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Double Penetration

It felt a little weird at first as she stretched the elastic around my back and it tightened around my body. It felt sexy in a way, knowing that what had held those sweet tits was now pressed and wrapped around my body. The panties that had been snug against the pussy I was enjoying now was against my butt and was holding my cock and was snugged against my balls.

My aching, hard cock buried inside her as I was laying there with her sexy panties and bra on. I had played with panties before. Even smelled a girls bra and tops for the sweet smelling perfumes that would linger in them after they had wore them but this was one of the first times I had both panties and a bra on and was the first time I had on a woman’s on while I was having sex with her.

With a smile on her lips she looked in my eyes. “Is this turning you on”, she asked. ” It sure feels like it, you feel so hard inside me and your nipples are so hard.” She reached down and started rubbing my nipples through the cups of her bra.

It felt so good. Buried inside her tight young pussy. Her lingerie that had been on her body now tightly fit mine. Even the colors look sexy on me.

I felt her hands reach up and laying them on both shoulders she held me down as she started riding my cock. I was barely able to reach down and put my hands on her hips but I did. They felt so sexy. Her skin so soft and she had some nice curves. She was a hot girl to start with. I had always had a crush on her as we grew up together. She wore some of the shortest shorts and some of her jeans I would wonder how she got them zipped they were so tight on her. She might not have had the biggest tits but she had a great ass and I always seen her panty lines showing.

I knew she wore mostly bikini panties since you could see the outline and of course I had the great opportunity that she had a laundry basket antalya escort in her bathroom that I was able to check out every time I came over.

“Have you done this before, I mean, wearing or playing with my panties,” she asked. “I just wonder what you are thinking about when you do it. Is it just a silky material on you or what?”

“Well, I some what….kind of….I guess.”

“It’s OK Chuck. You should know by now that I find it exciting since I am sitting on you with your very sexy cock inside me.” With that she sat down as far as she could get me inside her. Wiggled her ass down on top of me. I could feel her pussy molded to my cock inside it as she wiggled down on it. Her fingers playing with my nipples.

“Well, I kind of like the feel of the panties on me. They fit so much better than my underwear, I admit that. The elastic is so much softer and the material is softer. Even the cotton ones you have are softer material than mine. The nylon ones seem to mold to my cock and some of the new types are even thinner and silkier. The material is softer but it’s something about the fact that your body had been in them, the panties had been pressed against parts of your body that of course I enjoy and would want to be able to touch, taste, and of course I can smell you on the material. I even have had some after you took a shower I was able to get a hold of and they were still damp from being against your body and I could feel them pressed against my balls when I slipped them on.”

“Oh, so you have thought of having sex with me then?”

“Yes, even though we are related I have thought of you as a very pretty girl and I liked the way you dressed, the style of clothes you wear. The jeans you wear look so hot on your body, the tops you wear. Some of those loose soft tops that seem to hang away from your body when you lean over”, lara escort I kept talking as she wiggled down on my cock giving me time to regain my orgasm and slow down some.

“So you were looking down my tops when I bent over, I knew it”, she replied back. “I bet you looked up my skirts too when I sat down in the living room too didn’t you”, she asked me?

“Well, yea, at least a couple times. You had some cute ones and that’s what made me look in your laundry baskets, wanting to see what they looked like and dream of doing exactly this,” making a motion of what we were doing now.

She looked at me, “There was a couple times I hugged you when you were leaving and I thought you were hard, I mean, sometimes a girl can feel it if a guy is hard enough and you hug just right. I wondered what you had done to get so hard,” she said as she started lifting up and back down on my cock.

“Now I know…..MMMmmm, yes, I know and I like it too. Just keep going and I will let you do what you want with my things. This is very hot doing it with a guy who has dreamed of having sex with me. I never really knew what you were really doing.”

“I’m close Nicky”, I said as I felt my cock start to swell inside her. I’ve been told my cock swells enough as I get about ready to cum for a girl to feel it in her pussy and she looked at me and I could tell she felt it too.

“Wow”, she said as she started working my cock inside her. “I feel it getting bigger, Do it Chuck….YES…. Keep going…but not yet”, she said. “I feel myself getting close…wait just a little bit….Oh yes.”

I reached down between our bodies and could just barely get my thumb on her clit. As I was able to rub it I heard her take a deeper breath and shiver a little. She was getting close too. I knew I had to get her there quicker since I was just about side escort to explode. “Come on Nicky, I am so close. This feels so good and with your panties”…..That was about it. I exploded what I had left inside me. I kept rubbing her clit and heard her orgasm start as she leaned back a little and fell on my cock, buried it inside her as much as she could.

“Oh Nicky.”

“Oh Chuck.”

She fell on top of me. I could smell her hair beside my nose. Her body snug against mine. My hands softly rubbing over her body. Even though I enjoyed feeling a woman’s lingerie on their beautifully shaped body, hers felt so good right now. Over her back, down to her ass. I slipped my finger between her ass and over her ass hole and then barely able to feel my cock inside her pussy. I rubbed the lips of her pussy and could feel them tightly holding my cock inside her.

She finally sat up and looked at me. The panties I had on were now soaked with her juices and mine that were leaking out of her. She leaned over, slipped both of the cups to her bra over and kissed and sucked each of my nipples then slowly lifted up off my cock which was starting to shrink, got up and went to the bathroom.

I got up and fumbled with her bra and finally got it off and took her panties off, reached inside her drawer and grab a sexy red pair of silky bikini panties and slipped them on then my clothes. When she came out she walked up to me, grabbed the front of my jeans and as she pulled them away from my body she reached in with her hand and down to feel my now soft, spent cock inside the pair of silky panties and kissed me and talking her hand out she walked into the living room with everyone else and I followed.

After that every time I came over, if I would go into her bathroom I would find a freshly worn pair of panties lying on the floor that I would wear and usually return the pair I had taken the last time. Sometime getting either a good head job or giving her a good pussy eating.

We did this for a few years before we went our separate ways and every now and again we would see each other with some fond memories..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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