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You tell me that you’ve never slept in a triangle shaped bed before, and I laugh, as we lay down in the master’s quarters at the bow of the boat. The silk sheets feel cool and slightly damp as we lie down together and listen to the sound of the water hitting the boat. You curl up on your side; I snuggle in behind you, holding you tightly against me, my arm cradling your head and my other arm around your body, pulling you into me.

We stay like this for a long time, drifting in and out of sleep, feeling the slow rise and fall of the boat and listening to the water against the boat. I can hear and feel your contented breathing as we lie there, and I am contented too, I have finally shared the most beautiful place in the world with the most beautiful woman in the world, and she has given herself to me completely. I cover the two of us with a heavy blanket, and I fall asleep, a big smile on my face.

I awake the next morning and begin to get things ready, making a pot of coffee and warming muffins. I stow the champagne bucket from the night before and clean the bowl and plates from the chocolate and berries. You hear the clatter in the galley and sit up, realizing where you are and a smile spreads across your face. You get dressed, leaving off your panties and bra, and come out of the master’s cabin. By this time I am already on deck, having my first cup of coffee. You see the muffins and coffee cups spread out on a makeshift table on one of the benches in the cockpit.

“Sorry if I woke you. I wanted to let you sleep as long as possible. We have a long day today.”

“We do?”

“Sure, if we want to make Montauk by nightfall, we have to get going.”

We have a short breakfast and clear the cockpit of the dishes. You go below to wash and stow the dishes, as I make ready to set sail. As you put üsküdar escort the last of the dishes away, you feel the boat tip to one side and stay there.

“Uh Dave…?”

“Nothing to worry about Hon, we’re just getting under way. C’mon up.”

You make your way up on deck as we round the lighthouse, looking out on the now sleeping city. A large bridge in the foreground, the skyline behind, it looks completely different from the scenery last night, but beautiful nonetheless. There is more boat traffic now, the powerboats and barges and tugs all working hard. There is a steady wind out of the southwest, making for easy sailing. The sheets are in tight and filled with the wind, it feels like a slight breeze, but the boat is leaned over about 30 degrees. We sit on the bench on the starboard side of the boat, our feet against the port bench, supporting us.

I trim the sails and as I do, I hand the rudder to you, and show you how to keep a heading on the compass.

The wind shifts so that it is directly behind us, and I change the foresail from a jib to a spinnaker, one of the large, colorful sails. As it goes up the boat rights itself on its hull and the wind seems to die. You are confused as the air seems still, but the sail is full and we are moving quickly through the water. You ask me as I enter the cockpit from the foredeck, and I explain the relative wind. As we move forward, we move at the same speed as the prevailing wind. Since the wind is behind us, it feels like there is no wind.

“I’m getting a little warm with no breeze,” you say. You stand up carefully, and take a towel from a locker. “Is there any sunscreen?”

I give you some sunscreen and you start to remove your top. Slowly unbuttoning your shirt, I can see that you have nothing tuzla escort on beneath it. I smile.

“If you need help with the sunscreen, just let me know.”

You remove your top and unbutton your shorts, dropping them to the floor. The sun shines down on you like a goddess. A bulge grows in my pants, but I must continue to steer the boat. You start to spread lotion on yourself, starting with your shoulders and moving down to your breasts, you do this absentmindedly, but you have no idea what effect this is having on me. You move lower, spreading lotion on your stomach and ass, and your shaved pussy. I’m ready to leap at you and take you right on the deck, but I must stay at the helm. You can see the bulge in my pants and you smile, take your towel and climb forward, spread the towel on deck and lay down to sun yourself. You close your eyes and relax, the sun beating down on you.

You spread more sunscreen on yourself, making sure to cover your whole body with it. It feels warm as you squirt it between your breasts and work it into your skin. You spread it over your breasts, and your nipples stand up from the attention. You enjoy the warm lotion on your breasts and begin to play with them, as you feel a familiar tingle between your legs. You put more lotion on your hands and one continues pinching and pulling on your nipples as the other hand moves down your stomach, to your pussy, spreading the warm lotion on your pussy lips. The lotion mixes with your juices, as your pussy gets wetter and wetter. Your fingers linger between your legs, running up and down between them a finger moving between your pussy lips. You spread your legs.and start to play with your clit, flicking it back and fort with a finger as you hold back your pussy lips with your other fingers. pendik escort You stop playing with your clit just long enough to plunge a finger or two inside you and re wet them, so you can play with your clit some more. You don’t realize that I can see you from where I am sitting, and I sit silently and watch the show.

I can see both hands between your spread legs, knees high in the air. One hand is playing with your clit and the other is moving in and out of your pussy, thrusting with 3 fingers deeper and deeper and deeper. I hear you moan softly as you fuck yourself hard and fast with your fingers. Your moaning gets louder and louder, but you don’t realize this; you are lost in your own passion. Your fingers work furiously at your clit and pussy as you get close to orgasm. You let out a loud groan as you cum. I can see your legs shudder and your body convulse uncontrollably as you make yourself cum again and again and again. It seems that every time you touch your clit now, you cum harder and harder. You keep your finger on your clit, stroking it through each orgasm; you don’t want the orgasms to stop.

Your eyes close all this time, you don’t realize that I have set the autopilot and have moved closer to you. You suddenly feel the sharp pain of teeth pulling on your nipples and open your eyes wide to see me over the top of you, my cock hanging inches from your pussy. You reach up to my cock with both hands and shove me deep inside you. My cock splits you open as I start thrusting deeper and deeper and deeper into you. Each time I go into you, I push on your sensitive clit, sending another wave of orgasms through you. You yell for me to fuck you harder and I pound into you again and again and again. I can feel the cum rising in me and I pull out of you just as I cum, sending a shower of my cum all over your body. You rub my juices all over you, as you did the sunscreen. I get up without saying a word and return to steering the boat. You turn over, your beautiful ass toward me, legs slightly spread, so I can see your beautiful wet pink pussy and proceed to take a nap on deck, a wide, exhausted smile on your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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