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Jasmine “Jazz” Guillot is a six-foot-tall, bodacious, dark-skinned and curvy, big-booty Haitian Canadian woman living in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. A registered nurse working at the Civic Hospital, Jasmine Guillot leads a life like no other. At the age of fifty-four, Jasmine Guillot is divorced, and happily so. Jasmine’s former husband Leonard Duchene is living in the City of Montreal, Quebec, with his male lover Dylan somebody, and apparently, they’re happy together. Following the breakdown of her former marriage Jasmine Guillot has moved on from her former existence as a wife and mother. These days, the Haitian gal is in her sexual prime and wants to try just about anything….

Freedom is calling Jasmine Guillot, and life never looked so good. A lot of Haitian women still follow the social formula of being good wives and mothers, while Haitian men are having fun left and right. Jasmine is tired of this sad state of the affairs. When does her fun begin? Jasmine’s adult son Jean-Luc Guillot is attending Humber College in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Jean-Luc Duchene recently moved in with his girlfriend Cheryl Winters and only calls his momma once in a blue moon. Side effect of being a grown-ass man with a life of his own. Jasmine Guillot understands this as one of the facts of life. What’s a gal to do when she is experiencing empty nest syndrome?

Jasmine Guillot has been busy during the pandemic, just like the majority of healthcare professionals. The poor woman doesn’t remember the last time she got some dick, and that’s a damned shame. The good folks of Pleasures N Treasures, Ottawa’s premier adult video store and sex toy store have grown accustomed to seeing Jasmine. This gal loves her toys and porn DVDs. That’s right, female porn consumers do exist and Jasmine Guillot is most definitely one of them. After stuffing her mouth, vagina and butt hole full of toys, Jasmine Guillot has decided that nothing beats the real thing. Hmmm, where’s a real man when a horny Haitian mama wants some action?

The Multiverse is a funny place, as individuals with peculiar wants and needs are often brought together by Fate. Jacques Guerrier eryaman escort is a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Taking business classes at Algonquin College, Jacques is taking care of his household. Jacques father Eric Guerrier recently had a stroke and the tall, taciturn old Haitian man hasn’t been the same. Jacques and his mother Madeleine have their hands full taking care of Eric Guerrier. When times get tough, families have to pull together. Jacques is working two jobs to provide for his family and doesn’t have time for dating and the usual pursuits that college men his age tend to indulge in.

One evening, while walking around the Rideau Shopping Center in downtown Ottawa, Jacques Guerrier came across a vision of beauty. A tall, sexy Black woman of a certain age. Jacques couldn’t help checking her out. The Black lady in question looked like African American porn legend Miss Townsend, the star of the world-famous Horny Black Mothers series. Jacques Guerrier used to jerk off to those movies a whole damned lot. The brother simply had to appreciate this fine dame, and he was glad he did. The rideau center is always full of hot young women but they tend to play games and bullshit a brother. Older women know what they want and go for it, you dig?

“Greek food is delicious,” Jacques said as he lined up at the Greek restaurant behind the fine dame. The tall, curvy Black woman with the big round booty turned around and smiled at Jacques. Jasmine Guillot licked her lips as she checked out the tall young Black man who gazed at her with undisguised lust. The brother couldn’t be more than twenty and at that age, he was essentially a dick on two legs. Men in their twenties will stick their dicks into any hole, and they don’t give a damn. Jasmine noticed a couple of older men walking by with their younger female conquests. Oh well, two can play that game…

“Greek food is only delicious when done right,” Jasmine said, her voice dripping with sexiness, and Jacques peeped her meaning and grinned. Thus, the two of them began to chat. After grabbing a plate of rice, potatoes and lamb, Jasmine and escort ankara Jacques went to sit together. The mall food court was crowded, as usual. Jasmine licked her lips as Jacques flirted with her. Typically, Jasmine doesn’t go for the younger guys, especially the ones from her culture. Jacques seemed different somehow, though. The young Haitian man didn’t waste any time when it comes to seduction. Either the lady is down with it or she’s not, Jacques had no time to waste…

“You look smoking hot, Jazz, what’s a gal like you doing single?” Jacques asked as he sipped his Pepsi. Jasmine smiled at Jacques, and brushed her hand against his. Leaning back in her chair, and looking so damn sexy in a red tank top and too-tight red leather pants, Jasmine communicated her wishes to Jacques in a silent manner which men have grown accustomed to reading. The lady is hot and horny, and wants to get busy. A smart man knows this and uses it to his advantage. Fools end up misreading the signs and walk away like losers. Jacques Guerrier is definitely not a fool, and if Jasmine really wants it, then she’s going to get it from him…

“Hmm, who says I am single?” Jasmine replied, and Jacques grinned, accepting her challenge. After finishing their meals, the two of them went for a walk around the mall, and bantered some more. Jacques summoned an Uber, which took them to Jasmine’s place. The two of them made out in the back during the ride. Once Jacques and Jasmine got to the latter’s place, a nice townhouse in the Baxter Road area of Gatineau, Quebec, they had themselves some fun together. Jasmine got naked, revealing her curvy, sexy body. Jacques admired Jasmine’s lovely face, big tits, curvaceous body, thick legs and big round ass. This Haitian mama looks hot and she can definitely get it from him…

“Just relax, gorgeous,” Jacques told Jasmine as he knelt before her and spread her dark, thick thighs wide open. Jasmine grinned and felt her nipples harden as Jacques began eating her pussy after inhaling her hot, womanly scent. Jasmine hadn’t known a man’s touch in a while, and Jacques definitely helped her make up for lost time. sincan escort Jasmine moaned in pleasure as Jacques teased her clit with his tongue while fingering her pussy. The Haitian stud definitely knew his way around a vagina. Jacques ate, licked and fingered Jasmine’s pussy until she cried out in sheer orgasmic delight…

“Hmm, just fuck me,” Jasmine told Jacques, after he gave her hairy Haitian pussy a tongue bath. Jacques stood there, his long and thick, uncircumcised dick hard as a rock. Jasmine tugged on Jacques dick and briefly took him into her mouth. Jacques grinned as Jasmine sucked his dick and caressed his balls. Next, Jasmine put a condom on Jacques dick, and they got down to business. Jacques put Jasmine on all fours and caressed her thick round ass. With a swift thrust, Jacques buried his hard dick in Jasmine’s pussy. The tall, bodacious Haitian MILF moaned in pleasure as her lover gripped her hip with one hand and smacked her big ass with the other while slamming his dick into her pussy. Oh yeah, Jasmine is finally getting some dick!

“Take this dick,” Jacques said, boldly smacking Jasmine’s thick ass, which bounced every time he thrust his dick into her pussy. Hot damn, Haitian women definitely got booty and Jacques had missed how good it felt to bury his dick inside of them. Jasmine squealed in delight as Jacques fucked her roughly, just the way she liked it. The two of them fucked and sucked the evening away. Jasmine rode Jacques dick until they collapsed on her bed, sexually exhausted and sore, but feeling more alive than ever. Afterwards, Jacques put his clothes back on, wished Jasmine a good evening and left. Hit it and quit it is the name of the game…

After getting dicked down by Jacques Guerrier, Jasmine Guillot had herself a long shower, and then she went to bed with a smile on her face. The life of a lonely Haitian divorcee in the Capital of Canada can be dreary, that’s why Jasmine Guillot likes to make her own fun. The tall Haitian MILF is definitely going to be shopping in every major mall in the City of Ottawa, and not just for clothes. Why should the younger Black women have all the fun with big-dicked young Black men like Jacques Guerrier? Jasmine Guillot is about to flip the game by being a Black cougar who hunts down horny young Black men and steals them from the younger Black women. No shame in Jasmine’s game, that’s for sure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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