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Creamy Cum

Chapter 3: A Taxi named “Desire”

Once again, We walk. Your arm snaked round my waist, mine around your shoulder. We come to the Banks of the River. The lights reflect from the far side, shimmering over the Inky blackness. So VERY romantic. I slip my Leather Coat over your shoulders and, grasping it by the Lapels, pull you to me. Kissing you, Sincerely! We walk further along the River. Alone with only other Lovers around. I buy you a Single Rose from a Street Lady. Kisses, touches, outlines, gropes, sneaks, teases, and finally, a full on frontal, “Melt me to the core”, embrace. You whisper to me the words I want to say to YOU. “Lets make Love!!”

I raise a Taxi, opening the door to watch you slide over behind the driver. “Marriott!” I say, sliding close to you. As our lips touch, my hand slides up your thighs. You spread them for me invitingly. Your smile encouraging, silently wishing me to challenge you. I turn, and speaking to the Driver through a window, hand him a Hundred and request of him, “Take the scenic route down St. Charles Avenue, Close this window and aim your rear view mirror UP! Turn around at Tulane.” He chuckles and complies!

Turning back to you, we are as alone as you can be on St. Charles. I slide to my knees on the Taxi’s floor. You lean back, moving your right foot up onto the seat. Your heel digs in. Your eyes are gleaming, your smile resplendent! I begin to kiss your ankles. My tongue swirls in tiny circles up your calf. UP it trails! Past your knee. You lay the Rose across your lap and hike your skirt invitingly. Your eyes shining at me, your hips settling. You prepare for me as I kiss and lick across your thighs. Your fingers reach down, pulling your Thong to one side as your fingers make a “Veer” and spread your sweet Pussy lips for me. You stretch the hood so it exposes your clit. I stretch my tongue out as far as I can, carefully extending the very tip, wanting you to see the moment that it touches you. Your eyes are keen in anticipation. keçiören escort You moan my name as the contact is made. You watch as I show you my curling tongue, forming a tiny, Pink, Wet slit. You know what I am going to do to you! Your fingers go through my hair, pushing my face down, and as I suck your clit into my tongue, your head rolls back onto the seat.

The scent of the Rose, traces to both of us. I moan your name into your crotch. You moan Mine to the world.

As I suck in your clit, your head rolls. You take in the outside world seeing an Antique Streetcar go bye the opposite direction, full of silhouettes. Revelers headed for “The Quarter”! As I spread the inner warmth from your core to the rest of your body, you enter an almost “Dream” state. Old Mansions go past. Stately! Framed by Large, overhanging Trees. Hanging heavy with moss. You feel my hand slide to your nipple, pinching it lightly, circling it. My other hand joins my tongue. My fingers teasing the surrounding flesh. You pull my upper hand to your mouth, then wanting the other. You taste yourself there, knowing what is intoxicating me. Your Teeth scrape across my finger and you suck on it, your tongue rolling round it. Your mouth spurs me on! My finger slides into you. Probing it deep, your dampness flows over it. My face is getting wet. The Driver turns around at the University, and you catch his face in his side rear view mirror. He winks at you! In your rising fever, you smile back. EVERYONE is falling in Love with you tonight!

My tongue goes deep into your pussy and my finger draws your moistness between the cheeks of your ass. You are soaking wet…EVERYWHERE! I quicken my pace, and pulling my upper hand from your nipples, it joins in the communion I am performing at your Mons and you continue to squirm.

I look up to you and your hands frame my face. Your fingers stroking my ears. So gentle. So loving. I go down. I want your cum! I need to show you keçiören escort bayan what you mean to me. You scoot down in the seat a little as your hips begin to undulate. Your right leg goes over my shoulder, your Spike heel digging into my back. Pulling me into you, urging me! Your back arches as your hands and hips become more insistent. Your hips begin to buck and your pelvis begins to pound my face. Your gonna knock my teeth out!! I festoon my face on your clit, Sucking. I drive my finger DEEP inside your pussy, twisting my wrist as I pull it out. Only to jamb it back into you! You grind at me. Groaning! Moaning! Calling to me, “BAYYBEEEeeeeeee!!” You begin to raise your hips and bucking uncontrollably, clutch at me.

I see us turn onto Canal Street and support your ass with my hands. Sucking, licking, and sticking my tongue into you. You try to pull away but I hold you, suckling hard on your clit and reaming your wanton hole with my two fingers. Stretching you! With a muffled scream, you convulse. Your pussy muscles spasming. Suddenly, it is like a breaking water balloon and you soak me. Soak yourself, and the seat in your cum. Your back stays arched as your ass muscles tremble in my hands. Your hips writhing to my lips. Your pussy muscles fibrillating, quaking as I ease my suckling. I smear your cum down over your puckered, sweet ass and flick it lightly. You let out a low ~Sigh~ as your wrist pushes back your hair from your forehead. Your breathing heavily as I slide you up in the seat. Supporting you. Nuzzling you, kissing you, loving you! Your face looks fevered, your voice low, humming a far away sound.

We pull into the Marriott’s Driveway. Your face flushed, your heart obviously STILL racing. I want to cuddle you, to tell you what you mean to me, but there isn’t time. I get out my door, watching you rest your head on the seat back as I walk around. I hand the smiling Driver another Forty and beat the Valet to your door. As escort keçiören I help you up, the Valet’s mouth falls open. He’s thunderstruck by your beauty and bearing as your parting, wet thighs give him a glimpse. You support yourself on my arm and we head for the Door. I swear that you recover enough to shake your ass a bit for the Driver and Valet. You turn, and smiling, give the Driver a blown kiss and a little wave. He winks back and smiles as as we enter the Lobby, knowing we were the ride of the night!!

As we enter the Lobby, I watch as heads turn to devour your image. Good GAWD Baby! You are setting this place on FIRE!! We saunter to the Elevator. From the looks I see in a side mirror, EVERY man in the room is watching as you glide bye and then stand, your luscious ass muscles rippling under your dress. The vehicle arrives, and a pair of young men rush in with us. Pushing our floor’s button, I glance back at them, catching them ogling your tight ass..

“GENTLEMEN?” I say in my deepest baritone. They look up, Guilty!! BUSTED!!!

“HUH??” they return..

“What FLOOR, Gentlemen?”

“Fourth!” “Tenth!” they say in unison, nervously looking at one another.. Raising to my full height, I glare down at them, then push the button for “10”, adding “You boys will enjoy as LONG a ride as possible!”

You just SMILE at me,, then turning to grace them with the SAME gorgeous grin..

Breaking the Ice, you ask them, “Been having fun tonight guys?”

They BOTH nod in unison, until the bravest of the two blurts out, “That was you on Johnny White’s Balcony Wasn’t it?” Their eyes are agleam.

Your resplendent smile answers them, as you reach out and take my hand. As the door opens for us at our Ninth floor, and we begin to step out, they say as with one voice, “THANK YOU!!!”

You grace them with ONE last beaming, incandescent smile that melts them.

After the door closes, and we are on our way to bed, we hear their hoots and whoops as the elevator continues up. Reaching our door, you take the key from my hand, bending to unlock the door, wriggling your ass against my STILL hard cock and opening it, turn to slip your arms round my neck, kissing me as you push the door open behind you, whispering to me, “Now is YOUR time Daddy!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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