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As Wanda typed on her laptop in her home office, she heard Orlando’s keys opening the front door. She removed her microphone headset from her head and went to greet him.

“How was work?” she asked her husband before they gave one another a peck on the lips.

“Fine. Are you done with your work?”

“Almost. I have two more calls to make.”

“OK,” he said with a nod. Orlando then walked toward the kitchen to get himself a glass of bourbon as Wanda headed back to her home office to finish up for the day.


Orlando carried his glass of bourbon and read the news on his phone as he walked toward the table in the kitchen. It had been a couple of hours since he arrived home and Wanda was nearly done preparing dinner.

He sat his phone and drink on the table opposite Wanda’s phone and wine glass. He then carried and placed their dinner plates and salad bowls on the table as Wanda sat down to eat.

“We’re out of ranch?” Orlando asked as he examined his salad with vinaigrette dressing.

“We’re starting our diet this week. Remember?”

“Shit,” he said with an eye roll.

Wanda smiled as she took a bite of her salad and scanned an article on her phone.

Orlando sighed before digging into his salad and returning his attention to what he had been reading.


Orlando stood in front of the bathroom mirror in his t-shirt and pajama pants brushing his teeth as Wanda joined him. She stood behind him – wearing her pajama shorts and short sleeved, button-down pajama shirt – with her towel over her shoulder and her toothbrush in hand. She patiently waited as he rinsed and spit. He then wiped his mouth and cleaned the sink before moving toward the bedroom and leaving the water running for her.

Orlando sat in the bed and began looking for something for him and Wanda to watch on TV. A few minutes later she joined him.

“30 Rock?” she asked.

He offered her the remote, to which she declined. They then both grabbed their phones. Wanda started scrolling Facebook on hers while Orlando played a football game on his.

Several minutes later Wanda received a call. Orlando glanced at her.

“It’s Katherine,” she said.

“It’s late,” he said before returning his attention to his game.

“Hi, sweetie,” Wanda said to their daughter. “Is everything OK?”

A couple of seconds later Wanda sat up in the bed. Orlando saw the concern in her eyes and placed his phone on the end table next to his bed.

Wanda saw Orlando looking at her. She then mouthed to him, “She’s OK,” as she continued listening to Katherine.

“OK?” Orlando said. “What happened?”

Wanda held up her finger. She then spoke with Katherine for another couple of minutes before ending the call.

“Katherine’s in the hospital but she’s OK. She had emergency surgery today.”

“Surgery? Is this about her…”

“… yeah,” Wanda said with a nod. “She’s going to be on bed rest for a couple of months.”

Orlando let out a deep sigh. “Well at least she’s better now. Jim’s going to have his hands full, taking care of a wife on bed rest along with a wild toddler.”

“Yeah. About that,” Wanda said as Orlando’s brow rose. “Jim is on his way here with Kelly. They need us to keep her for them.”

“Oh… of course,” Orlando said. “We can watch her for… a few days. I guess we do that a couple of times a year anyway.”

Wanda pursed her lips as she looked at her husband.

“What?” Orlando said. “How long do they want us to watch her?”

Wanda winced. “A couple of months?”

Orlando stared at his wife in disbelief for several seconds before saying, “Months.”

Wanda nodded. “She will be on bed rest for six to eight weeks. And Jim has to care for her and work full time.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I mean… yeah. We’ll… do whatever we need to for Katherine to get back on her feet. We can handle her for… a couple of… months,” Orlando spoke as if trying to convince himself.

Wanda smiled at her husband. She then kissed him on the forehead before rejoining him in the bed.

Orlando felt numb as he contemplated life with a young child in the house for the first time in two and a half decades.


“Did you see the Chiefs game last night?” Bill asked as he sat behind his desk and double-checked the numbers in the spreadsheet open on his computer.

Dan – sitting in front of Bill’s desk with his own laptop open – said, “No. I don’t get into football until the playoffs.”

“Well, I think you missed Mahomes throw maybe the craziest touchdown in history.”

Dan smiled. “That guy is amazing.”

“Are you really talking football right now?” Orlando said as he stared at his employees from the doorway of Bill’s office.

Bill looked confused. “What?”

“When am I going to get that spreadsheet?” Orlando asked.

“Bill. You just called and asked me for it two minutes ago. You know it takes a little while to compile and double-check these numbers. That’s what Dan and I are doing now.”

“It sounds like you’re talking football.”

“We eryaman orospu numaraları always talk football in the office,” a perplexed Bil said. “All of us. Including you.”

“I need that spreadsheet,” Orlando said.

Dan and Bill stared at one another. Bill then glared at Orlando. “You’ll have it when we get done.”

Orlando slapped Bill’s open door as he turned to move back toward his office. The echo of his blow startled both Dan and Bill.

“What the hell was that?” Dan asked.

Bill paused for a few seconds. He then rose from his office chair. “I’ll be right back,” he said as he left Dan alone.

Orlando wore a scowl while typing on his computer as Bill entered his office. Orlando glanced at Bill before returning his attention to his monitor. “You have my spreadsheet?”

Bill closed the office door and sat down in the chair in front of Orlando’s desk. He stared at his boss for a few seconds before asking, “How are things at home?”

Without looking up, Orlando said. “I’m in my late 50’s and I’m raising a two year old who, for some reason, can’t sleep unless she is laying in bed between me and my wife. How do you think I’m doing?”

Bill nodded. “When is Katherine coming to pick her up?”

“I don’t know. It’s already been over two months. She was supposed to be better by now. Of course Wanda told her to take her time getting back on her feet.”

“Well, it was a serious surgery.”

Orlando’s head shot up from behind his computer. “You don’t think I know that, Bill?”

Bill held up his hand. “OK. OK. I know you know.”

Orlando allowed his hands to fall from his keyboard as he let out a deep sigh. “I’m sorry, Bill.”

“It’s been that bad?”

Orlando shook his head. “Not really. Kelly is a sweetheart of a granddaughter. She’s really no trouble. She’s a great kid. Except at night. She just can’t sleep by herself.”

“Yeah, that’s got to make it tough for you and Wanda to have personal time together,” Bill said as Orlando stared at him. “Oh… no personal time with the wife for… two months?” Bill said with a grimace as Orlando’s eyebrows rose. “Damn. That’s a long time without…”

“… pussy,” Orlando said. “Over two months without being able to fuck my wife.”

Bill gave Orlando a sympathetic look. “No wonder you’re in a pissy mood.”

Orlando sighed. “It hasn’t been great.”


“Look, the NVZ stock is going to soar or tank based on how we handle this project,” Orlando said as he stood in front of his group of four employees in the conference room for their Friday meeting.

Bill smiled as he turned toward his coworkers. “He’s being dramatic.”

“I’m being dramatic,” Orlando said with a grin. ” But this project is incredibly important for the future health of their company, so we need to lock in and get it right.”

A knock at the door drew Orlando’s attention to his new, young assistant, who was standing in the doorway. Stewart wore an atypically pleasant expression as he said to his boss, “Wanda is on the phone for you.”

Orlando paused, debating whether to take a break. “Let her know I’m in a meeting. I’ll call her back in 30 minutes.”

As Orlando turned back toward his other employees, Stewart, suppressing a smile, said, “Um… she said you would want to be interrupted for this call. I can transfer it to your desk.”

A confused Orlando stared at Stewart, whose giddiness belied Orlando’s normal instinct of concern that there was something wrong at home. He then looked at Bill, who shrugged.

“I guess I’ll be right back,” Orlando said before leaving the conference room for his office.

“Hey, honey,” he said to his wife over the phone as his brow continued to furrow. “Is everything alright?”

“Sort of. I’m lonely,” Wanda said in a low, sexy voice that didn’t register with Orlando.

“Um… OK. I’m in the middle of a meeting now and I have some work to finish. But I can leave early and the three of us can…”

“The two… of us,” Wanda said.

Orlando paused as his heart raced. “The two…? Katherine came and picked up Kelly?”

“No. Jim did.”

Orlando could hear the grin in his wife’s voice as his own smile stretched his cheeks. He thought about the importance of his meeting for a few seconds before shaking his head. “Fuck the meeting. I’m on my way home.”

Wanda laughed. “No, Orlando. Not here. I got us a hotel room downtown at The Peabody. I’ve already packed our bags.”

“What do we need clothes for?” Orlando asked as he cleaned off the top of his desk and put his files away in preparation to leave the office.

“We have to eat at some point, baby.”

“The Peabody has room service. Besides, I’m only hungry for one thing.”

Wanda giggled. “Well, why are you still in your office talking to me?”

Orlando’s smile grew as he and Wanda ended their call. Orlando then grabbed the one file he left on his desk and sped back to the conference room.

“Hi guys,” he said as everyone looked confused by his enormous grin. Orlando then walked over to Bill and placed ankara escort the file into his hand. Looking around the room, he said, “Bye, guys. Enjoy your weekend.”

“Orlando?” Bill said, standing up as his boss left the conference room.

“Sorry, Bill!” Orlando called out as he walked down the hall. “I have an appointment I can’t miss!”

Bill left the conference room and had to jog to catch up to Orlando before he exited the building. Grabbing him by the arm, Bill said, “What the hell, man? What’s going on.”

Still smiling, Orlando turned and grasped Bill by the shoulders. “Kelly has gone home.” Orlando then released Bill. Walking toward his car, he said, “I’m sure you can handle the rest of the meeting.”

As Orlando opened his vehicle door, he looked back at his chuckling colleague. Bill gave him a wave. Orlando raised his eyebrows a couple of times before climbing in his car.

While starting his car, Orlando heard his phone chime several times. He checked it to see that Wanda had sent him pictures of three pair of sexy panties that she owned – each laid out on the bed – along with a message:

Wanda: See anything you like?

Orlando could feel himself getting hard as he pictured his wife in each panty. He then remembered one that wasn’t pictured.

Orlando: What about the white lace ones with the flowers?

Several seconds later, there was another chime from his phone. His smile widened – and his dick further hardened – at the picture of his topless wife wearing the panties he described along with a message:

Wanda: You mean these?

“Damn,” Orlando said as he stared at Wanda’s fit figure and he grew uncomfortably stiff in his pants.

Orlando: What are you doing to me???

Wanda: Nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you

when we get to the hotel.

At the last message, Orlando put his car in drive and sped away from his office.


Driving toward the exit to the expressway – and trying not to drive too far over the speed limit, despite the urge – Orlando looked ahead to his right and saw a florist. He smiled and nodded to himself as he slowed and pulled into the parking lot.

“Hello, sir,” the young man behind the counter said as Orlando entered the floral shop. “May I help you?”

“I need a dozen roses. Fast.”

“Oh. OK,” the gentleman said, popping from behind the counter and moving swiftly toward the cooler.

As he quickly, but carefully, selected roses from a nearly full bucket, Orlando received a text:

Wanda: I’m sorry. I had to take off the panties you like so much.

Wanda: They were getting awfully wet.

Orlando took a deep breath and loudly exhaled.

Orlando: How wet?

Wanda: Wet enough that I’m having to text with one hand.

Orlando looked up from his phone at the young florist, who was nearly done picking Wanda’s flowers. Tapping his foot, Orlando asked, “Umm… how much longer do you think you’ll be?”

The young man closed the cooler door – the dozen roses in hand – and said, “I just need to trim them and wrap them and you’ll be all set.”

Orlando’s phone then chimed:

Wanda: I wish it was your hand instead of mine.

Wanda: Or your tongue.

Orlando looked back at the florist, who was running water over the stems in a large sink, and asked, “And how long will that take? I have to get downtown for a… I need to get downtown.”

“Well, don’t take the expressway,” the young man said. “There was a construction accident and it is pretty backed up. I would take the streets if I were you.”

“Damn,” Orlando said. “Going all the way down Poplar is going to take forever.

“Not as long as sitting in expressway traffic,” the florist said as he cut and capped the bottom of each rose. He then looked up from the flowers to see Orlando shaking his head with his eyes downcast before saying, “I’m sure she’ll wait for you.”

Orlando looked up at him. “Yeah, it’s my wife.”

“Oh, then you don’t have anything to worry about,” the florist said as he shook the loose water off of the flowers and moved them to the table for them to be wrapped.

Orlando sighed as he watched the florist. “It’s been two months.”

The young man’s mouth hung open. “Two months? Have you been out of town or something?”

Orlando shook his head. “We’ve been babysitting our young granddaughter while our daughter recovered from surgery. She slept in the bed with us the entire time.”

“Oh god. Well then, let me hurry up and get you out of here,” the florist said as he sped his prep of the bouquet of roses.

Orlando nodded. “Much appreciated.”


Orlando pulled out of the parking lot of the flower shop with Wanda’s roses in the back seat. Looking to his right, he could see the congestion on the express. He was immediately thankful to the young florist as he made a left on Poplar and began his trek downtown.

He hadn’t driven three blocks before traffic had come to a near standstill. “Really?” he said as he attempted to shoot the source of the stoppage.

Turning elvankent escort on the radio and tuning it to a local station, he quickly found that the stoppage on the expressway had flooded all major thoroughfares near it in the city. He was stuck.

His phone then rang. It was Wanda. “Hey, I just wanted to tell you I am running late. I’m stuck on the expressway.”

Orlando shook his head and chuckled. “Of course you are.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get to you soon. Just be glad I’m not on Poplar. I heard it’s backed up even worse than here.”

“Yeah. Well, guess where I am.”

“Are you shitting me?” Wanda said. “I figured you had beat the traffic and would be waiting for me in the hotel lobby.”

“Not quite,” he said as the cars in front of him inched along at an agonizing pace.

“Oh well. I guess we’ll just have to sit in traffic and entertain each other.”

Orlando shook his head. “This is frustrating. We finally got our freedom and now we have to deal with… what did you say?”

Wanda dropped her voice an octave as she said, “We’ll just have to entertain ourselves while we make our way through the traffic. I’m glad I wore a skirt.”

Orlando’s heartbeat sped thinking of Wanda’s fingers inching up her inner thighs. He struggled with whether to enjoy the fact that he could at least flirt with Wanda or give in to the frustration of being teased without being able to touch her.

“You’re making my dick ache,” he said, glancing down at how firmly his cock was pressing against the front of his khakis.

“Being hard inside your pants is making your dick ache,” Wanda said. “You should unzip them.”

“You want me to stroke myself in traffic?”

“If I can’t stroke you, someone should. I’m having to touch myself since you aren’t here with me.”

Orlando rubbed his throbbing shaft as he thought of his wife fingering herself. He then looked around at the drivers and passengers in surrounding cars, worried that they would see what he was doing. “Which panties are you wearing?” he asked Wanda.

After a giggle, she said, “Which panties do you think I’m wearing?”

Orlando’s head fell back as the pain of his constricted erection grew. He rubbed himself harder to sooth it as he thought back to the pictures of the three pairs of sexy panties his wife had sent him earlier. At that point, any one of them would have been fine.

“You sound like you’re struggling,” Wanda said.

Orlando grunted before saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard in my life.

“Oooh, poor baby. Does it hurt?”

“Yes,” he said as he continued to rub himself through his pants.

“Then release your cock from its prison and we can keep talking about which pair of my panties you want to push aside so you can see how wet you’ve made me.”

“Oh, god,” Orlando said as he quickly unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. When he pulled down the ribbing of his boxer-briefs the head of his firm shaft nearly hit the bottom of the steering wheel.

He let out a couple of deep moans as he stroked the length of his dick, relieving the ache it had endured while imagining himself plunging inside the soft, hot folds of Wanda’s wet pussy.

“Mmmm. Sounds like you’re ready to play,” she said.

Glancing to the cars crawling along on either side of him, Orlando said, “I just hope no one sees me in traffic holding my dick in my hand.”

Wanda chuckled. “Who cares, baby. Just listen to my voice and think about me. Think about how wet my fingers are. And how… oooh… how deep they are inside me.”

Orlando smiled thinking of his wife playing with herself in traffic. “You looked hot in those white panties earlier. It’s too bad they got too wet for you to wear them.”

“I guess I should have kept them on. These panties aren’t faring much better.”

Orlando reached a stop light as he continued to stroke his cock. Looking to his left, he caught the eye of a gentleman stuck in traffic next to him. The man shook his head and Orlando was immediately wary that his secret had been discovered.

The man then gestured toward all of the traffic. A nervous Orlando nodded and shrugged.

“Hello? Am I boring you?” Wanda asked.

“Uh… no, baby. No. Not at all,” Orlando said as the light turned green and his crawl toward downtown continued. He knew the irritation in Wanda’s voice wasn’t a good sign and he had no desire to fuck up his first time alone with his wife in two months. “I’m just wondering which panties you’re wearing now.”

“Guess,” she said, returning to her playful tone.

“Well, if it were up to me you wouldn’t be wearing any at all.”

“Good guess.”

Orlando’s eyes bugged. “Are you serious?”

“I had initially changed from your favorite white pair into my black thong. But since traffic is keeping us from one another, I decided to slide them off to make it easier to touch myself for you.”

The speed with which Orlando stroked himself increased as he pictured his wife sitting pantiless in the driver seat of her sedan. “Damn, baby. I wish my face was between your thighs right now.”

Wanda giggled. “I don’t think you’d fit down here. But if you could, I’d love to feel your tongue on my clit right now.”

“You like that, don’t you? When I massage and flick your clit with the tip of my tongue?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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