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Once again, this is the second part of a story I was asked to write for a friend and I was given limited information as to the actual event. The story is a complete fabrication of my mind.

Over the next few days the two couples toured around New Zealand and Laura delighted in showing Heather her new adopted country. Heather and Patrick were impressed and enthralled with the beauty that was everywhere and loved every minute of this vacation.

Heather would flirt heavily with Ian and every chance she had when they were alone even for a few seconds, she would kiss him, rub his crotch, and/or whisper how she wanted him. When they went to the pool or the beach, Heather would wear the skimpiest bikini’s imaginable, nothing but dental floss and band-aids, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Around the house she wore see through robes with nothing on underneath or minimal lingerie. Laura wore a more traditional string bikini at the beach and her early morning attire was a bit more modest, but her long shapely legs were always on display and her clothing hugged her curves like it was custom made.

Laura was amazed at how open Heather was sexually since she had not been that way the last time they had seen each other. She would tease Heather about showing too much of her body, although she did not complain about the wonderful fucking she was getting from Ian on a nightly basis. It seemed that Ian and Patrick were hard constantly with the two sexy ladies showing off their assets and each night the two couples could be heard in the throes of passion as they fucked separately in their respective bedrooms.

One night after dinner and another day exploring, the couples were sitting around talking about the day and what they had seen while finishing the bottle of wine from dinner. Heather was seated near Patrick and began to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear while rubbing his bulging crotch with her hand. Laura and Ian saw this and looked at each other and smiled, then moved together for a passionate kiss. Their hands roamed each other’s body and the passion was ignited into a very hot flame.

Heather had opened Patrick’s shorts and was openly stroking his very hard cock as she kissed him deeply, their tongues exploring and dancing together. She knelt on the floor and pulled his shorts off and Patrick started to object, never having been naked with other people before, but when her lips closed over the swollen head, he stopped any protestation.

Laura and Ian were a little shocked seeing Heather sucking her husband’s cock. They also had never been in a room where another couple was having sex. They watched fascinated as Heather licked and sucked Patrick’s very hard long cock. She would circle the head sarıyer escort with her tongue, flick at the slit, and then slide the entire length into her mouth and down her throat as she massaged his full balls.

Patrick had his head laid back on the chair, his eyes closed as his wife continued to give him one of her incredible blow jobs, lost completely in the sensations she was sending through him. Heather began to bob her head up and down the long shaft bringing moans of enjoyment from Patrick.

Laura and Ian were very turned on watching Heather and Laura had her hand down Ian’s shorts stroking his rigid shaft as well. Ian’s hand was rubbing Laura’s wet crotch, neither one able to take their eyes off the erotic scene in front of them.

Ian whispered to Laura, “How would you like me to lick and suck this drenched pussy right here, right now?”

Laura, keeping her eyes on Patrick’s cock disappearing into her friend’s mouth, said, “I would love it! I am so horny and need you now!

Ian unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her shapely legs and Laura lifted herself off the couch to aid in their removal. Ian caught the thin waistband of her tiny panties and brought them down with her shorts. He then got between her legs, brought her closer to the edge of the couch and began to lap at her soaked lips slowly working towards her sweet core and her stiff clit.

Patrick opened his eyes and saw Ian eating his wife’s pussy and his cock pulsed and swelled even more as Heather continued to suck, lick and stroke him. He had not seen Laura’s pussy and was captivated by the thin landing strip leading to her clit. His eyes moved up her body to her face and saw that she was watching him. He blushed a bit, and smiled at her. Laura smiled back and closed her eyes again being swept away in the pleasures Ian was bringing to her.

Heather sucked Patrick’s cock harder and pulled off, stood up and began removing her clothes announcing, ” I am so horny, I am going to fuck you like never before, Patrick, and I don’t care who sees us!”

Quickly, Heather was naked, her full breasts standing proud on her chest and she straddled Patrick, taking his thick cock and guiding it into her steaming pussy. She slid down with one swift push impaling herself on his pole. Both gasped and groaned at the coupling and Patrick reached for her tits to begin rolling and tweaking her stiff nipples.

Laura, seeing her friend completely naked, fucking her husband right in front of them, came with a rush almost drowning Ian. He drank as fast as he could then came up for air kissing his wife.

“Wow! Someone is hot tonight!” He exclaimed.

Laura turned his head so esenyurt escort see Heather and Patrick fucking just a few feet away. His jaw dropped and he looked at Laura with a smile.

“Want to join them?” he asked.

“Ian, if you don’t fuck me within the next 10 seconds I will cut you off for a week!”

Ian did the fastest strip on record and Laura got rid of her blouse and bra. Ian had Laura scoot down on the couch and he got between her legs and pushed his thick cock into her hungry pussy and began a steady rhythm in and out. Laura could watch Heather and Patrick as Ian plowed her flooded tight pussy again and again and she soon crashed over the edge, exploding, sending her cum washing over Ian’s cock and balls. She then told Ian to sit down and she straddled him and impaled her still shuddering pussy over his pulsing cock and began to ride him for all she was worth.

The two couples sat within feet of each other fucking their spouses with wild abandon. Cries of enjoyment filled the room along with the sounds of very, very wet sex. Bodies slapping together, gasps for air, squeals of delight as the cocks hit those special places deep inside the pussy.

Heather screamed, “YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD, YES!”

She collapsed on Patrick, her body limp yet still shuddering as her orgasm flooded her completely. Patrick had just exploded sending his cum deep into his wife and their orgasm was very nearly simultaneous. They sat there entwined in each other’s arms, kissing and trying to catch their breath. Heather laid her head on his shoulder and saw for the first time Laura and Ian fucking just as they had been.

She watched Laura move on Ian’s very stiff cock, taking in her friend’s lines and curves as they swayed to the motion of their fucking. She could see Ian’s cock as Laura bounced up and down and she began to salivate, wanting more than ever to experience that cock in every way imaginable.

Laura and Ian were in their own world now, each giving their all to the other. They fucked with incredible skill and intensity that comes from being together for years, each knowing exactly what the other needed, liked and wanted. Ian was the first to cum since Laura had a way of working his cock with her pussy that he just could not resist and when she did that he usually came quickly. He grunted, lifted up off the couch, bringing Laura with him and exploded, sending his hot cum deep into his wife’s pussy.

Laura felt the rush of his hot sperm splash against her deepest walls and she herself came with a full body shudder and her pussy let loose with a flood of her juices. Shuddering and gasping for breath they clung to each other as the electricity shot through them.

The avrupa yakası escort two couples sat there catching their breath, holding their spouses and as the breathing returned to normal, they looked at each other and burst out laughing!

“Well, that was different!” Exclaimed Laura. “We’ve never done anything like that before.”

Heather said, “Yes, it was new for us too and I liked it! I wouldn’t mind some more, Laura, could I borrow your husband?”

Laura’s eyes flashed and she said, “No! You may not borrow my husband. Having sex in the same room with you two has been perhaps the hottest thing we’ve done, but we do not, we will not swap partners!

Heather teased, “What’s the matter Laura, are you afraid you’ll lose him once he experiences a real woman?”

Laura got up and took Ian’s hand. “We’re going to bed!” was all she said.

Laying together in bed, Laura and Ian talked about what had happened and what Heather had suggested. Laura explained that she could never swap partners for sex. The love that they shared made the sex what it was and she wanted no part of anything more. Ian agreed, admitting that Heather was a sexy woman and in his younger days he would have jumped at the chance to be with her.

They agreed that they would not swap and would remain faithful to each other. They made love again before dropping off to sleep locked in each other’s arms.

The next morning Laura opened her eyes and reached for Ian only to find that he was already up. She stretched her body and smiled at the incredible loving they had shared last night and admitted to herself that having sex with Heather and Patrick in the same room was so very exciting.

She got up and put on a see thru robe and went out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee that she smelled. As she walked into the kitchen she stopped in her tracks for there was Heather, naked as she was last night, sucking on Ian’s cock, and he was holding her head, fucking her mouth.

“Get the hell out of my house!” she screamed! “Get out and I never want to see you again, Heather!”

Laura ran back into her bedroom throwing herself on the bed sobbing.

Ian came in right behind, sitting on the bed. “I am so sorry, Laura. I never meant for that to happen, I am so sorry!”

“I got up early to fix the coffee and was doing just that when I heard Heather say good morning. I turned around and she walked through the doorway into the kitchen, dropping her robe and continuing to me naked. She said that she had to at least taste my cock and she knelt down and pulled my shorts down and began to suck my cock.”

“I was shocked at first but her lips around my cock felt very good and I just let her go on. I am so sorry!”

Laura just said…”Go, leave me alone. We promised to remain faithful and I consider a blow job to be outside the boundaries of faithful. Leave me alone!”

Heather and Patrick left that day. Ian moved out hoping that once Laura had a chance to cool down things could get back to the way they were before her old friend came to visit. They didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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