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It is late and we have been driving for several hours but we finally made it to the cabin, far away from anyone else. Smiling over at me you pull me into your arms and kiss me. You get out, come around, and open my door.

You lean in, unbuckle me, pull me gently from the car and rub my arms up and down. I stretch into your caress, my head nuzzling your chest. You unhook the wrist cuffs together and I shake out my arms (I had to choose between sitting back comfortably or slightly leaned forward to make sure there was circulation to my arms, and if you had thought I was leaning back too much you would pull my nipples forward, hard.)

I shake my head, roll my shoulders around stretching, and open my mouth to speak, but you just put your fingers to my mouth, tell me to get everything situated inside, and let you know when I was finished. I nod my head and you go inside.

I unload the car, putting the cooking supplies into the kitchen, unpacking our suitcases in the bedroom (I am notorious for just living out of my suitcase when I go somewhere,) and putting out the toys you had brought and had me bring in the living room where you were reclining.

After everything is put away I come over to where you are and kneel on the pillow you had canlı bahis generously placed on the ground for me next to you. I look up at you, my eyes bright, bursting to tell you what I had found, and you can tell. Just to keep me in suspense you tell me to go use the restroom and make sure I was clean in every hole.

After using the bathroom and giving myself an enema I again come back to your chair, kneeling beside your knees, practically bouncing. You look down at me, wearing a tight white sleeveless shirt, a skirt that shows more than it hid, and sandals, my hair in a ponytail, leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and your chainmail collar locked onto my neck.

Giving me leave to speak (finally!) I start talking, the HUGE bed in the bedroom, the pool table with the thick wooden legs, the kitchen that has everything I would need to make our stay enjoyable, the fireplace with the very soft rug, the huge shower room, but most of all, the hot tub! Oooo, hot tubs. I love them! *giggles*

Stroking my hair as you listen to me babble on and just as I finish you pull my head into your crotch. I had not noticed you had already unbuttoned them! I squeal with delight as I put my hand inside and pull out your semi-hard cock. I look up at you, beg you bahis siteleri to allow me to suck your cock, to worship it with my mouth. You wave your hand, allowing me my pleasure to pleasure you, Sir.

You place your hands behind your head, fully relaxed, as my lips brush your cock, my breath softly brushing over your cock, I lovingly kiss it, savoring every bit as I make sure to kiss every millimeter of your cock, licking it, kissing it, blowing gently on your cock.

I look up at you as I worship your cock and I can feel it start to get hard in my hands. I keep going down until I am kissing your balls, lovingly licking them with my tongue; I gently suck them into my wet warm mouth. You are always so delicious.

I spend a little time with your balls before I kiss my way back up to the tip of your cock, where I notice a drop of pre-cum. I whimper as I see it form, my tongue sticks out and laps it up, straight from the tip. I then suck your cock into my wet warm mouth, my tongue rolling around your cock as I try to take as much into my mouth as possible.

I can feel the head of your cock hitting my throat and I gag just a bit, looking up at you. I come up for air, then thrust forward, my hands on your thighs, gripping them, as I take bahis şirketleri as much of your cock as I can, i can feel it hitting the back of my throat again, but this time I keep the pressure on and soon the head pops into my throat. I can feel your cock in my throat. I try to stay as long as possible, but I have to come up for air and this time you gather my hair into your hands and push my face back onto your cock.

Just as it breaches my throat again I feel you buck up, pushing your cock all the way into my mouth, and I moan around your hard cock, gagging a little bit, my eyes tearing up as I try to look up at you, my hands in a fist, trying my best not to try to push off of your hard cock.

You allow me up again to breath, but keep your cock at my lips, breathing hard on the tip of your cock, and then again you push me forward, then pull me back, until you are fucking my face, gently, tears running down my face. I try my best to beg you for your cum around your hard cock inside my mouth, but you know what I want, I want your cum, I want to taste it, to taste You.

I need your cum inside the body that you own. Looking down at me you move one hand to the chain around my throat, pulling on it, watching my eyes glaze over as you fuck my mouth, and you pull out just enough to cum on my tongue so that I can taste your seed as you flood my mouth with your cum. Moaning I lick every drop, cleaning you up as you pet my head, calling me your own good little slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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