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The year is 1932.

We are looking at a young woman dressed in the black of grieving over the loss. She is standing beside an open grave where the remains of her husband have been lowered into the earth. She was moaning until a gentle hand led her away.

“Brenda, they need to seal the grave. Come and let them finish their work,” The gentle hand was that of her pastor who tried his best to assuage her pain the walked together slowly on the slope to the church hall where family and friends have gathered to celebrate the life of Mike Markham.

Mike’s widow, Brenda, was still in a daze, and nothing around her seemed real. It was surrealistic and dreamlike as the widow tried to compose herself among the mourners and well-wishers who were there with her.

A collection was being taken for the widow and the children. In a more prosperous time, they would have given more money than they could in this hard and bitter time, but, they gave what they could because they were decent and generous of heart Brenda thanked them one by one as they filed out for church hall and headed home.

One of the mourners was a Mr. James Taylor. He owned the boarding house and adjoining restaurant in the town. Ashe walked past widow, he handed her a piece of paper from his clenched fir into her hand. She put it in her handbag for later.

When the service had ended, Brenda and her mother walked the 300 yards from the church to their cabin. Brenda undressed quickly hanging up the borrowed black dress and carefully put back the black widow’s hat. in the hatbox which was also borrowed. Anyone walking by that time would have done a double-take. Brenda, in our day, would have been considered a trophy wife. Her long light brown hair almost covered her derriere, which was bare by the way. Her 34D breasts were barely contained by the corset she had on but didn’t need. The back stocking revealed gorgeous long legs terminated in a silky brown pussy. Dropping her clean by very worn shift down over the naked body.


“Yes, dear.”

“Is there anything for the baby?

“Yes, Brenda.”

“What’s on the table”

“A little bit little bit of everything dearest.”

“So we won’t have to cook for a couple of days, huh?”

“More like a week if don’t spoil.”

“Well, I wonder what Taylor has to say if I didn’t already know.”

Brenda read the note.

“He wants me to work for him.”

“You mean, fuck for him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted to use you as a whore.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me either ma.”

“But with Mike gone now (she began to cry) where am I to turn?”

She laid her arm on the cold cookstove and wept bitterly which started Mike Jr. crying so momma had to pick him up and comfort him.

“I don’t want to do it, mom.”

“Neither did I when your father up and left us but it was the only way for me too, baby” The grandmother threw her arm around her daughter’s shoulders, sobbing as well.

The next day Brenda went to the hotel in her Sunday dress. Taylor saw her walk in.

“I saw that you read my note.”

“I sure did. What do you want?

“That’s blunt.”

“Lookit, you’ve been trying to fuck me since I was 14 and tried at different times since, so I am pretty sure what you want now that I am a widow.”

“Okay here it is, I need a whore. Your mother was one, so why don’t you take up the Family Business.”

Before he could react a very hard slap landed on his cheek.

“Don’t you ever call me or my mother whores. “

She then kneed him in the balls to prove it.

“When you can talk descent to a lady, come by the cabin.”

Then she slapped him again to prove her resolve.

One of her classmates was in the lobby at the time, “Taylor, you never want to mess with Brenda. She’ll cut your balls off then make you eat them.”

A bit of history is needed at this point.

Brenda’s mother was the former Jane O’Reilly, and like many mountains girls was fucked the month after her first period. Jane was lucky, her father didn’t sell her but pregnant at 14, he had to let her marry Walter Bingham, the father of the child, and take her away across the mountain.

Walter was drafted into the Great War in 1917 and left for boot camp. Jane never saw him again. Jane was left with nothing except a five-year-old baby. The week after he left, the food was gone and the rent was due. A desperate Jane went to the General Store for credit.

“I won’t give you credit, Jane, but I pay you for something you’ve got between your legs.”

He led her into the backroom and fucked her. She got $5.00 and was able to feed Brenda and herself. Word got around the community that there was a woman who would fuck for money. So Jane paid the rent on her back and their clothes on her back every penny they got was from Jane laying on her back with legs spread open fucking.

That leads us back to our story.

Brenda had walked back home in a foul mood, her mother could see her daughter did want to talk now.

Then there was a rap on the door, Jane answered it,

A gentleman dressed eryaman escort in a suit was in the doorway.

“Is Mrs. Brenda Markham available?

Brenda answers. “That would be me, sir.”

“My name is Oliver Brownson, I am the comptroller for the mining Company. I am here to settle the accounts with you and your late husband.

“First is the matter of his unpaid wages, Mr. Markham was due thirty cents in at the time of his death.

“Secondly, the Union contract we signed requires us to pay you $5.00 compensation for the accident.

“Finally, the owner of the mine wishes to avoid unpleasantries with the press and the Union regarding the accident, so he is prepared to offer you $150. for non-disclosure about the incident.”

Brenda was unsure what to say.

“Say we make it $200, will you sign.

Brenda struggled. $200. was more money than she had seen in hir whole life. But her babies.

“Mrs. Markham, the owner is prepared to pay a maximum of $500.00 to you and $50.00 to each of Mike’s dependents. Will you sign.”

Yes, sir. “

He writes numbers in some blanks then hands her three pieces of paper for her signature. and she signs.

“That concludes my business with you today Mrs. Markham.

“O except for this.”

“Thank you and good day.”

With that kind of money, she may not have to be a whore. But she wanted sex and her Mike was gone. So she thought if all I wanted was sex, I am going to be paid for it.


The Coal Company man had no sooner left than Taylor was at the door.

“Can you start tonight?”

“Yes, sir I can.”

“Your children are attended to?”

“Yes, my mother will watch them.”

On the third day of her employment, what Brenda and her mom expected to happen, happened. Around 9 PM Brenda saw Taylor go behind her. The next thing she felt was his stiff cock pushing on her ass.

“Didn’t I tell you that fucking me was part of the job?”

Brenda swung around fast delivering a hard slap to his face. “Don’t you ever touch me again! The Sheriff may be your friend but the miners are not, they are my friends. Violate me once then you’ll fear walking past an alley or even strolling outside at night.”

“Okay, how much do you want?”

“If you want me to suck your clean cock in will be fifty cents,” pointing to her pussy she said entering this will be a dollar for each ejaculation,” then pointing to her has, “Fucking my ass will cost you five dollars.”

“Okay, I ‘ll pay you.”

Brenda found a pillow to kneel on then she unzipped him pulled out his cock and inspected it. It was clean, fairly thick and about seven inched long.

how much she wanted that cock in her but she wasn’t going to tell him that she was horny.

She kissed the head then licked around it sucking it now and then. She felt his body stiffing she knew that just a few strokes with her mouth would send his hot cum into her mouth. Brenda did just that taking him into her mouth all the way to the base then sucking him slowly all the way back up.

Taylor was flooding his mind of her skills, he kept saying “O God” during the whole she sucked him, after about five minutes Taylor cried out, I am cumming!” and he sure did filling her mouth with his hot cream.

Brenda could hardly keep up swallowing him but she did save for a bit on her lips and chin.

Brenda looked up at him, “Where are we going to fuck.”

“My office on my desk.”

They both finished stripping and Brenda lay on her back waiting for his cock to push into her He aligned his battering ram her with the hole he pushed in and Brenda gasped. It had been a week since she had sex, that was on the night before he died so her pussy felt hungry for a stiff cock filling her.

Taylor’s cock felt different than John’s cock but since her experience was limited to only two cock, what did she know. Still, it felt different as it pushed open her birth canal. When he bottomed out it, she felt that it didn’t go in as far either but it still felt good having it in her. When he started fucking her, that felt different so but when he emptied his load of cream into her, that felt the same.

“Damn Brenda that was a good fuck.”

“I am glad you liked it. James.” Then she kissed him.

He tried to get another fuck on the same dollar but she pushed him back and closed her legs. “You had your ejaculation which was one fuck. Another fuck means you pay another dollar.”

“Okay, open your legs.”

Hiding in the shadows was Mrs. Taylor seeing and listening. Rather than hate Brenda, she felt sorry for Brenda because she had to become a prostitute to feed and care for her family. She came out of the shadows and Brenda tried to cover herself.

“It’s okay dear, I understand your situation and I know my husband has been cheating on me for six years. You only charge a dollar to open your legs so he can fuck and inseminate you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Call me Julie dear. You are charging too little, escort ankara honey. A fuck is five dollars, a suck is also five dollars, and taking it in the ass is fifty dollars. Tell me what he has done to you and I’ll pay you.

“Now the money for fucking her is coming from your account Cassanova. What has he done to you tonight.”

“I sucked him and I fucked him once.”

“That’s ten dollars. She opens the cash register then hands Brenda ten dollars.

“How is your mother?”

“Doing well. She watching the babies.”

“Did she tell you that she and I use to play together when we were just little girls?”

“No, she hasn’t”

After Brenda dressed Mrs. Taylor walked Brenda home. When they got there Julie goes in and her mother recognizes her immediately and both hug and kiss each other, their chatting went on a long time until nearly midnight when Mrs. Taylor walks home.

For the next several weeks Brenda had a pretty steady side income of ten to twenty a week because of Mr. Taylor’s sex needs. Things were going pretty good for our heroine her babies were well and growing, her mother was healthy, with income from prostitution she was able to make improvements to the cabin. Some of the contractors wanted to be paid with sex instead of money.

As time went by our girl rented a room at the hotel for her brothel. She would fuck from noon to four PM. Even working just half a day, she was rolling in the money even after paying the bribe to the Sheriff and paying for her room. One late October afternoon two auditors from the coal company and by for a suck and fuck. They were so impressed by her skills, they contacted their favorite Madame, called Maggie, to inform her of the talent they found in West Virginia. Their review was so stunning knowing these two customers were very discriminating when it came to calling girls, Maggies had to check it out herself.

November had started and a cold wind blew out of the north when this stretch Cadillac comes into them a stop in front of the hotel. An impeccably dressed woman gets out assisted by her chauffeur. All the jaws in Coalvillage opened wide at the sight because nothing like it has ever been seen in this town.

The lady has on a fur coat, those new high heels shoes seen in movies. She walks into the hotel and asks is “Brenda Markham here”

“Yes, ma’am. Room 169 Halfway down this hall.”

“Thank you.”

When Maggie walks in Brenda stares at her then says “I don’t please women, ma’am.”

“I am not here to be pleased, at least not yet, here to check out whether the report I’ve gotten from two very good customers is true or not.

“I hear you really know how to fuck and suck driving a man out of his mind.”

“I’ve heard that my clients have gone to spreading that rumor.”

“Week before last you services two men from Chicago, do you recall? These two gentlemen are very discriminating when it comes to a woman’s pleasing them. They rave about you, and I’ve come to check you out.”

“James, can you come up here?”

“Sure, Brenda.”

When James finally gets in the room, Brenda turns to him and says, “James, this lady has come all the way from Chicago to confirm if what those two guys, who were here a couple of weeks ago, is true or is bullshit. Can you fuck me in front of her?”

“Yeah, Brenda, anything to help.”

While she is waiting for James she pulled the shift she had been wearing over her head, then unhooked her bra tossing that on the den with her shift She was not earing any drawers. tossing it on the bed. She was not wearing drawers.

“You’ve got a fine face and body. May I check your vagina?”


Brenda walks to Maggie for a cunt exam. Maggie lubed two of her how fingers and when she found Brenda’s opening, they were shoved up our heroine’s pussy Brenda gasped at the invasion but shortly recovered and she rode Maggie’s fingers. Until she orgasmed. Maggie withdrew her fingers then licked them clean.

“You taste pretty good. The boys will really like that.”

“Thank you.”

By that time James entered the room. He knew what he was needed so he began to strip down to his birthday suit. James was not ashamed of his six-inch cock.

‘What do you want us to do, ma’am?”

“Suck him then fuck him”

Brenda lays James on the bed taking his cock in her hand. She kisses the head of it lapping up his pre-cum and driving him to madness like she usually does. After Jim stops flopping on the bed, all of his stiff cock goes into then she begins sucking him keeping her tongue on the underside of his cock while play with balls then she fingers his anus. Jim didn’t last long before he unloaded in her mouth. Maggie watched as Brenda swallowed all of the creams he can give her. She thought that the boys like that.

Brenda lays on her back spreading her legs wide open inviting James to her honey pot. James fills her hole with his aching cock then he begins to fuck her. Brenda gyrates her hips with Jim’s cock in her. The rotations and other movements have James ready to empty his balls sincan escort in her and he does. His sperm frames into her womb and is leaking out the sides of Brenda’s pussy.

Maggie comes around to take a look. “He really unloaded in you,” was her remark.

“Thank you, James, come here for a kiss. You can wash and dress in the, just leave my cosmetic alone.”

“I am going to hire you. Have you ever gone down on a woman?”


“Would you?”

“I am not a lesbian.”

“Just do it because it will be expected of you. You’d be Bi.”

Brenda dresses and makes herself presentable, then turning to Maggie ask, “Raise your skirt please”


“I want to see if I can kiss your pussy.”

Maggie raises her skirt and Maffei lowers her panties, then kisses the sweet lips.

Yeah, I can do a woman.

Maggie explained the rules and the compensation. Brenda and momma Jean was ecstatic. The time for arrival in Chicago was set to arrive before Christmas for the children’s sake.

When they arrived, the family was picked up in a Lincoln then whisked away to their new home. Maggie owned it, of course, but Brenda was allowed to buy it in installment payments taken from earnings.

The day after their arrival, Brenda was taken to the “Prrrrr” entertainment lounge which was the cover for the house of prostitution in the back legitimate business. Maffei’s office was located on the 2nd floor which was the 1st. place Brenda was taken. Maggie was waiting for her sitting in a high velvet-backed chair. Maggie rises to greet her and the women exchange a kiss. on the cheek. Maggie begins,

“Hello dear, how was the ride up?”

“Pleasant the babies behaved because they were getting a lot of attention.”

“I’ll bet! They sucked it up like an orange soda too.”

“No, they bathed in it Maggie, they were so excited it became difficult to get them to sleep. Oh, thank you for the Colemen car so they could sleep.”

“I had three of my own, different fathers, who are my pride and joy. They are grown now and out of the nest course, but one is in town who comes in and checked on her od momma One is in the Navy, he’s an LTJG, whatever that means, and is currently the Executive Officer on a Destroyer, he’s my eldest. My second child is also a boy who works for the FBI, can you imagine it! But, he’s my baby and I love him. My 3rd. is an Operating Room Nurse who assists the doctors when they perform surgery. She keeps track of her mom and sets the rules. I could spend all day talking about my babies but was have to get along. I have a lot of rules to keep you ladies see gleaned from many years of hard-learned lessons.

1. You will wear streets clothes and change into your work uniform once here.

2. You will not discuss your occupation outside of the workplace.

3. There will be no fraternization between employees.

4. There will be no alcohol consumption in the rooms.

5. There will be no weapons allowed.

6. There will be no drug use.

7. You will act like a lady, not a whore.

8. No children will be allowed in this part of the building.

9. Only employees and members will be allowed in the rooms.

10. The use of condoms is required for vaginal sex.

“Now dear, down to the locker room. “

Linda’s mind was churning but she knew she had to maintain her decorum during this interview as she followed Maggie down to the lockers. It was nicely decorated and ventilated smelling like roses instead of like sex and sweat.

“This is your locker and your key. When you are working, the key will be kept at the front desk.

“Now strip and put your uniform on.”

Brenda took off her clothes carefully hanging then hung the hangers provided. Then folded her bra and panties with the stockings and garters. There were high heel shoes to wear.

“Brenda, lube your nipples, vagina, and coming out to work. I will supply a jar of lube for that purpose. What you do is take a clean stick put and a generous amount on it, transfer it to one of these paper plates. Now start applying it.”

Brenda put in some of the lube on the fingers circling her nipples and auroras, the lust in Maggie’s eyes was evident. Then sitting on the bench, she leaned back then taking a lot of it on her fingers, she began to lube her ass. There was lust in Maggies’ eyes. when she saw Brenda’s finger slid in and out of her ass. Taking more lube, Brenda begging to lube her pussy. “Do you wanna see if I did it right?”

Maggie took the hint. She raised her skirt and dropped her panties so they wouldn’t get wetter, then began kissing Brenda’s nipples before descending on the younger woman’s cunt. Brenda moaned loudly as Maggie serviced her. Both women were losing themselves in lust.

“Let me check how well-lubed you are boss?”

They exchange places, Maggie was on her back with leg spread wide. Brenda lowered her head between the elder woman’s legs taking her first lick Maggie;’s cunt. The desire to lick Maggie’s pussy grew stronger as the scent of her woman’s juices came to her nostrils. Her pussy was begging to be licked and Brenda licked it. The older woman responded by moaning then groaning, “O please keep that up.” The sexual tension was tightening in the older woman who could not take it any longer, “Fuck Brenda, fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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