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Group Sex

My pussy is so wet right now. Just thinking about being fucked up the ass has me so wet. I like all the work it takes to get my ass open and ready to be fucked. Wet, lubed fingers sliding in and out while my pussy is being massaged by a stiff dick.

Then a butt plug: large and stretching. Makes me moan in pain/pleasure. My pussy dripping. Your dick sliding in and out of my wetness while my ass is opening. Ready for you. You slide the plug in and out while I moan, beg to be fucked in the ass. You’re smacking my ass. It stings so good.

{Damn my pussy is wet right now – My panties are soaked through.}

I’d like it very much if you were here in my office fingering my pussy. Telling me what a nasty bitch I am for speaking to you this way. Making me get on my knees and suck your dick. You would hold my hair and fuck my face.

Lean me over my chair and slap my ass; Letting me know who is in control. That I should “Shut my mouth unless there’s a dick in it.” Pulling my pants down and sliding your dick up and down my wet slit.

{That would feel so good right now.}

My pussy slurping kurtköy escort with delight. My ass pushing back against you, wanting you to enter me. You slide the head of your dick around my pussylips while I moan in frustration. Teasing me; Making me beg for it.

“Fuck this sweet pussy.”

“Your nasty bitch needs to cum”

“Please, I need to be fucked.”

“My pussy wants you inside”

You’d slap my ass HARD. Say, “I told you to shut the fuck up.” Without any prep, you’d use pussy juice and precum to thrust your dick inside my ass. I’d scream only to get another slap on the ass, harder than the last.

My hands behind me, you’d grab both wrists and fuck me, pulling my arms, leaning back for leverage. My ass begins to accommodate your size. Screams turn to moans.

I like taking it up the ass. My ass is so tight and warm. Not to mention sensitive. I beg to have a hand free so I can play with my clit. You tell me it will cost me later, but you’ll allow it. My hand flies to my pussy and begins the familiar circles.

Mmmm, I’m almost there.

My pussy spasms. Jealous of malatya escort the dick in my ass; contracting as if holding on to the dick only centimeters away. Filling my backside. My ass bouncing with joy. You slow your pace. Tell me “You’ll cum when I say you cum.”

You lean over and spit in the crack of my ass. The warm saliva lubricating my open asshole. Letting you slide in and out unhurriedly, leisurely, sensually. It feels so good, my moans are becoming one.

A nasty bitch’s song.

I slow the hand on my clit, afraid I’d cum without permission. You tell me that this ass is too good to rush. You want to savor it. Take your time. Make sure I feel used later. I beg to cum.

I’ve been close since you were fucking my face. It was rough and nasty and now you’re deep in my ass, calling me all kinds of names, and it’s too much. My circuits are melting.

“You like it up the ass, don’t you slut?”

“You found out just what a freak you are and now you can’t go back.”

“Being a good girl is too hard for you. Deep inside, you’re a whore waiting to happen.”

It’s all too much. Your kayseri escort words are turning me on and my cit is pulsating. My pussy is vibrating. My teeth are aching. I need to cum so bad. I want you to cum deep in my ass. I want us to cum together. Are you ready?

I’ll take that as a yes.

We’re standing now. I am full of want, need, desire. You grab my hair, Push me against the wall. Your dick is still buried in my ass. You fuck me hard against the immovable surface. I can’t run, there’s no room and you have pinned tightly.

You’re slamming into my ass hard. Fucking me with all you’ve got. I scream. I wasn’t prepared for this brutal fucking after the way you made love to my ass just seconds before. You push my head to the side, biting my shoulders and neck. Pinching the sides of my breasts, my nipples pressed in to the wall.

Your dick is pounding into me. I beg you to slow down. To take it easy. You tell me a nasty bitch like me wants it, needs it rough. That I should learn to take it. You continue to ravage my ass and soon, I can hear your growl. Your nut is close.

The sounds you’re making have me on the edge. You’re fucking me so good, so hard. I’m going to cum. I scream your name. I am loud and lack any hint of embarrassment. The whole world should know who made me cum like that.

Thank You.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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