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She was standing in front of me, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, a bit nervous and yet giving me a smile before quickly checking one more time that her parents had gone away.

She smiled again, this time with little bit more flirtatiousness as she waved her fingers and motioned me to come in.

“Come in sweetie pie” she said in her delightful Kentucky accent as I was already climbing her bedroom window.

I had been patiently waiting on the ladder for almost twenty minutes and my hands were getting sore but finally there I was, in Kay’s bedroom, and she sure looked excited as she took my hands and pulled me closer as we kissed.

She was 18, only 5 years younger than me and she was the sweetest girl ever, but her sexual hunger was something I never encountered before.

She pushed me on her bed and even more to my surprise she pulled her checked shirt and the white top under it to reveal the majesty and gorgeousness of her huge tits, which popped out popping my eyes open also.

She looked satisfied seeing the look in my face, but there was a hint of innocence in her otherwise confident expression that made her even sexier.

She pulled my pants down, started stroking my semi-erect dick and then took it in her mouth while I removed my shirt and I was already hard as can be, touching her juicy big breasts as the icy blue of her eyes was staring right into bursa escort me and created such a contrast with the hotness of her body and of that day.

My hands in the gold of her hair, at the back of her head, I gently pushed her face towards my dick as I felt the deepness and tightness of her throat and she gagged coming back up and then down sucking harder, taking my dick deep inside every few strokes.

When she finished her eyes were watery and some of the light make-up had naturally come down with the tears but she was happy and ready for her turn as she cleared the strings of saliva linking her mouth to my dick and smiled.

I got off the bed and spread her legs, and eagerly licked her pretty slit as she encouraged me with a “eat me, baby” in the sweet tone of her adorable voice and so I ate her up real good, using all the power in my jaws to pleasure her to the maximum extent possible.

She was biting her lip and gripping on her bed sheets as I stuck my fingers inside with one hand and rubbed on her clitoris with my thumb as I kissed the inside of her thighs and asked “you like this baby?” she just nodded, her face full of satisfaction.

I grabbed her legs and pulled her thighs close to me, pressing on my chest with my arm, the back of her knees resting directly on my shoulders as I held my hard cock in my hand pressing it against her pussy and very bursa escort bayan slowly, given the position, gradually pushed it in inside her as she moaned.

I started fucking her, her legs locked inside my arms as I went up in intensity and speed I could feel her enjoying it more and more, she really wanted my cock inside her pussy.

Her curvaceous body had me wanting her boobs pressed against my face more than anything, it was all I could think of, so I quickly changed position, releasing her and laying down below her as she came on top to ride my dick like a good cowgirl, instead I raised my upper body to kiss her while my cock was still inside of her.

I started kissing her while rocking back and forth, fucking her with deep passion and then finally pressed my face into her amazingly beautiful jugs after raising them up with my eager hands, squeezing, kissing and then sucking her big nipples while she was riding my cock in a rush of pure delight, her hands gripping on my shoulders.

A bit tired, but still hungry for cock, she stopped to kiss me again, her boiling hot hands wrapped around my head..I wanted to fuck her hard.

I stood on my knees as I positioned her in front of me and she was on her hands and knees waiting for me to come in, looking behind to me.

I spread her buttcheeks apart sticking my dick inside her warm pussy and holding her escort bursa by her boobs I started fucking her hard as she tried to maintain balance, pressing her hands onto the bed and taking it deep and hard.

While fucking her doggy style I pressed her shoulders to the bed as her butt stood up to take my cock, and I held her close stimulating her clitoris with my hand, more and more as I pounded her and she finally came, her pussy and my dick soaked.

She was so horny, she just wanted more and more, so she decided to try anal for the first time, with me, “but be gentle” she said as she smiled, some of her hair stuck to her face through the sweat of that summer afternoon.

I was extremely excited as I licked both of her holes and fingered them gently, pillows were resting below her tummy to keep her up without effort.

I stuck my dick inside, this not without effort, I really had to go slowly and push it in one bit at a time.

In the meantime she was already starting to moan loudly and purring like a cat, when I managed to go all the way inside and started fucking her little tight asshole.

She was in a little bit of pain, but she loved it.

She would keep moaning and purring and screaming “FUCK ME, FUCK ME BABY” with that sweet voice of hers and repeat, until I felt all the tightness in her ass on my cock and fucking her harder I came inside her, all of my cum making an anal creampie.

We just stayed like that for a few moments, elated and completely orgasmic, then I fell on my side taking her with me, wrapped in my arms and her pussy dripping.

I fucking loved Kentucky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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