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I first noticed him about three weeks ago when I just happened to look outside the window of my dorm room on the third floor. He was trimming the hedges around my dorm, Person’s Hall. Being bi-sexual and much preferring women, I am not normally stunned by instant lust from a male. Oh I enjoy men sexually of course; a hard rubber or latex dildo attached to a strap, while extremely pleasant and sexually gratifying, is truly no substitute for the erect flesh penis of a man in my opinion and then there is the sexual smell of a man. His sweat and his orgasmic liquid can utterly arouse me; not to mention the taste and texture of his sexual fluid which I enjoy a great deal. Regardless of how a male of our species can arouse me I have not had sex with one alone since i was fifteen. Ever since then it was either myself, another girl, and him or my former Mistress was in the room after she had given me to a male for him to dominate me and please sexually. Yes I was bi-sexual but much preferred the fairer sex. But then I saw him that day and was struck with instant lust and my private area dampened and even slightly ached in the need for him to fill my sex with his manhood.

I watched as he turned off his hedge trimmer, set it on the ground, wiped the sweat from his head, and removed his shirt. I was stunned by his handsomeness…no his beauty. His light brown hair was wet and stuck to his head with sweat but I could still make out that he had a short neat haircut. Not that buzz cut a lot of the redneck boys and manual labor men in Georgia seemed to favor…a cut I did not like on men. If clean and combed his hair would have had the nice professional trim of a business man. My eyes moved down his body and I bit my lower lip at his now naked chest. As with his hair his bare chest was slick with sweat from working outside on this hot Georgia spring afternoon and it glistened in the sun. I stared at his naked upper body; his muscles were well defined and lithe and his abs showed great definition. I felt my sex tingle again as I thought how much I would love to run my small tongue over his sweaty chest and stomach and even lower. Yes this landscape boy was truly an Adonis and I wanted him badly, but wanting and having were two different things.

There were several problems with me letting him take me in his arms and allowing him to use my body for his lusts. First I was not the type of girl to just pick up random strangers and have sex with them. Oh of course I was not an innocent when it came to sex, far from it; and yes I have had sex and one time sexual contact with people in the past, but that was always different than going up to a young man I just see and trying to seduce him. I was not good at seducing people. I could flirt with the best of them but when it came to the actual time to decide if sex was on the menu the other person had to make that move not me. I am a submissive who enjoys and often craves being dominated sexually in almost every way and I know my place in a relationship whether a long term on or just a one night stand. Then add the fact this Greek God is working on the grounds of an all-girl college with a most 900 girls on campus I would be low down on his list of girls he would want to have sex with.

I don’t have any self-esteem issues when it comes to my own looks. I am cute I admit but I am no beauty or sex goddess. Standing only five two and weighing one hundred pounds I lack what a lot of the pretty girls on campus have. I have very small A cup breasts and very little curves to my small body. True while I feel I have a very cute butt…small and round but cute, I have always wished I was at least 2 or 3 inches taller with a more voluptuous body with larger breasts and curvy hips. Not the short, flat chested, narrow hipped, boney girl I was. Another problem was what if he did take me sexually and then wanted more? I was not a whore or a slut even if my past sexual actions would have people call me that, even if I have been called a whore, even though I often referred to myself as one, I was truly not one in the sense of being a promiscuous young lady who picked up random people nightly. I am submissive who was owned by Mistresses in the past and my sexual actions have always been theirs to control not my own so yes I have done things whorish for them…to please them regardless of the act, which I found pleasing for myself as well. What if he wanted a girl friend from me? A girl to be all cute and giggly at his side? That was not me…not who I was. I just wanted to run my tongue over his sweaty body, to take him in my mouth, and simply…to think like a white trash slut…I wanted him to just fuck my brains out and leave me tired and sore in the right places and nothing more. I sigh as I run my hand through my fine black hair and as landscape boy picks up his hedge trimmer and gets back to work and I leave the window to get ready for my next class for the afternoon. He was a fantasy and I would have to be content with that.

Over halkalı escort the next weeks landscape boy did come into my room nightly or daily, but he came to me in the form of my dreams and thoughts and fantasies and nothing more. I saw him several more times over the weeks as he worked on the campus grounds and once even tripped over my own feet while walking to class as he was placing pine straw around the azalea bushes in front of Porter Hall. I also noticed how other girls stared at him with lust in their eyes as well as they passed him. It was not until another two weeks when I had enough…I could not take it anymore…just watching him and fantasying about him as I used my own fingers to bring me to orgasm while in my bed. I saw him once again trimming the hedges around my dorm building and I had to at least talk to him. My lusts and desire drove me to do something out of character; I quickly walked to my small vanity in my private dorm room, brushed my hair quickly, checked my make-up in the mirror, applied some more crimson lipstick, and then looked over my choice of outfit for the day. I looked cute enough in my red sleeveless French terry solid dress with a wide black belt around my waist, my red tinted thigh high stockings, and red matching heels which gave me a few more inches on my height. I then walked to my mini-fridge and took out a bottle of cold water and hurried to introduce myself to the young man wishing I had more cleavage to show off…more that is funny…I wished I had even a little cleavage to show off.

I must have stood behind him for ten minutes with my feet shifting nervously before he turned and noticed me. He gave a little startled look as he turned off the loud buzzing hedge trimmer. I giggled at his actions but could not find the courage to speak as I noticed he did what all males do when they see a girl for the first time…his eyes ran up and down my body and I gave a little pout at the quickness of his glance as it did not linger long on my small body.

“Sorry…did not notice you sneak up behind me.” He said in a strong voice with a southern accent.

I stared into his eyes for a moment, such beautiful blue eyes, and swallowed hard and extended my hand holding the cold water. “I…I just thought you may like something to drink.” I said in a squeaky nervous voice.

He smiled to show nice white straight teeth, removed his work gloves, and took the water, “That is nice of you. I was about to take a break and go to my truck and get some. Thank you.”

I stared at him as he twisted off the cap and brought the bottle to his mouth and drank greedily. He was even better looking up close with a fine sculptured face. He drank the entire contents of the bottle as my eyes stared at his throat and watched his Adams’ Apple bob up and down and some water dribbled down his chin onto his grey T-shirt already damp with sweat spots…I found that sexy for some reason. When done he wiped his right hand on his shorts and held it out.

“I’m Justin.”

I took his hand in mine and smiled, “Natalie.” His grip was firm but not as firm as he would have shaken a man’s hand. I could feel the callouses on his hand and shivered slightly as I thought of how that roughness would feel on my naked breasts and nipples.

“Well thanks again for the water, Natalie. I needed that. ” Justin said.

“Ummm…that’s ok…you looked thirsty.”

Justin chuckled, “I looked thirsty, huh? Were you spying on me?” He teased.

I felt my body get hot as I blushed, “No…I…I meant…well…I have to go to class.” I said quickly and turned. How stupid could I be? I am such an idiot! I suck at this! I screamed in my head a I started to walk back to my room in a hurry.

“Hey, Natalie…what year are you in?” I heard him ask and I turned with a smile on my face.

“I’m a junior.” I said nervously as he walked toward me.

That started our conversation. It was just a simple conversation that lasted about fifteen maybe twenty minutes that included the normal…where are you from? What is your major? How long have you been working for the landscape company? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? He did not, etc. with some minor flirtation on both sides.

“You’re going to pull you hair out if you keep doing that.” Justin teased me and I was suddenly aware that during the entire conversation I had been twisting my hair in my fingers. It was a habit I had when nervous. I stopped suddenly.

“Oh…sorry.” I muttered out.

He laughed, “Your hair. Well I need some more water and about my lunch break. Care to walk with me to my truck? I parked over by the tennis courts.” The tennis courts were about three hundred yards away.

“I…I umm…I have more in my room.” I said softly as I looked down at my still shifting feet. Oh my God! Did I just say that? Did I invite this boy to my room?

“Sure.” He said simply as if he got an invitation to girl’s rooms taksim escort often. Which I am sure he did. “What about your class?” He asked as we walked around to the front of the dorm.

Damn I forgot that, “Umm…well…I really did not have a class…at least not until three.”

Justin looked at his watch, “Oh that gives us about two and a half hours.” He said. I guessed her meant to get to know one another more and I just nodded.

We made our way into the dorm and up the three flights of stairs and when I opened the door leading into the hallway I shouted, “Male on the Floor!” which was the standard unofficial protocol when you brought a boy into the dorms. It was shouted just in case girls where walking to and from the shower. At an all-girls school a lot of girls were very relaxed with their state of dress or undress from their room to the showers. The rules for having a male guest in your room were simple. Weekdays and Sunday evenings they had to be out of the dorm area by 7pm and Friday and Saturday night that restriction was extended to 11pm. I never knew what was the most broken rule at my school…boys in the rooms after the deadline or having automatic coffee makers in you room. Regardless of the rule and how often it was broken the words I shouted out as I led Justin into the hall sounded odd coming from my voice. After three and a half years at the college this was the first time I had brought a boy into the dorms. There was really no need to shout the words as most if the girls on the floor were either in class or at lunch and the third floor was almost deserted, but you could hear music from a few of the rooms we passed.

After walking a short distance to my room, I entered first and noticed Justin shut the door and fear and excitement gripped me. Was I really going to try to seduce him? I did not think could go through with it even after so many fantasies I had about this moment. No I could not do it…just give him some water, make some small talk, and maybe he will ask you out on a date before he leaves, Natalie, I said in my head. Yes that would be better. Don’t act like a common white trash slut. A date and then see what happens at the end of the date plus we would be away from the dorms and have more privacy…you know how loud you are and it would be more discreet and if you did anything now the few girls on the floor would hear you. Yes…water, small talk, and use your charm to get a date…that’s the plan. I convinced myself mentally.

“Ummm…have a seat,” I said softly and my voice actually sounded squeaky in fear.

Justin seemed to ignore me and walked to my mini fridge, opened it, and took out a bottle of water and started looking around my room. Looking at my photos on the desk and then glancing at the open door to the bathroom. I thought it was very rude of him but his show of dominance of my room thrilled me as well and I sat on the edge of my bed.

“Cool, yours has a shower and bathroom.” He commented as he twisted the cap of the bottle and took a long swallow. I just sat there staring at him twisting my hair once again. I did pick up on what he said about my room having a shower and bathroom. Yes this was not the first dorm room here he had been in.

“Uhhh…yeah…I….umm have a suite. Private room and share the bathroom with the girl in the next room but she is no longer at school here.” He smiled, placed the water on my desk, and moved closer to me until he was standing just inches away from me. I let out an audible gulp and looked up at him.

“So we won’t be disturbed then.” He said. It was not a question. All I could do was nod. My mouth had gone dry. “Maybe I should take a shower first…we have time.”

“T…t…time for what?” I asked nervously.

Justin removed his shirt, “Don’t play dumb, Natalie. I know why you brought me here.” He said and took even a step closer. “I am at least getting a blowjob.”

My eyes dropped to his naked chest and while dryer it still shined with his sweat. I could smell him…smell his body and his sweat and it aroused me and I felt my panties dampened even more than they had been. “Yeah a shower first and then we fuck.” He said bluntly after I did not deny his comment.

“No…no please…don’t.” I replied in a pleading whimpering voice and he looked down at me. I then suddenly leaned in and ran my small tongue up his stomach starting below his belly button to just below his chest in one long slow lick. “Don’t shower…I like it…i want it like this…please.” I said with my eyes looking up at his…my dark eyes begging him not to shower.

“Why you little freak…then by all means no shower.” He grinned and grabbed my head and pulled it to his stomach again and I licked and sucked and kissed his abs and pelvis area making small moans as his hands dropped down and started unbuttoning his khaki cargo shorts.

I loved the taste and smell of him as I licked and sucked and kissed his stomach tasting şişli escort his sweat and the way he “forced” my face and lips to him turned me on even more. I placed my hands against his firm butt cheeks and continued my licking and sucking of his stomach. I loved to be dominated and submissive lovers had no appeal to me unless I was with that submissive partner with a dominant one with us. Justin’s shorts dropped to the floor and my eyes looked down and saw his penis was almost fully erect through his light blue cargo shorts. Moaning in desire my mouth left his stomach and I started kissing and lightly sucking his erection through his underwear. He pressed himself harder against my face and I let out a protesting whimper when I felt his hands move to my back as he unzipped my dress.

“No…please don’t.” I said in a begging voice.

I was very subconscious about the size of my breasts and even in this situation where I was licking and sucking Justin’s chest like a wanton slut and had my mouth on his penis I did not want him to see them. If I was wearing a bra I would have let him unzip my dress and left my bra on, that I had done often, and if it was not the first time I had been with him intimately I would have let him; but for a person to see them for the first time was embarrassing for me.

“Shut up and keep doing that with your mouth,” Justin answered my plea in a non-harsh voice and continued to unzip my dress as I placed my mouth back on his underwear covered penis. I felt the dress fall down off my chest and then a loud moan escaped my lips when I felt his calloused hands caress by small breasts and now erect nipples.

“Small but nice,” Justin commented and then his hands left my breasts and he removed his underwear. His now fully erect penis jerked up over the waist band of his boxer shorts and hit me in the nose.

“Oh God,” I whimpered out as I saw the full size of him.

He was large…not huge large but larger than average at about eight inches and wide. Now most of the time size was not a big issue for me…I am small in that area and well…tight down there so the average sized penis is plenty to fill me and satisfy me and due to the shallowness of me in that most private area the average 6 ½ or 7 inches was plenty for me, but what really excited me was girth and Justin’s penis was long and wide. It excited me and scared me some. I knew it was going to hurt when he entered my sex until I got accustomed to his size but I enjoyed that pain of a larger penis stretching my sex and hitting my cervix.

“Suck it, slut.” Justin ordered as he forced my head to his penis.

I blushed at being called a slut but what could I do? First I was in no position to protest, second I was acting like a complete slut and third being verbally humiliated during sex excited me a great deal and aroused me. I enjoyed it. I did not place my mouth on his erection right way; I wanted to enjoy it and also I needed time to determine the best way to place his large size in my small mouth…it was going to stretch my mouth a great deal I knew. Instead I started licking it; running my tongue from the start of his shaft at his testicles up slowly until I reached the pink head and back down again. God the smell of his crotch area and taste was wonderful; strong musky smelling and tasting from his sweat. I inhaled deeply and shivered in desire as small moans that came from his mouth excited me more. Knowing I am pleasing my partner sexually was thrilling to me. Just as I parted my lips and was going to take him into my mouth slowly to get used to his size, Justin grabbed a handful of my hair and forced himself in my mouth. I struggled some and let out whimpering noises of protest as my hands pushed on his thighs so I could pull myself off of him but his grip was strong and his penis forced its way deeper into my mouth causing me to gag and choke.

“Ut uh, bitch, you are going to suck my cock and suck it good.” Justin said in a tone of authority and forced his penis further down my throat as my saliva started to form more and dribble down my chin.

I was not opposed to being “forced” to give a man oral sex or to have my mouth fucked to put it accurately and well…I can deep throat with the best of them…heck I preferred it that way. The humiliation of it sexually stimulated me a great deal, but I enjoyed the fine art of the blow job as well. Teasing with my hands, mouth, and tongue; licking the shaft and moving my tongue in circular motions over the head while the penis was in my mouth and I wanted to savor Justin’s musky taste and smell plus I wanted time to get adjusted to his size in my small mouth before he “fucked” it. But as my face was pressed up to his dark curly pubic hair as he forced himself down my throat, I was finding out with Justin what I wanted was no longer an option which suited me just fine…I preferred it that way actually.

After a few more moments of me gagging and choking on his penis my eyes filled with tears as I soon got adjusted to him in my mouth and relaxed my throat to expertly deep throat him. I then got into the rhythm of his thrusts and once again grabbed his tight butt cheeks with my hands and went about my job of pleasing him with my mouth as more of my saliva dripped down my chin.

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