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Chapter One:

It’s been a quiet week here in Pismo Beach. I’m still recuperating from my role as a glory hole stud. My friend, Lynette, asked me to entertain a lady from Iowa she had met. Lynette is the Assistant Manager at our local adult sex shop. She set her friend up in one of the video booths and had me stuff my cock through the glory hole from the adjoining booth. Marta, the Iowa cutie used her mouth and sweet pussy to coax two orgasms from me.

After my duties were completed, the three of us spent the remainder of that day back at Lynette’s house. We experimented with various positions and sex toys that Lynette owns. Suffice it to say the three of us enjoyed using butt plugs, strap-ons, vibrators, and for me a very tight cock ring. It kept my shaft hard enough to please both ladies several times. I was also able to use my oral skills to keep their pussies wet and flowing with cum.

I am dozing in front of my flat screen when my cell phone lights up and gets me to my feet. It’s Karen on the other side. She and I met a couple of months ago on Amtrak. We met in the Observation Car when she spotted me reading a James Patterson novel. Since he is one of her favorite authors, she sat down, and we struck up a friendly conversation.

As the train rambled through the High Sierra Mountains, I learned that she was on her way to Chicago to stay with her daughter and new baby granddaughter. At the time she was wearing a cute sweatshirt that read Grandmas Are Cool. I have to say she filled out that sweatshirt quite nicely. Her big tits stretched the material to the bursting point. Anyway, I was traveling to Denver to meet up with some high school friends that I’m hadn’t seen in many years. After enjoying a long conversation with Karen, where I found out that she is a widow living in Santa Clara, California, she asked me to join her for dinner. I gladly accepted.

Karen had reserved a sleeper since she was traveling for two days. This allowed her privacy to change clothes and when we met for dinner… Wow! She was dressed in a smart looking black dress, cut at mid-thigh. The front was low-cut and every time she bent over her breasts threatened to spill out. Karen displayed a lot of cleavage. I am sure it was for my benefit, because each time she caught me staring she flashed a knowing smile.

Dinner was lovely, and the wine was flowing. After dinner, we parted ways; she to her sleeper and me to the standard coach seat. As we walked back, I suggested that we meet again in the future, perhaps a camping trip to Big Sur for some great hiking and beach time might be fun. She responded That would be delicious. Let’s make plans.

I thought that would be the last time I saw Karen, boy was I wrong. Around 11:30 at night I felt a tap on my shoulder and awoke to find Karen standing over me wearing a light purple satin nightgown that left little to the imagination. She thought I would be uncomfortable sleeping in the chair all night and welcomed me to share her bed. At first it was just to sleep, but somewhere in the middle of the night we woke up with my hard-on pressing into her ass. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and that was the start of a beautiful night of making love. Actually, it was early morning around 2:00 AM. We were fueled in our passion by a couple in the sleeper next door who were very loud and fucking their brains out. That was quite an adventure, it was our adventure of “Riding the Rails”.

You can see why I am now incredibly excited that Karen is calling.

“Hi Karen, it’s so great to hear your voice again. How was your stay in Chicago? Did you enjoy your time with the grand baby?”

“Hi Rob, it’s so nice to hear you again too. I wanted to call sooner, but I just got home from Chicago. I stayed a lot longer than planned and was constantly busy with the kids. I didn’t want them to hear our conversation and then try to explain myself. But every day I thought of you and our special night.”

“It definitely was a special night. I keep playing it back in my mind, you are an incredible lover.”

“Well thank you and so are you. I might add you have a very talented tongue that I hope to experience again. I love Chicago, it’s such a lively city and so much to do. That’s part of the reason, I stayed so much longer. So many sites to see and especially nice to be with my granddaughter. She is so precious. So, remember when we talked about meeting up in Big Sur? I know it’s a couple of months later than we planned, but can we make it happen?”

“Geez Karen, do you even have to ask? Yes, we are going to make it happen. I’ll check out a few parks online and let you know what I find. I can pick you up and we’ll take the trailer down the Coast Highway.”

“Oh no Rob, that’s way out of your way, I couldn’t let you do that. Let’s meet in Big Sur and I’m sure we’ll have the time of our lives. I still can’t get the sounds of that other couple on the train out of my head. They got me so horny, well sincan escort you remember, we had quite the night ourselves.”

My cock is getting hard just speaking with Karen, “I’m sure we can recreate some of those sounds ourselves in my trailer, and we won’t have to worry about the neighbors hearing us.”

“Rob, you are bad, and I love it so much. You pick the spot and we’ll meet next Monday in Big Sur. I can’t wait. My vibrator is going to get a lot of use between now and then.”

“Well I’d better make that reservation right now, otherwise we’ll be burning up the phone lines with phone sex.”

“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing. But, you’re right, you need to make reservations right now. Text me with the details and I’ll be on my way.”

“Good night my love.”

Karen whispers a sexy, “Bye.”

My cell line drops off and I feel a bit of sweat on my brow, not to mention a raging hard-on. I’ll need to relieve this soon, but right now I need RV reservations. I surf the web for various locations in Big Sur. I have a few to choose from and spend time looking at the websites and reading reviews. Some are mega-expensive, and others are more reasonably priced. But that’s to be expected in this area along the California coast.

One RV Park has a great location close to the ocean, but it only garnered three stars on Yelp. I look closer and most of the negative reviews are about the size of the spaces and lack of amenities. The consensus is if you have a trailer over thirty feet, look somewhere else and if you have a motor home, don’t even bother. One positive review said the park overlooks Highway 1 with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. The grounds harken back to the hippy days of the 60s and 70s when Big Sur was the capital of free love. But don’t expect the luxuries found at most RV resorts.

Well, this sounds intriguing as I only have a 25-foot trailer and I don’t need any resort amenities. I have a queen size bed and room to share it with Karen. That’s all I need. The view of the Pacific Ocean is a definite plus. Upon further inspection, this park doesn’t even have a website, only a phone number to call.

I make the phone call and speak to a lady with a quiet, unassuming voice. I ask about pricing, the sites and layout of the facility. She relates that it is a small park with only fifteen sites, currently there are plenty available for the following week and the price is a steal for the area. In the back of my head, I think that something might be amiss, but I go for it anyway. After all Karen and I might never leave my trailer. I provide my registration details and credit card number. I ask for the confirmation number and she says she doesn’t have one, she just writes names on a sheet of paper. This place is definitely low tech. Then she adds you can have number five for a number and laughs. Well, I guess I am rolling the dice on this place.

I text Karen and let her know we are set for the week, Monday through Friday, and send her the address. She texts back that she forgot about an appointment on Monday but will arrive first thing Tuesday morning. She added… don’t go looking for any company on Monday, I want that hard cock all to myself for the week. Well, this hard cock needs relief right now, so I am off to find my Fleshlight.

Chapter Two:

The road to Big Sur winds along the California coast with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. As I approach the RV Park near McWay Beach, I nearly pass it by. There is only a small handmade sign posted on the side of the road pointing to a narrow dirt path. This is not your typical resort. I pull my rig along the dirt path 500 yards until I see a log cabin with a sign stating ‘office’. A quick look around affirms this is no resort, however I do see several spaces that contain electric and water hook-ups.

I step inside the office and am greeted by a lovely lady wearing a colorful caftan with long straight hair highlighted by strands of grey. My first impression is that she is a child of the sixties generation. Her broad smile covers a face devoid of any makeup. She picks up a clipboard and studies the sheet of paper.

“Welcome, you must be Rob. You are the only one scheduled to arrive today. I’m Ginger the owner and official greeter.”

I extend my hand, “Hi, I am indeed Rob. This is a lovely setting; however I almost drove right by it. You are definitely secluded back here.”

Ginger laughs, “Yes we are, we’re a wonderful secret for only a select group. If you want to experience what it was like back in the 60s and 70s, this is the place. My parents built this cabin as part of a commune back then; complete with hot tub and private beach. I really hope you’ll enjoy your experience. We only have four reservations for this week, so drive around and pick any open space, just come back and let me know which one you pick.”

“Thank you Ginger, I will. This all seems very informal, you sincan escort bayan don’t have a web presence, confirmation numbers, assigned spaces. I love it already. Oh, by the way, I’ll be joined by my lady friend tomorrow morning. Her name is Karen.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for her. But for now, just pretend you’re back in the free love era, and you’ll have a great stay. If you need anything at all, just ask, I live right here in the cabin.”

I head out to look for a space along a circular drive, wondering what Ginger meant by I’ll have a great stay if I pretend. I see the other three RVs settled in the park; they are spread out around the circle. I spot an open space to the left of a hiking trail that looks promising. As I drive around the circle, I pass a small Airstream. An older lady standing next to the door, smiles and waves. I wave back and do a double-take as I realize she is topless. Her pendulous breasts sway back and forth with her movement. I’m beginning to wonder just what is going on here.

I settle into my space, level my trailer and hook up my water and electric. I look over to the Airstream and the lady baring her tits has vanished. I begin to think I imagined it. Maybe I’m just too wound up over the prospect of being with Karen again. Speaking of which, I text her that I have arrived and let her know about the near hidden entrance to the RV Park.

I set up a couple of my camp chairs and grab a beer to sit outside. A warm mid-May breeze flowing out to the ocean presents a perfect day to relax. I stare out to the blue sea just beyond the coastal highway and contemplate Karen’s arrival. My sunglasses cut down the reflective glare.

I’m wistfully thinking about Karen when I hear a door slam. I look back to the middle of the park where the sound came from and see the lady with the Airstream walking toward me. Oh my god, she is topless. I wasn’t hallucinating after all. As she gets closer, I get a better view. She is wearing a tie-dye skirt that reaches the ground and is holding a glass of wine. Her breasts are large with some sag, much like Karen’s. They swing to and fro with each step and look very alluring. Her thumb size nipples are centered within wide, light pink areole and appear to be quite erect.

I wonder if this is what Ginger meant by the free love era. This pretty lady doesn’t bother to cover up, rather she seems very nonchalant about being topless. I stand as she walks right up to me and extends her free hand.

“Hi, I’m Audrey. It’s nice to meet you, isn’t it a lovely day?”

It’s a good thing I’m wearing my sunglasses, otherwise she would see my eyes bugging out. I force myself to look her in the face, however, behind my sunglasses, my eyes dart up and down her perfect form.

“Hi, I’m Rob. It’s nice to meet you too. I love your Airstream, they are so nice. Have you had it long?”

I offer Audrey a chair to sit and try to keep the conversation light in order to keep my cock in check. Audrey smiles and takes a sip of wine. As she lifts her hand to her mouth, I stare at her hanging tits with the erect nipples. I wonder if the breeze is keeping them hard.

“I’ve owned it for a couple of years; I bought it used. Ginger found it for me. One of her regular campers moved up to a brand new 35-foot Airstream and I was able to get a real deal on it. I don’t know many people who can afford a new one. Unfortunately, that couple can’t stay here anymore. Their new rig is too big for the park.”

“No, I don’t know many people who can afford one either. It looks like yours fits nicely in that space. So, you know Ginger? She seems like a nice lady.”

Audrey stretches her shoulders back which makes her boobs push forward. I enjoy the view and I sip my beer while she speaks.

“Yes, she is. We were college roommates back in the late 80s and have remained best friends since then. She lets me camp here at a reduced rate, but don’t tell her I told you”

Audrey laughs, and her tits shake back and forth. She continues talking as if it is quite natural for her to be topless. Uh oh, I feel my cock begin to stir. I hope I can keep it in check while we chat.

Audrey continues, “I love this park. The ocean view is spectacular, and the beach provides a lot of privacy. Ginger inherited the property from her parents and she is trying to maintain it like it was in the 60s and 70s. Have you seen the hot tub yet? It’s a real throwback.”

I take another sip of beer and stare, “No, not yet. I thought I’d rest a while and then look around. It sure is peaceful.”

“It’s very peaceful. Are you camping here alone?”

I realize Audrey sees only me and I think about what I should say, but I must stay true to Karen.

“I am tonight, but I expect a lady friend to join me tomorrow. We have reservations for the next five days.”

Audrey grins, “Well, if you are free this evening, I would love to have you over for dinner. escort sincan I’m cooking spaghetti and garlic bread. You can see the inside of the Airstream. I made a few changes to the interior with Ginger’s help.”

I let Audrey know that would be wonderful and thank her for the invitation. I ask her if I can bring anything and she says no, just my lovely personality. She stretches once again and tells me that she is going to grab a nap before dinner.

“Come on over around five and we’ll share a bottle of wine before dinner. I’ll give you a quick tour and then we can indulge ourselves in pasta. I’m so glad you found this little slice of heaven, Rob.”

I smile and think to myself, not as much as me Audrey.

Audrey takes a final gulp of wine and clinks her empty glass against my bottle of beer. She turns and walks back to her trailer. As she heads to her Airstream, I look down and see my shaft pressing against my shorts. My bulge is readily apparent and I’m sure Audrey noticed. I keep my eyes glued to her svelte form until she opens her Airstream’s door and slips inside. I need to slip inside my trailer and take care of a hard cock. I hadn’t planned on masturbating so early today, but then again, I hadn’t planned on seeing Audrey’s boobs either.

As soon as I shut my trailer door, my shorts come off and I hop up on my queen size bed, cock in hand. I grip my dick with my right hand and stroke. A mental picture of Audrey has me at the point of no return. I picture her perfect swaying breasts and hard pink nipples. I tighten my grip around my throbbing shaft and erupt. Several thick ropes cum launch up in the air and land on my belly. A few more spurts dribble onto my fingers as I pump through a very satisfying orgasm. I raise my hand to my nose and inhale. I love the sweet smell of my cum. I think to myself Karen cannot get here soon enough. I wish she was here right now. I doze off to a picture of Audrey’s tits covered in my semen.

After a quick snooze, I am totally refreshed and cleaned up by five to five. Even though Audrey said I didn’t need to bring anything to the party, I feel obliged to add to tonight’s dinner. At precisely five o’clock, I knock on the Airstream door with fresh strawberries in one hand. Audrey opens the door and invites me inside. I can smell the marinara sauce simmering on the stove. I present the fruit and am rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.

“I told you to only bring yourself, but the strawberries are a welcome addition. Thank you so much. Come in and look around. Tell me what you think.”

By the way, Audrey is no longer topless, although she might as well be. She is still wearing her tie-dye skirt, but now she has added a pink sleeveless tee that does nothing to hide her stiff nipples. I can see the faint outline of her wide areole through the thin material, but her nipples are on high beam. I’m not complaining.

“Ginger thought it would be fun to go retro with the interior, so I chose some colorful paisley material for backsplashes in the kitchen area and bathroom. We replaced all the door handles and fixtures with bronze accents. And you see the shag carpet. Take your shoes off and tell me what you think. It’s so soft, isn’t it?”

I kick off my trainers and slide my toes through the soft floor covering.

“Audrey this is so nice. Your trailer has an ambiance of 70s hippy. It reminds me of some of the vans from back in the day.”

“I know, doesn’t it? Well dinner is almost ready, would be a dear and pull the garlic bread out of the oven while I dish up the spaghetti. I poured us some red wine to complement our meal. Let’s dig in.”

Earlier, I was so transfixed by Audrey’s tits, I didn’t get a true vision of her facial features. She is strikingly beautiful with full pouty lips, sparkling green eyes and a cute dimple on her left cheek. It appears every time she smiles, which is often. Her dirty blond hair cascades down to her shoulders. I’m sure the hair color is from a bottle, since she and Ginger were in college during the late eighties, which puts them in their late forties or early fifties. I’m not going to ask.

We trade many stories as we eat. Audrey asks about Karen and how we met. I tell her all about our meeting on the train but leave out the sexual details. She is a nurse and works four days on and four days off. This provides a regular routine for her RV adventures, but she admits most of them are right here in the park.

Audrey inquires, “Did you get a chance to see the hot tub?”

I admit that I did not, and that I chose to take a little siesta before dinner. Of course, I didn’t elaborate on masturbating with images of her big breasts floating through my head.

“I’ll take you down to see it after dinner. Ginger said she would be there this evening, soaking her tired bones.”

Dinner is delightful, and I tell Audrey that she outdid herself. There is a bit of a sexual vibe, as Audrey’s nipples remain erect all the way through dessert. I offer to help with dishes, but she will hear nothing of the sort. She said the dishes will soak in the sink and we can go soak in the hot tub.

‘Rob let’s go down to the hot tub and find Ginger. She keeps towels down there, so you don’t need to take anything.”

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