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It’s one of those evenings, one where you find yourself drawn out under the moonlight and stars. The air feels cool on my skin and there’s a slight breeze that blows my hair and tickles my neck. I sit alone in the glider and feel the smooth wood on the back of my thighs and I think of you inside the house. Lost in reading the newspaper somewhere within and the memory of how you barely noticed my presence at dinner.

Like every other woman I long for something more. Not more of a different man, a stranger or a new lover but more from you. It’s a cruel joke that a woman’s sexual drive peaks long after a man’s has settled down to a dull throb. Watching the television and seeing two people touch or kiss passionately makes the muscles in my lower regions tense and my blood run warmer so here I am outside in the night. Lost in my fantasies once again and relishing each and every one of them as I let my mind take me where it will.

I think of you, full of passion outside here with me. Kissing me and slipping your tongue into the depths of my mouth as I twist mine around yours. Feeling my need and wanting me to feel all the pleasures that a woman can feel you lift my chin with your hand and begin to work your way down my neck, kissing and tasting the flavor of my skin.

The kisses on my neck send chills down between my legs and I feel myself growing moist in anticipation and I let the feeling take me over as I close my eyes and eryaman escort give in to the touch of your lips. You stop and for a moment I’m lost in the feelings you’ve aroused but I open my eyes to see what has interrupted you. You’re standing in front of my with your hand out to me to rise. I stand up and you deftly begin to unbutton my blouse…one button at a time never letting your gaze leave mine. You finish and slip the blouse off my shoulders and onto the glider behind me and you reach around to unhook my bra and slip that off too, leaving me topless and smiling as I wonder how far you’ll let this continue. You won’t be satisfied until I’m naked and continue to undress me until I am. Standing before you completely naked, I begin to undress you too but you stop me and brush my hands aside as you move me back into the glider on the back porch. There are no neighbors that can see over the privacy fence and if there were I’m not paying attention anyway so there is nothing timid about my reaction and I let you lead me back to a sitting position.

You sit in front of me, pushing my legs apart and begin to lick and suck gently on my nipples as your body moves up against my skin. I can feel the buttons on your shirt as they cool and touch my skin and I sit forward to unbutton your pants. This time you don’t stop my hands and I unzip your slacks to feel the hardness I know is waiting for me there. I trace the outline of your hardness sincan escort with my fingers and feel the moisture on your boxers at the tip where the precum has already begun to accumulate. The memory of the sweet taste of you fills my senses and I long to taste you again but you push back and spread my legs.

You spread my moist lips and touch the most electric place on my body and for a moment it makes me jump. Then you slip your lips down and begin to kiss and touch my clit with just the tip of your tongue as your fingers explore deeper inside me. You stop flicking your tongue and draw me fully into your mouth and the feeling is beyond words. I still feel the cool air on my skin and that only adds to the excitement as goose bumps rise on my arms and legs. This isn’t about you, it’s about me and where you can take me with your knowledge of my body and you know just what to do. You slip two fingers inside me and then turn them so you can search and find my G-spot while you continue to suckle and flick your tongue over my clit. You feel as my muscles tense around your fingers and that only excites you more, knowing it won’t be long.

I begin to feel the familiar waves as they wash over me and I cry out with pleasure as you send me soaring. You slip your fingers from inside me and lick me until the spasms stop and I relax once again. Only then do you rise up and push your shorts down exposing your hard member. batıkent escort I take the hand you had inside me and slip the fingers into my mouth, licking and sucking them clean as you watch me.

It’s time we switched and you get up off your knees to sit on the glider. I sit down on my knees in front of you and taste your lips, still sweet with my juices. I let my hands slip down and stroke you as my mouth follows and I guide you over my hot tongue, my hands stroking and rolling your sacs while I slip my mouth up and down over you flicking my tongue all over the shaft and head. I love the taste of you and the feel of you in my mouth and would probably continue but you pull me up to your lap. I climb into the glider facing you and sit down carefully in your lap as you guide yourself inside me. My still tender clit makes my muscles clench every time it’s touched and aware of that you flick it gently with a free hand while sucking my nipple in your mouth.

You thrust up deep inside me and as you feel your own excitement build you grab my bottom with both hands and pull me down as you thrust. Your strokes are picking up speed and I have trouble keeping up with your rhythm as it gets sporadic and out of control so instead I concentrate on holding my muscles tightly around you inside me and you move both of us as you let yourself build and ram deep inside me as you cum hard and that familiar deep moan escapes your throat. I feel the warmth spread inside me and fill me and we stay together breathing hard for a few moments.

What a pleasant evening this turned out to be ….and I pull my hands out of my pants and panties and go back into the house to shower before bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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