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Miriam Collier never went to work without the secure softness of a treasured scarf around her neck. The one she wore today was one of her favorites; a long silken creation which was hand painted in a wash of delicate blues and greens by none other than her dearest friend and fellow English teacher, Alice Stark. Miriam is an older woman; she turned 45 just a couple of months ago. She managed to disguise her age very well with her dark chin length hair and her beautiful face which was always skillfully made up according to the latest magazines.

Miriam never wore anything short of a sensible white blouse paired with an appropriately modest skirt that hid any hint of her slender and shapely legs. This choice of conservative attire always managed to make her look quite tall and confident while maintaining her femininity. She held her head high as she carried a large stack of student notebooks ready for her to scrutinize and grade over the long weekend. A couple of loose homework assignments, turned in at the last minute were pinned between her slender fingers and the stack of notebooks. Her purse swung accessibly at her side as she produced her car keys with a musical little clink that cut the unseasonably humid air.

Late afternoon had already turned into early evening. Miriam straightened her spine and put purpose in her steps as she quickened her pace across the faculty parking lot in pursuit of her car. She glanced over her shoulder back at F.W. Harmony High School and noted that the quickly darkening sky was riddled with bursts of lightning. The clouds were already grumbling angrily to themselves. It was strange because it only seemed like an hour or so ago when the halls inside the sprawling brutalist building grumbled and chattered in a cacophony of teachers and hormone addled teens excited to ditch school and start the weekend. The faculty parking lot was nearly empty except for a handful of cars and Miriam. The neat little row of trees along the lot’s edge stirred noisily and seemed to add to the overall sickliness of the atmosphere—a dull green-black the color of rotten olives.

The wind began to pick up now, and whipped about the airy blue of Miriam’s skirt. The late homework sheets threatened now to leave the slightly hot dampness of her fingers. Her modest car was finally in reach; she turned to unlock the door before the papers escaped her fingers, flipping noisily to the pavement near the back driver’s side wheel.

A queer pair of figures strolled down the opposite end of the faculty lot past her car and stopped for a second or two as the next vicious bolt of lightning streaked the evening sky, carrying a few heavy drops of rain in its wake. Miriam stooped down quickly to retrieve the loose sheets of paper. She instantly shot the couple a look of disdain when at that split second she’d gotten a good look at who they were.

It was Kris Bennett and Eddie Neal, two of the four female PE teachers employed at F.W. Harmony. The two women walked closely together with squared shoulders; they both wore hardened hostile expressions on their unappealing butch faces. Miriam was aware of the persistent rumor that has floated around for years about the two of them being lesbians. She wasn’t sure how true the stories were, but she figured that her colleagues couldn’t all be lying. Neither Miss Bennett nor Miss Neal were married, and the two of them always seemed to be joined at the hip.

Really! Miriam thought to herself. How utterly revolting! Are those two…holding hands? An irrational rage welled up inside her as the two PE teachers met her disgusted stare. Both women have very athletic albeit boyish looking bodies. Their hair was cut quite short and equally boyish in style in spite of the fact they both were close to Miriam’s age. They were dressed for the unusually warm and humid weather in short sleeved shirts and shorts. Miriam shuddered in disgust at the sight before shutting herself in the safety of her car.

Oh, shit! She thought to herself anxiously. Why does this have to happen to me right now of all times?

Miriam turned her car’s ignition once, and then once again. The car shuddered weakly, barely turning over. A phosphoric halo of bluish-white light filled the car’s interior followed swiftly by a snarling thunderclap. Miriam angrily fished into the depths of her purse for a dime. She scrambled out of the car and slammed the door loudly in frustration before stomping across the parking lot towards the school’s back entrance. She trembled fearfully in her attempt to stifle the sudden burst of adrenaline in her system as she looked back across the almost empty parking lot.

Miriam turned her thoughts momentarily to Miss Bennett and Miss Neal who caught her eye moments before. She was back inside the school now, and she halted before the payphone that was thankfully a short distance from the doors near the student commons. She will give Alice Stark a call and tell her to come back to school and get her. Her car casino siteleri would be okay here until she can get a tow truck to retrieve it in the morning.

It’s really hard to believe that Miss Bennett and Miss Neal are really women! Miriam thought with a growing air of superiority. Gracious, I feel so sorry for all those poor girls who have to worry about those two seeing them changing their clothes in the locker room! They must feel so violated! Another crack of thunder ripped across the sky outside; the lightning that followed temporarily illuminated the abandoned hallway while Miriam dialed the requisite numbers and waited for Alice to answer.


Came the familiar voice of Miriam’s colleague on the other end. The thunderous sound of feet pounded the terrazzo floor all around Miriam. Hands reached for her out of the semi-darkness; they tore the receiver from her ear and slammed it back on the carriage. The hands took her firmly by the arms and roughly propelled her down the hall and around the corner. Their grip was tight—deadly. Miriam caught flashes of light colored golf shirts, shorts, bunches of jangling keys, and a gym whistle. The hands that bound her so tightly were decidedly female, but they were large and very powerful. All at once Miriam could feel the color draining from her beautiful face. Her stomach felt sick and heavy, and already she could feel the anxious sweat bursting across her back like the many beads of a rosary.

She knew that it was Miss Bennett and Miss Neal, but her terrified mind didn’t want to believe it was so. One of them was extremely tall and butch…almost outright manly. Miriam noticed her silver gray hair was cut very short in a pageboy style. The slightly shorter woman held her from behind. Her breaths came hot and moist against Miriam’s slender neck. The woman positively reeked with B.O. and sweat.

“What’s this?”

The taller one spoke with a voice made raspy from years of screaming at scores of defiant teen girls to put on their PE uniforms and run laps. She took Miriam’s beautiful hand painted scarf in her calloused hands, feeling the silky softness of the fabric catching her skin before favoring her with a sarcastic thin-lipped smile.

“Is this a scarf, or is this a choke collar for a dog?”

Miriam was suddenly jerked backward from behind as the other woman yanked on the scarf. Instantly Miriam started to choke uncontrollably and her eyes began to water. The tall gray haired gym teacher pressed her bulging key ring firmly against Miriam’s cheek as if she was holding a set of brass knuckles.

“Go ahead, Collier. Scream.”

Without thinking, Miriam let out a strangled cry once she felt the scarf grow tighter around her neck. Her body shuddered and shrunk back against the shorter woman. She was powerless now and she knew it. If she made one false move she could be choked to death! Why, oh why? I only glanced at them, Miriam thought. They could barely see me! I have to get home! I have papers to grade! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

“Bad dog!”

Miriam caught a momentary glimpse of silver light from that bulging key ring before drawing back. All at once she felt a sharp pain against her cheekbone as the keys made contact and the scarf slackened around her neck as she retched and gagged from the sickening pain. She fell hard to her knees against the cold terrazzo floor. The cruel raspy sounds of laughter swirled around her head as she violently puked before everything suddenly went black.

Kris Bennett and Eddie Neal were deeply kissing, feeling each other’s breasts and boyish curves through their golf shirts. The bulging key ring was now returned to its rightful place; it dangled from Kris’s belt loop when Miriam Collier was awakened to these drowsy images. Her eyes still watered and her whole body hurt like hell. Miss Bennett and Miss Neal had brought her to this crummy little bungalow in an unfamiliar part of Thatcher Blake. They carelessly threw her on the bed in the small dingy master bedroom figuring she wouldn’t go far if she tried.

Miriam was loathe to admit to herself that the sight of these two butch daddies kissing turned her on, sending painful little bursts of fire throughout her body. She writhed around fitfully and a distressed little cry escaped her lips. Eddie moved away from her dominant colleague and was behind Miriam now, holding the captured woman’s arms. She pulled Miriam’s head back and made her watch while Kris fondled her. Next the silver haired gym teacher drew the woman’s skirt up over her skinned knees and rudely massaged the already hot cotton crotch of her panties before squeezing her breasts like she was down at the A&P testing the melons in the produce section for ripeness.

Panic seized Miriam. Her eyes darted this way and that. She could already see what fate had in store for her tonight on a nearby dresser: A riding crop and two very large flesh colored dildos nestled in two black leather jock strap-like canlı casino harnesses. Oh my God, this can’t really be happening! Miriam thought desperately. Don’t they know that I only glanced at them?

From the corner of her panic-stricken eye, Miriam watched as Kris Bennett unhooked the key ring from her belt loop before tossing it noisily aside somewhere on the floor. She pulled off the golf shirt and white bra she was wearing and proceeded to unbutton Miriam’s snowy blouse and yank it open. Miriam was completely aghast at this woman’s cavalier behavior. It was as if Kris and Eddie were in a locker room with Miriam after some intramural sports practice. They were so casual about it; neither woman made any attempt at being alluring or sexy.

Next Kris unfastened the front clasp of Miriam’s silky white bra, baring the uptight English teacher to her captors. A few hushed obscenities escaped Eddie while Kris let out a chuckle in agreement to her colleague’s observations.

Miriam was rudely shoved upright until she was staring with wide eyed incredulity at Kris Bennett’s naked breasts. They were smallish and they actually suited the woman’s athletic build. Her skin was lightly bronzed; the small light brown areolas sported very erect nipples. A faint unmistakable odor of B.O. clung to the butch woman’s skin. Miriam was afraid now and angry. She hated Miss Bennett and Miss Neal more than ever. Kris snapped her fingers at Eddie.

“Keep this wanton little bitch upright, Ed.”

Kris leaned in towards Miriam for an insistent sloppy kiss. The silver haired daddy immediately started gagging; she’d forgotten that Miriam had puked all over the terrazzo floor inside the school earlier. The sour reminder of that unpleasant event seemed to irritate Kris only slightly. Eddie shoved Miriam towards those bare, nearly flat breasts, cackling behind at the captive woman’s distress. Kris also appeared to be amused at the situation although she managed to retain an air of businesslike dignity.

“Why don’t you suck on my tits, Collier since you like staring at them so much? NOW!”

Miriam shut her eyes in disgust as she felt her head being shoved roughly closer to Kris’s chest. She didn’t want to do it, but what choice did she have? She felt the woman’s erect nipple brushing against her soft full lips and she nearly swooned. That godawful smell of high school locker room and B.O. mingled with the light clean floral scent of her perfume.

Instantly this nauseating mixture of aromas became intoxicating to Miriam Collier. It smelled strongly of power, danger, and sex. She felt herself sink back a little as Eddie joined her lover in removing her golf shirt and bra. The darker haired woman was fondling her own small breasts as she awaited her turn with Miriam.

Before she knew it, Miriam was at work suckling both gym teachers. She caressed and swiped her tongue hungrily at her captors’ nipples alternately. Once in a while she had to strain to get at them as they drew backwards, finding Miriam’s desperation totally hilarious.

Kris and Eddie pushed Miriam firmly into the mattress. Kris rubbed her coarse silver gray hair against her captive’s bare breasts. This caused Miriam to gasp loudly from the unexpected sensation of the gym teacher’s cropped hair against her tender nipples. Eddie began at once to pinch and knead the firm silky flesh of Miriam’s breasts, leaving a series of cruel red streaks until she decided her own breasts needed more attention. Poor Miriam sputtered and gagged from the nipples that were rudely shoved between her lips. She could barely catch her breath now; saliva ran freely from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

“Please, Kris.” Eddie panted between the sucking. “I want to take this stuck up little frump! Shouldn’t we fuck her now? Please?”

Miriam was deftly sucking on Kris; her head was pinned firmly between the gym teacher’s sweaty breast and slender but powerful arm. Anxious little moans escaped her as she nipped and swallowed at the hardened nipple. Miriam Collier has lost all decency; her fearful mind was fixated on the violent erotic convulsions targeting her clitoris.

Kris Bennett was deep in thought as she pulled Miriam’s head away from her breast. She was the type of woman who loved power and loved the sight of female helplessness even more. It was the main reason that Kris Bennett has been the PE department head at F.W. Harmony these past 19 years. She absolutely adored the sight of a female body losing all self-control, dominated and easily manipulated by one more powerful and superior than she. Of course she’s seen many scared, unassuming little high school girls she considered as potential lovers over the years, but Miriam Collier was different and much more interesting. This fucking little bitch deserved to be used and owned.

“Not just yet, Ed.” Kris said. “But it’s not a bad idea to get her ready.”

Eddie’s homely face lit up with a mixture of happiness kaçak casino and pure evil. The dark haired woman moved over to the toy laden dresser and began strapping on one of the large vein covered cocks with trembling hands. She could barely work the buckles on the harness, such was her excitement. Next Eddie ceremoniously assisted Kris with removing her shorts and panties. Miriam stared in disgust as the slightly shorter woman began rubbing the wild dense dark patch of pubic hair between her lover’s lean muscled legs.

Miriam tried painfully to back away, but she was stopped abruptly by a sharp slap across her face. Eddie produced the other harness and slipped it onto her lover.

“Strap it on tight, baby.” Kris growled. “I’m going to fuck the ever loving shit out of this snooty bitch!”

Kris’s cock was longer and thicker than Eddie’s. It was a monstrous vein covered spear with a pointy tip made for drilling the tightest holes. Miriam gasped in a mixture of fear and arousal. It was getting harder to stifle the crazy undulations she was feeling deep in her birth canal. Kris must have picked up on this because she yanked the long silky scarf that was still around Miriam’s slender bruised neck. The scarf was no longer artfully draped, rather it was looped around the woman’s neck in the fashion of a collar with the excess material serving for a lead.

On her lover’s orders, Eddie tugged at and pulled away Miriam’s skirt, torn nylon stockings, and finally her panties. The crotch was thoroughly dampened and fragrant with the captured woman’s arousal. Miriam gasped in fear at the sight of Eddie sniffing at the stained panty crotch and licking at it with relish.

“Gimme that, Ed.”

Kris snatched the panties out of Eddie’s hands. She casually sniffed at the wet crotch and then eyed it curiously. Miriam was so ashamed, she didn’t know where to look! Her panty crotch bore the unmistakable remnant of a viscous string of moisture.

“How does Miss Collier taste, Ed?”

“Jesus, she’s so sweet!” Eddie muttered. “She’s piss-scared too. I can definitely smell it! That pussy’s hot!”

Suddenly Miriam was tossed over onto her front and the two gym teachers forced her up onto her hands and knees doggy style. Her head was resting on a pillow and she could feel her throat tightening up. One of them was holding the scarf now. She felt Kris’s breath come hot and heavy in her ear.

“You were looking at us with disgust in that parking lot, Collier. My colleague and I don’t take kindly to being disrespected.”

“Here, take this.”

Eddie handed Kris the riding crop Miriam saw earlier. She gave it a practice snap against the bedpost to frighten Miriam. The captive woman’s naked backside gave an involuntary twitch in response.

“Please, Kris let’s not do this.” Miriam whimpered. “I need to get home! I have papers to grade!”

“You should have thought about that when you stared at us, Collier!” Eddie snapped defensively. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it isn’t polite to stare?”

“Shut up and entertain me!”

Kris shouted in that awful raspy voice Miriam was used to hearing when she happened by the gym during a PE class. Eddie obliged by skinning back the creamy white cheeks of Miriam’s ass, exposing the frightened woman’s puckered little anus. Miriam let out a startled yelp before imploring the gym teachers to stop and think about what they were doing. Kris responded to her captive’s desperate plea with a cruel flick of the riding crop. The tip smacked the virgin hole squarely and caused it to suddenly shrink back.

“Very good, Collier.” Kris said. “I like a woman with nice reflexes.”

She continued with another ten hard cracks to her asshole while Miriam screamed and cried and begged for her to stop. The stuck up English teacher was much easier to control with that lovely bluish scarf looped around her neck. Each time the snooty bitch yelped, that makeshift leash would pull up and cut into her neck to squelch the noise. With each crack of the riding crop, Miriam’s anus twitched and convulsed in a most curious manner. Sweat was glistening on the alabaster skin of her ass cheeks while her vulva hung open, dripping onto the mattress with the juices of her obvious arousal.

“I need her please!”

“Knock it off, Ed. I’m getting her first!”

Again came that awful raspy voice in Miriam’s ear. She groaned softly at the sensation of a large calloused fingertip massaging her puckered little anus.

“Hey, honey…ever been ass-fucked by a real woman?”

Miriam shook her head, sobbing uncontrollably. Eddie had produced some lubricant and opened the tube. She could hear the two gym teachers stroking each other’s false dicks with gobs of the stuff, making loud wet smacking sounds. Both women were grunting and moaning as they exchanged several aggressive deep kisses. Kris pressed the cold wet tip of her dildo against Miriam’s sensitive little hole. It barely penetrated to make a tiny black cave that glistened enticingly around the wrinkled rim. There was another startled gasp before that obscene flesh colored rod plunged into her virgin ass, drilling her rectum.

“Come on, Collier! I want to hear you sing!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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