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Following the foursome with Rachel and her flatmates I did actually focus on work for a while, hard to believe I know….

So it turned out that for a couple of months I only made love to Debbie, and in many ways the sex became more passionate and sensual. Debbie certainly enjoyed being the centre of attention and it made her very easy to deal with at work as well.

I know, I know, having a fling with your boss is one thing, but turning it into a seriously hot love affair is another thing altogether. It helped keep me focused on work, keep my dick in my pants and things were moving along smoothly….well, until meeting Melissa that is….

Now I can’t describe Melissa as tall trim and lean, for she wasn’t that…instead Melissa was of the more voluptuous variety, but damn was she a hottie in many other ways though. She’d be around 5’10”, something like 38-27-36 and maybe 160 pounds or so…in other words, a real woman!!

Perhaps some folks will disagree, but I have always had a thing for women on the slightly larger side, don’t get me wrong here, I love a tall trim and horny gal, but when it comes to real women…gggrrrr I just go gaga!!

Well Melissa saw right thru me the minute I walked in her door to deal to a dripping tap…I don’t know how many of these damn things I’ve fixed over the last few years, but it’s been a whole bloody lot.

I was in awe of her curvy body, she saw me admiring her form, she sure liked it and I didn’t even get to the sink in the bathroom before she’d slapped my arse playfully.

“Hey Mr Plumber, do you get many randy housewives hitting on you during your work,” Mel asked as she stood in the door to the bathroom, watching me fiddle with the tap. Luckily this sink had a shutoff valve underneath for both hot and cold water, meant a quick and easy repair.

“Yes M’am it does happen every now and then, but when I listen to the older guys, they’re always telling interesting stories of what’s happened to them over the years,” I replied, lying thru my teeth.

“Maybe I can help you with one of your stories then,” she smiled suggestively, pushing her hefty chest out and striking a pose, then fluttering her eyelashes at me.

Fuck me, this hot mama knew how to raise my temperature!! escort numaraları eryaman With my cock now growing and my own resolve to not screw any more customers wilting, I excused myself to get a spare part from my van. Squeezing past Melissa in the doorway she made the first of several bold moves, pushing herself against me she pinned me to the doorframe.

Feeling her hefty boobs squished up against my chest, then becoming aware of the stiff nipples poking into me….hhmmmm, my resolve pretty much evaporated….

“Hurry back now Mr Plumber,” Melissa said as she leaned back. The second she leaned back though, she ran her open palmed hand against my crotch from bottom to top, feeling my throbbing cock and heavy balls…she just grinned and licked her lips.

My mind was now spinning a little, I was a little out of practice in this area, but this hot mama had me going….I got the part I needed and was soon back in Melissa’s bathroom. A few seconds after getting back Melissa appeared again, she’d changed from her previous slacks and blouse to one big long t-shirt. The way her boobs now hung lower and off to the side a bit made it obvious she meant business!!

Once more she posed for me in the doorway, this time drawing the shirt up her thighs and turning just as her crotch came into view, thus showing me her butt…wiggling it for me she turns her head over her shoulder and just smiles at me. She knows I am getting hot under the collar and she’s loving it.

“Righto, be done here in a flash,” I said as I kneeled down to open the stopvalve under the sink, then testing the tap I’d just dealt to.

This was the point where Melissa took a few steps over to me and this time she cupped my balls firmly and said; “Hope you won’t be done TOO quick Mr Plumber!!”

“The customer is always right,” I said as calmly as I could, given that at that instant my zipper was being lowered, Mel’s hand snaked into my shorts and soon her fingers were wrapped around my turgid shaft. Stroking me gently a few times she undid my belt and soon had my shorts falling down to my ankles.

“Would you do something for me,” Melissa asked as she was stroking me, “would you jerk off onto my titties please?”

I just nodded slightly ankara bayan escort and with that she dragged me by the cock onto the patio, into the bright sunlight. Letting go of my cock, she lifted my shirt up and over my head, thus leaving me standing there in just my socks, which were soon discarded too.

As Mel peeled her own shirt off, her naked curvy body came into view, my cock twitched as I saw her nicely trimmed cunt, inner lips protruding nicely and looking rather damp….

She settled herself on a sun lounger and got me to stand over her, still within her reach, but she wanted to watch me whack off.

“OK big boy, now stroke that puppy and spray me with your juice,” Melissa cooed as she began playing with her own boobs. Reaching up to occasionally cup my balls, she continued pinching her nipples as I stroked my cock.

It was when Mel slid a hand in between her thighs to stroke her wet pussy that her facial expressions began to change from lusty but in control to a more animal lust taking her over.

Melissa got off in quick order, watching me stroke my cock whilst she rubbed her pussy, her fingers becoming a blur as she approached orgasm.

“Mmmmmm,” Melissa went as she came down from her orgasm, “let’s see if I can give you a helping hand then Mr Plumber, can’t wait to feel your cum splatter onto me…..mmmmmm.”

Melissa had entered a dreamy kind of state, her eyes half closed as she took over stroking my cock. So here I am standing over this lusty, curvy, late thirties woman, stark naked on her back patio with her wanking me off at a rapid pace….hhhmmmm….certainly not what I had in mind for today!

As I approached the point of no return I drew in a breath and Mel, being the tease she was, stopped jerking me, instead now holding my shaft at the base and raking her fingernails lightly across my hefty ballsac. Watching her grin as she teased me, I had the distinct impression she’d be doing this a few more times before she’d let me pop…..

Just standing there and watching Mel work her magic on me, occasionally licking her fingers to make the foreskin slide back and forth with that deliciously moist feeling…..she was enjoying my discomfort….and yet I wasn’t elvankent escort going to make her stop, or take over to bring about a release.

“So big boy, you like?” she cooed softly after the third or fourth delay of my impending orgasm. “I just like to play with your big fat cock, I love to watch you squirm as those big nuts come close to popping….then holding you back just at the last moment…you’ll blow a nice big load on me later…mmmmm,” Mel smiled and winked, resuming wanking me off in earnest.

I had tried reaching for her wet pussy a couple of times, but each time I was told to focus on my cock getting stroked, no pussy rubbing, for now. Oh well, I guess I just would have to endure the torture at Mel’s hands….

The look in Mel’s eyes changed a little and I hoped that she was now going to let me blow off, but I was wrong. Easing the pace a little, Mel now resumed rubbing her cunt with one hand and wanking me with the other….you gotta love a versatile woman!

“Ooohhh YYEESS,” she almost shrieked as she momentarily stopped tugging on me, enjoying her own orgasm, before focusing intently on making me pop.

The rapid tempo of her hands soon had me at the point of no return, and as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back I felt Mel’s mouth on my cock. Looking down I saw her lips wrapped around only the head of my cock as she jacked me off at record speed. Surprised as I was, Mel then looked into my eyes as she stuck a finger up my arse, thus pushing me over the edge.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, uuuggghh,” I went as I pumped spurt after spurt of thick white man juice into her mouth. Once Mel had a mouthful she just let my spunk flow from the corner of her mouth onto her hefty boobs.

“Mmmmm, nice big load young fella,” Melissa grinned as she milked the last few drops from my slowly softening shaft, licking them off with slow wide laps of her tongue. “So pleased you didn’t fall over there mate,” Melissa laughed as she rubbed my spunk into her boobs and tummy.

“Close call there towards the end, but yeah I half expected my knees to buckle,” I said as I sat down next to her. For a few minutes we basked in the afterglow.

“OK, that was great, now you’d better get on your way,” Melissa said as she got up, led me back to the trail of clothes and watched me get dressed. “Come back anytime,” she said as she signed off my jobsheet. And just like that she closed the front door behind me, as if nothing had happened….apart from jacking off the plumber that is…but hey, I enjoyed it!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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