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*Obviously not reality for so many reasons. I hope you enjoy the fantasy.*


Ugh, the intercom sounded even more annoying when Jocelyn used it. What a mistake it was to hire her. I still remember her interview. She was so bubbly and happy. What an act. I guess she got word of how well I paid my receptionists and for what reason. Then took advantage. Maybe I deserved it, but I still hated her for it. She acted so coy and stupid in the interview, generous cleavage spilling out of a bra and tank top that were both too small. She giggled when I leered at her chest and made unintentional innuendo. Well, I suppose it wasn’t that unintentional. Her first day made her true nature very clear.

I remember how excited I was to see what she would wear on her first day. What an amazing let down to see her come in wearing an ugly brown dress. It was so old-fashioned and modest, nobody would ever know what an amazing teen body she was hiding. I had almost forgotten myself if the image of her tight curves on the day of her interview wasn`t burned so deeply in my memory.

She knew I couldn’t fire her. I had no reason. She was efficient, competent, and I was fairly certain she knew my history with my previous receptionists. Why else would she execute such a carefully crafted plan?

My practice made me a very rich man, so her much-higher-than-average salary didn’t hurt my wallet, but it hurt my pride. Out-smarted by a 19-year-old.

“Yes, Jocelyn?” I said into the intercom.

“Paula Simmons here to see you, Dr.Nix,” came the curt and professional reply.

“Send her in,” I said.

Paula….Paula… Not a new patient. Jocelyn would have told me. I didn’t even review my appointment list today. I was getting complacent without a teenaged slut to have my way with between appointments. If only Stacey didn’t have to go to college out of state. She was my last and best fucktoy. So willing and so dumb. I wasn’t even sure if she knew that what she was doing wasn’t normal for the workplace. She’d probably end up sucking off all her bosses in the future. Lucky bastards. She had gotten so good because of me. I had turned her into a dumb, grateful, swallowing teenaged slut.

With a name like Paula Simmons, I assumed it was another old woman. So many of my patients are. They flirt endlessly with me. I know I’m fit and look very young for my age, but frankly I find it disgusting. I’m 45, but often still called a young doctor among my colleagues because of my youthful face and toned body.

I could never hold a steady relationship. I was married once. That was obviously a disaster. I’m too much of a pervert. I’ve come to terms with it now. I can only get off if a young willing slut opens up her warm mouth or incredibly tight pussy to me. The older I get, the hotter it is to see an 18-year-old bounce on my dick.

The door opened, and man was I wrong about Paula. Her face looked vaguely familiar, but it must have been years since I had seen the girl, because I would have remembered that face and that body. She had a young, round face with giant blue eyes and huge lips that were parted in that way that would make even the most brilliant woman look like a dumb slut. Her blonde hair was just above her shoulders in tight ringlets.

She had to be around 5 feet tall. Maybe 5’1. It made her luscious curves even more impressive. She wore a green cotton tank top that had a high neck but had no chance of hiding her massive chest. The girl had to be at least a DD, I’m not sure. I’m horrible with bra sizes, but great with the actual tits.

The giant balloons were high and full on her young chest and curved sharply into a thin waist before curving back out to make full hips hugged by tight pair of jeans. I salivated at the thought of what her firm teen ass looked like. I mean, she had to be a teenager, her face was so young. Hopefully not too young. If I get in trouble, I want to minimize the damage. I’m rich enough to lose my license, but I’d rather not go to jail.

“Hi Doctor,” Paula said shyly, “remember me?”

“Well of course!” I lied, “How long has it been now?”

“Ten years ago exactly. I remember because the last time I was sick, it was the day after my eighth birthday.”

It was hard for that sentence alone to not make my dick instantly hard. She was redefining “barely 18”.

“Well that’s a very good memory you have,” I said, “and you must be very healthy if it’s been that long! Still, your parents should have sent you in for a check-up.”

Paula hung her head, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know you should have at least a yearly check-up?”


“Well that’s okay, we’ll do a full check-up now. Are your parents waiting for you outside?”

“No,” Paula said sadly, “they didn’t even believe I was sick. I had to look up your address online.”

“Well I’m glad you did,” I said, “sit down on that bed there and tell me what the problem is.”

I went to my desk to grab a clipboard and looked at my computer and saw Paula’s file already zeytinburnu escort on screen. Jocelyn had already remotely sent it to my computer. She really was quite good. I peaked around my monitor and took in the delightful sight of Paula struggling to get on the raised medical table. She was so short that she was unable to hike herself up using her arms behind her. The result was a cutely disgruntled face and those huge tits of hers bouncing all over the place inside her tight tank top. It was obvious that she paid a pretty penny for expensive custom bras because considering her movements, they stayed impressively side-by-side.

I pretended to continue to study my computer as Paula continued to struggle. It wasn’t too difficult of a task even for my older patients, so I wondered if she was really that uncoordinated or if her large breasts really brought her that much off-balance. The latter certainly didn’t seem too unlikely.

She finally figured out that her current method wasn’t working and she turned around and crawled up onto the bed. As she was now turned away, I overtly leered, eager to get a good look at her teen ass.

I was not disappointed. The young thing bubbled up from her thighs, making for a rounded, high ass. It was bigger than most white girls’ asses and certainly most white teens’, and if Paula’s big boobs didn’t get me hard, then her luscious ass definitely did.

Now that she was seated patiently, I finally took an actual look at her file. The girl wasn’t lying, the last time it had been updated was May 10, 2002, and her birthday was listed as May 9, 1994. Unless she had been to a free clinic, any other doctor would have requested her file. I realized that this really was the first time she had had a check-up in a decade. This would be fun.

I waited a few moments to let my raging erection die down a little, then walked to Paula. I didn’t wait until I was completely flaccid, it was fine with me if the young teen noticed my bulge. This girl seemed pretty dumb.

Then again, so did Jocelyn…

“So, Miss Simmons,” I started in my most professional tone, “what’s bothering you today?”

“My throat, Doctor.” Paula replied.

“What sort of pain are you having? When did it start?”

“About a week ago. It wasn’t so bad at first, but now it hurts to swallow, and talking isn’t as easy. I had to be so quiet on my birthday.”

“You seem to be talking fine now, Paula.”

She turned her large quivering blue eyes up to me, “It still hurts, Dr. Nix.”

“Poor girl,” I started, deciding to start sounding a little condescending to test for reactions, “well you’re doing very well, I think you’re a good girl.”

Paula seemed genuinely pleased by the comment and bounced a little in place. I grabbed a look at her settling cleavage before continuing.

“Let me just take a look, okay? I’ll try not to ask too many questions. ”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Paula said quietly, but gratefully.

I went through the motions. Tongue depressor, taking a look, the whole bit. Incredibly basic stuff. In fact, it was easy to see that she had a simple infection that would go away in about a week with some anti-biotics. It was long past the point of being contagious, even. But I had other plans. I put away my tools and sat down on the stool beside the bed and looked as grim as I could. Paula picked up on it.

“Oh no! What’s the matter? Is it serious?”

“Well I’m glad you came to me as soon as you did, it could have been much worse.”

“But I waited a week! Did I wait too long?”

“Well maybe a bit, Paula, but we still caught it in time. We may just have to give you a special treatment today.”

Paula’s face froze in horror, “like surgery?”

I shouldn’t have, but I laughed, “oh no, dear Paula, this isn’t a hospital, we’re not set up for surgery. Plus, it’s not that bad. Yet.”

I watched her face go even more pale, somehow. She was turning out to be as stupid and easy-to-manipulate as I hoped. Because of Stacey’s excellent slut services, I hadn’t had to take advantage of a patient in a while, but I felt the rust coming off. Plus, Paula seemed like an easy mark.

“Don’t look so scared, sweetheart, I actually have the special medicine you need here in my office.”

“Oh goodie,” Paula said, obviously relieved. But her face tensed up again, “oh, but will it be covered by my insurance?”

“I’ll tell you what, Paula. You’re such a good patient for remembering me after all these years, that I’ll let this treatment be on the house. I’ll turn a blind eye to the paper work.”

She looked happy and then confused.

“Wait, you’re blind in one eye, Doctor?”

Wow, she was stupider than I thought.

“Haha, no it’s just a saying. So what do you think?”

“That would be so awesome, Dr. Nix! I was a li’l scared that I wouldn’t have the insurance or money to fix me.”

“It’ll be just fine, Miss Simmons,” I said, standing up so that my stomach was level with her face. aksaray escort Then I unzipped my pants and pulled out my limp dick. Paula gasped.

“Doctor! What are you doing?”

I put on my most matter-of-fact voice, “I’m getting out your medicine, Paula. Where did you think you’d have to get it from?”

“Y-your penis is my medicine?”

“Please, Paula. Use the term “dick” or “cock”. They are the more proper terms.”

Paula looked confused, but didn’t question it further.

“Oh, okay. Um, so your dick is my medicine?”

“In a sense, Paula. My dick HAS your medicine in it. You’ll have to get it out. Have you ever sucked on a cock before?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Paula nodded, “the boys at school ask me to do it, and my brother says it helps him relax.”

My cock twitched at these words. Seems like I wasn’t the first person to take advantage of this naive slut. Not that I was too surprised, based on Paula’s appearance that was a cross of an innocent teenager and a pornstar. Still, even her own brother? I didn’t blame him. But I forced my growing erection down with my mind so that I could go through the rest of my plan as usual.

“When you suck their dicks, do you swallow all the medicine like a good girl?”

“Um, yes Doctor. But I’ve said no for a few days because my throat has hurt so much.”

“Well there’s your problem! It’s only going to get worse without medicine! You need to be a good girl and suck cock every day, okay?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

I strode to my prescription cabinet at the back of the room. My dick was still hanging out of my pants and I talked while facing away from her.

“Now, because it’s been a few days, I need to give you some pills to activate the natural medicine. You’ll need to take one of these twice a day after swallowing a man’s natural medicine. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Do you understand?”

Without turning to face her, I heard Paula state her confirmation. I had a feeling that this was going a little too well, but I was too revved up to be concerned by it. Plus, the Jocelyn incident had just made me paranoid, I had done this countless times in the past. I returned to Paula’s side and looked down at her.

“Now I need you to do something for me, okay? To get the medicine out, you need to get me hard enough to put in your mouth. That’s a good girl’s job.”

“Okay,” said Paula, “how do I do that? All the boys I suck already have their pen-I mean dicks hard.”

“I know, and that’s because they’re young. With men like me, you need to work a little harder. Why don’t you take off that tank top and tell me all about those impressive tits of yours.”

Paula diligently obeyed and swiftly lifted her shirt off her petite body. Well, petite except for her giant mounds. The view was incredible. Miles of exposed titflesh sat in my view held up by a huge black bra. If it wasn’t for her medical record, I wouldn’t have believed she just turned 18. Her cleavage was as deep as the ocean and went on for days.

“What about them, Doctor?” Paula asked earnestly, eager to have the treatment go well.

“When did they start to grow? What size are they?”

“Um, I started to get them when I was 12. Then they got really big really fast. I remember buying my first D cup bra in grade 9.”

“You’re quite the impressive girl, Paula,” I said with my best mix of professional and condescending tones. She blushed and kept talking, apparently egged on by my words.

“They haven’t stopped growing ever since then, Doctor. My Dad gets really angry that we have to spend so much money on bras. We just had to get me brand new F cups.”

Wow, I really was off with my guess. I couldn’t say I was surprised though, especially seeing them in just a bra now. I had never seen young tits so big. My dick was harder than I expected.

“You’re doing really well, Paula. Look how hard you made my dick. That’s how you know you’re doing a good job as a slut.”


“Yes, Paula?”

“Isn’t that a bad word?”

“Oh no, Paula! That’s the highest praise someone can give to a young woman. Now, we don’t want your throat to get any worse. I think you’ve done enough talking. Why don’t you start sucking my cock just like a good slut?”

“Thank you, Dr. Nix.”

With that, the teen clumsily adjusted herself on the medical bed so that she was lying on her stomach. Her face was now level with my impressive 7 inch cock.

“Wow, it’s really big, Doctor. Even bigger than my brother’s.”

“And I bet you’ll do a perfect job getting the medicine out. Now put it in your mouth like a good slut.”

Paula giggled, now hearing the term as a compliment, and plunged her round, adorable face onto my rock-hard meat. Any worries I had about her earlier clumsiness affecting her performance was instantly out the window. She obviously already had a lot of practice, and I groaned involuntarily as her teen tongue swirled eagerly around my dick.

I put my hand on her head ataköy escort and guided her to bob up and down faster. I couldn’t get enough of her warm and wet blowjob. I felt her moan on my dick and apply more suction. She must have liked the force.

“Do you like my big dick, slut?”

“Yes, Doctor, it tastes really good.”

“Just wait until you get my medicine.”

Paula big soft lips were pressed hard against my cock, but were wet enough to glide easily up and down the length. Her tongue seemed like a separate entity, reaching areas of my dick with pressure and precision I had rarely experienced before.

At my age and with my looks, I’ve had a lot of blowjobs, and while Paula’s wasn’t the best I’d ever had, it was definitely the best I had received from an 18-year-old. She certainly knew her way around my equipment. A little too well, maybe, as I already felt my orgasm starting to swell in the depths of my balls.

“I think you need to work harder for your medicine, slut,” I lied to the teen.

“Am I not doing a good job, Dr. Nix?”

“No, you’re doing very well. But I’m not young like the boys at your school. To get my medicine ready, you’re going to have to really be a total slut.”

“How do I do that?”

“You need to put my cock in a sluttier place.”

“You mean you want me to have sex with you?”

“Paula, please, I’m a Doctor, I need you to use the proper terms. I’m going to need to fuck your tight slutty pussy.”

“Sorry, Dr. Nix. I’m trying to be a good slut.”

“It’s okay. Now politely request what you need me to do to get your medicine ready.”

“Um, Dr. Nix? Can you please fuck my tight pussy?”

“Of course, Paula. Thank you. Is this your first time?”

“No, Doctor. My brother told me that his dick was my birthday present yesterday and had sex with me all day because I wouldn’t suck his cock.”

“Paula…” I said sternly.

“Sorry! Bad slut,” she scolded herself, “I mean, my brother fucked my tight pussy all day yesterday.”

“Good. Much better. Now get naked and get on your hands and knees in front of that mirror over that. That’s how a proper slut should get fucked.”

“Yes, Doctor.” said Paula. She sat up on the medical bed and proceeded to hop off of it. My eyes stayed glued to her huge boobs as they jiggled and bounced all over her chest, barely contained in her massive bra. I didn’t help as she struggled out of her tight jeans. Her black panties were next, and then her socks. Finally came the bra. Paula reached behind her back to find the clasp, and the act somehow made her tits look bigger. Each one had to be the size of her head, and they dwarfed her tiny frame.

When the material fell away from her chest unceremoniously, Paula seemed to instinctively push them together a little with her hands. The comparison of her tiny fingers overflowing with her young creamy titflesh would have been comical if it wasn’t so hot.

“Good slut,” I said, “now get in position.”

Paula got on her hands and knees in front of the mirror as I requested.

“Why here, Doctor?”

“I want to see your fat tits swinging wildly as I fuck you, Paula.”

“You think I’m fat?”

“No, Paula. I think you’re thin and in great shape. You just have big slutty tits. It’s good for a slut to have fat tits. It’s a compliment.”

“Oh! Okay!” Paula wiggled her body in delight and my eyes somehow strayed from her glorious hanging tits to her unbelievable ass. It looked so inviting, tight and stuck up in the air.

I wasted no time pulling off my pants completely and getting on my knees behind her. The floor was hard, but nowhere near as hard as my dick. I gave Paula no warning and plunged into her glistening pussy.

“Ohhh, Doctor!”

“Unnnhhh,” I grunted, “that’s it, slut. You have such a perfect tight pussy.”

“Ohhh, thank you, Doctor! Am I being a good slut?”

“Fuck, yes, Paula.”

I held myself deep inside the teen for as long as I could, but I didn’t last long before I needed to pound away. The moment I did, the hot teen slut starting moaning as if she was a regular pro.

“You were made to fuck, weren’t you, slut?”

“I-I don’t kn-know, Doctor. But your dick feels really really good!”

I pounded away behind her tight, young body and looked in the mirror. I wasn’t let down by the sight of her ridiculously large breasts swinging wildly. They hit her arms and dragged as far down as the floor. Sometimes they got as far up as her face.

“Look at your fat tits, slut. They’re so fucking fat, they even hit you in the face.”

“Is that a good thing, Doctor? Am I a good slut? Am I working hard for my medicine?”

“Unnnhh, yess, Paula! Tell me how old you are again.”

“Just turned 18, Doctor.”

She started pushing herself back onto my dick. Her soaking wet pussy started to splash onto my stomach and drip down my legs. I slapped her ass hard and gripped her thighs tightly and rammed myself into her.

“You’re such a dirty slut, Paula! You’re a tight teen slut!”

Paula just moaned, already fully translating the insults into pride.

It was too much. The sight of her huge slutty tits flopping on the floor, and her tight teen pussy gripping my dick was bringing me to orgasm faster than I had gotten there in years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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