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Big Tits

Reed was sitting at his computer intently focused on the game in front of him. He sighed as he heard the shower shut off, meaning that his girlfriend Kaly would want him to stop playing. In all fairness he had been at it for hours and she got really moody when he wasn’t paying attention to her for that long. Reed turned his attention back to the computer and focused on the fight at hand trying to make the most of his time left.

Kaly stepped out of the shower feeling rather horny. The showerhead, which usually gave her a nice little pick-me-up orgasm, just hadn’t done it for her and she wanted more. She could hear Reed clicking away at his video game in the other room. ‘I hate it when he plays that damn game all the time.’ She thought as she slid on a thong and tank top. It was way too hot outside for the added layer of a bra, and she liked the way her nipples looked through the thin white fabric. She new Reed would too. Quietly she walked down the hall to the computer room, wondering how hard it would be to drag him away, she peeked her head around the door. Typically, Reed was completely engrossed in his game; he was not going to be happy when she asked him to stop.

She looked him up and down, appreciating every inch of her boyfriend, and was quickly reminded of what she really desired.

“Baby…” She said softly, “I’m hungry.”

“Okay, ill stop in a second.” He replied, not taking his eyes off the screen, “I just need to finish this.”

“Oh,” she said innocently, “you don’t have to stop…” Kaly stepped behind his chair and ran her fingers down the front of his chest and through his hair, gently massaging his neck and shoulders.

“No, don’t worry about it baby, ill stop soon and we can get you something to eat.” Reed smiled at the feeling of Kaly’s hands on him and thought that he would probably need to masturbate quickly before they left for food.

“I don’t want to go out for food silly, I have exactly what I want to put in my mouth right here…” A grin spread across Kaly’s face as she slid to the floor and found her way in front of him, settling between his legs and placing her hand on the bulge in his pants.

Reed looked down at his beautiful girlfriend below him, noticing for the first time that all she had on was his favorite thong and a thin tank top that showed off her stunning breasts.

“You like my outfit?” Kaly looked up at him with her eyes wide and innocent, “I thought you might.” She ran one of her fingers down her breast and played with her nipple for a second, loving the feeling of Reeds cock getting harder under her other hand.

“Damn it Reed! Pay attention!” The speakers of the computer shouted. He had been so distracted by Kaly that he had killed the whole group.

“Just let me tell them I have to go,” he leaned forward and started to type.

“No.” Kaly pushed him back in his chair, crawled up his body and kissed him. Wickedly she smiled. “You finish what you were doing, and I’m going to find something to fill my stomach with.” Kaly slid back to the floor and slowly unzipped Reed’s pants.

Reed took a moment to revel eryaman escort in how lucky was and then flicked the switch on his mic. “S-sorry guys, I’m paying attention now.”

He tried to get back in to the game, but he found it increasingly harder to care about what was going on as Kaly flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock and started to gently massage the base and play with his balls.

She looked up at him and smiled, knowing he was trying desperately to focus on his game, although by the sounds of the other players complaints over the speakers, he was failing. She wet her lips and slid his manhood into her mouth and all the way to the back of her throat, till it had disappeared entirely. She repeated this motion, moving up and down, each time taking it all, and moving her tongue around it as she went. She began to alternate, shallow, then deep. Each time almost releasing him from her lips before plunging his cock into her mouth again.

Reed’s hands moved from the keyboard to her shoulders.

“One sec guys.” He managed to stammer over the microphone as his fingers dug into her arms. He ran one hand through her hair and began to guide her head. “Oh… Kaly…” she heard him whisper, and his pleasure intensified her own. She swallowed his cock, pushing it deeper and deeper, her own body dripping at the feeling of her lips around him. She felt him shiver slightly, a signal that he was about to cum. And then he held her head in place, his orgasm hitting the back of her throat, nearly choking her, her mouth filling with the delicious warm liquid. She swallowed, over and over again. Savoring each drop, making sure it was all gone, before sliding off him.

Reed leaned back in the chair, a grin spreading wide across his face. He re-zipped his pants and lifted Kaly’s chin, gazing happily into her eyes. She looked tired. Reed pulled her up onto his lap, running his fingers through her hair as she curled up on him and dozed off, I’ll let her rest for now, he thought. Till I’m done with the game. But after… his smile grew even more as he fantasized about what he had in store for her when she woke up. Reed pulled Kaly close and turned his attention back to the game.


“Thanks for the game guys, I’m out.” Reed logged off the computer and turned his attention to the beautiful girl in his lap.

“Done playing baby?” Kaly looked up at him with her stunning green eyes.

“No.” He kissed her forehead and stood up, lifting her into the air, “play time is just getting started. You might be full, but I’m still hungry.”

Kaly wriggled in his arms, unsure of what Reed had in mind, but intrigued by the idea of some pleasure on her end. Reed dropped her on the bed and opened the bottom drawer of the nightstand. His toy box, he called it. Carefully, he pulled out the KY, and a small box that Kaly had never seen before.

“What’s in the box?” Kaly asked, reaching out for the potential new toy. Reed pushed her hand away and stood up, taking the box out of his lover’s reach.

“I’ll show you in a minute. Now turn over.”

Kaly looked at sincan escort him quizzically.

“I said turn over.” Reed put the little box on the table and then leaned over and pinched Kaly’s nipple through her tank top. The sudden rush of pain made her squeal and Reed took the opportunity to rip her underwear off and flip her over so she was lying on her stomach. “Now that is more like it.” Reed gave her tight bare ass a quick smack.

Kaly tried to turn her head to see what Reed’s new toy was, but bent over on all fours his hands and the box were just out of her line of sight. Reed reached for the KY and it too disappeared behind her. Reed bent over and whispered in her ear.

“Did you enjoy playing with me earlier?” He ran his tongue around the edge of her ear sending a warm tingle down her back.

“I did.” Kaly turned her head and met his lips with her own.

As they kissed, Reeds hands made their way up her tank top and began to gently massage her perfect breasts. Responding to the fantastic feeling of his hands squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples, Kaly kissed him harder and pushed her ass back against his groin, her body filling with an increasing desire to have his hardening cock inside her.

His hands released her breasts and glided down the curves of her porcelain body till they found her already dripping pussy. “My, aren’t we wet today?”

“I blame you.” Kaly said seriously.

“Now, now, that is just unfair; it can’t be all my fault.” Reed traced his finger over the little red welt that was forming where he smacked her earlier. Gently at first, and then with increasing enthusiasm he began to rub his thumb over her clit, relishing in the sound of Kaly’s deep breaths as she became more and more excited. He knew that being bent over on the bed was driving her crazy, that soon she would be begging him to flip her over so she could kiss him, and run her hands through his hair, and, most importantly, fuck him. But she would have to wait.

Kaly tensed for a moment as she felt Reed’s finger, cool and wet running up and down her ass and teasing around her tight little ass-hole. “Relax.” He whispered, “You know you like it when you relax.” Kaly shuddered as his wandering finger slid inside her. She was relieved that he was still for a moment, letting her sphincter adjust to the invasion.

Reed loved pushing her boundaries. He could feel that she was already relaxing, and he wriggled his finger and watched her squirm in response. Kaly sighed as he pulled his finger out and began to tease her clit, rubbing back and forth. She felt a hard, wet object pushing at her ass again, and suddenly Reed pushed something inside her, but it was definitely bigger that his finger.

Kaly gasped at this new feeling. “What is that…?” She felt an overwhelming need to ask him to take it out, but she knew it would be a futile request.

“Your new toy.” Reed grabbed her waist and flipped her over so she was finally facing him, jarring the object inside her. “It vibrates.” Reed flicked a little switch that began a gentle vibrating inside batıkent escort her.

“I’m pretty sure it’s your toy, not mine.” Kaly was finding it hard to articulate full sentences now, as Reed had slid off her tank top and was sucking enthusiastically on her breast, alternating between flicking her nipple back and forth with his tongue, and biting it.

Kaly pulled his face away from her chest and up till they were looking eye to eye, and kissed him passionately.

“No silly,” Reed smirked at her. “You’re my toy; the vibrator is just an accessory.” He forced two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy, and kissed her hard, muffling her scream of surprise and pleasure.

Kaly dug her nails into Reeds back, loving the feeling of his fingers twisting inside one hole, and the vibrator in the other. She reached down and felt his rock hard cock, squeezing it, willing him to fuck her.

“Not yet.” Reed pulled her hand away, grabbed her other wrist and shoved her hands over her head. “You’re not ready yet.” Reed began to massage her clit with the thumb of the hand that was inside her, adding one more level of stimulation to her already shaking body.

“I’m definitely ready now.” Kaly fought against the hand that was restraining her, desperately wanting his cock inside her.

“Oh really?” Reed slid in a third finger. “I doubt it. But if you are really ready, then just tell me what you want.”

“I want…” Kaly tried to get the words out as her breathing became heavier, the nerves in her body, dying for him to make her cum. “I want you to…” Reed twisted his fingers expertly, eliciting a wonderful moan from his lover.

“…to fuck…”

“Start again.” Reed smiled flicking the switch on the vibrator to a higher setting and intensifying his kisses.

“I…want…” Kaly was on the verge of screaming, she wanted him so badly. She took a deep breath and resisted all the stimulation for a moment. “Fuck me Reed. I want you to fuck me.”

There was a pause while Reed considered the command. He released her hands and she grabbed his shoulders and kissed him, rolling his over so she was sitting on top of him and sliding his cock into her pussy. Taking all of him inside her, she trembled at being filled so completely. A wave of pleasure washed over Reed’s face as her muscles tightened around him and she began to rock her body back and forth on top of him.

Her moans of pleasure brought him closer and closer to the edge. “I’m gonna cum.” Reed pulled her down towards him and kissed her again. He grabbed her shoulders and rolled her on her back again, lifting her legs over her head and burying his cock all the way inside her.

Kaly let out a series of high pitched moans, Reed’s new choice of position bringing her to the edge of an orgasm as well. With one last deep thrust, Kaly’s body shuddered as she climaxed at the same time that Reed filled her with his own hot cum. He leaned forward and kissed her as the orgasm subsided.

Reed turned off the vibrator and pulled it out. They lay there for a moment completely exhausted, Reed’s manhood still warm and cozy inside her. Gently, he slid himself out, loving the look of his cum mixing with her own, dripping out of her. Lying down next to her, he gathered her up in his arms, and kissed her softly before she cuddled up against his chest and they fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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