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I was waiting nervously for the office to clear out. Once it was clear, I pulled out my sleeping bag that I had hidden in one of the unused cabinets.

It was 2 weeks ago that I became homeless. Well it really started 6 months earlier. I was in a long term relationship with Jane and we decided to get our own place. It was going to be a lot more expensive but if we pooled our resources we could afford to rent our own place. We were doing well and making ends meet. But when you move in together you notice things you never did before. The truth is I was a bit of a slob. I did not clean up much and I played video games most of the time. 2 months after moving in together we would often get into arguments and it was usually due to my behaviour.

As you can predict we ended up breaking up. The only problem was the lease was on my sole name and I was stuck with paying it. But I was not earning enough to live there so I skipped a couple of months’ rent and I was duly evicted. And now here I am sleeping in the office mail room.

My biggest problem is that I never graduated high school. If you come from the Indian community you will know the shame that this would bring on most parents.

I was raised by my grandparents as my parents died a few months after I was born. My grandparents were elderly and I left high school to look after them.

But the problem with no education no matter the noble reason for not completing it is that it limits the jobs you can work in. So I found myself working in the mail room of the finance firm and sleeping on the floor at night.

I was getting down to sleep when I all of a sudden heard the lights come on. The lights are motion sensor triggered and I panicked. If I was caught I would be fired. I hoped it was someone picking up a file they forgot.

I tried to remain as quiet as possible. I moved slightly back to try and hide under the table just in case someone felt the need to enter the mail room. But in doing so I knocked the table and it produced a bang sound.

I mouthed to myself, “You bloody idiot.”

I froze as I heard the person all of a sudden stop walking. They then began walking towards the mail room, “Hello? Is anybody there? I am calling security.”

I panicked and I got up hitting my head against the table and letting out an audible “Ouch.”

The light in the mail room came on and in walked the CEO, Shannon McTierney. Shannon was late 30’s and she was known as a tough fiery redhead. I thought that was it, I would not survive this.

She looked shocked, “Mother of God. You scared the bejeesus out of me. What are you still doing here?”

She had a slight Irish twang in her accent. She then noticed the sleeping bag and her tone was sterner as she asked, “What is your name?”

She clearly did not have time to learn the names of the nobody’s in the post room but at least she recognised my face, “Anand, Miss.”

She looked at me sternly and said, “Get your things and come with me.”

She seemed irate and said, “Do you know how many laws you have broken? This is breaking and entering. Trespassing. I will take you to the police station myself.”

I followed her to her car in the parking lot. I thought about running but she had all of my details. I did not want to make it worse. I was desperate to find a way out and I tried to beg for mercy. I’m not proud to admit this but there were tears in my eyes. As she began to drive I began to cry and told her my story about my parents and being evicted. I told her I was only 20 and trying to find my way. She seemed to ignore my pleas and said, “You are an adult now though.”

We got to the Police Station and I was still bawling my eyes out. I began hyperventilating. She looked at me with pity and finally said, “I won’t report you but you cannot do that again. Where do your grandparents live?”

She put her hand on my shoulder calming me down and I was still sniffing and said, “They died last year.”

She asked, “Do you have anywhere else to go? I can’t leave you on the streets.”

I said, “Ma’am I have nowhere else to go. I am happy to sleep on the streets if it means not going to prison.”

She looked at me with sympathy and held my hand, “I will help you tonight but tomorrow you need to find a place to live.”

I expected Shannon to drop me off at work to sleep in the mail room but she was driving into a suburb and parked in a drive to a large house.

I looked at her in surprise. She said, “I have a spare room and you can stay here tonight but tomorrow you will need to leave. But you must not mention this at work.”

I was overjoyed and I could not hide the smile. She didn’t seem pleased with the arrangement and seemed to be doing it out of sympathy.

She took me to my room, “You can take this room. It was my son’s but he is living in Berlin now. Don’t get comfortable, you need to leave tomorrow.”

I looked around the room and her son seemed to be the same age as me. His room seemed to be stuck from his teen years. çankaya escort He listened to similar music. Indy Rock. He had similar video games. I had to find a way to stay here as long as possible and knowing Shannon had a son my age who was no longer living with her gave me an opportunity.

I learned my lesson from my last flat mate to not be a selfish slob and especially in these circumstances I wanted Shannon to have no reason to throw me out. I had to find a way to stay as long as possible.

I went to bed pleased to have a bed to sleep in rather than a sleeping bag. In the morning I woke up early and cleaned up the room and got my things ready to leave although I planned on finding a way to stay. I then also cooked breakfast for Shannon and brought it to her in bed.

I knocked on her door and said, “I am sorry if I woke you. I cooked breakfast for you just to say thank you for last night.”

I could hear her stir and she said, “I will be down in a few minutes.”

I said, “I have brought it up for you so you could have breakfast in bed. I can leave it outside.”

She seemed slightly groggy as she had just woken up, “It is ok. Just bring it in.”

I opened the door and walked in. To my surprise Shannon looked absolutely beautiful. She always had her hair in a bun at work and had a stern reputation but her red hair was flowing and she looked beautiful. The slight freckles on her cheeks were more obvious without the make-up. She was a natural beauty. She was wearing a negligee that showed off her beautiful cleavage. It was out of place and revealed more than it usually would. I could not take my eyes off her.

I was struck for a second and must have looked dumbfounded when she interrupted me and said, “Well?”

She sat up and I put the tray in front of her. I had made a granola and yoghurt breakfast and also a smoothie. I used what I could find in the kitchen. She said, “Not much cooking then.”

I was nervous and said, “I am sorry I just put it together from what I could find.”

She laughed at my nervousness, “Thank you. It is very thoughtful.”

I was at the doorway when I asked, “Can I ask a favour?”

She looked up and said, “Not turning you into the Police and the free bed not enough?”

I didn’t mean to seem ungrateful, “I am sorry. I just want to find an apartment today but they are across town. Can you drive me?”

She let me stir for a minute and then said, “I will if it means getting you out of my hair.”

We went later in the morning. I had deliberately picked viewings that either I would not be approved for or I was hoping she would not be pleased with.

The first viewing was in an upscale area and was a shared apartment. I wanted to involve Shannon in the process and asked her for her opinions. I was spending the day with her and I hoped it would give us an opportunity to open up.

She was pleased with the apartment but we both knew it was out of my price range and I failed the credit check as expected.

The next apartment was in a seedier part of town and I hoped she would object. I asked her for her opinions and she wasn’t enthusiastic about it but seemed to agree that it was all I was likely to afford. It was a cockroach and rat infested apartment and was not fit for human habitation. I passed the credit check but Shannon felt uncomfortable in the apartment and did not like it. Before I signed the agreement Shannon said we should see the last apartment before we agree anything.

On the drive to the next apartment Shannon said she did not want me to take the second apartment as it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. The drive to the next apartment was long and it gave us an opportunity to talk. Shannon began to open up as we talked about the apartments. I then asked about her son and if she helped him find an apartment in Berlin. She just said, “It was complicated. I don’t think he appreciated me making these decisions for him so he left for Berlin to study.”

This was my opening and I was going to take it, “Well I appreciate you making these decisions for me today.” I saw a smile light up her face and I saw an opportunity for myself.

She then took me to the last apartment and it was in a nice neighbourhood but it would be a 3 hour commute to work. I was borderline for the credit check but I passed but before I could sign Shannon pulled me to the side and said, “The commute is too long. Don’t sign the agreement.”

I objected, “I need to. I have no other option.”

She said, “But you do. You can stay with me for the next week and may be a better option will come along.”

It was working out how I planned it. The experience helped us bond in an unexpected way. She looked out for me the way she would have her own son and that created trust between us.

A week turned into 2 and then into 3. I kept up the hard work of an attentive housemate but my old slob ways were creeping in. The room was becoming more and more untidy. I was taking breakfast escort çankaya to Shannon one morning when she said, “You have been here nearly a month. You know you can relax more. You are a young man and I know no young man is this attentive. You can be yourself more. You haven’t touched any of the video games or played the music. Just be yourself.”

She didn’t know she was playing with fire. I knew what kind of a monster housemate I could be. But it was true that I did begin to slack off.

I began to play video games more at all hours of the day and Shannon would clean up after me. The dynamic had changed and she picked up more of a mother role.



There was something about Anand that reminded me of my own son. I knew how boys could be and he was trying so hard but I wanted him to relax and treat the house as his own.

He had been here for almost a month and I had grown used to him. I missed my son and it was nice having another young man in the house. I had fallen out with my son before he left as he felt I was overbearing. He seemed to want to get away from me and moved to the other side of the world. I was hurt by what he did as I had sacrificed my love life for him for the last 19 years as I concentrated on raising him as a single mother and focused on my career.

Anand seemed to appreciate my caring nature and it encouraged me to look after him in a way that he was my own son.

I began to clean up after him and take care of him. I tried to keep my distance at work as I did not want to lose my reputation as a tough boss. But my house felt more of a home with Anand.

We were able to find a role that worked for us. At work I was the boss but at home I took a more nurturing role with him. I felt a responsibility to guide him on to the correct path as I believed he needed a guardian figure to nurture him. He also helped fill the hole left by son leaving for Europe. I found it difficult to initially cope and I felt abandoned by the person that I had given the most to. I was more hurt that he did not try to stay in contact with me once he had left.

Anand had been with me over a month now and he seemed more comfortable in the house. He would spend most of his spare time listening to music or playing video games. But we also spent time together and that was important to me. I was growing really close to him and I could not imagine him leaving.

I became pregnant at the age of 18. I was young and I was lost in teenage romance. I never thought about Planned Parenthood. My parents were Catholics and I had to keep the baby. The father was not interested in raising a child and dumped me as soon as he discovered I was pregnant.

At 18 I was a single mother raising a baby. My love life took a back seat as I prioritised my son and building a career. It was tough going to college and also raising a son.

As the years passed by I had a few relationships but nothing serious enough for me to introduce them to James. There was nothing that lasted beyond a few months and I did not want James to have male role models coming and going from his life. I had put him first and that is why his betrayal dug so deep.

I still had strong sexual desires and needs but I had to satisfy these myself. I was interested in reading erotic stories more than anything else. My ritual was to light candles to create soft lighting and nice scents and wear my sexiest lingerie. I loved the feel of lace against my body and it heightened sexual feelings. I would use my bullet vibrator to bring myself to orgasm.

I went to Anand’s room one day while he was playing video games to take him a snack. He was in a t shirt and boxers but it immediately caught my attention. His dick began to grow as I walked into the room and it was almost fully erect making an uncomfortable tent in his boxers.

I have felt a mother and son relationship between us but this made me see him in another light. It was later that night that I was searching for stories when I saw a new submission called “My Nephew and Me.” It was a story from the incest category. I never read stories from that section and I always found them weird and creepy but after my experience with Anand earlier in the day I found myself intrigued.

The story had a slow start but soon developed with the aunt seducing a nephew that is staying with her. I found myself incredibly aroused as the story built up and I liked the idea of a woman being in control.

After my orgasm I was able to put my lustful thought to the side and forget about them. I put it down to the lack of sex in my life.



I was becoming really comfortable in my life with Shannon and I liked the way she spoiled and supported me. I finally felt secure in my position and I did not feel it changing.

It was late at night and I was playing online with some friends. I had to take a bathroom break so I paused the game and went to the bathroom. I had to walk past Shannon’s room to get to the bathroom. çankaya escort bayan I crept past so as not to wake or disturb her as it was late. As I was passing her door I heard soft moans come from the room.

I stopped and listened unsure at first but as I came closer to the door I could hear the buzzing sound of the vibrator. The door was closed and there was no keyhole. My ear was against the door as I heard the muffled moans get louder. I could only see under the door at the red lace panties dropped on the floor. My cock was engorged and I was incredibly aroused at the scene I imagined taking place. I unconsciously began squeezing and stroking it.

Her breathing became harder and she was struggling to muffle contain her moans. I then heard her legs buck and hit the bed as she came. She then switched off her vibrator. I quietly crept away from the room and went towards the bathroom. But in sexually dazed state I knocked into a vase that was in the hallway. I all of a sudden heard a flurry of noise from her room and she popped her head out of the door. She saw me just before the bathroom and seemed to relax. I apologised for waking her and I said I needed to use the bathroom. She seemed to buy that I had not noticed her late night tryst. To my disappointment she was wearing a short silk robe. I could still smell the sex on her and I imagined her not wearing any panties.

The next morning she came to wake me before leaving for work. She usually had a smoothie made for me as she left. I left an hour later usually. But today my mind was distracted and I did not want to go into work.

When she woke me up I told her I had not been well and was not feeling up for work. She offered to stay and look after me but I reassured and said I would be in touch with her if I needed anything.

As soon as she left I went to her room to find the red lace panties that had been on my mind since the night before. I searched through the cupboards and the drawers but it was nowhere to be found. I found the vibrator to my pleasure. It was no more than 3 inches. I brought it to my nose and it had not been cleaned. I loved the smell of her pussy. I licked it as I was desperate to taste her. I then found her laundry basket and the panties were in the basket.

I immediately brought them to my nose and sniffed them. I was in heaven and I wore the panties on my head with crotch over my mouth and nose. I was able to lick and smell her. I turned the vibrator on and played with my nipples.

I was so turned on that I could not contain myself. I wrapped the panties around my cock and began masturbating furiously. I was desperate to cum. I was sniffing the vibrator as I came hard into the panties.

I did not know what came over me but I could not afford to have Shannon find out my dirty habits. I put the vibrator back where I found it. But I kept the panties as a memento.

I went back to my room and began playing video games. It was around mid-day when I heard a car pull up in the drive. I panicked when I realised it was Shannon. I ran my head under boiling hot water to fake a temperature. I was behaving like a child trying to avoid going to school. I jumped into my bed and got under the covers.

I pretended to be in a sleepy delirious state. She called out to me but I did not respond. She came up to my room. She saw me in bed in my poor state and said, “Aww. My baby.”

She came over to me and put my head in her lap. I nestled my head in her lap and she brushed her hands through my hair. It felt so nice and nurturing but my mind was going to other places.

She was wearing a power suit which consisted of a knee length pencil skirt, blazer and blouse. She seemed to be wearing pantyhose. My hands began to stroke her pantyhose covered legs and it felt so good. I loved her legs and feet and I was beginning to develop a fetish for them. She said, “I need to get changed. I will be back to check on you.”

I clutched her tightly and still acting in a feverish state, “No mom. Please stay with me.”

I pulled her into a tighter embrace. My head was now pressed into her breasts. She was taken aback by me calling her mum. It was a calculated risk on my behalf as I felt it was important to develop this relationship as it would be important in any future with Shannon.

She took off her blazer and said, “I will stay for 5 minutes.”

As she came down on the bed her skirt was pulled up and my hands went up to her hips roaming her legs. She did not seem to notice or mind. She put her hands on the back of my head and played with my hair pressing me into her breasts.

It felt too good and for a second I thought I was dreaming. I pulled my boxers under my cock and let it out. I was rubbing it against her pantyhose covered leg.

She was holding my head against her breasts. She said, “You are a good boy. Mommy is here for you. Just sleep now.”

My cock was inching up her leg and was pushing against her covered mound. I began gently humping her. Trying to make it seem as subtle and natural as possible but it was too hard. I could not control myself.

She seemed to be encouraging me and I was sure she had opened the buttons on her blouse as my face was now buried in her cleavage. I could not control myself and I came hard against her covered mound.

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