still twitching from your mind blowing orgasm. You grab my face and kiss me hard, telling me I’m incredible and that I make you cum so hard it’s insane. I laugh and tell you that I’ll be sore for the rest of the week but that you know I love it. Realizing that anyone could walk by, you pull out of my and let go of my legs slowly. I grab my bottoms and put them on, much to your objection. You pull your shorts up and watch as I tuck my tits back into my bathing suit top, telling me how it’s a shame to cover such a beautiful body. How you can’t wait for our trip to California and our planned trip to the nude beach. I blush and giggle, leaning up to kiss you.

You lift me up and I wrap my legs onto your waist as you walk to the beach entrance. When we get close you let me down, kissing me hard. We walk hand in hand to our chairs; you push the chairs next to each other so we can lay side by side in the sun. I lay on my back, giving you a view of my thick ass. I then undo my top, leaving my back bare, teasing you. You lay next to me and rub my back, kissing and biting my back as you recover for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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