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Saturday, June 2nd 2018, 7:48pm

The week had flown by for Chris. From taking on new clients to urgent meetings that had required his attention, he had had little time to pause and take a break. This also meant that the cage that Mandy had put on him last Saturday hadn’t needed to compress his dick. He hadn’t looked at porn during the week and he was feeling refreshed and excited to see Mandy again. He was dressed in a plain white t-shirt and black skinny jeans as well as a pair of trainers as he left the Marks and Spencers outside Euston station. He’d just spent £90 on two bottles of Grey Goose vodka and some Coca-Cola. Mandy had texted him that morning asking him to bring 2 bottles as she didn’t have time to get them herself. Chris guessed there was going to be some sort of house party or clubbing involved this evening. He quickly crossed the road and found the door to Mandy’s tall building. He rang her apartment and she buzzed him in. Mandy stayed on the 16th floor and Chris stepped into the elevator, preparing himself for the evening ahead. He had no idea what to expect and yet all he wanted was to have the cage taken off, even for a few minutes. The elevator dinged as it reached the 16th floor. He stepped out and turned left, following the sign to Mandy’s Flat; Flat Number 65. He walked down the corridor and finally found the door. He knocked sharply on the door. Mandy opened it and ushered him in quickly. She pushed him into another door with the room number 1 on it. Chris caught a glimpse of the 6 other doors, all with numbers, bar one which had ‘Kitchen’ written on the door in large letters. Chris had forgotten that Mandy lived in a shared flat with 6 others. Luckily no-one noticed him sneaking in.

“That was close! Be careful next time!” Mandy scolded him.

“Sorry Mandy, I completely forgot…” Chris replied hesitantly.

“Ok, did you get the booze?” She asked him.

“Yeah, here you go!” Chris chimed, handing her the carrier bag.

“Good boy!” She squealed, “I’ve never had Grey Goose before, my friends will be really impressed!” She said, smiling.

While Mandy left the room to go and leave her drinks in the kitchen, Chris studied her room. It was quite messy, with a large pile of clothes dumped on her bed. There were also a vast array of papers messily strewn across her desk. The door to Mandy’s small en-suite was open and there were makeup bottles all over the place in there as well. The room was very small and only had space for one large wardrobe and a small bedside cabinet. Chris was snapped out of his thoughts by Mandy returning.

“Do you have my tribute?” She asked him.

“Yes, here you go.” Chris replied, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out an envelope.

“Thank you!” Mandy said, taking the envelope from Chris.

She sat down on her bed, quickly took the money out and counted it out on her lap. All £200 was there as she had requested. She slipped the money into a purse that was lying on her bed.

“As you can tell I was super busy this week,” She informed Chris, gesturing at the mess in the room, “So I’m sure you already know how you’re going to be spending the next few hours.” She laughed.

“Of course, I will make the place spotless!” Chris chimed, becoming motivated.

“Good. While you’re here cleaning my room I’ll be in my kitchen getting drunk with my friends. We’re going clubbing tonight you see and central London is very expensive…Now I know how hard your little dick gets when you send me money and worship me. So here’s the deal. Whenever I buy a round of drinks I’ll send you a screenshot of the payment. You’ll have 5 minutes to transfer me that money. If you keep up with me all night, you’ll get your treat. If not, then I’ll call security and tell them there’s an intruder in my room understood?” She asked.

“I understand Mandy.” Chris replied.

“Oh and I’d been meaning to talk to you about that. I did illegal bahis some reading today and found out that men like you don’t deserve to call me by my real name. So from now on you can call me miss, or mistress only. Is that understood?” She asked.

“Yes Miss, I prefer that actually” Chris replied, as his cock tried to grow in its cage.

“Good. Seeing as you will call me miss, I’ll be calling you pet, slave or anything that I want really. I know how much it turns you little dicked men on to be called filthy names. Doesn’t it pindick?” She asked mockingly.

“Yes mistress, thank you!” Chris chirped, his cock now hurting in its cage.

“Good. I’m going to get changed in my bathroom and then we’re drinking so why don’t you start with my desk?” Mandy asked.

“Yes miss.” Chris said.

Mandy took a black dress and went into her en-suite, slamming the door behind her. Chris began looking at the various sheets on her desk. Some pages were numbered and he began trying to organise them in order. Only a few minutes later, Mandy emerged from the bathroom. She looked stunning. She was wearing a black halter-neck dress that left little to the imagination. She was also wearing a black pair of high heels that left her feet bare. Chris’ eyes wandered over her body, stopping at her breasts where the outline of her perky nipples could be seen. He then quickly averted his gaze towards her feet, ashamed at nearly being caught staring at her breasts.

“How do I look?” She asked, doing a twirl on the spot to show off her assets.

“Wow… Um… yeah you look stunning… beautiful.” Chris said, trying to hide the pain his cock cage was causing him.

“Well thank you pet! Now, I’m going to go and join the fun… I’ll pop in once in a while when I need the bathroom. You get to work subby” She taunted.

She left the room, shutting the door behind her, leaving Chris to get on with the cleaning. Chris checked the clock and saw that it was already 8:45. He began piling the papers up on her desk before wiping the desk down. He then arranged all of the papers into their folders which took quite some time. As he was finishing up, Mandy waltzed back into her room. She was in a very good mood and clearly tipsy. She ignored Chris and went into the bathroom. Soon she was done and she left the room, going back to the kitchen. Chris took the chance to take a break and checked the time. It was already 10:00 and he hadn’t even started on the clothes or the bathroom. He quickly finished up with the papers and began sorting Mandy’s clothes into various piles. He then arranged them neatly in her wardrobe, hanging most of them. He placed some of the folded clothes in her bedside cabinet. He then began dusting the room. Mandy returned again to use the bathroom. As she left the bathroom she spoke to Chris.

“Ok slave, we’re going out now. You can work on cleaning the bathroom now. And make sure you have your phone on you… you wouldn’t want to miss my texts would you?” She asked rhetorically.

She grabbed her handbag from her bed before leaving the bedroom without another word. Chris moved into the bathroom, taking his phone with him. He started by spraying and wiping down the shower which was stained. He’d only been at it for about 15 minutes when he received a text:

Just got to the club! I bought the first round and it came to £76! Enjoy x

Mandy had attached a picture and the screenshot confirmed the 7 drinks that she had bought. Chris raced to open his phone, his hands trembling at the thought of missing a payment. He quickly transferred the money over and before he could even send her a text she had sent him one:

Thank you paypig x

Chris was turned on, his cock straining in its cage. To make matters worse, Mandy had just sent him another text, containing a selfie of her and her friends pouting seductively. This only caused his cock to strain in its cage. He figured illegal bahis siteleri that getting on with the cleaning would take his mind off things. He carried on wiping the bathroom whilst picturing Mandy dancing sexily in the club. Throughout the evening he became more and more horny. Mandy had texted him 3 more times by 12:30, and he had now paid her £237 for the drinks in total. London was an expensive night out, but the constant ‘thank you’ and ‘good paypig’ messages from Mandy kept Chris horny and sending the money over. At 12:47, thoroughly exhausted, Chris finished cleaning the bathroom. He returned to her bedroom and sat at her desk chair. A few minutes passed as he scrolled through social media on his phone. Then his phone buzzed. It was from Mandy and it read:

You’ve been a good paypig slave 2night. transfer me £500 within 5 minutes and you’ll get that special treat that you crave! xxx

Chris was horny beyond belief and at the mere mention of his treat, the tip of his penis shot to the end of his cage, causing him significant pain. He quickly loaded up the app on his phone and transferred the £500 over. He waited for Mandy to reply and she did within minutes:

Wow thanks paypig! Now ur gonna follow my instructions very carefully. You’re going to hide in my wardrobe and you’re not gonna make a single sound. Is that clear bitch?

Chris was horny beyond belief and would do anything for his treat. He quickly replied:

Yes mistress. I will remain silent in the wardrobe for you.

Wondering why she wanted him in there, Chris quickly used the bathroom before clambering into the wardrobe. He managed to shut the doors and now all he could see was the dark interior of the wardrobe. Luckily there was a slight gap which allowed him to make out the foot of the bed. A few minutes passed and Chris began to cramp up. As if on queue, Mandy returned. Except this time, she wasn’t alone. She strolled into the room and Chris could hear a second pair of footsteps.

“Make yourself comfortable, I’m just going to get some water, do you want some?” Mandy asked.

“Nah I’m good.” Came the second voice.

Whoever it was had a fairly deep voice and Chris made out his outline as the man sat down on Mandy’s bed. The guy seemed fairly tall and he had broad shoulders. A silent text lit up Chris’ phone. It was from Mandy.

Hope you enjoy the show… if you can see anything that is hehe x

Moments later, Mandy returned. She took a sip of water before placing the glass down on her desk. She moved towards the head of her bed, which Chris couldn’t see. He could hear her making out with the man though, and his cock immediately began to hurt in its cage again.

“Mhhh, I just want you to fuck me right now James” Mandy moaned moments later.

There was some movement on the bed as both parties tore their clothes off and soon after, Mandy let out a loud gasp.

“Holy fuck, your dick is huge! I love your 7 inch monster, please fuck me now!” She cried.

The words stung Chris and yet the humiliation caused his dick to twitch in its cage. Chris could see Mandy’s feet and he could see James from where he was; Mandy had not lied about James’ cock. It was very big. He couldn’t see Mandy’s ass or pussy from here but he soon heard the unmistakable sounds of two bodies slapping against each other. The pair let out occasional grunts of pleasure as James began ramming his cock faster and faster into Mandy’s wet pussy. The sounds were driving Chris wild and he was desperate to open the door and watch but he knew that the door would make a sound if he tried to open it. He resigned himself to sitting in silence listening to their groans. A good twenty minutes later, James was close to cumming.

“Fuck Mandy you’re so sexy, I’m gonna fucking cum.” He announced.

“Wait!” Mandy called, “I want you to cum in my pussy raw, no condom.” She said.

“Holy fuck… canlı bahis siteleri are you sure?” James asked, slowing down for a moment.

“Yes, this pussy is for your big cock James” Mandy reassured him.

“Ok!” James said excitedly, tearing the condom off his cock.

He reinserted his penis into her and began fucking her slowly, soon enough however he was close to cumming.

“Cum in my tight pussy!” Mandy screamed in pleasure.

“Ughhhh FUCK Yeaahhhhh” James groaned, spurting multiple loads into Mandy.

Chris’ brain was going to explode in the wardrobe. When James had taken the condom off, Chris’ hand had wandered down to his caged cock. He had been stroking the metal cage in time with James’ fucking and Chris was now extremely frustrated that James had got to cum and he had got nothing. Not even a feeling on his penis. There was a silence that filled the room for a few minutes while all three people caught their breath.

“You should sneak out while you can James…” Mandy told her lover.

“Yeah, thanks for this!” He replied, slapping her ass.

“You’re welcome.” Mandy said, kissing James once more.

“Alright see you round!” James chirped.

Moments later there was movement and James left the room. Mandy waited a few minutes before getting Chris. She yanked the doors of her wardrobe open. In the dark Chris could vaguely make out her figure and could tell that she was naked.

“Come on, time for your treat!” She said, grabbing him by his hair and dragging him out of the wardrobe.

She sat on the bed and Chris knelt on the floor in front of her. He was able to take in her perky breasts and clean shaven pussy. Her body was beautiful.

“Your treat is to lick my pussy clean slaveboy. You wouldn’t want your mistress getting pregnant would you now?” She asked.

“No mistress!” Chris replied.

“Well then get to it!” She said, annoyed.

Chris dove towards her pussy as she lied down on the bed. In the dark he could just about make out James’ cum that had coated her pussy. James had clearly cum a lot. He started with the outside, licking the cum from her pussy lips. As he did this, Mandy began telling him all about her night.

“I met James at the club. We hit it off there. He fingered me in the corner where no-one could see us. I knew that someone with the confidence to do that would have a huge cock. You see Chris, your pindick could never please me, it’s two times smaller than James’… you’re quite literally half the man he is!” She laughed.

Chris’ dick twitched in the cage, his erection trying to break the metal cage. He began licking inside her pussy now, trying to scoop out all of the cum that was trapped in her pussy.

“Mmh yeah, well as you can see his huge cock pushed his cum deep into my tight pussy. He’s a real man…” Mandy said.

Soon Chris was finished. He had cleaned her out as best he could. The salty taste of James’ cum lingered in his mouth. He was devastated. He thought he was going to get a release from the cage.

“Mistress… I thought I was getting a treat… being let out?” He asked her.

“Hahaha no way idiot. You’ve only been in the cage a week, there’s no way you’re horny enough to be let out! No, I said you’d get a treat, not a release.” Mandy retorted.

Chris felt deflated and yet his cock was telling him that he enjoyed this state of denial.

“Anyway, I think you should go now. You will earn your release in good time, don’t you worry Chris. Thank you for paying tonight.” She said.

“Thank you for letting me pay mistress” Chris replied.

He hadn’t brought anything with him and so called an Uber as her left her apartment as quietly as he could. There weren’t many cars at this time of night and so the drive home was smooth. In the car he received one final text from Mandy:

You are such a horny little slave… Imagine paying nearly £1,000 for me to have drinks and fuck a hung guy all while you’re locked away… and then to lick his cum out of my pussy!!! pathetic loser hahaha hope it was worth it xx

Needless to say, Chris’ cock was pressed hard against the cold metal cage the whole ride home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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