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In the weeks following none of us made mention of the little phone sex episode Cindy and I had. I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t know how. You can’t quite ask the wife of a friend if she was serious about having sex with you. Especially when her husband is a good friend. And double especially when he’s quite capable of breaking your body into bloody chunks and swallowing them whole. I let it lay. I couldn’t sleep at night, but I let it lay.

It was about that time that Buddy let me know that he and Cindy were going to Aruba for a week. He asked if I could keep an eye on their place, get the mail, that sort of thing. He also asked if I could feed his fish for him. Buddy kept a good-sized tank with about a dozen tropical fish, and he had me over to show me how much to feed them each day.

“Not too much, not too little,” he said. “And feed them in the morning, so if you get stuck at work I don’t come home and find them floating.


“Honey, how about this one?” Cindy asked, coming into the living room. I turned and there she was, standing in front of us in a bright red bikini. My jaw popped open and my dick expanded like it was filled with helium. Her big breasts strained against the Lycra cups, and the V-cut bottom didn’t quite hide the pale blonde thatch between her legs.

“Too slutty,” Buddy said. “And tropical colors, we’re going to the Caribbean, remember?”

She pouted. “Nicky seems to like it.”

Buddy swatted me upside the head. “Focus on the fish.”

“Fish,” I croaked.

Cindy walked back to the bedroom to try on another suit, and Buddy called out, “Hey babe, you’d better shave before we go.”

“Down there? You could see some bush?”


Jesus freaking Christ, I moaned to myself. I though about asking Cindy if she needed any help grooming down there. Since Buddy would grab my legs and make a wish if I did that, I vetoed the idea. There were times when being friends with these two was more trouble than in was worth. This was one of those times. I was almost beside myself with lust for Cindy, and I knew they both knew it. They played with me. Not very nice.

“How about this suit hon?” she asked. I didn’t turn around, I just kept sprinkling fish food.

“Oh, baby, definitely. You take that one for sure.” Sweat broke out on my forehead. I would not turn around. No. Buddy said, “That looks fucking great on you.”

“Had it for years. I didn’t think you liked me in a thong.”

Don’t look. Turn and look, and you’ll turn to a pillar of salt, just like Lot’s wife. Show some self-control.

“Are my nipples showing too much?”

“Nah. And it’s cold in here anyway, it won’t be like this lying on the beach.”

My dick was now a pillar, of steel not salt. A pink thong bikini, Cindy’s tits, her smooth stomach, a tiny triangle covering her pink parts, a floss-thin strip doing nothing to distract from her delicious ass…

“Hey asshole, enough food already!” Buddy barked. “You kill those fish before I leave and I’ll stuff you in a suitcase and feed you to the crabs.”

“You should call his bluff sometime, honey,” Cindy said to my back as I heard her walk down the hall to change.

“Try it and see what happens,” he growled.

“Hey, Aruba, I might not mind stowing away in a suitcase. Can you fit me in the one you’re packing Cindy’s bikini’s in?”

“I heard that!” she said.

I wished them bon voyage and went home to masturbate and make some soup. They left early Saturday morning, so I wasn’t awakened by the percussive sounds of them fucking at first light. When I did get out of bed I put on sweats, made coffee, and started in on the paper.

I remembered I had to feed the fish. No biggie, I’d take care of it after the paper. I was pouring my second cup of coffee when it hit me. I had the keys to their apartment. I could, ah, have a look around. Like in their bedroom. Like in Cindy’s underwear drawer. A filthy, voyeuristic lust erupted in me. Now a slavering beast, I stuffed my feet into my sneakers and vaulted up the stairs to invade their apartment.

Inside it was quiet. Very quiet. Eerily quiet. “Hello?” I called, more to break the suffocating silence than to see if anyone would answer. No one did. I closed the door, twisted both locks shut and slid the chain home. Safe.

I fed the fish. Maybe I wouldn’t ransack the place. Maybe I would be mature. Maybe I wouldn’t betray their trust. I fed the fish as fast as I could and made a beeline for their bedroom.

Buddy and Cindy’s bedroom. The center of my fantasy universe. The bed was covered with a vast white comforter that looked like freshly fallen snow. I ran my hand up and down the silky material, it felt so good against my skin. I gingerly pulled down the comforter, to feel the sheets underneath. Satin. Oh, God. My mind conjured a picture, of me and Cindy under those smooth, cool sheets, the voluptuous texture of the satin, of her warm and lush body slipping and sliding with mine…

I couldn’t resist. canlı bahis I stripped, dumping my clothes on the floor, and once I was nude I carefully pulled down the corner of the bedding and slid inside. My naked skin gliding against the satin sent my nervous system into meltdown. My penis throbbed with lust, craving friction. I began humping against the sheets, the satin stroking me like an enormous pussy, a pussy that engulfed not only my cock, but my entire body. In less than ten seconds I was building to an orgasm of titanic proportions. “Yes, yes,” I moaned, as my release built to its inevitable end. A thick, hot gusher of semen, pumping out of me, flooding…flooding Buddy and Cindy’s bed.

“Oh, fuck!” I said and leapt from the bed. Shit. My dick was wet with my syrup, but at least I hadn’t ejaculated and stained their bed with a quart of my come. My head still buzzing from my close call I carefully remade the bed. I dressed and got control of myself. Well, not so much that I didn’t go through Cindy’s undies.

The woman had a long drawer full of panties and bras. She was a 36C. Her panties was all silk or satin, no plain cotton Jockey’s for her. In the next drawer down I found the holy garments. A dozen teddies, in black and red and white and emerald green. A black leather corset with garters. A similar corset in white lace. Another in fiery red. And about a dozen pairs of carefully folded stockings. I closed the drawer and bowed my head to this shrine of lingerie.

Time to go. I made sure everything was as it should be, and started for the door. That’s when I noticed the huge, locked chest on the wall facing the bed. A big, massive wooden thing, with a built in lock. In my haste to the bed I’d somehow missed it, though it loomed like an enormous oak monolith. It probably held a TV. It was odd, but there was a set of keys on top of it. Did I dare to open it?

I dared. The keys fit perfect, the big doors opened silently. There was indeed a TV set inside, and several shelves below. The shelves were filled with videotapes. Porno tapes. All of them were X-rated videos. “Oh my,” I said. Most were of stars I’d heard of, a few group sex videos, one all-girl show, and a few amateur tapes. “Wonder if Buddy would mind if I borrowed a few of these for the weekend…”

There were two drawers below the TV. The top shelf was filled with, uh, toys. Dildos of various shapes, sizes and materials. Several types of lubricants. Two vibrators. Handcuffs. Wow.

The second drawer was filled with videotapes as well, fifteen of them. There were handwritten labels, but I couldn’t decipher them. Five tapes just had the dates written on them, dates that started five years ago and went forward. The other just had initials on them. J.C. B.L., like that. I was curious, so I turned on the TV, with the sound way down, and slid in one of the dated tapes.

At first the screen was dark. Then a blurry picture appeared, a picture that quickly sharpened and showed…the bedroom I was in. The camera swiveled a bit, and then a figure appeared from the side. An incredible figure, 36C breasts, great ass, blonde hair much longer than it was these days. Cindy, naked, crawling on the bed. I turned the sound up as fast as my frantic fingers could press the keys.

“Come on, baby,” she cooed to the camera. “I want to suck it.”

A shadow moved against the wall, and then Buddy was standing by the bed, his huge penis centered perfectly in the frame. Cindy opened her mouth, and Buddy gingerly tiptoed forward until his tip snuggled inside her wet mouth. Her lips closed around him. “Oh, fuck, baby,” he sighed. Cindy leaned her head forward, her throat muscles constricting as she swallowed him alive, the white of her eyes showing as she worked him over. Her lips slid up and down his cock, up and down, and in just a minute or so Buddy started thrusting his hips into her face. “Yeah, yeah, suck it, suck it!” His back arched.

“Mmm! Oooh!” Cindy cried as she swallowed his semen.

“Fuck, that was too fast,” Buddy said when she finally released him.

“We have all weekend,” she said with a wicked grin on her face.

The video suddenly cut, and when it resumed Buddy was lying on the bed and Cindy sitting on him. Her back was to him, so the camera had a great view of his big dick pumping in and out of her pussy. He had his huge hands on her hips, lifting and lowering her onto his dick. It was funny, Buddy’s hair WAS jet black when they first got married.

They went at it, Buddy thrusting himself into Cindy’s pussy, her head thrown back and her nipples stiff as rubies. I guess the view wasn’t good enough, because the cameraman moved slightly to the right, to get a better angle, and he zoomed in on Cindy, to show the absolute ecstasy on her face as her husband fucked her.

That’s when it hit me. Who the fuck was shooting the video?

“Uh, uh, oh, fuck yeah, now baby!” Buddy groaned. She leapt off his penis and sat on his stomach, reaching down between his legs to pump his shaft and send bahis siteleri a white geyser shooting all over her stomach and thighs.

“Did you get all that, Mitch?” Buddy asked.

“Every last drop,” a voice behind the camera said.

“You ready for your turn?” Cindy asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” the voice said, obviously anxious.

“OK, switch tapes,” Buddy said.

The scene cut away again. When the tape started again, Buddy was fucking Cindy doggie-style, and really giving it to her, the whole bed was shaking from the ferocity of the assault. I watched, but my mind was racing. Switch tapes? What did that mean. I looked at the tapes. The first one was marked “M.P.” I reluctantly stopped the tape just as Cindy moaned, “Make it wet in me, baby,” and put the new tape in.

It started with Cindy’s face in tight close-up, filling almost the entire screen. Her eyes appeared to be looking right at me. The camera slowly panned out a few inches, and a penis with a dark purple head appeared below her chin. Not that I was an expert on the size and shape of Buddy’s cock, but I knew this wasn’t Buddy. “You ready, Mitch?” Cindy asked with a wink.

“Yeah, oh God, yeah.”

“OK honey?” Cindy asked.

“Go for it,” Buddy the cameraman said.

Cindy lifted the penis to her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the shaft, then around the tip, not trying to suck him yet, just getting his cock wet. When it was glistening, she opened her mouth and took his entire dick into her mouth, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Slowly, very slowly, she pulled her head back, until only his tip was still trapped in her wet mouth. He moved his hips from side to side in agony as her tongue trilled at his glans, her lips holding him firm inside her sucking mouth. And then she engulfed his whole length again, deep throating him again.

“Oh, God,” he cried., and Buddy laughed. “He’s losing it, honey, he’s gonna blow.” And the man indeed started whimpering, wanting to hold out but totally in Cindy’s control, and she winked at the camera again and slid her mouth up his shaft one, two, three times, and the man stuttered, “I, uh, uh, oh, yeah, YEAH, coming, I’m coming, now!” And Cindy let his penis shoot all over her, painting her beautiful face with semen before she put him back in her mouth to clean him with her tongue.

“That was fucking hot,” Buddy said.

“Oh, Christ,” the man sobbed.

“Thank you, darling,” Cindy said. “You’re welcome,” Buddy said.

I was in shock. Perhaps because so much blood was in my engorged penis that my brain was starved for oxygen. I pulled down my pants like a drunk and touched myself. My orgasm was totally unsatisfying, because I didn’t really feel a thing. I was too fucked up. There were 20 tapes like the one I just saw. Each six hours long. If they were all tapes of Cindy fucking, this was porno treasure that Cortez wouldn’t have traded for all the gold of the Aztecs.

I grabbed a tape marked “L.N.” and jammed it in the VCR. This one was in the middle of a scene. Cindy was on top of Buddy, who was slowly fucking her pussy. Behind Cindy was a young man, maybe even younger than me, who was squatting above Cindy. His penis, much smaller and thinner than Buddy’s, or even my own, was slowly working it’s way into Cindy’s ass.

The camera was set at a slight angle, so you could see her face when she turned her head slightly right. “No, wait, wait, wait,” Cindy moaned as the young man mounted her and probed her ass. Her eyes were squeezed shut with pain and determination as the man tentatively forced his cock into her anus.

“Go slow, but keep going,” Buddy ordered, and the man took firm hold of Cindy’s hips and forced his dick inside her, ignoring her resisting ass.

“Oooh, ooh, ow, uhh!,” Cindy cried as he penetrated. Her face was contorted, it was obvious this was hurting her, and just as obvious that she wanted him to continue. “No, pull it out, no, don’t, just, no, slow, slow…” she was almost speaking a mantra, trying to accept this huge hot pole up her butt.

Buddy didn’t wait, he started fucking Cindy’s pussy with real force, bouncing her up and down and causing the cock in her ass to slide in and out. “OOOOH!” she gasped.

“Fuck her, Larry,” Buddy ordered. Jim obeyed. He started throwing his hips forward, really fucking Cindy now, not just trying to slip inside, but really fucking her.

“Oh, God, my belly’s full of cock,” Cindy moaned.

“We need to get a third guy in here,” Buddy growled, “give you someone to suck on.”

“Oh fuck!” she cried. “I do want to suck someone right now.”

Buddy was really fucking his wife now, bouncing off the bed and thrusting his big shaft inside her sheath. But Larry was sweating now and shaking all over, fucking that luscious tight ass and after just a minute he groaned and pulled his dick out and came all over her back. He sagged back on the bed. “I can’t believe this happened,” was all he said.

Buddy bounced Cindy up and down bahis şirketleri his shaft for another minute and then pulled out himself and left slimy streaks up and down his wife’s belly. He lay back and said, “You’d better be fucked satisfied now.”

“Almost,” she teased. And the film cut.

I sat down on the bed and finally remembered to breathe. What to do? I left the apartment and got in my car and drove to my local video store. I rented a VCR and bought two 12-packs of videotapes. Bought dubbing cables too. I went back home, connected my VCR to the rented one, and went back to Buddy and Cindy’s place.

I only took one tape at a time, just in case they came home early out of the blue. Maybe they wouldn’t notice just one tape missing. I spent all day Saturday taping, watching, and masturbating. The videos were unreal. Cindy and Buddy fucking. Cindy and Buddy in a 69. Buddy fucking Cindy with a vibrator. Cindy with Buddy and another man. Buddy with Cindy and another woman. Buddy and Cindy in someone’s bathroom, fucking on the sink.

I’m not proud of how I spent most of that week. I was a hermit, I didn’t go out except to work. And even then I called off sick Thursday and Friday. I jacked off so much my cock became tender and abraded, and no amount of lotion would soothe the rough treatment of my hand.

Five of the tapes were just Buddy and Cindy. Five were Cindy and another man, one six-hour tape filled with Cindy having sex with one particular lucky bastard. Five were of Buddy having sex with a different woman, often with Cindy joining in. The women were usually young, exquisitely beautiful, and very enthusiastic.

At last, early Friday night, it was done. I’d copied every tape. I felt dirty, pathetic. I thought about throwing the tapes away. Ha! I bought a steel box and put the tapes inside, securing the door with a combination lock. I put the box under my bed. Buried treasure.

I went back to their apartment that night to make sure everything looked normal. I pulled out their vacuum cleaner and swept the place. The fish looked fine. So I went home and fell into a deep sleep. They banged on my door when they came home, scaring the shit out of me. Had they found out?

I opened the door and heard them up the landing, fumbling for their keys. “Welcome home,” I said.

“Come on up, we have a present for you,” Cindy said.

I went. They both looked great. Tan, rested, Cindy especially looked fantastic. She kissed me on the cheek and handed me a bright patterned shirt they picked up from some boutique down on the island. “Hey, amazing, the fish are alive,” Buddy called from the living room.

“Buddy said he was going to check the surveillance cameras when we got home so he could pinpoint the moment the fish died,” Cindy said, laughing. “Guess we won’t need to do that.”

I didn’t really hear anything after “surveillance cameras”. I somehow managed to affect a breezy air. “You guy, ah, have cameras in here?”

“Yeah, one covering the front door, one in the bedroom. Couple of years before you moved in there was a burglar in the area who hit us twice. Had the cameras installed with the rest of the security system. Fiber optic. Behind there.” He pointed to a large mirror that faced the front door. “There’s another one behind the mirror in the bedroom.”

My legs nearly gave out. “How…how often do you check them?”

“Ah, not too often. The security service just archives them, they don’t actively monitor them. If there was a break-in they’d pull the tapes..”

I felt a little bit better. Until Cindy said. “Nicky, were you in our bedroom at all?”

I almost fainted. “No, no.”

“What, something missing?” Buddy said, whirling around.

“Oh, no! It just looks like someone was in there, you know that vibe you get sometimes.”

“Oh, I was in there, to vacuum. I did the entire place.”

“That must be it.”

I was so nervous that it was a relief when Buddy said, “Hey, you mind givin’ us some time to unpack and freshen up. Maybe we can go out to get something to eat later.”

“Oh, sure, you guys should take it easy the rest of the day and unwind.” I said my goodbyes and beat it downstairs.

Camera. Oh, fuck. There was no way, right? No way they could have video of me going through their dresser, stealing their tapes, jacking off. No way. No fucking way. Oh God, please, let there be no fucking way.

I sat watching TV for about an hour, trying to keep my hands from shaking. I went to the bathroom. When I came out, I thought I heard noises coming from upstairs. I went to my bedroom and listened. Sure enough, Buddy and Cindy were going at it, I guess feeling the need to rechristen their bed after their trip.

“UHH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” Cindy was screaming. And I mean screaming, at the top of her lungs.

“Is this what you wanted, baby?” Buddy demanded.

“Oh, yes!”

“Are you getting everything you wanted?”

“Yes, oh, thank you baby!!!”

“Everything you asked for?”


“Good,” he laughed, and then they stopped talking and Cindy’s hungry moans finally built to a shriek as she came. And then Buddy grunted as he ejaculated, then finishing by saying, “Let’s see if he can top that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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