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Authors note: This story is a follow up to Do me Daddy and although it can stand alone you might want to read the first installment. I will do my best not to repeat too many facts revealed in the first chapter.



Lauren sat nervously in the booth of the steakhouse waiting for her Daddy to arrive.

They had a great deal to discuss and Lauren was eager to clear the air about a lot of unspoken, uncomfortable realities.

Her Daddy had fucked her and they had both had to pretend that it was simply some high priced prostitution role play.

When Brian had left in the morning after the session with Vicky and Lauren he was unable to linger afterward to talk with Lauren about what had happened between them. Taking too much interest in Lauren might have clued Vicky to the fact that Brian was Laurens actual father.

That would have been a terrible secret to have on public display.

The two had texted and agreed to meet this evening to talk some and clear the air.

Brian was due to leave in the morning after his business in town had been concluded.

He was not due back in Florida until the beginning of the following month and Lauren knew that getting what had occurred out in the open face to face needed to be done sooner rather than later so that weirdness would not have too long to set in.

Lauren saw her father enter and waved him over to the booth. Brian gave her a peck on the cheek and sat down opposite his twenty two year old daughter.

“Lauren, I’m so sorry,” He began before she cut him off.

“I’m not sorry Daddy. You shouldn’t be either. I could have backed out when I realized the client Vicky had brought over was you but I didnt.”

She was about to say that she had never come so hard in her life as when her Daddy had exploded inside her when the waitress came over to take their orders.

After they ordered and the waitress had left them Brian started again.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell Daddy you needed more money? You know you can have whatever you want.”

“It wasn’t the money Daddy. I was doing a favor for Vicky mostly and I was a bit horny. I know it’s hard for you to believe that your baby girl gets horny but I do.”

She let that sink in for a moment and then started again.

“I know you get horny too Daddy. I saw you playing with yourself by accident once up in New York and it got me so hot I had to masturbate myself to sleep. We are human beings and we have needs.”

“But with my daughter? It’s so wrong.”

“You were turned on when Vicky was only pretending to be your daughter. She told me you were so into it and I saw it and experienced it for myself.”

Brian took this in and then started haltingly.

“I’ll be honest and say that I’m terribly embarrassed that you know I have gone to prostitutes. I tried dating some but no one that I saw was right for me. Your mom was my whole world except of course for you and your sister Kate, and it seemed it would be dishonest of me to lead someone on when I knew I couldn’t commit emotionally.”

“I am embarrassed some too Daddy. You may not believe this but that was only the third time I’ve ever done that, and always when Vicky was in a bind. The other two times I didn’t even have sex except with Vicky. I don’t want you to think I’m a slut.”

“I would never think of my baby girl as a slut. I’m not naive and I realize you were no virgin but I never thought of you that way or in any way sexually.”

“I never thought of you that way either Daddy, but now I do.”

There was another brief pause and then Lauren revealed. “If you want to know the truth it has always been Kate who has had the big Daddy crush.”

“What?” Brian asked.

Kate was only eight when the girls mother had died in that car wreck and was very attached to their remaining parent. Now at eighteen and finishing high school, she was quite the stunner. She was two inches taller than her older sister and her dark shoulder length hair, beautifully formed C cup breasts, and more shapely posterior gave her a much more womanly appearance than the pixie-like Lauren.

“She used to dream about marrying you until she turned ten. I told her it was silly and eventually she outgrew that fantasy although it took her a while.”

Brian listened in stunned silence to continuing revelations from his daughter, interjecting only occasionally until the food came. They ate and tried to talk about other things but the subject of their sexual encounter kept returning.

The check came and Brian took it and said he should get back to his hotel.

“Let me come with you Daddy.” Lauren said as she placed her hand on his thigh. He did not make her move it and actually inched a little closer.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea princess. We may want to think long and hard about the seriousness of what we are proposing.”

“I can think of something long and hard.” Lauren said, groping Brians cock through his pants.

“Lauren! Behave! Someone might canlı bahis see.”

“Nobody here knows I’m your daughter. It’s kind of hot feeling you up under the table.”

He edged away from her and Lauren readjusted her tactics.

“We don’t have to do anything Daddy, just talk some more.”

“I have an early flight. I’m still not sure it’s right. There are a million reasons we shouldn’t.”

Lauren and Brian continued this back and forth as she followed him to the parking lot and then got into his rental car for the half mile ride to his hotel.

They continued the discussion in the elevator to his room and then she followed him inside.

“I want to Daddy. I want you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and she kissed him deeply and he kissed her back but hugged her a little tentatively. She led him over to the bed and undid his belt and unzipped him. She had never been this horny with any lover and was desperate to quench the fire that had started the previous night and had flashed over anew at the restaurant.

With his pants down around his ankles Lauren dropped to her knees and started to kiss and lick her father’s cock.


The previous night she had not had the opportunity to taste him. Vicky had blown him but she had not. They had only fucked and how they had fucked.

Vicky had teased her a little in the morning after Brian had left saying that he seemed to put it a little harder to his baby girl than to the older sister Vicky had been role-playing.

“You’re a natural at this kiddo. Any time I have another client who is into this kind of game do you mind if I give you a call? The money was great tonight wasn’t it?”


Lauren continued to work on her Daddys dick with her tongue and lips as Brian sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at his freckle faced daughter who was between his legs and sucking his cock. His daughter. His baby girl.

She reached one hand into her panties and started to masturbate her sopping puss while the other hand played with Brians balls.

To her frustration he was losing his hardon. She could feel it rock hard against her abdomen when they had first entered the room and kissed but now it was softening even as she was employing her grade A technique.

Brian stood and pulled up his pants. He pulled Lauren to her feet and wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s no use princess. I just can’t. I love you so very much and you are a very sexy young woman but I can’t.”

He started to sob a little.

She hugged him back and realized that she had better leave.

“It’s ok Daddy. We don’t have to. I love you too. I want you to know that I want to have sex with you but if you can’t it’s ok.”

She kissed him on the cheek and left the room.

The half mile walk back to her car which she had left in the steakhouse parking lot was filled with conflicted thoughts and emotions.



Three weeks later:

Vicky looked at her phone when it rang and saw that it was Lauren calling. Three times this month the auburn haired beauty thought to herself. She hasn’t called me more than once a month since freshman year.

Vicky had been quite busy with her escort trade the last couple of years and had reached out to her former best bud in those times when she was trying to convince her to help out with a client with special requests. Otherwise they had not had much contact.

On the other two calls this month Lauren had asked Vicky how things were going in her classes etc. She had not asked directly about Mr. Smith but Vicky knew that was the subject she was dying to bring up. There was definitely a special spark ignited in her friend by the special role-play game they had profited from that night.

Maybe Lauren has a secret Daddy fantasy herself Vicky thought.

Vicky had no such leanings because it was impossible to think of sex with her father as anything but repulsive. He was an overweight alcoholic chain smoker who was never much of a provider or nurturer. Why her mother had stayed with him all through the years was beyond her comprehension.

Vicky picked up the phone and said hello. She told Lauren she was only going to one class now and was unlikely to graduate on time but didn’t really care. She was making money hand over fist and there would always be time to finish up at Florida State or elsewhere when she was finished with her sex trade business.

She then asked Lauren directly if she was calling about making some more cash with a client wanting two girls. There was one coming over tonight who wanted to watch two hotties sixty nine and then take turns fucking each of them but Vicky had Tina from the strip club already lined up for that gig. The client was a regular at the club and had asked for Tina specifically.

Lauren said no. She said she was just asking about how her friend was doing in general. Vicky didn’t buy that and then asked if she would be interested in another go around with Mr. Smith.

There bahis siteleri was some hesitation before Lauren answered that perhaps she would. He was very cute after all.

Vicky informed her that he was going to be in town next Thursday and had set up an appointment. They were going to play the Daddy daughter game but when Vicky offered to possibly arrange for Lolly, his younger daughter to join in, he had declined.

“I tried to get you into the mix sweetie but he definitely said no thanks. He said it’s a money thing with him. He did give us a lot that night and nobody could continue to afford that. I do realize that he turned you on. You came really good when he was fucking you and I know you weren’t faking. I could tell because you squirted a little.”

There was silence on her end as Lauren was thinking.

Vicky continued.

“If you want to you can eat me after he leaves. I’ve been missing your expert tongue work since that night and I promise I’ll tell you all about my date with Brian. I promised him that he was going to get his baby girls ass, that I’ve been practicing with my butt plug.”

A shiver went through Lauren before she was able to respond, “Sounds delightful.”

She said goodbye and ended the call.

So her father was going to be in town next week. He had told her he wasn’t going to be able to see her until two months from now, that his previous plans had changed.

He was coming to see Vicky and play the fuck my daughter pretend game but he was not going to see his actual daughter even while he was in town. He must have presumed she would not find out about this visit. He had probably told Vicky not to even bring it up to her friend Lolly. She did find it interesting that he still wanted to role-play daddy daughter games with Vicky and that he needed to so badly that he was coming back to her even though he might have arranged a similar tryst with another pro in any of the other cities he visited on business.

That he might have subconsciously hoped for another accidental encounter with her was a possibility Lauren considered.

She and her father had talked on the phone a few times in the past three weeks.

They hadn’t spoken again about their encounter at Vickies or about the next night after their dinner at the steakhouse. They talked about school and about Kate and her upcoming graduation.

They talked about neutral subjects. She felt that for his part he was hoping their dalliance would fade away given enough time but for her part she knew that it would not.

She had sex twice in the time since, trying to scratch the itch that could not be scratched. Once with her ex boyfriend for old times sake. He failed to get her off and his pressing her to resume regular dating did not help. He was way too needy.

The second time was after a mixer a week ago when she had gone to a motel with a student from another college who had been on campus visiting a friend. He looked a little like her father might have twenty years ago and she was all over him at the party. The attraction was magnetic and primal. They were barely inside the motel room when she was naked, on her knees, and blowing him. She wanted to fuck his brains out.

When he had been on top of her and was putting his nice sized cock to her she had blurted out, “Do me Daddy!”

He failed to pick up on the hint and just kept silently screwing her until he came and left her unsatisfied. She had followed up with several further outbursts of dirty talk while he was pistoning in and out but he never responded and the questions went unanswered.

“Does your baby girls pussy feel good Daddy?” No answer.

“Fuck me hard Daddy.” No response.

“Do you want me to come on your cock Daddy?” No answer.

When he had come and rolled off her he finally said, “That was hot.”

He was leaving the next day to go back to his school. He gave her his phone number and asked for hers. She gave him a phony one and threw his away as soon as they had parted.

She couldn’t even remember his name now and it had only been a week. Tom or something she thought. Whatever.

It was Brian she wanted.

It was Daddy who could scratch her itch.


When the call with Vicky ended Lauren knew she had to find a way into the sex on Thursday. She felt that if he was boxed in just a little her father would indeed scratch her itch and his at the same time.

How to make that happen was the delicate dilemma. Vicky could not suspect or all would be lost.


The next day Lauren made another call to Vicky. She said she wanted to see her and couldn’t wait until after Thursday to have herself gone down on properly. Did Vicky have any free time for some loving?

Vicky said that after her class on Monday would be a good time.

Lauren had an evening chemistry lecture then but had aced the last exam so she figured that she had some academic rope to play with and would bag the class to have her pussy properly eaten and to talk with Vicky bahis şirketleri about her plans for Mr. Smiths upcoming visit.

On Sunday she called her father and asked how things were going with his work. The subject of Kate and her college choices came up and Brian asked if Lauren wouldn’t mind flying up to New York this coming weekend to spend some time with her. He was looking at a flight that left Thursday night and would return Sunday.

“If that can work for you I’ll book it and then forward the confirmation to your email.”

“I don’t see why not Dad. I’d love to help lil sis out.”

Very clever, thought Lauren. One way to get me out of town so that there would be no chance for him to accidently encounter her again when he was playing with Vicky. After telling her father it would be no problem she resolved to call the airline after he had booked the flight and change the departure to Friday.

On Monday Vicky was eagerly awaiting Laurens arrival. She had bathed and lit some scented candles in the bedroom. Vicky had gotten a little horny in the class as there was a teaching assistant giving the lecture whom she found quite hot to gaze upon. She would have invited him over but had become very mercenary where sex was concerned and could not bring herself to give it away.

Maybe if he could arrange to inflate my grade she had thought wistfully after class.

Now she was wet and ready for her raven haired slender tomcat friends arrival. Laurens pale blue eyes looking up at her from between her quivering thighs was what she had wanted for weeks.

When Lauren arrived they wasted no time in getting naked and on the bed.

“You are so juicy Vic. Have you been thinking about me?”

“You know it baby. Ooh yeah work your tongue. Right there!”

Lauren licked and lathered her friends box with her expert tonguework until Vicky grabbed a fistful of her closely cropped black hair and ground her spasming pussy against her slender friends face.

“Your turn now darling.” Vicky said before sliding between Laurens legs and returning the favor her friend had just done her.

After the two had come, were laying together and basking in the afterglow of the sex, Lauren brought up the subject of Vickies Thursday date with Mr. Smith.

“Are you really going to give him your ass? Are you ready for that?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been practicing some with a dildo about his size but I can’t seem to relax enough. I can’t believe I’ve been fucking for a living for over two and a half years and have never done anal. Have you?”

“I’ve done it a couple of times and one of the guys was bigger than Mr Smith but he wasn’t very gentle or good at it.”

“I’m beginning to think I may have promised more than I can deliver.”

“Do you want me to help you a little?” Lauren asked.

“I can help you loosen up a little that night before he comes over and we can practice some now. No charge for Thursday. You won’t get in trouble for having the extra girl in case he thinks you’re trying to squeeze more money from him. I just want to help a friend out.”

“You just want to get another look at his cock you naughty little devil. Don’t deny it. I saw the way he turned you on.”

Lauren blushed a deep red and to distract and change the subject she asked, “Where are your toys? We can practice some anal now if you want.”

Vicky reached into her nightstand and produced several realistic dildos and some lube. Looking over into the open drawer Lauren asked, “What’s that?”

“A harness for a strap on.” Vicky answered.

“I’ve had clients that wanted me to use it on another girl while they watched and one who wanted me to use it on him.”

“Let’s try it out. I can put it on first and get you prepared for Mr Smith. I’ll pretend I’m him.”

Lauren donned the harness and put one of the smaller dildos into the appropriate place. She had Vicky kneel on the bed ass up and Lauren spent several minutes lubricating her friends virgin asshole for penetration. When she lined the head of the dildo up with Vickies rear entry she had trouble getting in more than a few inches.

Vicky was just too tense.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I just have a phobia or something. That dildo isn’t even as big as Brian is. What the fuck am I supposed to do? He’s been promised his little girls ass and he’s my best and favorite client.”

“You just need to relax some sweetie. Here, let’s trade places and you put one of the bigger dildos up my rear. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Lauren was eager to try in the hope that Vicky would recruit her as a substitute for the big event Thursday. She knew her friend would be gentle and slow just as she knew her father would be if she was successful in maneuvering events in such a way as to have hers be the ass he fucked that night.

Vicky lubed her friend up while Lauren knelt on the bed and presented herself for penetration. Vicky was indeed gentle and slow and she also reached around to fondle her friends pert breasts while working inch after inch of the plastic cock up Laurens bung hole.

Lauren was playing with her clit while pushing back and opening up against the pressure until the fake cock was completely buried to the root.

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