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I take you into the bedroom where I would give you a long deep kiss. Then we would slowly undress each other, I would gently be kissing you all over your body as I go until you are down to your bra and panties. I would then give you another deep kiss while sticking my hands down the back of your panties giving your ass a nice squeeze before moving them around to your wet pussy. I would then start to rub and massage your clit while still kissing you deeply.

Then I would pull my hand out and start kissing you on the neck, gently sucking at the same time while fondling your breasts. I would slowly work my way down to your breasts. I would then gently squeeze them and continue sucking and kissing on them. Then, I would reach around and undo your bra. We would walk over to the bed and lay down where I would start licking and sucking on your nipples making them nice and firm. While I am doing this, I would reach down and start rubbing your pussy through your panties… feeling the moistness seeping through.

I would then start to work my way down your stomach, kissing and sucking softly as I go, until I got down to your panties. Then I would part your legs and start on your inner thigh. Slowly making my way down one side and then up the next until I got back to your sweet pussy. We would slip off your panties giving me access to those nice juicy lips of yours. I would take one of those massaging pillows and stick it under you ass to give me better access.

I would start licking, kissing, and sucking on those lips… then slowly make my way inside. I would let my tongue explore around inside, going round and round, back and forth. I would keep it up until I hear you moan and shudder in ecstasy, I would taste your juices. I would then give you a long and hard deep kiss, letting you taste your own sweetness. Then I would lightly tie you up, spread eagle, on the bed with some silk scarves. I would place a blindfold over your eyes.

I would get up and leave the room for a moment and istanbul rus escort then step back in and say, ‘Are you ready…’ with a devilish grin on my face. I would then stick the ice cube on your neck at first. Then slowly move it up your neck to your lips, then to mine, then back to yours. I move it slowly up your right arm, to your fingers. I would pause to gently suck on your fingers, hearing you moan with pleasure. I would slowly drag it back down to the center of your chest and rub it all over your tits. I would start kissing on your nipples to warm them back up.

Then I would move it up your other arm and fingers, and then sucking on them. I would drag the ice cube down the side of your body, pausing at your stomach to swirl it, then continue on down to one of your legs and back up, then down the other leg and back up. I would pause for a second at your quivering pussy lips and then start rubbing it all over them. I would kiss on them to get them warmed back up before I would put the rest of the ice cube in your pussy, hearing you moan with delight. I would then dive in with my tongue, licking it all around. I would then begin sucking out all the sweet juices that are flowing. I would keep on sucking and licking until I hear you scream in ecstasy.

I would then get up and leave the room again, I would then pause at the doorway and say, ‘I think you might like this.’ Then I would walk in. You would feel me get on the bed and hear a small noise, as a top is being opened. Then you would feel something cool and moist being swirled onto your nipples and a little on your stomach. You feel my fingers swirling the substance around your erect nipples and then your stomach. I would then start licking and sucking lightly on your stomach. I would then say to you, ‘Do you want to know what it is before I start on your nipples?’

I hear you moan out a ‘yesss… ummmm pleassse!!!’ I would then place my fingers on your lips and then you start sucking kadıköy escort on them saying… ‘Ummmm… whipped cream.’ I would then start licking and sucking on your beautiful tits. Feeling the erect nipples with my tongue. Making sure I got all the cream off. I would then say, ‘I don’t think I can take it anymore… ‘ My dick is throbbing, begging for release. Cum is starting to drip from the end. You feel me get off of the bed for a moment, some noise, and then I get back on the bed and move around. Then I would tell you to open your mouth.

My throbbing cock would be right above your luscious lips with some of the cream on it and I would be right over your clit, with my tongue getting ready to go. I gently lower my dick into your mouth and you hear me moan with satisfaction. I then dive between your legs, licking and sucking until I hear you moan. I don’t know if you moaned from me or you sucking, but I like it. You then start sucking on my balls and you hear me say in a moan, ‘Baby…uuummm I love it… ummmm!’ You keep switching from my balls to my dick… taking it whole. At the same time, I would be sucking on your lips some more… slowly moving my tongue deeper inside of you. Then, gently inserting a finger, moving it in and out, then adding a second one. We both start to moan louder, until we can’t last anymore… we explode at the same time.

I then turn around to were we are face-to-face and untie you. I kiss you deeply, letting our tongues explore each other some more. Letting our hands explore each other’s bodies. You then say, ‘You rested yet???’ with a devilish grin on your face. I then look at you and say with a grin, ‘If you are!’ I would then say something like that I would need some help getting it stiff again. You would then take it in your hands and start stroking it, then place your lips around the head and then gently start sucking on it, taking it all the way down your throat.

I would then move over behind you. Pausing for just kartal escort a second rub my dick around the lips of your pussy, then I would slowly stick my shaft in your sweet tasting pussy, and then again, just a little bit more deeper. Then I would start pumping, in and out, in and out, until you start to moan. Then I would drive it in deeper, keeping up the pace. Just thrusting it in and out, in and out, feeling your vagina muscles tighten around my throbbing cock. I would hear you moan, then I would thrust it all the way in. I would then keep on bounding it, harder and faster. I would keep this up until we both start to moan with anticipation.

Then we would both release our love juices together and I would fall on the side, giving you a lazy, long, deep juicy kiss. I would then stick my dick to you face and say, ‘Lick it clean for me baby!!!’, then I would dive between your legs, licking and sucking like a mad man. We would both twist, squirm, and moan… and then release our juices to each other… each sucking and licking them up like there is no tomorrow. Then you would climb on top of me, and lower yourself down on my cock.

I hear you moan in pleasure, then you start, going up and down, up and down. Your tits are flapping all over the place, I reach up and grab a hold of them, slightly squeezing them and say. ‘Ooohhh baby… keep it up,’ and you hear me moan with pleasure. We keep at and then I release my load into you, then followed by you releasing. You fall over, and lay there exhausted. We lay there for a moment, catching our breath.

I reach over and start rubbing your clit and ask if you are ready for one more. You say yes in a moaning voice. I climb on top of you, spreading your legs, allowing me access to you. I would then take and bury my shaft in you, part of the way at first before sticking it all the in. I would then lean forward and start sucking on your nipple. You would wrap your legs all the way around me and start squeezing and begging for more. I would increase the pace and then bury it in all the way, you would feel my sack just bouncing off of you. You would squeeze a little harder and dig your fingernails in my back. I winch and let out a small moan. We both explode, letting our juices mingle. I would then roll off of you and reach over and give you a long kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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