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The name is Herbert Carver. I’m a young black man living in New York. For a time, I attended Elmira College and graduated with a Bachelors degree in business. I thought I wanted to be part of the corporate world. It didn’t work out. To pay off my student loans, I tried modeling. With my six-foot-two, 230-pound black athlete’s body, I did alright. One day, I was approached by a man who was an adult film director. He was looking for a new male star for one of his projects. I eagerly volunteered. The rest, as they say, is history. I worked in the adult film industry for ten years. Having sex with women of all races in front of the camera seems like fun at first but it takes its toll on you in many ways. I retired with lots of money, though.

The industry becomes part of you when you get into it and stay in it for a long time. Eventually, I returned, but behind the camera this time. I wanted to direct adult films. I had lots of experience and I knew how to make great pictures while treating cast and crew members right. These days, I am proud of my work. Bringing quality erotic films to the living rooms of men and women across the globe. My profession is that of porn director. I’m rather famous for my antics both before and behind the camera. My videos feature unconventional men and women doing all sorts of crazy things. That’s what’s so controversial about me. It makes me beloved by many and hated by a few. It makes me famous and infamous. It has also made me filthy rich. I own a two-million-dollar mansion in Los Angeles. I bring in eight hundred grand a year after taxes. I’m doing real good.

I love my job. I go to work every day with a smile on my face. Not many people in this world can say the same. I’m going to bursa escort give you a tour of my world. This is what a day at work looks like for me. I arrive at work. My cameraman James Howler is there. He’s tall, lean and red-haired, with pasty white skin. A good worker who’s been with me for a long time. Theresa Brown, a tall black woman in her late forties and Juan Carlos, a bulky Mexican make up the lights and accessories crew. Tony Sanchez, a slim Latin guy is our editor. That’s pretty much it. We’ve worked together for years. The only variables are the guys and gals who perform before the camera.

Today, we are shooting a scene from our latest picture. A rather kinky flick featuring an all-black cast. The first scene features a tall, muscular black woman named Isabel. I know her. She’s worked with me on several features before. Isabel is a sexy black lady who hails from New York. She’s quite kinky, hyper sexual and very comfortable in front of the camera. Her co-star today is James, a tall and slim black man from New Jersey. We have some kinky stuff to film and those two are more than happy to do my bidding.

The scene begins with James lying in bed, masturbating. He opens the door and in comes his girlfriend, none other than Isabel, wearing a red bra and matching panties and nothing else. The dude is thrilled to see her, and they proceed to get it on. James is stroking Isabel’s head while she sucks on his thick black cock. The dude is enjoying himself, which is understandable under the circumstances. Isabel is real serious about her work and her performances are both passionate and explosive on the screen. Our cameraman gets it all. We continue filming. Isabel sucks on James cock until he finally does cum, then bursa escort bayan she drinks his seed.

The actors take a break. So does the crew. Everybody takes ten minutes to piss, shit and do whatever else they need to do. We’re back and the cameras start rolling again. The next shoot is an anal scene. Isabel is definitely the pearl of porn stars. A very beautiful black woman with a sexy body and one hell of a booty, and she doesn’t mind doing anal scenes. We prep the actors. James puts on a condom and lubes it up. One of our fluffy gals makes sure our guy stays hard while Isabel gets ready to take it up the ass. The gal applies lube over her crack, and takes a deep breath, then the cameras start rolling to capture all that beautiful action.

Isabel is on all fours while James comes up behind her. He gently spreads her spectacular butt cheeks wide open, then his cock nudges its way toward her anus. He presses his cock against her back door. He looks at me. I look at Isabel. Our gal is all prepped up and ready to go. I nod, and James thrusts into her. It’s beautiful. Watching James big cock slide into Isabel’s ass without difficulty thanks to the wonderful lubricant the crew purchased the night before. James places his hands on her hips and thrusts into her. It all looks wonderful on the camera. We try to catch all the angles. James fine behind as he thrusts into Isabel. That fabulous butt of hers jiggling under the force of James thrusts. His cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. Her cute face contorted into alternate expressions of pain and pleasure. James sexy grunting noises as he took her. It was all wonderful, and our cameraman caught it all beautifully.

The action continued. As scripted, they escort bursa changed positions. Isabel was now on her back and James took her like this, face to face. He was still sliding that wonderful cock of his in and out of her ass. It was beautiful. Especially the money shot where he pulled out and came all over her spread buttocks. We cut the scene right there, and I personally congratulated the actors over a job well done. The work would be edited, all imperfections removed or corrected, and then we would send it to the approved for mass-productions, and the money would start rolling in. I simply love my job.

That night, I went home, and spent time with my girlfriend Jennifer Armand. She’s a tall, good-looking woman with short red hair, alabaster skin and pale blue eyes. We met while working as porn actors. These days, she’s the editor of an erotic E-book publishing company whose materials are aimed at both male and female porn consumers. My gal has ambition to spare. After working as a porn star for ten years, she’s putting her experience to good use and becoming quite adept in the business world. When I come home, though, I am rather pleased.

Jennifer is sitting at the computer, typing and clicking away. She’s wearing a blue T-shirt and red shorts. She still looks lovely. I creep behind her and surprise her. For a moment, she’s startled then bursts out with laughter. I smile, and ask her how she is doing. Jennifer turns around and kisses me. She tells me about her day. She’s got a new project in the works. A bisexual anthology. She’s collecting fiction from both male and female authors to bring them together in a mammoth collection. It sounds good to me. I notice dark circles under her eyes. A sure sign that she’s been working too long. I sweep her into my arms and she laughs and fakes protest. I take her into the shower. I know how to take her mind off work. She’ll thank me for this later, many times, this I can assure you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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