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Our meeting was accidental. When I entered the coffee shop that morning, it was packed. I was sure that someone would leave while I ordered, but as I scanned the room with my coffee in hand, I saw that you were the only unaccompanied person there, and that there was a vacant chair at your table. As I approached, you glanced up from your paper and smiled–such a lovely smile.

“Do you mind if I join you? There are no vacant tables.”

“No, not at all,” you said, as you slid your things to one side.

“Thanks. I haven’t seen you here before.”

You proceeded to tell me that you were finishing your Ph. D. at the university nearby, that you simply had to have good coffee to start the day, and that you were sure to become a regular. That first morning we chatted only briefly before you had to leave to get to work, but in the following mornings we got to know each other better as we routinely shared the corner table where we had first met. You charmed me from the beginning. Your quick smile and sharp wit were what I noticed first. You dressed comfortably but stylishly, and I found myself trying to visualize what your outfit might be each morning before you walked through the door, smiling in my direction. One of my favorite parts of our encounters was watching you wind your way between the tables as you moved toward ours. Watching you swivel your ass between the closely packed chairs never failed to make my cock swell with excitement. On more than one occasion I had to stop by the men’s room at the office to stroke my dick as I visualized us together, fucking, on a deserted beach or on the banks of a river.

In the following weeks, we spoke of work, our spouses, our triumphs and our frustrations. We conversed candidly from the beginning, and soon we were sharing intimate details in a way that I know surprised us both. Though both happily married, there was a lingering lack of sexual excitement that existed in each of our relationships with our spouse, and soon those frustrations became the focus of our morning conversations. We drew closer as we shared the most intimate details of our sexual past and present, as well as the fantasies and expectations for the future.

Anyone watching us talking in these morning encounters would have been able to guess that we would soon find our way into bed together. We laughed a lot, and our eyes sparkled as we talked. We leaned our heads together and whispered as we shared details of quick public fucks and fantasy escapades. Soon we were sitting side by side rather than across the table from one another. Your hand often rested on my knee, and more than once my hand found its way beneath your skirt to caress the inside of your leg above your knee.

With each passing day, the inevitable became more obvious to both of us. On a Friday several weeks after we first met, we agreed that it was time to move to the next level. On the following Monday morning, we would meet at the coffee shop as usual, but rather than going to work from there, we would check into the hotel around the corner and spend the morning there together. The thought of this rendezvous made my knees quiver and my cock throb with anticipation. You too must have been excited at the prospect, because as we prepared to leave the table that morning, your hand slipped to my lap and you quickly stroked my cock. I nearly came on the spot! You were as bold and as horny as I was, and I knew that our Monday encounter was going to be something special.

I slept fitfully that Sunday night, and when I did sleep I dreamed of you. Our naked forms were wrapped together, thrusting and writhing, skin glistening, the room filled with moans and wet, slapping sounds. We rolled across the bed, changed positions, licked, caressed, and probed–and then the alarm clock went off ending our fantasy encounter and setting the stage for our first real life sexual encounter.

I got to town early, stopped by the hotel, and registered to prevent any awkwardness later. Back at the coffee shop, I sat and waited for you, my mind filled with thoughts of you and my entire body humming with anticipation. When you walked in, the sight of you caused a surge ortaköy escort of desire to course through me, practically making my hair stand on end. As always you were gorgeous. Your attire–a moderately short, black skirt, a silk blouse, a stylish unbuttoned jacket that framed your full breasts, and a terrific smile–was perfect for a romantic encounter.

We chatted nervously and sipped our coffees, but we left before our cups were empty. As we walked toward the hotel, you slipped your hand into mine and I felt the warmth of your body pressed against my side. My cock swelled at the thought of soon being alone with you; the bulge in my crotch must have been obvious to passers-by.

We walked past the hotel desk and into the waiting, empty elevator. As the door closed and the elevator lifted toward our top floor room, you moved against me, kissing me forcefully, informing me that your desire was as great as mine. I felt your contours pressed against me, reveling in the thrust of your breasts against my chest and the press of your pussy against my throbbing cock. I slipped my hand between us and slid it up between your legs, seeking your pussy, wanting to feel what I had so long desired. You spread your legs, allowing me access.

You were wearing thigh high stockings rather than the pantyhose I was expecting. My hand slid up between your thighs until it encountered the smooth skin above the stockings, and I felt your body tremble at my touch. Your silky panties were soaked with seeping juices. I caressed your pussy through the damp fabric, stroking slowly, fingering your swollen labia and your firm clit, pressing my finger against the opening where I would soon thrust my hard cock into your hot inner realm. You rocked your pelvis against my hand in appreciation of my probing explorations, and with my finger I pushed aside the fabric and touched your pussy for the first time.

At that moment, the elevator stopped and the door slid open. We mush have been quite a sight, you with your legs spread and me with my hand up your skirt, my finger pressed against your pussy. But there was no one there to look as we unwillingly moved apart and excited from the elevator. I noted that you did not bother to rearrange your skirt which was up over your ass in the back and your stocking tops were fully exposed in the front.

As we walked together down the long hallway, we passed the little cubby containing the ice and drink machines. Without thinking, I grabbed your hand and pulled you into this space, pressing your back against the drink machine. As we resumed our kiss, my fingers pushed inside your panties and found your pussy. I slid my fingers along your slit, toying with your aroused clit which had pushed aside its covering hood. Your hips swayed as my fingertip swept gently back and forth across your sensitive button. Our lips slammed together in a passionate kiss, and you sucked my tongue deep inside the warm wetness of your mouth. My fingers slid down from your clit between the swollen lips of your hairless pussy, caressing each lovingly, memorizing each contour as I stroked along its length.

Stroking upward, my fingers slipped between your pussy lips and probed inside you for the first time. Your pussy was warm and wet as I expected, but you surprised me by tensing your muscles, clasping my fingers with your cunt walls, preventing deeper access. You squeezed my fingers tightly several times before relaxing and allowing me to intrude further. As I slowly thrust my fingers farther inside you, I felt you raise your hands to unbutton your blouse. One by one you clumsily unfastened each button, your attentions diverted by the desires roused by our intense kiss and the sensation of my fingers probing deep inside you.

Once the blouse was unbuttoned, you pulled it open and struggled to release your bra clasp behind you. After a moment, the clasp was released and you pulled your bra up over your breasts. I lowered my head, nuzzling between the paired globes, feeling the warmth emanating from your skin and taking in your rich aroma formerly trapped within your lacy bra. I slowly licked across each one, otele gelen escort savoring the taste and smell of you before focusing on your engorged nipples. I teased one and then the other with the tip of my tongue, stoking with my most gentle caress. I nipped cautiously at one of your nipples, clasping it between my teeth before releasing it and gently clamping down on the other. As I manipulated your nipples your pussy walls clasped my fingers, and I knew you were enjoying my manipulation of your breasts and nipples.

I stepped back from you, allowing my fingers to drop from between your legs. A look of disappointment crept across your face, but anticipation replaced it as I knelt before you and removed your panties. As I tucked them into my jacket pocket with one hand, I used the other to raise your skirt. Leaning forward, I planted a long, wet kiss between your labia, allowing my tongue to probe your eager pussy. You thrust forward against my tongue, urging me to probe more deeply, and I eagerly complied. Aware that we could be discovered by a maid or hotel guest at any moment, I grudgingly cut short my tonguing of your clit and rose to face you.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now,” you demanded as I looked into your eyes.

I turned you around and leaned you against the drink machine as I used one hand to release my throbbing cock. Moving up behind you, I positioned my cock at the entrance to your oozing cunt. I felt you reach down and stroke your clit as I thrust forward, burying my cock inside you, thrilled by the warmth, the wetness, the rippling of your pussy walls as I slid between them.

We moved together, thrusting hard and fast, finally satisfying the need that had been building between us for weeks. My hands moved forward to squeeze your now pendant breasts, tweaking each nipple, caressing each in turn, pressing them together as we fucked. At the same time, your fingers worked on your clit and slipped around my thrusting cock to feel me buried inside you.

As we moved together, we heard voices in the hallway–maids were exiting the elevator to begin their morning routine. At first our bodies tensed, fearful that we might be discovered, but more fearful that we might be forced to stop in mid-fuck. Soon we realized that the voices were receding and that the maids were moving to the other end of the hall. Knowing that our privacy might not last much longer, we resumed where we left off, although with a bit more urgency.

To this point, you had been relatively quiet, emitting only an occasional groan or low moan. But now, as you approached your climax, you began to moan loudly. I made no effort to quiet you.

“Now. I want to cum now,” you moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me cum. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum.”

Each phrase was repeated louder than the one that preceded it, and each spurred me on, causing me to fuck you harder as my own climax approached. You thrust back as I pounded my cock fully inside you, the squishing of your pussy juices between us loud and sensuous. Squeezing your breasts forcefully, I could feel my semen rising up, eager to be deposited deep inside your waiting cunt.

“I’m cuming, I’m cuming noooooooooooow,” I moaned as I pumped into you, relishing the feel of your resilient ass as I pounded against it.

“Oh yes, cum now. Fuck me hard, harrrrrd, haaaarrrrrrrd” you screamed as you came. Your pussy swelled inside, pressing against my cock, infusing it with your warmth, your desire, caressing it to the point that it erupted, spewing its load, slathering your pussy walls with its cream, throbbing with release.

And then it was over. As we stood there, we could hear the muted voices at the end of the hall. Clearly the maids had heard us, and now they were trying to decide what to do. As I stepped back, my now shriveling cock slid out of your dripping pussy. You stood and turned to face me. We kissed an unhurried kiss before pausing to straighten our clothes as best we could. The oddity of the situation caused you to start laughing, and soon we were sharing a great laugh which must certainly have perplexed the now approaching maids. otele gelen escort

As we stepped out of the cubicle, I turned and nodded toward the maids as you hurried toward our room. They gave me a knowing smile before turning back down the hall. We stepped inside the room ready to continue our encounter in private.

Standing, looking out the hotel window she could feel him approach and stand behind her. He was only a couple of inches taller than her so it was comfortable for him as he set his chin on her shoulder as he slipped his hands down her sides and over her ass. Leaning back into him, she could feel the heat from his body and they could both still smell the scent that only comes from the kind of play they had just experienced in the hallway.

Her fingers made their way to the top of her skirt to loosen the button. The silk slipped softy and silently down her legs revealing her black lace panties and thigh high sheer black stockings. It had been only a short time since they came in from the hallway but she could hear from his breathing and feel from the heat of his groin as he stroked her ass and thighs that his arousal was again building strength.

Her own fingers trailed from down her blouse to the top of her panties. Slipping her fingers inside, she could feel the soaking wetness from their earlier play. The heat she felt seemed to create even more moistness, and leaning back into him she softly moaned thinking of how much she wanted to feel him inside her again.

Turning around facing him, her lips nuzzled into his neck, taking in his smells, memorizing them because the times they spend apart seemed so long. Her hands moved down his back and pulled his shirt loose from his pants. Hands moving up his back and under his shirt, her hands lightly scratched his skin, as she sensed the warmth of his skin through her fingertips. She could feel his hands moving over her body. As she started to ache for the feel of him again, her hands made their way to the button of his pants.

Unbuttoning his pants and reaching down she took his cock in her hands. She held him with both hands, lightly stroking him, enjoying how he was growing hard in her hand. She placed her hand over the head of his shaft, sliding it down along its growing length while her thumb played and danced over the head. A bead of pre-cum appeared and using this as lubricant she continued to stroke him, feeling him move with her strokes. She could tell by his sounds that he was aroused and wanted more.

Pulling his shirt off him, she tossed it aside and began to kiss her way down his body eventually kneeling before him. She had wanted to taste him for sometime–in those chats in the coffee shop she had imagined what he might taste like, how he would react to her tongue, to her mouth.

Kneeling with her hands holding his cock, she guided him to her mouth. Her tongue first slipped over his cock head, tasting his pre-cum, and then taking him completely inside. She could hear his reaction, a prolonged moan, and felt his hands behind her head as her mouth made its’ way down his shaft. She loved how he filled her mouth and the sounds of his arousal. His mounting excitement only added to her desire to touch herself as she sucked him.

Up and down her mouth sucked, taking him deeply to the back of her throat, her tongue moving from top to bottom, her lips and mouth tight, completely engulfing him. Her hands followed her mouth, stroking him, but soon one hand dropped away to her own pussy. She was wet and aching, her hips moving against her hand as she moved her mouth in rhythm to him. His hands guiding her head and his sounds told her he wanted to cum. Her mouth wanted to taste him so badly–she had waited so long for this moment.

Her fingers completely lost in her pussy, her thumb stroking over the clit with her fingers deep inside her, she became almost lost. Only his hands on her head and the movement of his cock in her mouth could keep her focused. Almost gratefully she could hear him tell her he was going to cum. She wanted to explode herself, but only with him. Taking him deeply, tightly into her mouth, he started to fill her mouth with his cum just as she came hard against her hand.

For almost a minute she continued to writhe against her hand while she swallowed his juices, enjoying his taste and the completeness of his satisfaction. Together they climbed onto the bed, knowing that this encounter was not yet over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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