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Back at the hotel, I only mean to have a quick nap but the travel and time difference catches up with me and I sleep till quite late before getting up to shower and change. I’m running late so I grab the bottle of Highland Park single malt that I bought at the airport and head for the lift.

I make the 15 minute drive to your apartment block in twelve minutes and ring your bell just before ten. You buzz me in and, ignoring the elevator, I take the stairs three at a time up to the fourth floor.

You open the door just as I arrive. I see you dressed in a short, thin black dress with a single strand of white beads around your neck. As you turn I see that you are not wearing a bra and your breasts move unrestricted under the dress. The sight of you takes away the little breath I had left from the ascent of the stairs.

“Come on in,” you say. I slip off my shoes and follow you into the apartment. The ceiling is high but the room is quite small. The lounge has a small sofa facing a large flatscreen TV, an old, possibly antique, chest with a portable CD player and 6 books sitting on it and a small square table with three chairs around it. The kitchen area is through a square archway to the right and there are doors to the bedroom and bathroom to the left.

It’s a hot, sultry evening and your air-conditioning hasn’t been working properly for weeks. The tall but narrow window is wide open, looking out over the street. Despite this, there is a sweet, slightly spicy odour emanating from the kitchen. You have a take-away from the local Chinese restaurant keeping warm in the oven. We sit opposite each other at the small table to eat, accompanying the food with a couple of beers and good conversation.

After the meal you walk to the window and stand looking out at the buildings opposite. I come up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist. I use my face to brush your hair out of the way and kiss you on the neck. I cup your breasts in my hands and gently bite on your earlobe. We stand for quite a while in silence staring out of the window, while I caress your nipples through the thin material of your dress with my thumbs.

Suddenly you break away and say “Let’s go up to the roof.”

It’s a great idea to get out into the evening air. We gather up a few candles, a blanket from the bedroom, the CD player, my bottle of Highland Park and two non-matching glasses. We head out of the door and up to the roof. You skip up the stairs like a child on her way out to play.

You push through the large, heavy door onto the flat roof of the apartment block, propping it open with an empty stone planter. The air is still quite hot and humid, but there is a slight breeze developing. I know from our previous on-line conversations that this is one of your favourite places and that you are often to be found sitting up here in the early hours of the morning, when the ataşehir escort weather allows it. You see it as your place because, in the two years you have lived here, you have never seen anyone else using the space.

We set our stuff down on a bench table and I light the candles. The breeze is increasing such that I have to carefully position the CD player on the bench to shield them. I pour two large measures of the whisky and sit down in one of the large wooden seats.

You press the play button on the stereo and adjust the sound level as the music starts. You take your whisky and down it in one – not the way to enjoy a fine malt! The music is a live album by Portishead, an english band I introduced you to. The strained and haunting voice of Beth Gibbons begins to sing and you start to dance slowly around my chair. I sit back and savour my whisky as I watch you. Your breasts are slowly swaying under your dress as you dance rhythmically, your eyes gently closed, your hands roaming sensually across your own body.

By the third track, and after our second whisky, you are standing over me in the chair, holding my head in your hands, pulling it to your chest. You turn and sit down lightly in my lap, making circles with your ass like an amateur lap dancer, bringing the blood rushing to my dick. I unzip the back or your dress and run my fingertips down either side of your spine.

We stand and I pull you close to me. I have always thought there is no better music to make love to than Portishead. Together we sway slowly and gyrate to the sound of the music, our bodies pressed close, sharing long passionate kisses.

I run my hand down your back inside your dress. As I descend I realize that you are not wearing any panties tonight. My hands slide down over your bare ass. I grasp your fleshy ass cheeks and pull you tight to me. My now hard dick is straining against the material of my trousers. You can feel it pressing against you and you start to massage it by moving your hips from side to side.

You unbutton my shirt and pull it out of my trousers. You place a long kiss on my chest then move across to a nipple, take it in your mouth and bite down gently with your lips. You move to the other and kiss it softly, flicking it with the tip of your tongue. From there you move your lips back across to the center of my chest then down over my belly to my navel, lowering yourself to your knees.

You hold there while you unbuckle my belt, unzip my fly and pull my trousers and underpants down. My cock springs free and sticks out right in front of your face. You push it up so it is flat against my stomach and lick up and down the back of my stiff shaft from my ballsack to my knob. Then cupping my balls in one hand you take the head of my swollen dick into your mouth and start sucking hungrily.

As you take my dick deeper ümraniye escort and deeper into your mouth you slide your hand from my balls under my ass and start lightly fingering my butt. I can’t help but start to move my hips back and forth a little slowly fucking your mouth as you press your finger into my ass.

Before long I feel I am almost ready to come, so I pull back. You stand up and wrap your arms around my neck, kissing me hard on the mouth. As our mouths are locked together a huge raindrop falls and splashes across both our faces. Nothing happens for a moment and then the heavens open and rain falls out of the sky like water out of a bucket. Within a few seconds we are both absolutely drenched.

It happens so suddenly that you just throw back your head and laugh as the water bounces off your face. Your dress is soaked through and is clinging to your body like a second skin. The material is moulded around your breasts. Your hair hangs heavy down around your shoulders, a few strands plastered across your face as you smile and laugh.

I lift you up and sit you down on the table. The wind has dropped but the candles have been extinguished by the rain and I brush them aside. Spreading the blanket out on the table behind you, I lay you back onto it. Hooking my arms under your thighs I raise your legs to expose your pussy and move forward to slide my still solid dick into your hot hole.

I start to slide in and out of your velvety pussy as the raindrops continue to hammer down on us. You are enjoying the sensation so much that you are caressing your own tits through the sopping material of your dress.

I lift both legs higher so they are over my shoulders pointing straight up in the air. Now leaning forward I can bend you further and really get some deep penetration. I continue a slow, strong rhythm, fucking you in time to the Portishead track that is still playing on the CD. You are writhing on the table, your head tossing from side to side and your hands still grasping at your tits.

The CD comes to an end but the rain continues to fall. The air is no longer so close and the breeze is returning. We are both moving fast towards to a climax when you suddenly say “Stop!” And start to push me off.

Confused, I pause mid-thrust and withdraw. You swing your legs over to the side and jump down off the table. You pull your sodden dress off over your head, grab the now wet blanket, bundle it up and run naked to the waist high wall that runs round the roof area, overlooking the road. You put the blanket down on the wall, stand with your legs apart a little, spread your arms out each side of you along the wall and bend right over.

Naked and fully spread-eagled, you turn your head to me and say, “Now fuck me like you did in the office!”

I pause only to pull my trousers and kadıköy escort pants off so I don’t trip over. It takes no more than a few seconds, but you turn to look out over the lights of the city and shout out, “Come and fuck me, now!”

I am there between your legs immediately. I take hold of your hips and plunge my aching cock back into your slit. Taking up the rhythm again I start to bang you hard against that wall. Your tits are hanging out over the road below. Your body is protected from the harshness of the brickwork by the blanket and you gasp each time I thrust into you. “Yes, yes, yes.”

After a minute or two you suddenly scream out at the top of your voice across the city, “Harder. Fuck me harder!”

It seems to echo round the streets below. I fully expect windows to be thrown open at any moment. But your words are carried away on the wind.

I increase the pace and ferocity of my thrusts a little. Your pussy is flooding with juices, making squelching sounds every time I ram my cock into you.

“Harder, harder!” you shout.

I move my hand to your shoulders to gain more leverage as I start to pound into you with all my strength. Your feet are almost lifted off the ground with each violent thrust. I am close to coming when another scream rings out across the rooftops, “My ass, now fuck me in the ass!”

Pulling your butt cheeks apart, I take my dick out of your soaking pussy and place it at the entrance to your ass. I drive slowly but firmly forward. The fact that my cock is dripping with slippery juices from your pussy and your ass is still dripping wet with rainwater helps it to slip smoothly in but still you grimace as I invade that sweet, tight channel.

I drive it in deep and start to fuck your ass with long, even strokes. Your breath is coming in short bursts now and you grunt each time I thrust forward.

“Faster, faster” you pant and I respond to the instruction.

I can’t hold out very long with my dick being gripped so tightly in your ass. I feel the climax start to build in my balls and cock. Soon I am jerking and shooting my load deep inside you. At the same time you reach your own climax. Your whole body shudders and you let out a piercing scream that cuts through the night air and seems to go on forever.

You slump down, totally spent. Only the small wall supports your limp body. I am suddenly worried that I might have hurt you, crushing you between me and the brickwork with my energetic fucking, but I see a contented smile form on your face as you look up at me.

The rain is easing right off as put my wet trousers back on. I pick you up and carry you naked downstairs to your apartment. I lay you down on your bed and you eyes slowly close. I fetch a towel from the bathroom and gently pat you dry of the worst of the rain. I can see the bruises starting to develop across your thighs where the edge of the wall cut into you. I cover you with a sheet and go back up to the roof to grab the things we left there.

I sit there for a while, enjoying the quiet and the cooler post-storm air, before heading back down. It’s now past two in the morning and you are fast asleep, so I slip out and return to the hotel for few hours rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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