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Big Tits

Jesse’s Girl

Diego Royo © 2020

“What the hell is out here?” Frank asked Jesse and his new girlfriend, Carya. “I mean, not that I mind the view.”

Carya’s ass was round and filled out nicely her pants. They were tight military green Police Gear brand pants with many extra pockets.

Richie and Fernando hung back, talking among themselves. The five of them exploring some desolate area near the Rio Grande.

“You like my girl’s ass, pendejo?” Jesse asked with a grin. Then he went over to feel her ass. “Would you hit it, Rob?”

“Of course, show off. No offense, Commie Carya, but you do have a tight little body.”

She cutely shrugged and lifted her arms to say whatever. “No problems, amigo.”

She was more white than she looked, and having started college only made her act whiter. She could pass for white, Hispanic, Arab or Hindu with pale skin and raven hair and big brown eyes, until she acted like a white girl talking Marxism.

They hiked on, drinking water, and finally got to a railroad bridge and passed beneath it, then went up the edge of the wash to go on it. Signs everywhere said no trespassing. Not another soul in sight in the wide, sandy wash that eventually led to the Rio.

They trespassed anyway, who would stop them? And enjoyed some shade from the huge metal frame over it, rusty now with age.

Rob watched as Fern and Rich kicked sand below. And then he watched Carya and Jesse down the bridge kiss and feel each other up. They were not shy.

Carya would often catch him watching her making out with Jesse and wink. What a bitch. This time they went further. Jesse turned her around and pulled her pants down, and Rob got to see her perfect round little ass.

“Take a hike,” Jesse winked. “Get off the bridge, bro.”

“Nah, let him watch,” Carya said, pulling her shirt up to let her perfect tits hang loose as she bent over.

“Naughty girl. Want me to let them all have sloppy seconds?”

She smiled and said sure. Rob shook his head and turned away when he saw cock and shaved pussy. He would have to rub one out somewhere now.

“Seriously, why not?” casino oyna Carya asked. “You like fucking with your friends watching, perv. That’s fucked up. Let them a take a turn.”

Rob turned to watch as they fucked, hopeful now that she was serious and Jesse would go for it. Hell yeah he would do sloppy seconds! He was good with his masculinity, a cum-filled pussy wouldn’t stop him.

Richie and Fernando came up, and then saw them fucking. “Oh shit, should we leave?”

“Nah,” Rob said. “I’m watching.”

He even got his own hard dick out and started stroking it. Why not? He got closer to watch them fuck. Pants down, totally bent over, tits touching rusty iron, her mouth open, sunglasses gleaming in the sunlight.

“Oh yeah, baby. Fuck that pussy,” she breathed.

Jesse saw he had his dick out, and smiled. “Damn, he is willing to fuck it sloppy. You serious, baby? Can I record you getting fucked?”


“What a slut,” he moaned as he shuddered and came into her, and she grunted in pain taking it.

Then he pulled out, cum spilling out of the most perfect tight little pussy.

“Hell no. Pull your pants up, baby. I ain’t sharing you.”

She obeyed, looking a little disappointed, and as she faced him Rob got to see her pussy from the front. Shaved but for black pubic hair and perfect tits before it all disappeared.

“Put it away, cowboy,” she said.

He did so, reluctantly. “That’s fucked up. You’re a shit, Jesse.”

“Fuck off, man. Let’s keep going to the river.”

The Rio Grande went through pure sand and created a pretty beach in the middle of literally nowhere.

Wild horses to the South, a bird refuge to the north, this was somehow untouched territory.

Carya being a wild horse herself, stripped naked and waded into the water. Perfect little round ass, light skin, black hair to her ass released from her ball cap, long legs, perfect perky tits with big, wide areolas. And that little pussy! When she bent over, he saw too clearly her anus, which drove him nuts Fuck, he thought.

“More cock teasing, chingon,” Rob muttered.

But two canlı casino would play at that game. The other guys were looking around and hanging out in a shady spot. He stripped and joined Carya in the water, showing off his rather proud erection.

“Oh, fucking perfect after a long hike in the desert,” Rob said.

“It is,” she agreed. “Come on, Jesse. Get in!”

Jesse stripped and got in, too, not to be outdone. So did the Rich and Fern.

The water was shallow mostly, the river barely a river. Some parts were deep. But often Carya had to float long ways, her ass in the sun. Or her tits if she floated on her back.

Sometimes she got too shallow and stood up to move to a better spot. God damn, he thought. He wanted Jesse’s girl so bad.

“Jess, I’m so horny with this sausage fest. You promised a train.”

Jesse looked at each of them and smiled. “I guess. Okay, you guys want to gangbang my girl?”

“What the fuck?” Fernando said. “You serious? You’ve been showing her off and letting her get naked in front of us.”

“He’s been teasing me, too. He knows my fantasy,” Carya said.

“Don’t buy it. I’m not falling for it again,” Rob said.

Carya smiled and floated over to him. “Stand up.”

He did, his cock now in her face. In front of them all she took it in her hand, then with her other hand played with his nuts. He groaned, hoping this wasn’t bullshit.

“I’m going to pop from all the blue balling already.”

She took him in her mouth, sucking on the head, then licking his cock and nuts in a slow agonizing torture.

“Come on, Fern, Rich. Let me get you all hard and ready.”

Three men soon stood around her, Jesse content to watch. On her knees her head just out of the water, and three hard dicks getting turns being sucked on.

“First load in my mouth. Then fuck the shit out of me.”

It did not take long. Rob was already close, and holding his cock at her face, came into her open and willing mouth.

They all did, doing the porn thing, taking turns coming into her mouth, three healthy loads before she closed and swallowed, and wiped her mouth.

“Mm, kaçak casino I’ve always wanted to try that. Fucking porn.”

She then on all fours got into the sand, ass and pussy in the direct sunlight as it went into afternoon.

Jesse mounted her first, turned on evidently by her whorish cum fest. “What a commie slut. Free pussy, huh?”

“My body belongs to the people, like everything else,” she moaned.

Rob, being a hardcore capitalist, wondered if she really meant it. To him, it meant slavery. Like a Spartan helot, or state-owned slave. But he wasn’t complaining now.

Seeing them fuck got them all hard again. Young, dumb, and full of cum. Head low, mouth open, ass in air for use, she took Jesse hard and fast like a champ. In and out his cock went into her pussy.

Then he shuddered, and came in her the second time that day. Pulling out, cum gleamed in the sun, streamed down her inner thigh.

Then they took turns next. Before Jesse could change his mind. None of them cared about other mens cum, because they just wanted to fuck the hot girl. Jesse’s girl, they all envied for months now.

God, how Carya took them all, waist gripped, ass held while they plunged into her, in and out, in and out, until they added their sperm to the mess.

Staying on her knees and arms in one spot, cum pooled in the sand below her fucked pussy. Open now, as of begging for more, another hungry mouth.

Having all come twice, they got back in the water to clean the sweat and sex off their bodies, then dressed and headed back.

“Damn, that was good shit. Thanks, guys. I didn’t think people did this for real,” Richie said.

“No, thank you. That was my first gangbang. I knew you guys hadn’t had luck with girls, so why not? I came like six or seven times!”

By the time they got under the freeway bridge and near the truck, the sun was setting. They were all a little sunburned.

And horny again, too. Carya bent over and let Jesse fuck her again.

“Shit, it hurts. Don’t hold back, baby.”

But he let them have one last go as well, and she grunted and groaned taking more cock into her sore pussy, and more sperm that soaked her underwear when she pulled panties and pants up.

“Damn, I came hard again,” she said.

“What an amazing day,” Rob said, smiling. “I feel good.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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