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Sometime well after dawn the next day I awoke to find myself alone in the bed.

The previous day’s long morning of wild sex in the great outdoors had momentarily sated our carnal appetites and, with the exception of one afternoon quickie, we’d spent the rest of the day enjoying the activities Evans Head and a cottage right on the beach had to offer us before collapsing exhausted into bed.

Naked and uncovered, our normal manner of sleeping together in warm weather, I rolled onto my back in a relaxed, slightly legs apart pose, to let me better enjoy the view of the azure ocean out of the beach facing picture window as I wondered what Adam was up to.

We knew we were leaving ourselves exposed by leaving the blinds open on this window both day and night. But it was too nice a view to block out. We were at the end of the street before the beach ran adjacent to bushland, so really only had the beach walkers to deal with. Not that they were in short supply. Three groups had walked past as Adam had been humping me yesterday afternoon. Fortunately only one group had looked our way and his reaction showed he got an eyeful of what was going on. Which just showed the tinting on the windows might have helped, but didn’t offer complete privacy.

The question of where Adam was, was answered when he walked into the room carrying a cup of freshly brewed coffee for me.

But it wasn’t what was in his hand that drew my attention.

All he had on were the leopard skin speedo like swim briefs he worn most of yesterday before they were rinsed and hung to dry last night. The one’s with the deeply pouched front that at least provided some space into which to sling his enormous manhood.

Except they weren’t slinging anything at that moment. Rather he was fully rampant. Best imagined in girth and length as two soft drink stacked one on top of the other, his erection had the tortured material stretched to the limit as it tightly sheathed the hard flesh that towered well over his navel.

The low waistband of the swimmers simply exaggerated the visual impression of his soaring manhood, the legs seams stretched well away from his thighs to let his balls almost hang out.

The sight, apart from arousing me, made me wonder yet again how my body was able to accept being penetrated by such an enormous thing and certainly justified the reaction of his two previous girlfriends who had closed their vaginas to him in sheer terror.

As he reached in to hand me the coffee, I took it in one hand while I slid the other up the gap in the leg seam and wrapped it around the hard flesh at the base of his shaft just above his balls.

It surged strongly in response, reminding me of the strength and power of his manhood that I found so sexy. It was a power that could shoot his cum two meters vertically on a good day and even had the pre-cum, that normally oozed copiously from the tip when we were fooling around, forcefully penetrate the stretched material and lightly spray my wrist as his manhood surged.

The fact of his arousal in my presence was nothing out of the ordinary, even if the size of it was. Still, I had to ask…

“What’s this about?”

My jerking of his shaft as I asked left no doubt what ‘this’ referred to.

“I woke up with it and it doesn’t seem to want to go down. Knowing you were lying naked on the bed didn’t help, especially every time I walked past the door. It was a bit embarrassing when I had to sneak out with it to put the garbage in the bin. But it was smelling out the kitchen. I had to do it.”

The garbage must have been really smelly to force him to take it out like that. The bin was down by the gate; a ten meter walk along a fully exposed path to get there. I could imagine him holding the bag unnaturally in front of him to hide the erection, probably instead making any passer-by wonder if he wasn’t hiding complete nakedness. Certainly not circumstances in which you want to be engaged by a neighbour in conversation.

“Does it need emptying?”

Adam’s eyes focused on my bare breasts, nipples already reacting to his presence, then glanced down to the space between my legs where I’m sure he could see in my raised mound how my labia had swelled and separated.

“It always seems to need emptying when you’re about. But no, I didn’t come in here with the coffee to throw myself down on you and relieve it. I’m sure there’ll be time for that soon enough.”

In letting the moment pass I had to ignore my own arousal as well as his. But I can’t take the size of a cock like Adam’s into me with a full bladder. That had to be emptied and the disgusting taste of my overnight mouth fixed before I felt ready for love making. And Adam was right, it would all be happening soon enough; not through any preplanning but just because we don’t seem able to keep our hands off each other, especially while we are away like this.

I released Adam’s manhood from my grasp and put the coffee on the bedside table as I sat up, Adam turning to leave with a…

“I’ll eryaman orospu numaraları make breakfast…”

As he walked away I had a good look at his butt. In looking for extra material to accommodate his erection, the swimmers had been drawn tightly into his butt crack; more like a woman’s Brazilian, butt hugging bikini bottom. It was a cute look. I could see why men were attracted to them on women.

I ducked into the ensuite bathroom to attend to various matters of comfort, then came back into the bedroom to put on my own leopard print bikini — chosen by me specifically as a match for Adam’s swimmers.

I’d only just pulled up the bottoms when a couple walked past staring straight into the window as I stared back at them; the man’s eyes just about popping out at what I assume was the sight of my exposed breasts. Refusing to be cowed, I just waved at them. He waved back. She looked embarrassingly away.

Tying the top on was a bit of a marathon. In undressing me for sex yesterday afternoon, Adam had pulled the knot of the neck string. This was one of those small triangle slide tri bikinis where the triangle isn’t big enough to simply tie it around the base of your breast and then tie the neck string to suit. If you do that your nipples are still exposed.

Instead it has to sit mid breast. Which means you have to get exactly the right length of neck string and then tie the bottom string to keep it firmly attached to your breast.

Brushing my long hair into something reasonable, I took one last look in the mirror before following Adam into the kitchen. Even in the warm room and with the top dry, my nipples were already on high beam just thinking of him. Still it was nothing compared to the size of them when we were fooling around in the cool water yesterday.

I did a final positioning of the top, then centered the rectangle at the front of my bikini bottoms on my mons, which it didn’t manage to fully cover, drawing it tautly outwards before using my finger to push a shallow crease, a sort of mini camel toe, through it to tease Adam.

As I entered the kitchen/ dining room — which had its own picture window onto the beach — his back was to me as he cooked French toast.

I came up behind him and gently put my arm around his lower waist pushing myself against his back, only to have my forearm intersect the hard shape of his still aroused manhood bisecting his stomach. I circled the upper end of it with my hand, slipping my thumb over the throbbing tip of it to smear over its surface the pre-cum penetrating the material of his swimmers.

It was probably Adam’s little groan of pleasure as he continued looking after the toast that made me do what I did next.

“Like that do you?”

Before he even answered, I’d peeled his swimmers off the top of his erection and circled its bare flesh with my hand, now using the pre-cum my thumb had smeared across the top of the bell to lubricate his shaft under where my hand was.

I could feel Adam’s knees go a little weak as he continued to quietly vocalise his pleasure, all while still attending to the toast with one hand. The other he reached behind his back to finger the camel toe in my crotch.

Still, it caught me by surprise when, with just the smallest “oh, oh” from him, his shaft started throbbing in my hand as his seed pumped forcefully from it.

Adam quickly moved the frying pan aside as the first rope just missed his chin and hit the ceiling. Subsequent ropes arched high in the air and came down across the cooktop before the final oozing ran down off his cock and left my embracing hand wet and sticky. Adam dumps a big, very milky load– especially the first one of the day. The stuff was everywhere.

Adam turned on the hand I had wrapped around his still hard shaft and supported me with one arm behind my back while the hand of the other slipped from where it had been fingering my camel toe to down my pants. As he slowly turned as both around to rest my butt on the kitchen bench, he bent me backwards a bit as he brought his mouth down, used his teeth to pull aside my bikini top, take the nipple between his lips and started to vigorously stimulate both my nipple and my clit.

Now I was the one going week at the knees and moaning; the latter nowhere near as quietly as Adam had.

With two previous girlfriends that, because of the size of his cock, only allowed him to finger them, Adam has a deft hand. Add in the fact I can get orgasms on nipple stimulation alone and he soon had me on the edge of an orgasm.

All the time I’m still jerking his manhood because; well for no better reason than my hand was around it and I was too distracted to think about what I was doing. It had never really gone completely flaccid, just softened a bit. Plus you have to remember Adam’s flaccid cock is as big as the average erect one. As I got more excited I jerked him more excitedly until, somewhere in the back of my mind it registered Adam had already refracted and had got large and hard ankara escort again.

As I nosily came, I slid theatrically, if unintentionally, onto the floor; leaving Adam amused as his hand and lips that until that moment were stimulating me were left suspended in mid-air, although with his now erect again manhood still circled by my very slippery, sticky hand.

As I used my grasp of his manhood to pull myself back upright, I couldn’t help but tease…

“You came quickly.”

“Yea, morning glories are always a bit sensitive.”

“How long have you been up? When does a morning glory turn into a normal erection?”

He grinned at me…

“It doesn’t. It has to go down and come back up. Or the owner’s girlfriend needs to empty it.”

“Yea, well, she’s emptied it all over the kitchen. Lucky you moved the French toast out of the way and where it landed on the hotplate wasn’t turned on. Can you reach the roof if you stand on the kitchen bench so we can clean it up?”

“If I can shoot it, I can reach it. Just a sec…”

Grabbing a damp paper towel, Adam stood on the bench to wipe the cum off the ceiling. Then dropping back down, he cleaned the bench. That just left me to wash my very sticky hands.

As I turned back from the sink, I found Adam attending to the toast again, with his full erection still rampant and exposed. I walked up to him…

“I think we need to put this thing away. When’s it going to go down?”

As I spoke, I stretched out the front of his swimmers and lifted it over the top of his erection, circling the resultant tight sheath of Lycra with my fingers and running it down his shaft as if to neaten up the result.

“With you dressed in that bikini, I don’t think it can.”

I gave him a cheeky smile as I leaned forward to accentuate my breast display, wobbling them a bit…

“Would it help if I take it off?”

“No, it would just give that guy who walks past this place five times a day a hard on too, if he doesn’t already have one.”

“Does it need a damn good fucking?”

Adam looked at me sanguinely, nodding his head like a professor agreeing with some complex formula…

“Yes, a damn good fucking would probably do the job. At least until the next one.”

“Well, we have to see what we can rustle up by way of a fucking after breakfast.”

We carried the breakfast out to the patio where there was a small cast iron table and a pair of chairs; all facing the rising eastern sun and the view.

The sun had a lovely, soft, gentle heat to it, in strong contrast to what it would be like in the middle of the day. We moved the chairs to sit next to each other, letting us both face the view and me, by spreading my legs slightly apart, sun my pussy and dry the crotch of my bikini pants which had got quite wet as Adam fingered me and continued to get damp as my arousal in Adam’s presence caused my body to prepare itself to receive him.

That wasn’t the only thing drying in the sun. The tip of Adam’s erection made its presence known by projecting well above the table where the pre-cum soaked material covering it was also drying.

Fortunately a low hedge grew around the patio, protecting our lower halves from being perved at by passers-by, even if I did notice most of the males were more than willing for their eyes to linger on me for just that little bit too long; presumably attracted to the sight of pair of breasts hanging out of a too small bikini top with nipples prominently on high beam.

That didn’t really bother me. Blessed with a tall, slim, feminine figure which happened to be capped by a pair of oversized for my body, ‘C’ cup, perky breasts, I have come to accept that if you put them on display, they’re going to be stared at. The nipples which, capping as they do an areola which sits right on the peak of my breasts and puffs up into something like the base of an eroded volcano, themselves tend to project excessively when either cold, or as always seems to be the case when I’m with Adam, I’m aroused.

Before I met Adam I suppose I wasn’t showy enough to attract as much attention. Not prudish, but just a little bit more covered.

But between the influence of Ellen and the rest of the Screw Girls on the yacht and knowing the effect it has on Adam, my standards have changed; not necessarily for the better in my parents view, even if Adam’s body involuntarily makes his appreciation of the change highly obvious. And with the change in standards has come a nonchalance about what others find compelling viewing.

Still, there must have been something in the air that morning. Maybe the freedom of being away from work, the big city and being on a prolonged break and living and sleeping together instead of struggling to find time to just hang out with each other. Adam’s state of constant arousal might be the most prominent in a very literal sense, but the evidence for mine was there just the same.

The ever present display of his massive erection was having a strange effect elvankent escort on me. Yes, I’ve had an obsession about it since the day we met. I’ve also had a very disturbing fetish about it in speedo like swimwear. But this was something more; something different from any feelings I’d had with my previous boyfriend.

Like Adam’s constant, erection inducing, gaze at my breasts, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. But I also couldn’t keep my hands off it.

As soon as I could eat and drink the rest of my breakfast single handed, I slid my hand across and wrapped my palm around it just under the tip, once again rubbing my thumb across the top to smear the pre-cum that quickly came bubbling through the material once I grabbed it.

Adam’s reaction was at first nonchalant; giving a little hum of pleasure, as he looked down at my hand and then across to me, a bit of a nod acknowledging it presence, then going back to enjoying the view — both seaward and towards my breasts — and conversation as he continued eating.

But a little while later, his arm crossed over mine as his hand slid into my crotch, his upturned fingers tickling up the gusset of my bikini right where my already swollen bud lay hidden. Well, as hidden as the swelling and opening of my labia and the moulding of the gossamer material of my damp bikini pants into my crease would permit; which given the bulge of it was pretty obvious, was not at all. Adam knew exactly what he was tickling up.

Still for a while we played the game of a couple merely enjoying the view and each other’s company for breakfast; sipping our coffees, watching the people promenade up and down the beach — commenting bitchily, as couples do, upon their peculiarities or the tendency of the males to stare at us rather too long – and at the waves as they crashed upon the shore while we intimately fondled each other under the table — or in the case of Adam’s erection, above it.

But Adam’s tickling was proving to be rather effective.

There came a point I couldn’t stand it any longer. I stood up and tugged at his erection…

“It’s time to find that damn good fucking you need.”

“I need?”

“OK, we need.”

As Adam stood up he quickly turned to follow me so that neither his erection nor my grip on it would be evident to passers-by.

I led him into the bedroom, backed him up against the bed and pushed him down onto it, allowing him a few moments to shuffle fully up onto it before I threw myself on top of him, pashing him furiously as I worked my body into a position where the tip of his erection was held firmly against my clit as I squirmed about on top of him in passionate embrace.

Overwhelmed by the need to complete the climax Adam’s tickling had brought me to the edge of, I shook my hips up and down, rubbing the tip of his cock frantically against my clit. My climax broke with an almighty groan that left me momentarily moaning into the pillow alongside Adam’s head before the flood of oxytocin had me intensely pashing him again, again rubbing my clit against the tip of his cock.

The Screw Girls don’t call the sort of bikini I had “fuck me bikinis” on for nothing. Mine and theirs are notorious for getting jizzed all over by Adam and their respective lovers, too enamoured of the teasing sight of their women folk in them to have time to take them off before their manhood erupts in erotic overstimulation.

But in this case it was me in erotic overdrive, not really concerned if Adam jizzed on them or not, given his fast refraction.

Adam made his needs better known as I felt him start to pull the strings on my bikini, pulling first the top off me, then overcoming the resistance of having his cock buried in my crease to pull the bottom out from between my legs.

Acknowledging it was time to get serious, I sat momentarily up on Adam, unpeeled his swimmers from over his erection and, as Adam lifted his hips, pulled them down and off his legs. As I lay back down on him, I introduced his manhood into my body and slowly fully penetrated him; filling me up with him, or at least so much of his shaft as would fit before it came up against my cervix.

I heard an audible sigh from Adam as the erection that he’d carried around all morning found the wet warm void it was designed for.

As I settled back down against his body, Adam brought his palms up against my breasts, slipping each nipple between two fingers where I felt him start to gently tweak them.

Rather than thrust in and out, I screwed my hips around on Adam, a movement that, given the length and girth of his shaft, and the way my body has to expand to accommodate him, stimulates my cervix, g spot and clit all at the same time.

Already highly stimulated and heavily aroused from the clit rubbing on the tip of his cock that I was doing before Adam undressed me, I came again with a conventional orgasm, as far as I could tell finally triggered by a combination of g spot and nipple stimulation, pushing and grinding my hips even more firmly down on Adam as I again groaned deafeningly into the pillow next to Adam’s ear.

But I’d already started something in parallel with that and as I experienced that orgasm I seem to have triggered the first of what would be a succession of cervical orgasms.

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