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Sorry, guys. I accidentally forgot to submit this part as part of Ch, 2.


Jules, now completely naked, looked up at Luke, and his heart melted. For the very first time, his heart actually felt full. Full of love, tenderness, lust… And all it took for him to get here to this incredible happiness was insulting his best friend, then damned near raping the man. There’s got to be some irony in that. The straight guy insults his gay best friend, then ends up being the one to start them on the road to love.

He was jolted out of his reverie when Luke bent his head and licked his nipple. Jules jerked into his touch, his breath hissing out on a low moan. He threaded his fingers through Luke’s baby-fine hair as Luke licked his areola. When the nipple puckered for him, Luke suckled it into his mouth. Jules pressed his chest closer and Luke nipped his nipple, then quickly soothed the sting with a few strokes of his tongue.

“Do you want me to go down on you like you did for me, or should I just start getting you ready?”

“St-start getting me ready?” Jules panted. Grinning, Luke replied, “Yeah, start. Sure, you might think you’re ready now, but if I enter you without properly preparing you, it’s gonna hurt worse than it should.”

“I’m ready now, Luke.”

Luke smirked and shook his head. Jules bit back a low moan as Luke lazily trailed his right hand down Jules’ chest, followed his happy trail down, and….. went around Jules’ cock, not so much as touching it. Jules whimpered at the lack of touch, but when Luke slipped a single finger into his ass, the whimper changed to a gasp. Okay, yeah, that hurt. A lot. But so far, it wasn’t bad enough for him to stop Luke. Luke was gentle, anyway, easing his finger out, then back in, going slow and easy to give Jules plenty of time to get used to the invasion. Jules’ was panting as his hands tightened in Luke’s hair.

“Such a reaction,” murmured Luke. “And all this from a single finger. Told you you weren’t ready.”

“That’s just one fin-ger?” His voice rose at the end of the last word.

“Well, two now. What yummy sounds you make..”

As Luke’s fingers thrust in and out of Jules, his other hand lazily toyed with Jules’ cock. Jules was writhing beneath him, face flushed, skin damp with sweat. His long, long dark brown hair was fanned out under him, though not neatly. It wasn’t put that way on purpose. Well, not completely, anyway.

Jules casino oyna was thrusting his cock into Luke’s hand, then grinding his ass into his hand, helping him fuck him. Just when he was getting close, though, Luke’s hand retreated. Jules whimpered, and he opened eyes he hadn’t realized he’d closed. Luke grabbed his legs and put them over his shoulders, then he felt his cock probing his entrance. Finally, Jules thought. But Luke didn’t enter him immediately. Jules looked up at his face and his breath caught. Luke was just staring down at him, the softest, love-struck look in his dark, dark blue eyes. Had ever seen a look that beautiful on him before? No, he hadn’t.

Jules smiled and, with one hand on the back of Luke’s head, brought his best friend down and kissed him, slow and thorough and deep. He put all the love he felt into that kiss. Luke groaned and melted into the kiss and shoved his rock-hard cock hard and deep inside Jules. Jules yelped into the kiss and Luke ate up the sound. He appreciated that Luke didnt move for a full minute after entering him. It gave him more than enough time to relax and get used to the huge invasion. But then Luke slowly pulled out, almost all the way. Without pause, he slammed back in, hard and fast, their bodies making a loud smack as the end of him found the end of Jules. Jules threw his head back and moaned as Luke found his prostate (G-spot). Luke must have figured it out, because he kept at that angle, his cock repeatedly stroking over that spot.

Jules couldn’t seem to catch his breath long enough to moan anymore. He was getting too close too soon. He tried to tell Luke to slow down, but he found he couldn’t get enough air to do more than make a croaking sound. His fists held onto the sheets in a grip so tight, his knuckles had turned white. Then Luke did the impossible: he heightened Jules’ pleasure even more by grabbing his throbbing cock and jerking up and down, his grip very tight and his pace fast. Luke thrust his cock in and out of Jules, over his G-spot, fast and faster, hard and harder. It was too much. Jules exploded with a loud moan, his cum shooting so hard, you could hear the smack as it landed on Luke’s face and chest. Luke exploded a second later, and Jules felt all that hot semen fill his ass in not one, not two, but three spurts. He shuddered and slumped down, panting hard. Luke fell on top of him, his cock slipping out. He managed to roll off Jules canlı casino and Jules snuggled close to Luke, resting his head on his chest. They lay there like that for a few minutes, relearning how to breathe. When he could breath again, Jules chuckled.

“Something funny?” Luke asked.

“Nah. Just thinking.”

“‘Bout what?”

“Well, if I’d known the sex was that fucking incredible, I’d have realized I was gay and in love with you a long time ago.”

Luke laughed quietly. “Yeah, it was great, wasn’t it?”

“Great?” Jules mock glared at Luke.

“Well, you know, it could have been better..”

“Better? How?”


“Spit it out, Jenkins.”

Luke gave a dramatic sigh. “Well, if you must know, you could have screamed, ‘I love you, Luke’ when you came, rather than just moaned real loud.” Jules looked at Luke, really looked. He may have said it as a joke, but there was some truth to what he said. With a jolt, Jules realized he hadn’t actually come out and said it yet. Well, he did, but that one didn’t really count, since it came after the words ‘I think’.

“I do, you know.”

“You do what?”

Jules gazed deeply into Luke’s eyes and said, “I love you. I love you, Luke. I don’t know why I never saw it before. I mean, it was so obvious. When I need a babysitter, who do I ask? My brother? My mom? No, I ask you. If I happen to have an extra ticket to some game or concert, who do I take? You. When I hear a joke I like, I think, ‘Hm, Luke would love this one.’ I even sometimes fall asleep with a pair of eyes in my mind’s eye. Until now, I never realized they were your eyes.” Jules grabbed Luke’s hand, entwining their fingers together. Bringing up their joined hands, he gently kissed Luke’s. “I’m sorry I was blind for so long,” he added quietly.

Luke, always the crier, smiled, the movement making a tear spill down his cheek. He closed his eyes and kissed Jules. Jules was only too happy to comply. But then just as it was getting heated, Luke broke the kiss. “I love you, too, Jules, more than anybody and anything. You have always been my white night in shining armor, saving me from nasty bullies, and saving me from the horrible environment my parents created. If it weren’t for you, I would probably have given up a long time ago, but you were always there to console me, to push me to be better.”



“Marry me.”


Jules kaçak casino grinned. “Marry me.”

“But gay marriages aren’t legal here in Ohio, are they?”

“Then we’ll move to Boston, or somewhere else where it’s legal.”

“Eoin. What about Eoin? We can’t just uproot him. I mean-“

“Luke, he’s three. He’s not in school yet. He adores you. My family adores you and would most likely let out their collective breaths and shout ‘It’s about damned time, man!’ I can get a job at a garage anywhere. Have I touched on all your objections yet?”

Luke’s lips twitched up in a big shit-eating grin as he said, “Yes.”

“You sure? ‘Cause I can think-“

Luke kissed Jules, effectively rocking Jules’ world. “I said ‘Yes.'”

“You said ye- Oh! You said yes!”

Luke laughed and kissed him again. “Yes, Jules, I will marry you. Nothing in this whole world would please me more than to be married to you.”

“Fuck yeah!” Jules climbed on top of Luke and proceeded to show him just how happy his answer made him. It was Jules’ turn to be on top….


The next day, Jules and Luke stood in Jules’ living room. Jules’ brother, Seth, and their mother, Linda, both sat on the couch. Little Eoin sat on Seth’s lap. They all new something important was about to be said. They just didn’t know if it was going to be good or bad.

“Mom, Seth,” Jules began. He looked down at his son. “Eoin. Luke and I have some very important news. We’ll be moving to Boston, Mass and getting marrie-“

“You owe me fifty bucks, Ma,” Seth said, smirking.

“Now hold it just a minute there, son. I bet they’d get together before New Years.”

“I bet they’d get together before Christmas.”

“Semantics. I’m your mother. I don’t owe you anything.”

“Hey! A bet’s bet! You can’t renege on a bet like that!”

“Watch me.”

Jules and Luke just stood there through the whole exchange. Luke had to bite back a laugh, especially when he saw Jules’ dumbfounded expression. He nudged his shoulder with his own. When he had his attention, Luke leaned in and kissed him, full on the mouth in front of everybody. They vaguely heard Seth snickering in the background.

Eoin was quiet, as if he were thinking about something. Then he grinned one of those big, infectious kid ear-to-ear grins. “Does this mean I get to have two Daddies now? Or do I call Luke Mommy?”

Jules broke the kiss, laughing. “Yes, you get to have two daddies now. Luke and myself.”

“Cool!” He paused, then frowned. “Do they have panacakes in Boston, Daddy?”

“It’s ‘pancakes’, Eoin. And yes, they have pancakes in Boston.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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