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“Fucking Hell!” Terry cackled as he nearly spat his beer out; “have you seen the arse on that?”

“Where?” I asked.

“Fuck off, man! Her over there.” He pointed to a curvaceous young woman in Lycra leggings about 20 yards away.

“She’s a cutie, that’s for sure.” I laughed and took another mouthful of beer.

“Cutie?” My best friend laughed; “she looks as dirty as fuck.”

The girl had now turned, and was walking in the direction of the small beer garden outside Bigsby’s Bar, where we were sitting; when she got closer she recognised me and flamboyantly waved, making her massive boobs wobble under her thin hoodie.

“Hiya!” She called out and smiled a big friendly smile.

By the time I waved back she was the other side of the small fence; looking every inch a sexy young MILF, her black shiny leggings emphasised a great pair of legs, and the zip on her hoodie being down about 6 or 7 inches exposing a lovely piece of cleavage adding an extra slice of excitement to our chat.

“Drinking in the afternoon?” The pretty, round-faced Jo Jo giggled.

“You’re welcome to join us, if you fancy a quickie.” I teased.

The young woman pursed her lips and gave me what my Granny called ‘an old fashioned look;’ before raising the two shopping bags she was carrying and said she had to get home to ‘start the kids’ tea, then pick them up from school, then still smiling that smile, “See ya hun,” then sashayed along the precinct.

It was no surprise she had caught Terry’s attention as she stood out like a sexy but sore thumb in our grey vilage; naturally pretty with curly blonde hair, she looked a lot like Marilyn Monroe’s younger, rougher sister; which in this town made her Queen of the Ratwalk.

“Fancy a quickie?” Terry howled, then punched me in the arm. “You dirty dog! How do you know her?”

I took another mouthful of beer; savoured the taste, “she moved in two doors away a few weeks ago. Single mother … couple of kids.”

Terry was now hanging on my every word, so I slowly took another long slurp of beer; “She’s a hottie right enough; but thick as mince.”

My mate chuckled; “just how you like them … are you banging her then?”

“Fuck no!” I gasped and looked at him as if he was mad; “thirty years ago maybe; but Jesus man; I’m 62 … she’d fucking kill me in 5 minutes!”

We both laughed then sat in silence for a minute or so, contemplating my new neighbour’s curvaceous figure and fantacising about the million to one chance of ever seeing it in the flesh.

“But you’ve got to admit … she’s got a fucking sexy arse!” Terry sighed.

“Her tits look like they are a matching set too.” I faintly smiled before finishing my beer.

Everything I’d said was true; Joanne aka JoJo was a sexy young Mother of two; the epitome of a MILF; she had moved in to a house opposite my flat and we had met previously and exchanged names when I’d helped erect some shelves and a wardrobe in her daughter’s bedroom.

To some degree it didn’t help that we were both outrageous flirts; but I was plenty old enough to be her Grandfather at 62; and all that nonsense I got up to thirty or forty years ago when I’d first got married were long behind me.

Plus, being a widower of five years my sexual outlet these days was copious masturbation to online porn; each and every night and the occasional afternoon too.

With me working odd days at my mate’s garage fixing old diesel engines; which I specialised in and working at my small holding, allotment most days, we were like ships in the night over the next few weeks; hardly seeing each other to say ‘hello’ to; but I did catch the occasional glimpse out of the window as she hung washing on the communal line in the yard. She spotted me a couple of times and would wave her ‘flamboyant wave’ which would make those lovely knockers bounce and shake; which in turn made my cock twitch.

By the time JoJo knocked furiously on my door one Saturday evening, even Terry had got bored of asking questions about her.

“Mr. Cox! Can you help? The washing machine is pissing water everywhere!” My sexy neighbour weeped; “I was washing the kids’ school things and … ” She then mumbled something I couldn’t make out through a tearful voice.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” I tried to pacify her; “give me a minute and I will get some tools.”

Five minutes later, after blocking the water coming from the sides of the door, I was lying on my back fiddling with the fixings at the back of the machine.

“That’s stopped the water coming out, but you’re going to need a new part round here and a new seal for the door.”

I looked up to see JoJo, leaning forward and her boobs, only just encased in a loose vest top, were about 12 inches from my face and I could be mistaken, but it looked like she had hitched her Lycra leggings even higher and tighter, because I could see every millimetre of her bulging camel-toe!

It was like a Carry-On film; until she started rambling on about getting the kids clothes washed … yadda … they were canlı bahis soaking wet… yadda … need them for Monday morning… yadda, yadda.

As I slowly got to my feet I told her; “Don’t worry, I will take them to mine and was them there.”

“Really? You don’t mind hun?” The bubbly blonde began cheering up.

“Nah; It’s no bother … stick them in a bag.” I confirmed; “I will get the parts from town on Monday and it will be back up and running then.”

“Are you sure, really sure this is no trouble?” The buxom blonde coyly asked again.

Without thinking I put my hand on her shoulder and squeezed it; “no problem at all … put the washing in a bag and I will bring it over in the morning. “

I could hardly take my eyes off her tight arse as she emptied the washing machine and filled a black bag with wet, dark clothing.

“Can I be cheeky?” She grinned and I swear pushed her boobs out; “I’ve got some more that needs washing too.” This was followed by a ‘little girl smirk’.

“Now that’s just taking the piss!” I laughed; but she was already filling a second bag with what looked like her own clothes.

Back home I put the kids’ soaking wet clothes into my machine and away it went. I made a cup of coffee and then sorted the other bag into darks and whites; only to find halfway down two of Joanne’s bras and some panties too.


One bra was a white sports type, which my wife would have worn under a t-shirt, but the other was a lot sexier, pink with white flowers, nylon and slightly see-through and had a matching thong too.

As you do; when you’re a man, I checked out the size – 34DD, which would have been my guess anyway.

There were a couple more cotton thongs, a red G-String and a pair of what looked like black, lacy French Knickers.

Not that I’d seen anyone; but as I inspected the stains in the gusset of a couple of pairs I presumed that there must be a boyfriend on the scene … lucky bastard.

Again; being a man of a certain age I retired to my bedroom, closed the curtains and had a nice long wank sniffing my sexy young neighbours knickers … nothing kinky in that at all!

The following morning JoJo knocked on the door just as I was about to go to the allotment.

She was very grateful and handed me four cans of beer for ‘my trouble’; not that she needed to, as this morning her vest top was even more low cut than the night before and her bright red bra, which emphasised her remarkable cleavage, was visible from four or five angles … and I tried viewing them all.

Later; down at the garden there wasn’t really much to do, as most of my vegetables were ready for harvest; so after digging out a bucketful of potatoes, some carrots and peas I just sat back in the sunshine thinking of the last couple of days events; and before I knew it, I had another semi on!

I delivered the veg to a couple of neighbours; went home had a good wash, got changed and headed for the pub.

Terry was already there; and I was desperate to tell him about JoJo’s underwear; but was engaged in an argument about horse racing; so his golden opportunity was lost.

I was up bright and early for mission into town to get the parts for the old washing machine. Sadly the DIY shop didn’t have what I wanted in stock; so I ordered them ready for a Friday collection.

JoJo was disappointed when I told her it would be Friday before I could fix her washer; but cheered up when I told her she was welcome to use mine as and when necessary; which just happened to be the next afternoon.

I’d only just arrived back from the garden when she knocked on the door.

“Mmmmm;” I grinned when I saw how she was dressed; short denim skirt and a button up blouse which was revealing a lot of chest. “You look like you have a hot date.”

“Me?” She rolled her eyes; “I wish.”

The atmosphere suddenly became quite charged as she pouted; “who would want an old hag with two kids in tow?”

‘Old Hag’? She couldn’t have been more than 25 and, as she looked like she bathed every day and not just owned a toothbrush; but actually used it, made her a lot more of a catch than the rest of the young women on the estate.

Anyway; she asked if she could wash some more clothes; obviously I agreed and made a coffee for each of us as she loaded the washer; accidentally showing a a little too much up her skirt, as I caught a glimpse of the red thong; only this time in situ.

I was at a loss as to what to talk about to a hottie like JoJo; but she hardly shut up … explaining; without me asking that her kids had different fathers, her last ex was an utter bastard, but had other ‘attributes’ which made her giggle as she stared me dead in the eyes; and to answer my question when she arrived ‘no’ there wasn’t a man in her life at the moment.

When she saw the bucket full of veg, she asked what that was about; I explained about my Allotment, and where it was; and she remembered her Grandad having one when she was a kid; so I said she was welcome to bring the kids down bahis siteleri one day.

As we talked JoJo, would move quite theatrically which made her titties wobble; and occasionally giving me glimpses up the short skirt; therefore my cock quickly stiffened; but that’s as far as things went.

After about 40 minutes she took the clothes and went home before going to pick the kids up from school.

I couldn’t stop myself; and the door had hardly closed behind her and I had my cock for a cheeky wank.

The parts arrived as promised and I went around late in the afternoon when her kids were back from school. It wasn’t the most difficult job in the world; but a bit awkward, so after fixing the door I had to lie on my back and squeeze into a tight space to repair the back fittings. At my request Joanne was near by to hand me tools when I needed them.

At one stage I had to move my head to point at a particular spanner, only to see right up her short denim skirt and get a clear view of that see-through pink and white thong, which didn’t hide a thing, especially as it was stretched so tight I could see plenty of pubic hair too.

“What do you want me to do now?” She purred as I took too long to ask for my tool (???) … shit; I didn’t know what to say; was she really coming on to me? I’m an old man for God’s sake; she could have her choice of all the young studs for two miles in every direction.

“You’d better move away, because if one of them things fall out you’ll give me a black eye!”

The hot MILF chuckled; then rearranged her scoop neck t-shirt; “You dirty bugger; you shouldn’t even be looking!”

When I was finished and sitting on my own sofa, cock in one hand and another can of beer she’d bought as a ‘thank you,’ I presumed she was just a prick-teaser and just enjoy it all while it lasted.

I added her to my list of ‘customers’ for my glut of vegetables and dropped a bag off on Saturday, then didn’t see her until Wednesday as I was leaving the flat to go to the allotment and she was returning from dropping the kids off at school.

“Going gardening?” She chuckled; as it would have been obvious from the way I was dressed; “I might pop down later to see what you’ve got hidden down there.”

I grinned; “That’s for me to know; and you to find out!” then I winked and went on my merry way.

About an hour later I was sitting outside my shed drinking coffee from my flask, when who did I see coming along the path between the gardens; but JoJo. As soon as she saw me her smile lit up the sky; and the second thing I noticed was that she had changed from her tight Lycra leggings into a yellow cotton Summer Dress and a denim jacket.

She unhooked the string on the gate and let herself in; shitting hell; did she look sexy walking down the uneven path that ran alongside a blackberry bush.


I savoured the view as she sashayed towards me; hips and boobs wiggling like a finely tuned double bass; and I noticed she was wearing make up and red lipstick for the first time.

“Going somewhere nice?” I gulped.

JoJo smiled and shook her head; her eyes flashing around the garden and the adjoining ones too.

“Sometimes I just … like to dress up.”

“Well you look bloody gorgeous. ” I told her as I tipped an imaginary hat. “Do you want a coffee?”

JoJo nodded and now looked a little nervous.

“I think I’ve got another cup in here; It won’t be anything fancy but I’ll rinse it out first.”

“I bet I’ve had worse.” She whispered.

As I was rinsing out a mug I heard the door close behind me.

“Oh.” was all I could say. JoJo just beamed.

“Just thought that … I’d … see what you get up to … in your little den.”

“Not a lot.” She was now slowly wandering around my shed. It’s not exactly a home from home, as it’s all been made from left over timber, doors and stuff from home. There are are two old armchairs and three rugs, but like me, all have seen better days.

Joanne was picking things up, examining them and putting them down like an inquisitive child, then opening drawers and seeing what was there.

“What are looking for?”

“I don’t know.” She pursed her lips, “your porn stash? My Grandad hid his in the shed.”

“Did he now?”

She nodded and smiled; “I accidentally caught him one day.” She then did a ‘Maxwell House Shake’ making a fist and pretending to wank. “Dirty old sod.” She giggled, then looked at me. “Do you come down here to wank?”

She was now standing with her back to the far wall about 9 feet away; legs slightly splayed and her chest flushed and heaving. If I hadn’t been sure before … I was pretty certain now she was up to mischief and subtle seduction and nuance would be wasted on her.

“Sometimes; there’s some old mags in that box … but these days there’s too much good stuff on my phone.”

Joanne lifted the old curtains that were covering the magazines and took a few out. God knows how old they were; Fiestas and Knaves; which she casually flicked through; bahis şirketleri stopping occasionally to look at a particular model.

There was an unnatural silence for a few moments as we both thought about what was going to happen next.

I decided to make my move.

“Show me your tits and I will wank for you.” JoJo’s eyes were about to pop out of her head, “would you like that?”

She nervously nodded, but stood stock still.

I sat down in the larger armchair and rubbed my cock through my joggers; “take your jacket off then.”

The sexy blonde slid it down her arms then laid it on the bench.

I waved my hand towards her chest, “now your dress… so I can see your whoppers.”

She closed her eyes and gently bit her bottom lip as she manoeuvred the straps off her shoulders and lowered the dress to her waist leaving her in the sexy pink and white flowery bra I had washed on Saturday night.

As I pulled my cock out, I told her; “Squeeze your tits.”

JoJo complied roughly squeezing her 34DD’s then stroking her nipples through the nylon while I tugged an extra inch or more into my cock.

“Bend over and shake your tits.”

Now smiling again the busty blonde did as she was told; making my cock get stiffer than it had been in years.

“Take your bra off and give me a proper look … you’ve come close enough this last couple of weeks; today’s the day.”

I could see her hands were shaking as she put them behind her back to unclip the bra; then in a quick flick released her glorious fun bags.

“Give them a good shake then.” JoJo immediately complied; shaking her tits from side to side. “Take your dress completely off.”

It had been a long, long time since I’d talked to a woman like this; maybe thirty years and she’d been a work collogues wife who was very subservient.

She stepped out of the dress and laid it on top of her jacket, then stepped back allowing me to admire her in the matching thong which couldn’t hide her slit or pubes; but I guessed she knew that in advance.

“Get on your knees and wrap your tits around my cock.”

JoJo, sighed and smiled her biggest smile as she wiggled and waggled the few feet towards me in the chair; “Fucking Hell … that’s fucking huge.” She gasped.

“It’s bigger than average; or so I’ve been told; now get Down there.” She lowered herself to her knees; cupped her floppy jugs in her hands and moved forward until my 7 incher was between them. Without me saying another word she slowly and sexily gave me a titty-wank; even dribbling saliva down for lubrication; then she bent her head forwards and as my plum was peaking out of its hood, kissed the tip; looked at me as if for assurance then began sucking it.

“Fucking Hell!” I gasped as she sucked it like a vacuum; then licking the shaft before returning to her sensual and sloppy blow-job.

“You dirty fucker.” I panted; “is this what you’ve been wanting for weeks?”

She let my cock slide out of her mouth but continued stroking it and caressing my balls.

“Of course you soft shite!” JoJo giggled then kissed my plum again; “I’ve been gagging for it; but thought you didn’t fancy me.”

“Fancy you? Of course I fancy you; but you’re so young and I’m so …”

“I just needed a fuck; and anyway; age doesn’t mean anything when you’ve got a cock this size!” She then lifted my cock up so she could suck my balls. “I don’t want a boyfriend and all the shit that goes with it … just a good hard fuck every now and again.”

“Get your knickers off then.”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

The young Mum stood up and peeled her knickers off; then did a twirl so I could see the whole caboose.

“Get on board the love train!” I slid slightly forward and stretched the skin on my cock; she knew exactly what to do and straddled me … fuck was she wet!

The first minute or so was frantic as she bounced up and down; howling and grunting as my cock filled her barren cunt.

Soon she was grinding on my spike as I suckled her wobbly tits.

“Did you have a wank into my undies last week?” She whispered then raised herself and dropped her weight down onto my cock, making me gasp.

“Was that why you put them in the bag?”

“Of course; I even gave them an extra wipe as a special treat! So did you?”

“Sure did; they smelled so fucking sexy… I even had a second one into those ones; in the morning then had to hand wash them.”

“Mmmmmm.” The chunky MILF purred; “you should have sent then back full of spunk … that’s what I was hoping for.”

Her grinding was getting faster and harder as she slapped my face with her tits.

“You’re dirtier than you look … and you look fucking dirty!” I teased. “So would you have sniffed my spunk when you played with yourself?”

JoJo nodded as she upped the pace on my cock, which was making my balls tighten and the tubes were beginning to load with little; but no longer armed, man-soldiers.

“I need to cum.” I panted; “seeing as you like it so much; do you want to watch me wank on your tits.

Her mouth gaping and pink nipples sticking out like corks; she nodded and grinned. Presuming time was of the essence; she dismounted and returned to her position on her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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