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Janie sat at her desk thinking about what had happened to her over the weekend. She knew it was her idea to take John to the porno theater, but she never dreamed she would enjoy it as much as she did. Since that fateful Friday night, every time John got a hard on she insisted that he stick it in her ass. Even she was surprised that her ass was not sore from all the pounding it had taken.

“Janie, you still with us?” came the female voice.

Janie snapped out of her reverie and saw Molly, her beautiful co worker, standing at the doorway to her office.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” Janie inquired.

“Mr. Thompson wants us to change the meeting to this Friday,” Molly told her. “He wants to know if you can be ready by then.”

Janie looked around at the papers on her desk. It was cluttered with all of the different proposals that she had thought of for her sales pitch to the toothpaste company that was coming out with a new product. She and her team, including Molly, had come up with several ideas on how to promote it. Now all she had to do was get the story boards drawn up and ready for the proposal. She was not sure she could make it by Friday.

“Why does he want the meeting moved up?” Janie said with panic starting to creep into her voice.

“He has a plane to catch that night, and he won’t be back until the following Thursday,” Molly informed her. “And he wants to be here for the pitch. The client is agreeable to doing it early. He wants to make sure that we are.”

“Why didn’t he tell me? Why tell you? I am the one in charge of the account.”

“He did try to tell you, but you weren’t answering the phone,” Molly said. “He got a hold of me and told me to tell you and to check to make sure you were alright.”

Janie nodded her head. She knew her daydreaming of the past weekend had made her forget about everything else. She was so wrapped up in it she did not hear the telephone ring.

“So are you alright?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, fine. Just had something on my mind.”

“Like what?”

Molly and Janie had been friends ever since they started at the advertisement company four years ago. They were hired on the same day and have been teamed up on every project sent to them. They told each other everything, from boyfriends to night clubs to sexual experiences. Janie told Molly to close her office door. When Molly sat down Janie told her everything about her weekend with John. Before Janie was finished with her tale, Molly was trying not to show how turned on she was. But the sounds of her nylons rubbing under her skirt gave her away.

“Oh, my God,” Molly said when Janie was through. “That is something that I have never tried. Did it hurt?”

“Not as much as I would have thought,” Janie said. “It did at first, but then it felt wonderful. Since then, whenever John and I have sex, I make him put it in my ass to finish.”

“When my boyfriend’s have wanted to do that, I got too scared to do it.”

“I would have never tried if John would have suggested it,” Janie said. “But, instead, he just did it. And I am happy that he did.”

There was a knock on Janie’s office door. Molly got up to open it and John stood on the other side.

“Hi, Sweetie,” Janie said. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I would take you to lunch,” he said. “Interested?”

Janie said yes and then invited Molly to come with them. Molly declined, but at John’s insistence, finally agreed. They went to a little Mexican restaurant across the street from Janie’s office building. As they sat and ate, they all talked about the proposal that Molly and Janie had to do on Friday. Janie noticed that Molly kept glancing over at John. Whenever John made a joke, Molly would laugh the hardest and touch John on his hand or arm. Janie smiled at him when he looked over at her. He was a little afraid that Janie would get mad at him for how her friend was acting. But she never did.

When the meal was finished, John gave Molly a hug, which Janie felt Molly made last a bit too long, and gave Janie and hug and passionate kiss. The two women walked back into their building and up to Janie’s office.

“What was all that about at lunch?” Janie asked her friend.

“What are you talking about?” Molly asked innocently.

“You know what I mean,” Janie said. “You were openly flirting with John. I can understand. He is a very handsome man, and highly successful, but not in front of me. We are living together, for Christ’s sake.”

Molly turned a bright shade of red. She apologized profusely for doing it and said that since Janie had told her of her and John’s experiences, she was now seeing him a little bit differently.

“I know that I should not be thinking that way, but as soon as I saw him at the door, I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry, Janie. If you don’t want me to continue to be on your team, I will ask to be moved to a different one in the company.”

“Don’t be silly, Molly,” Janie said. “You and I have been through a lot together and I would not want you to help anyone other than me.” Janie smiled at her illegal bahis friend and said, “Let’s get through this proposal, then we will worry about what to do about your situation.” Molly agreed and they did not speak of it for the rest of the day.

There were four people in Janie’s ad team: herself, Molly, an older woman named Tammy, and Dan, the only male member of the team. For the next three days all of them worked into the late night to get the proposal on Friday right. Most of the time Janie sent Tammy and Dan home around 8pm because they had families still at home. She knew how much it would mean to her to spend time with her children, if she were to have some, no matter how old they were. That left her and Molly to stay as late as they could to finish it up. On Thursday night, when everyone else had gone home, the two of them put the finishing touches on the proposal. Both were very happy with it and figured that they could not lose with it.

“These last few days have been exhausting,” Molly said as she kicked off her heels and put her feet up on the conference table. “I can only imagine what it has been like for you and John.”

“Yeah,” Janie said. “It’s been rough going home, feeling ready to jump his bones and finding him sound asleep. I tried waking him up last night with a blowjob, but he didn’t even move. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. It is my turn to pick our night out again.”

“Ohhhh! Anything exciting planned?” Molly asked.

“Maybe,” Janie said with a mischievous look in her eye. “It all just depends on how we do tomorrow morning. That will affect my mood for the whole day.”

“Tell me!”

“Like I said, if everything turns out for us in the morning, the night may be just as good,” Janie said, again with the sly look.

“You mean it will turn out good for you,” Molly said. “I will be at home with a bottle of wine, big bowl of popcorn, and an old movie.”

Janie smiled at her friend. Molly had no idea as to what Janie was planning in her head.

The meeting the next morning went off without a hitch. Janie presented her team’s proposal and the clients loved it. They said it was perfect, and one of the executives said it was exactly what he was thinking of when they created the product. When the meeting was over, Janie invited her entire team to her office where she took out a bottle of champagne from her little refrigerator, and popped the cork. When each of them had a glass in their hands, Mr. Thompson came in to Janie’s office to congratulate them once more. Janie offered him a glass, but he refused and told them all that there was no drinking on the job, but since it was in celebration, he would overlook it if it was only one glass each. When he left, they raised their glasses and toasted their client. When their glasses were drained, Tammy and Dan left Janie’s office and headed to their own. Molly hung back at Janie’s request.

“What’s up?” Molly asked.

“You have any plans for this evening?” Janie said.

“Just what I told you last night, why?”

“Meet me at my house tonight at 7,” Janie told her. “You are coming out tonight with John and I.”

“I do not want to be a third wheel, Janie,” Molly said.

“You won’t be. Besides, how can I let one of my best friends stay home all alone on a Friday night?”

“Won’t John be a little disappointed? I mean, you have been here at the office all week working on this proposal. Don’t you think he will want you all to himself tonight?”

“I already told him about my plans,” Janie lied. “He is fine with it. He told me that since it was my turn tonight, that whatever I decided to do was ok with him.”

“7 o’clock it is, then,” Molly said and she left Janie’s office.

Janie was nervous as she took her shower when she got home. She was going to make sure she looked her best tonight for both John and Molly. As she thought about what she had in mind for the evening, she started getting excited. She rubbed her hands along her breasts, tweaking her nipples so they stood out from her chest. She moved her right hand from her breasts, along her tummy, and through the patch of hair she kept at her pussy. Janie started to play with her clit with her right hand while she pulled and twisted on her nipples with her left. Her plan ran through her mind and she could see how it would all happen, if everything went right.

Janie took two of her fingers and slowly pushed them into her wet pussy while using her thumb to keep pressure on her clit. As she fucked herself with her fingers, Janie could feel her orgasm start building inside. She started using her fingers on her g-spot. That, combined with the feelings her thumb was causing on her clit, made Janie cum harder than she could ever remember. Her legs practically gave out on her and her whole body shook as her orgasm went through her. When she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, they were covered in a sticky white fluid. Janie, thinking of John’s cum when she saw it, jammed her fingers into her mouth so she could suck them clean. She loved the taste of it and kept putting her fingers back illegal bahis siteleri into her pussy to get more until there was no more to be found. She finished with her shower, got out and dressed and was ready when John got home.

While John was in the shower, Janie called Molly to make sure she was getting ready to come over. Molly told her she was about to leave when Janie called.

“Well, then what are you doing talking to me on the phone? Hurry up and get over here.”

“I would probably already be there if you hadn’t called,” Molly said. “If you let me go, I can be there in 10 minutes.”

“Bye,” Janie said as she hung up the phone. She heard John turn the water off for the shower, so she went in to the bathroom under the guise to check her make up once more. John had just pulled back the shower curtain when Janie walked in.

“You look great,” he said.

“Thanks. You need to hurry. I have reservations at 7:30, so we will need to leave soon,” she told him.

“I will be out in a minute,” he said.

As John grabbed a towel and started to dry his hair, Janie sank down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. John took a deep breath as he felt her tongue slide down the underside of his tool and her lips wrap around the shaft. Janie bobbed her head up and down until she felt John’s cock harden. When he was fully hard, she took him out of her mouth so she could lick all around it. She took his balls, one at a time, into her mouth and sucked on them gently as she stroked his shaft.

“I know that I have been neglecting you this week, baby, and I am sorry,” Janie said. “I plan on making that up to you tonight. I stopped by the video store on the way home and bought a couple of porn movies for us.”


“I like watching them as long as I can do it with you,” Janie said. “Who knows, maybe I will act out some of the things we see in them tonight, like we did last week.”

Then she dove back on his groin, taking his cock all the way to the back of her throat. John groaned as he felt Janie’s lips wrapped around the root of his cock. She sucked and bobbed on his member for all she was worth. She used her left hand to rub his balls as she sucked on his shaft. She had been sucking on him for a little while when she felt his balls rise up and his shaft start to throb. She knew he was going to cum and she could not wait to taste it. John grabbed her blonde hair with both of his hands and let loose with a torrent of cum.

She swallowed and sucked, and swallowed and sucked for a minute before John was through with his orgasm. Janie finally released his cock from her mouth. She squeezed it from the root of the shaft all the way to the head so she could be sure she got every drop. When the final bead of his cum appeared at the end, Janie licked it off. She gave the head of his cock one last suck, then kissed it. Janie stood up and gave John a kiss just as there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” John asked.

“It’s Molly,” Janie said. “I invited her out with us tonight. She worked so hard with me this week, I felt that she deserved a good night out.” She saw the amazed look in John’s eyes and quickly said, “Don’t worry. She won’t interfere with my plans for later.” She then turned and walked out of the door, closing it behind her. “Because she is part of them,” Janie said to herself as she went to let her friend in.

Molly stood at the door wearing a nice red blouse and black skirt with black heels. Janie was similarly dressed, except her blouse was white. And there was spit all over the front. Something that did not escape Molly.

“What did you spill?”

“Huh?” Janie looked down. “Oh, I got wet when I gave John a hug as he got out of the shower. I will go change. C’mon in. Make yourself comfortable.”

Molly watched as Janie opened the door to her bedroom. Molly caught a quick glimpse of John standing naked in front of their closet, his cock semi-hard still from the blowjob he received. Molly saw that, although not at full hardness, it was still one of the bigger cocks she had ever seen. Janie quickly closed the door and Molly’s view was gone. A few minutes later, both John and Janie came out of the room and were ready to go.

They went out to dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in town. They talked about the meeting earlier in the day for most of the time, before Molly asked John about his own business. John was the manager of a furniture distribution center, and was responsible for over 50 furniture stores in their state. It was his job to make sure that they all got their merchandise on time and that everything that was supposed to go out did.

For a man of 28 it was a job with a lot of stress, but he was the best at it. When he was done filling them in on what was going on at work, then finished their meal with idle chit-chat. After dessert, Janie said she wanted to go dancing, so they went to a club that she and Molly had been to before. John was not big on dancing, but the two women did manage to get him out on the floor for a couple of songs. canlı bahis siteleri After a few hours there, and some drinks, they headed back to Janie and John’s apartment.

When she got out of the car, Molly started to search in her purse for her car keys.

“Thanks for a great night, you guys,” Molly said as she headed for her car.

“Where are you going?” Janie asked. “The night is not over yet.”

“What do you mean?” both Molly and John asked.

“Come inside,” she told them. “It is still my turn and this is not how I want my night to end.”

Looking confused both Molly and John followed Janie inside the apartment.

“Molly, you said that you were going to spend tonight at home just watching a movie, right?”


“Well, why go home and do that, when you could watch one here with John and I?”

Janie smiled at Molly. John looked over at Janie and gave her a knowing smile. He figured out what her plan was. Janie was going to try to get Molly involved in their play. He looked Molly over and thought that it would be a lot of fun if she were to join them.

“Is it ok with you, John?” Molly asked.

“Sure,” he said. “You agreed to come out with us, so you have to stay until Janie says her plan for the night is through. That is one of our rules.”

Janie smiled and winked at him, thankful that he made up that “rules” part on the spot. Janie closed the door and told Molly to sit on the couch in the living room while she and John made some popcorn and got some drinks. Molly sat down and the other two went into the kitchen. There was no door separating the two rooms so John kept his voice low.

“What exactly are you planning on doing?”

“I am getting ready to watch a movie with my boyfriend and one of my best friends. Why?”

“I think I know what you are up to, and I don’t see why you didn’t let me in on it.”

“You think? What is it that you think I am doing?” Janie asked as she put a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

“You are trying to get Molly involved in our sex lives,” John accused. Janie just gave the same mischievous look she gave Molly Thursday night. “Listen, I don’t mind. Molly is just as beautiful as you are, but are you sure she is going to be into it?”

Janie looked out at her friend sitting on the sofa. “No, but I don’t see her minding it that much. I told her about you and I last weekend and she started rubbing her legs together, she got so turned on. And, when we went out to lunch at the beginning of the week, she was openly flirting with you. You think I didn’t notice that. She has not had a boyfriend in almost a year, and she is not the type to go out for a one night stand. After watching one of the movies I have bought, she will be so turned on we can do whatever we want with her.”

“And what is it that you want to do with her?”

“I will go with the flow.”

John gave a little laugh as he poured them all some wine. “What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You used to be this reserved girl who hardly ever did anything adventurous. Now, after last weekend, you are like an untamed sex kitten that has let all of her inhibitions go to the wayside. Why is that?”

“After watching that movie in the theater and having you fuck my ass when we got home, something in me snapped,” Janie admitted as she pulled the popcorn bag out of the microwave and poured it into a large bowl. “Now I want to do all the things I was afraid to do before. I was afraid to have my ass fucked, but it felt so good, I don’t want to miss out on anything else because of fear. Now, let’s go to our guest.”

John and Janie went into the living room and gave Molly her drink. As John sat down on one side of the sofa, Janie put one of the movies she bought into the DVD player.

“What are we going to watch?” Molly asked.

“It’s a special feature,” Janie said. “I got it today on the way home from work just for tonight.”

When the menu screen popped up on the TV, Molly nearly choked on her mouthful of popcorn. Janie pressed the OK button on the remote and the movie started.

“Are you serious?” Molly asked.

“Yeah. What’s wrong?” Janie said.

“We are going to watch porn? That was the movie you picked up just for tonight? What were you planning on doing?”

“Let’s just watch and see what happens.”

The first scene came up and it was a young girl knocking on a door. Inside the house, a man answered the door and told the girl to come in before he yelled to his wife that the babysitter had shown up. He was happy to see her and told her that he and his wife should not be out for long. When they left, the girl went into their room and was looking through their dresser drawers. She found a video tape and put it in the VCR. The movie on the tape was a home movie of the husband and wife having sex with another young girl. As the girl watched, she started to take off her clothes and play with herself. As she was rubbing her clit to orgasm, the wife walked into the room, claiming she had forgotten something. When she saw the state that their babysitter was in, she called out for her husband to come up. They proceeded to yell at the babysitter, get her naked and start taping themselves having sex with her, with the husband starting off by fucking the girl’s pussy before fucking her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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