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My Husband was off to Delhi for a week. I have been planning to meet my boyfriend during my School days. We were in touch through Face book, even though we had not met for a very long time. I wanted to take this opportunity and meet him in person. I called him from my office and was already horny when I heard his voice. I asked him, if we could meet at the coffee shop near my office. He agreed to it eagerly.

I got there early and spied a nice table in the corner, so I quickly ordered my simple Coffee and slid into a corner table. I set my cup and saucer down in front of me on the pristine white linen table cloth that covered the small round table, and then leaned in to smell the single white rose in the glass vase that adorned the middle of my table. I smiled knowing he’d be arriving any minute. I couldn’t help but wonder how this was going to play out. He and I had been so attracted to each other over the last few weeks…would it translate in person? Would we be unable to keep our hands off each other? Or would the attraction prove imaginary once he arrived? I heard the bells on the coffee shop door jingle and looked up. I recognized that face immediately. It was him. He was here. My boy friend during my school days! We had been in touch through face book for some time now.

I stared at him as he scanned the semi-crowded cafe. Finally our eyes met. He smiled. I smiled. Oh yeah, the attraction was anything but imaginary. Sparks flew instantly, even from 15 feet away. I wanted to run across the restaurant and throw myself at him. Instead, I watched as he motioned to the coffee bar to place his order. I watched his every move…I watched him stand in line, order his smoothie since he didn’t drink coffee, then pay for it. I watched as he stood there waiting for his drink. My heart jumped as I saw him turn around and finally head towards me.

“Pooja!” he said warmly, greeting me as he set his beverage down and slid into the booth beside me.

“Suresh!” I exclaimed, leaning in and giving him a light kiss on his cheek. “Have a good drive?”

“Yeah, not bad. I’m just happy to finally be here…with you.”

“I’m happy you’re finally here…with me,” I said, giving him a wink.

“Damn, you look delicious,” he growled, giving me the once over, then slipping his arm around my waist and scooting me closer to him. “You don’t mind if I want you as close to me as humanly possible, do you? The last few weeks have been pure torture, as you know.”

I giggled. “I don’t mind a bit…as you know.”

“Those lips look mighty kissable.”

“You better test ’em out…ya know, just to be sure.”

He laughed, then reached up and brushed his hand across my cheek. He angled my chin upwards and leaned into me. Our lips lightly made contact. A wet heat immediately flooded my pussy. The passion, even in such a simple kiss, was undeniable. Our kiss got slightly deeper, became slightly more pressured before we parted and looked into each other’s eyes. “Wow,” he whispered.

“Yeah…wow,” I agreed.

Suresh leaned into me, brushed my long, dark red curls aside, and kissed my neck lightly. I shivered. I felt his hot breath against my ear. “Just for the record,” he whispered, “that one kiss left me dying to fuck you.”

I whipped my head back and looked at him. He had the slyest, most self-satisfied smile on his face. “Dick,” I mouthed.

“Speaking of dick, wanna feel mine? It’s rock hard.” Before I could even answer, he grabbed my hand, pulled it beneath the white linen tablecloth, and placed it on top of his pants where his cock was indeed hard as a rock.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned.

“Like what you feel, baby?”

“You know I do….”

“I wonder if I’ll like what I feel?” he pushed, taunting me. I knew he expected me to back down.

“You should check…and there’s no time like the present.” I said as I swiftly spread my legs wide beneath the table.

Suresh looked around the cafe at the other patrons. All were involved in deep conversations or surfing the net on their computers…not one was paying attention to us way in the back corner. “You’re gonna get us kicked outta here.”

“Are you saying you don’t wanna check?” I taunted back.

He turned towards me quickly and before I realized what he was doing, I felt his hand up my skirt. I purposefully didn’t wear panties, hoping this exact scenario would play out. I spread my legs a little wider and felt his finger against my slit. He leaned his face into my neck again. “I’ve been thinking about this very moment every day for weeks now….”

“Me too,” I breathed.

His finger ever so slowly travelled the path down the length of my soaked pussy. He reached the opening to my womanhood and without hesitation, pushed his finger inside me. We both exhaled loudly in unison. “Oh…fuck…yes….” he whispered. “Do you have any idea how good you feel?”

“I’ve felt me before,” I said, sarcastically.

“Fuckin’ tease,” he breathed against my ear as he brazenly sank his teeth into my neck. My entire body tensed up. He released his teeth from my skin and etimesgut escort sat up slightly. “Just for that, ya know what I’m gonna do?”

I looked at him curiously. “What?”

He leaned into my neck so very close to my ear. I could feel his hot breath against me again and that alone sent shivers up my spine. “You’re gonna cum for me…right here, right now.”

“Here? Now?!”

“That’s what I said,” he declared as he began to move his finger in and out of me slowly.

It felt so good that I closed my eyes and moaned. Quickly coming to my senses, though, I whispered, “I…I can’t, Suresh…not here….”

“You can and you will. I own you, remember?”


“Shhhh, no buts. You’re mine to do what I want with and right now I want my pussy to cream….”

The commanding tone with which he said it made me want to comply instantly. But the sensible part of me couldn’t help remembering where we were. “But what if someone sees us?”

“The tablecloth is completely covering you, trust me. I tried to look beneath it when I walked in the front door and could barely see your ankles,” he joked.

I giggled.

“Do you trust me, Pooja?”


“Then do as I tell you. Cum for me.”

I no longer resisted. I gave into him completely. As his fingers made their way back up my slit and rested over my clit, I looked up into his eyes. I found his gorgeous, baby blue eyes staring back at me. I started to look away, but he brought his hand up to my face and tilted my chin towards him. “Look into my eyes as you cum,” he whispered.

I stared at him, stared into him, as his fingers made slow, rough circles around my little clit. “God, you’re so fucking wet…. Oh….. mmmmmmmmmmmmhahhahah! “

My mouth dropped open. I could feel my orgasm approaching. I wanted to stop it. I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to hold out, make it last. But everything was happening so fast, and he felt so good, and I longed for him so much…I couldn’t stop myself. “Suresh….”

“Let yourself go, baby…look at me…let yourself go….”

I stared straight into his beautiful eyes and bucked my hips towards his hand slightly…and that’s all it took. A huge rush of an orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I shook and shivered right there at the table as his fingers eased off my clit. I could feel a wave of wetness soak my cunt.

To my surprise, he leapt up from the table. “Meet me in the Ladies’ Room in one minute.”


But he didn’t answer. I watched him walk towards the back of the restaurant and disappear. I waited the required 60 seconds and then proceeded to the Ladies’ Room as instructed. I knocked on the door. “Suresh?”

“Get in here and lock the door behind you.”

I was glad to see it was a single room with just a toilet and a sink…and most importantly, a lock on the door. I indeed locked the door then turned to see Suresh sitting on the tile floor. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked him.

“Get over here. I have to taste your cum. NOW!”

“Suresh, we can get out of here to your apartment!”

“Now, he said. C’mere.”

Again, something in his voice was needy, yet commanding. I wanted – no, I NEEDED to comply.

I walked towards him and straddled my legs on either side of his hips. He looked up at me and stared into my eyes as he lifted my skirt. “Damn…I can already smell you.”

“What’s the verdict?” I asked, grabbing the hem of my skirt and holding it up for him.

“I’m rock hard…and I haven’t even tasted you yet.”

“What’re you waiting for?”

“Mmmmm,” he moaned in agreement. I studied him…watched his every move. His hands moved up my legs, around to the backs of my thighs…his fingers sank into my ass as he pulled my hips towards his waiting mouth. His amazing eyes flashed at me just before I felt his tongue make contact with my wetness. I, in turn, leaned my head back and moaned loudly Oh…..mmmmmmmmmmmmhahhahah!, which only encouraged him. He covered my cunt with his entire mouth…buried his face in my slit. I could feel his tongue lapping at my pink flesh while his lips sucked my pussy lips. I’d never felt anything like it before in all my life. It felt like he was literally devouring me. I couldn’t have stopped myself if I’d tried…I started bucking my hips into him, fucking his face.

He stopped momentarily, only long enough to say, “That’s it, baby, don’t stop fucking my face…I’m gonna make you cum like you’ve never cum before!”

Breathing heavily, I looked down at him. His face was once again buried in my cunt, licking me, but his eyes were locked on mine. I grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head toward my cunt, and resumed fucking his mouth. “uh…uhh..mmmm…”; He moaned in approval. I reveled in his expert tongue lapping at my pussy lips…long, slow, endless licks that finished with him sucking the abundance of my wetness into his mouth and down his throat. He shoved his tongue inside me several times, stiffened it, let me ride it. He’d swirl it around my etimesgut escort bayan opening, taunting me. Finally, he sucked and nibbled his way up my cunt until he found my rock hard clit. His powerful tongue circled it a couple times, making me moan and buck faster. He held my clit between his teeth with gentility as his tongue pressed on it hard and licked at it furiously. My legs had already begun to shake when I felt two of his fingers shove their way inside my cunt. The pressure of feeling him inside me along with the glorious things his tongue and teeth were doing to my precious clit sent me over the edge. I bucked my hips into his mouth like a woman possessed, fucking his face with reckless abandon, until my juices were expended from my body, coating his entire mouth and dripping down his chin.

I felt so weak. No orgasm had ever left me feeling so…so…satisfied. All my muscles felt loose and tingly. Even my toes began to curl. Suresh must’ve sensed this because he scrambled up from the floor just in time to wrap his arms around my waist as my knees gave out on me. I looked up at him, eyes at half-mast, and smiled. He smiled back at me. “That was…wow,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“You’re fucking incredible, baby.”

“Me?! YOU!”

“My cock is so hard for you right now…I can’t get over how good you taste.”

I brazenly reached down and grabbed a handful of his cock through his jeans. He was indeed hard as a fucking rock. “Mmmm,……Oh…..mmmmmmmmmmmmhahhahah! ” I moaned. “I love doing this to you….”

“I love everything you do to me!”

“I haven’t even begun. Wait ’til you see what I can do with MY mouth,” I said matter-of-factly, winking at him.

“Oh? When do I find THIS out?”

Without hesitation, I reached inside his jeans, down his boxers and took his hardness in my fist. “How’s about now?”

“Oh god….”

I’d barely even done more than grip him in my fist and stroke him slightly, but I felt his entire body tense…his eyes closed and his lips parted. He looked so deliciously wanton. I knew this was my cue.

I took complete control now, removing my hand from his pants, turning him around, shoving him against the wall, and dropping to my knees. I didn’t hesitate for one second as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles along with his boxers. I did, however, hesitate when I saw his cock for the first time. I’d wanted it for weeks, but to see it now, in person, inches from my greedy little lips was almost more than I could take. It was the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. It wasn’t too big or too small…it wasn’t too long or too short…it wasn’t too thin or too fat…it was perfect…and it was mine…ALL mine.

I looked up at Suresh’s face. He looked so needy and lustful…even his breathing had become ragged. I stared into his eyes as I licked the few drops of precum that had formed on the head of his cock. He let out the deepest sigh of relief. His hand came down and caressed my cheek. I continued, swirling my tongue all around the head of his cock. His body tensed further. I knew I wanted to tease him for hours, but this wasn’t the time. He’d just brought me to two perfect orgasms and I knew he was in desperate need of his own release. I wasted no more time. I took him past my lips and down my throat, letting him sink balls deep into my mouth. He moaned loudly, his eyes closed, his mouth opened as he leaned backward and steadied himself on the railing behind him. His fists grabbed tight onto the metal bars until his knuckles went white. “Poojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaee….”

I slowly curled my lips around his cock and drew them backwards against his taut skin. My tongue swirled over his entire shaft, catching every nerve up the length of his dick as my teeth ever so slightly scraped him. I’d travelled up the entire length of his shaft…just before he was about to fall from my pink, pouty lips, I slammed my mouth down over his cock and took him into my throat once more. Again, a loud moan escaped his lips. “I can’t take it…I need more…. Oh…..mmmmmmmmmmmmhahhahah! I felt the large head of his cock reach the breach of my throat and pause each time before slipping in. My throat muscles worked on the head like a warm glove milking him. His breath was coming in gasps when I let his dick slip out again. My hand wrapped around his now wet cock and began to pump it. My soft lips sucked the swollen head.

I slowly pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up at him. “More?”

“More,” he growled, grabbing my arm roughly and pulling me to my feet. I was surprised at his sudden aggressiveness, though it instantly turned me the fuck on. He turned me back around and shoved me against the wall. Both his hands came up to my face and pulled me towards him for a rough, passionate kiss. His tongue roamed my mouth possessively, like he was taking ownership of me. One of his hands snaked downward – but to my surprise, it snaked downward past my pussy. He hooked his right arm under my left knee and forced my legs wide open escort etimesgut as he brought my knee up into the air. I was so lost in him, it didn’t even occur to me what he was doing. It wasn’t until I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my soaking cunt that I realized what it was he needed more of so desperately. Even as needy as he was, though, I knew he wasn’t going to go without teasing me…and I was correct. He pushed just the head of his perfect cock inside me and swirled his hips in a circular motion, studying my face.

“More,” I breathed.

“I want you to be desperate to have me inside you,” he teased.

“I am!”

“Tell me. Beg for my cock.”

“You’re really pushing it.”

“I’d rather be pushing my way inside that perfect cunt right now,” he breathed against my ear. “All you hafta do is tell me how bad you want it and I’ll fuck you until you can’t take it any longer.”

There was a knock at the door.

“One minute!” I yelled.

“Better hurry and tell me,” Suresh whispered. “Sounds like someone needs to use the facilities.”

Momentarily, I wondered how on earth he’d turned this around so quickly. He’d been desperate to fuck me and now, somehow, he was making me beg for it. It was so very…Suresh. There would be plenty of times to argue and tease and resist him later. Right now, though, I wanted to submit. I truly did need him inside me.


“Yes?” he asked, cockily.

“I need your cock inside me. Please….”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

“How bad do you want me?”


“Just bad?”

“Really fucking bad!”

“I’m not so sure….”

“Suresh! Please!”

“God, I love pushing your buttons,” he laughed.

“You’re too fucking good at –” my voice cut off as he shoved his cock roughly inside my waiting pussy.

He leaned in and lightly kissed my lips. Then, our eyes met. We wrapped our arms around each other and our hips started moving together in unison. His cock fluidly moved in and out of my soft, wet folds. We thrust into each other rhythmically…our need for each other evident in our lust filled eyes. His free hand came up and caressed my cheek lovingly. Our eyes closed and we leaned our faces down so that our foreheads were touching. I’d never felt closer to another human being in all my life.

His pace quickened exponentially and I followed suit until our bodies were slamming into one another in a twisted passion. We resumed kissing…our greedy tongues roaming each others’ mouths like we were trying to swallow one another. Suddenly he dropped my leg that had been locked over his arm and his hands went straight to my ass cheeks. “ohhhh damn… ohhhdamnnnn!!… he’s cumming! I can feel it!” He dug his fingernails into my soft flesh and pulled me hard onto his cock as he exploded inside me. As he continued bucking his hips, emptying every last drop of cum from his cock and into me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingernails down his scalp and across his neck. Finally, once he was drained, he brought his arms up, wrapped them around my waist, and held me tight to his chest as he buried his face into my neck. We stood there tangled up in each other, silent, for several minutes.

Finally, he looked up into my eyes with a serious look and said, “What if that poor woman that knocked on the door a bit ago is out there doing the pee-pee dance because we’re in here boffing each others’ brains out?”

I burst out laughing. “Wanna boff at your place instead?”


And with that, we pulled our clothes together, proudly walked out of the Ladies’ Room holding hands, passed the woman who’d knocked at the door, and headed to his apartment. Suresh drove me to his apartment and asked me to wait in the car for a few minutes, so that he can reach the apartment without others noticing us together. I took a stroll in the car parking for 10 minutes and reached his apartment # 308.

As I entered the apartment he was sitting in an overstuffed armchair in the corner, open windows on both sides, sheer curtains billowing. He was completely in shadow, only the moonlight reflecting off of his white shirt revealing the muscled outline of his chest. I closed the door behind me and moved slowly forward, my already sensitized nerves soaring into high gear.

“Stop right there, Pooja.” His voice was quiet, but firm in the silvery silence. I paused, a little uncertain. “Drop your purse there in the corner. Yes, that’s good. Now please take off your jacket.” Uncertainty coiled inside me, but finally, almost hypnotized by the smooth velvet voice, I let the jacket slide down my shoulders and tossed it over the dresser nearby. “Come here sweetheart.” Standing directly in front of his chair, I could see only that gleaming body of Suresh ready to devour me. What are we doing, I wondered, and my body temperature rose by at least 5 degrees.

“I want you to unbutton your top for me. Slowly. Yes, that’s it.” I almost bolted at this, nerves sizzling as I caught my breath, but he waited, unmoving, and that voice had its inevitable effect. My fingers were stiff, awkward, slipping buttons through button holes, one by one. “Now, pull it open. Slowly, sweetheart. That’s good. No, don’t take it off. Just take the ends and pull them back behind you. Tuck them into your waistband. Ah, yes. That’s gorgeous. Now come closer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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