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I’m watching Rod as he slowly unzips his pants. His hard cock is very obvious running down his left leg and bulging through his blue jeans. He has a smile on his face, he knows I’m staring at his cock and that I’m hungry for it. He knows he has a huge cock, over ten inches and real thick, just like I want.

His zipper reaches the bottom and he pulls his jeans open but not off. I can see he is shaved smooth all over and I can just make out the very base of his cock that is held tightly in the denim’s grasp.

Next Rod undoes the buttons on his shirt and pulls it open to reveal his chest, hard and muscular, the skin taut over his rippled muscles.

I moan slightly wanting him to just push those jeans down. I want to see Rod naked, I want to see all of him, especially that massive cock. I begin unbuttoning my blouse, my hands shaking in excitement. I can feel my panties dripping with my excitement already. I want him badly, I want to feel him in me. I want to taste every inch of him.

I ankara eryaman escortlar take off my top and unhook my bra so that my breasts are there for him to touch. Pushing up my skirt with one hand I begin to rub my pussy through the panties as I grab at my hard nipples with my other hand. He is grinning wider now, he likes to watch too.

I am tearing at my panties to get them off, as I finally get them off I can feel the cool air on my lips. My nails rake across my lips and send even more shivers of pleasure running up my spine as I open my pussy up for him to see.

My juices are now dripping from my pussy and make the seat below me sopping wet from my excitement. I take my other hand and grab my sensitive nipple and pull it to full length. I am enjoying the pain I am inflicting on myself and I moan in pleasure as my nipple burns from me pulling and rolling it between my fingertips. He is smiling and staring at me, I have his full attention, he is enjoying the show escort etimesgut and becoming aroused watching me.

Rod pushes his jeans down off his cock and to his knees. He kicks them the rest of the way off as he begins to stroke his cock to full length and his ten inches stretch out before him. His cock bends down from the weight of the huge thick shaft. I can see a glistening drop of pre-cum on the head as he begins to beat off in front of me.

I pump Rod’s cock hard until it is so stiff it feels like steel. I then push him back to sit in the chair behind him. Guiding his cock with one hand I mount him and straddle that huge piece of meat until it is in just the right spot and then I let myself slide onto it. As wet as I am, it still stretches and pulls at my lips. It hurts and pinches and pulls at me but that only makes me want it more.

I begin to ride him and his hands start feeling my ass. His fingers dig into my butt cheeks and the batıkent escort tip of one finger slides into my asshole. It is slippery and easily fingered from my pussy juices but his hands are big and I feel stretched by the cock and finger.

I ride him as fast and hard as I can. Rod’s mouth finds my nipples and he begins to suck and bite my breasts as I ride him. That is just what I want as I feel his cock stretching me to my very limits.

The pain and pleasure of it is getting to be too much. I start screaming and feel my body quivering. My pussy clenches tight and I feel my body shake. I start to cum so hard I can’t breathe. My pussy clenches and begins to milk him and he starts to cum at the same time.

Rod cries out and his cock jerks and pulls as the first load of hot cum spills into my now soaking wet pussy. He cries again and again loads of hot cum fill me and run out of my pussy as we both continue to cum. I finally scream out and then slump against his muscular chest and lie there panting. His cock is slowly going soft inside of me.

Finally I stand up, pull my skirt down and pick up my blouse. Rod sits there watching as I dress. I look at him, sitting there covered in cum and a fine layer of sweat. I toss a roll of cash down on his lap. It was worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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