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“Olivia, please stop.”

The voice calling me from behind makes me turn on my heels and I find Angie coming towards me.

“You left the shop more than an hour ago! What are you still doing here? And why are you almost running in the opposite way of your bus stop! Is everything alright?” she asks.

I can sense the true concern in her voice. She knows I rush to pick up Meg from school, every day, as soon as my shift is over, so she must be a little surprised to find me still here. I don’t have time to tell her everything about the incidents but I don’t want to lie to her either.

“I’m searching for Tina, it’s really urgent that I see her!” I answer, my voice is thick with emotions and I’m almost starting to sob again.

“Hey, relax. I can guess there’s something serious and you can tell me about it later but I can’t leave you alone, not in this condition. Will you mind if I accompany you wherever you’re going?” she asks.

I know she cares about me, she’s not pushing but only wants to be with me, maybe only to make sure I’m okay. I nod in acceptance and we walk, side by side, towards my destination.

On the way, I’m constantly trying to get a hold of Anna but every time I dial the number it’s coming up with the same error message of, ‘number is out of reach’ and I sigh in frustration. Angie must have noticed my eagerness.

“Is that call very important to you? Who have you been calling?”

“Anna. She’s Tina’s friend and I guess she knows where Tina is,” I answer.

“Okay, give me the number, let me try,” she offers help.

I open the contact details and give her my phone, to take the number, and she stops dead right on the spot. Turning back, I find her looking at the screen, intently, but I don’t know what amazes her so much.

“You know this girl?” she asks, pointing towards the picture of Anna and me, which I took as a reminder of the makeup session.

“Yes, she’s the one who did my make-up for the party,” I say.

“Jesus, I didn’t know she has a parlor here in San Jose!” Angie replies.

“She doesn’t have a parlor of her own, actually, she visited my flat to do the make-up for me?”

“Annabella King visited you to get your makeup sorted for the office party?” Angie asks, totally amazed.

The way she says it leaves no doubt that Anna must be someone very famous but, after knowing who Tina actually is, it wouldn’t have surprised me, much, if Angie said Anna is the mayor, governor or whatever.

“She’s one of the best makeup artists in the current world and she has her own brand of beauty products. How did you come to know her so closely?” she asks.

Now, this is not unexpected. Knowing who Tina is, it’s very understandable for her to get the make-up from one of the best in the world.

“Long story, I’ll tell you about it, later,” I answer as we reach the front gate of the Grahams.

We enter through the door on the ground floor as I need to talk to the receptionist. There isn’t much of a crowd, only a few seats are filled, and I can feel eyes on us. Maybe we look completely from another world? Walking to the receptionist, I ask for Mark.

“Excuse me,” I say to the person talking on the phone at the receptionist’s area.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replies, before looking at me.

I can tell he’s not too amazed by our looks.

“Can you please tell me if Mark is on duty? He’s a waiter and also a friend of mine,” I inform him.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have anyone by the name of Mark in the service department but there is Mr. Marcus Green, the Manager, who is known as Mark,” he replies.

If he’d told me the same thing an hour ago, I would have returned without meeting him. I would’ve never thought it possible that the Manager, himself, had served us that night but now it completely makes sense.

“Can I see him?”

“Wait a little, Ma’am, I need to call him first to see if he’s free. May I have your name, please?” he replies.

“Olivia Jones,” I answer.

I could use Mrs. Graham’s name, as this is her hotel, but I don’t want to bother her or use her influence. I can’t hear the conversation between them but the receptionist becomes super active, instantly!

“The Manager is on his way, Ma’am. In the meantime, please be seated. Would you like to have anything to drink or lunch, maybe?”

I think he’s been informed of my relationship with Mrs. Graham.

“Just a glass of water,” I reply.

“And a coffee for me,” Angie adds.

The receptionist nearly runs towards the kitchen to get the orders filled as soon as possible.

“Hey, Oli. How are you and where’s Tina?” Mark asks as soon as he arrives.

Enough to break the dam once again, I tell him everything, between sobbing, then continue.

“I need her address, Mark. I need to talk to her, at least once! I need to know if she loves him more than me. Please help me!”

I continue sobbing and, to my annoyance, I see him smiling at me. I don’t know why people always seem to be amazed canlı bahis when I cry.

“I don’t know if she loves him more than you but I know she loves him a lot,” he replies.

My heart breaks into millions of pieces. Mark is one of her closest friends and he must know this guy and their relationship. Now I’m thinking meeting her, after knowing this, may not be a good idea. I may give these things to Mark, so he can return them to Tina. Mark comes closer and puts his hands over mine, comforting me, as he speaks again.

“I can understand it’s hard for you but you can’t blame her. After all, he is her only cousin!” Mark adds before he starts laughing, loudly.

Her cousin? Really? Why didn’t she tell me? How can Mark be so sure that it’s her cousin and not another person?

“How can you be so sure he’s her cousin? You weren’t even there?” I ask.

“I know because, last Friday, they came here to celebrate getting a real big contract and we had a great time together,” he replies with a smile.

“I need her address, Mark. I need to talk to her. Will you help me? Please?” I beg.

“Give me two minutes and I’ll arrange a ride for you.”



Mark waves to Olivia as she leaves. Then, taking out his mobile, he dial the number. He don’t even have to look at the keypad, he’s so used to dialing it.

“Speak,” comes the short response.

“Olivia was here,” he replies.


Now I’m sitting on the back seat of the car that Mark arranged for me, eagerly waiting for the journey to end. He didn’t tell me the address but what he told me is quite surprising, never the less. Tina doesn’t actually have a house here. She lives on the top floor of the local office, which she renovated for living purposes.

After twenty minutes of agony, the car finally comes to a halt. As I get out, I thank the driver for the ride before going inside of the three story building. Walking in, I approach a blonde girl who’s sitting behind the reception desk.

“Can I meet with Tina?” I ask.

I’m not sure if it’s my look or my words which amazes her but I don’t have time to waste.

“I mean, Miss Martina Chambers,” I add.

“Do you have an appointment?” she asks.

Appointment? To meet Tina who used to spend half of the day at my flat? I want to snap back at her, but then decide against it. She’s only doing her job.

“No, I don’t. Actually, I’m a friend of hers,” I reply.

I’m not sure about telling her about us so I used ‘friend’ to describe the relationship between us.

“May I have your name, please?” she asks, while picking up the receiver of the phone.

“Olivia Jones!”

Turning on my heels, I find the old man who spoke out my name.

“Come with me,” he says.

I start following him through the office until we reach the small elevator lobby.

“Her room is on the second floor,” he says, while smiling at me.

I nod, smiling back at him, and press the button for second floor.



Tina is pacing around her room, not sure what to do. For the first time, she’s in a dilemma. On one hand, she has put so much effort into achieving this and she’s so close, all she need to do is wait. She has it all planned. But, on the other hand, she’s finding it difficult to wait.

She hates herself and the plan. She only remembers how Olivia cried her heart out and she can’t do anything about it. She felt so helpless. Fuck the plan, she even thought about visiting Olivia and tell her everything but she had lied to her so much, will she ever believe her? She better wait.

The doorbell rings and Tina is sure it’s Leo. He can be irritating, at times, and she often thinks about kicking him out of her office but she also know he always thinks about the betterment of the company.

Tina opens the door and gets rooted to the spot. She didn’t expect Olivia to be on her door step! She start crying, not like the silent tears that has barely stopped since Saturday. She sobs heavily, her legs gives away and she falls to the floor and keep crying. She can’t believe, after all of the lies she has told and the pain she has caused, Olivia still finds a way to come to her.


Getting down onto my knees, I take Tina into my embrace. Sweeping her tears away with my fingers, I make her look at me as I start speaking.

“Why didn’t you tell me that guy is your cousin?”

Tina is feeling a bit of relief. The way Olivia said ‘that guy’ was an indication that she didn’t recognize him. Tina knows her cover has been blown but she can still keep some parts hidden at least.

“Because I knew you’d never believe I’m a tailor and my cousin is that rich. I have to tell you the truth but I don’t know where to start because I’ve lied to you so much. I’m not sure you’ll ever believe me, again,” she replies.

I’m not angry at her because she lied to me but I need to know the reason behind it.

“And why did bahis siteleri you lie to me?” I ask, smiling at her.

“I want to be with you. If I had told you who I am, you may not have felt comfortable around me. You may have thought I’m some rich girl playing some weird game with you. You may not have accepted my friendship. I needed to spend time with you to know you and your feelings. So I lied to you, claiming to be a tailor, and that lead to another lie and then another. I never thought it would hurt you so badly. I’m so sorry,” Tina answers.

“I know you’re telling the truth. If I knew you’re rich, I may not accept the friendship. I may never have taken you to my flat or invited you for dinner. I would’ve thought, at least a million times, before asking you to accompany me to the party. How did you manage in my little flat? I doubt you’re used to such simple dinners every day.”

“I love your flat because you live there and I’m also very fond of Mrs. Jones’ cooking. Now you know I’m rich but that doesn’t have to change anything…unless you’re planning to charge me for the food I’ve eaten!” Tina says with a little smile.

I smile back. She looks so beautiful, when she smiles, that my heart always does a little flip flop.

“That’s not a bad idea, at all, but I’ll need mom’s opinion because she’s the one who cooks…generally. So we’ll decide on that later but now, I’m thinking I may punish you first for lying to me,” I say.

I see Tina shiver in anticipation. To her credit, she has already stopped crying and she must have seen the hunger in my eyes.

“If you only knew how wet you make me every time you talk about punishment!”


The temptation is too strong for me to hold back. I haven’t seen her for the last couple of days, haven’t touched or kissed her and now I don’t care that we’re still at the door. I lean on her and press my lips on hers and she melts into the kiss. My hand goes inside of her skirt and Tina gasps when I slide her panty aside and start rubbing her clit.

Tina starts to squirm under me as I start to furiously rub her. She tries to break it, moaning and screaming in the kiss but my hold on her is too strong for her to break free. Knowing she’s on the edge, I shove two of my fingers inside of her and that’s all she needs.

Tina pushes her hips up to take my fingers inside of her as deep as possible and starts to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm hits her. It’s a short but strong orgasm she’s going through but I’m not satisfied. I continue to pump her, fast and hard, never stopping to give her time to settle down.

Soon, she squeezes her legs over my hand as another wave hits her and then another. I don’t bother counting how many orgasms she has. I continue assaulting her as she continues flowing like a river, drenching my hand, her thigh and her dress with her cum. When I finally stop, she’s already senseless in ecstasy.

It’s not my fault she’s the one to ask for it. Holding her in my arms, I continue watching her, intently. She looks so beautiful, glowing in her post orgasmic bliss. Nearly five minutes later, she opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Welcome back,” I say, smiling at her.

During our first time, she fucked me senseless so it’s kind of sweet revenge.

“Jesus Christ! I’ll think a hundred times before using the word ‘punishment’ in front of you, again!” Tina replies.

It brings the evil grin back to my face, again, and Tina looks worried.

“Sorry, I forgot I have to punish you, also,” I say.

Tina looks surprised.

“I thought you punished me, already!” she answers.

“Oh, no. That was your prize for telling the truth! The punishment hasn’t begun, yet, and it’s not going to be over until your last drop of cum is spent and you cry enough for my mercy,” I reply, calmly looking into her eyes.

Tina can tell I mean no nonsense and I see her shiver again. She looks unsure of how much her body can take. She just had a marathon of orgasms so she must be very sensitive but she can’t help getting wet whenever I talk like this. I know she’s ready to be taken, again, to be dominated by me, because she’s getting wet again.

I can see it in her eyes. The surrender, the plea to be touched and I’m about to start, when we’re interrupted by the sound of the elevator. We get up and try our best to straighten our dresses to make ourselves presentable.

The bags I had carried in are lying here and there and the Items from them are scattered all over the floor. I’m not sure whether it was me or Tina but one, or both, of us must have kicked them in ecstasy. It’s too late as the door opens and the same old man exits the elevator to face us.

That was close! Though we’re not caught with our hands inside each other’s panty, he’s not blind or stupid enough not to guess the situation. I look at Tina, her face flushed, and I’m sure I look the same. We both act like two deer caught in headlights.

“I’m here to confirm your decision to fly back to LA tonight or should bahis şirketleri I cancel the tickets?” he asks.

I look at Tina in disbelief. She has decided to leave? She may not have the courage to tell me the truth and walk out. Maybe she needs time, I accept that, but now I know she has already planned to leave the city, leaving me behind. I’m sure she has no plans to say goodbye to me before leaving. If I hadn’t turned up today, would she ever come back for me? I doubt it.

What am I doing here then? She’s the one who lied, walked away and planned to leave while I kept on searching for her! Why?

Suddenly, reality hit me like a Tsunami. Now, I know she’s not a tailor, she’s a multimillionaire. She has the money to fulfill my needs. Is that the reason I accepted her apologies? Make love with her hoping that’ll stop her from leaving me? Trying to hold on to her like a leach to get some of her money?

I know it’s not true, I did it because I love her very much but I’m not sure that’s what she might feel for me. Maybe she’s thinking I’m a gold digger. I may not have the money but I, at least, had my pride but, today, I lost it, too, for my love.

The pain is too great to cry. Now I regret coming here, today. I should have waited. I should have let her go. I made a mistake today.


I simply wish I could disappear or evaporate but I know I don’t have such super powers. Instead, turning towards the lift, I try to dash to the elevator and get out of here but I can’t move. Looking down, I find the reason…Tina’s wrapped around my legs!

I see the pleading in her eyes and she’s holding on to me as if her life depends on it. Though I’m angry at her, it doesn’t stop me from feeling her heartache. She’s so vulnerable, I’m finding it difficult to leave her in such a state.

“Please, don’t go! I know I’ve made a mistake but I never meant to hurt you. I was clueless and confused about telling you everything. I thought going back home may help me think straight and find some way. I never thought about leaving you behind,” she says between sobbing.

I’m not sure if she’s telling me the truth, or not, but my heart still wants to believe whatever she says. Looking at the old man, I find him grinning from ear to ear. He’s obviously enjoying Tina’s humiliation and, to my ultimate surprise, he nods as if he’s assuring me about the truthfulness of Tina’s statement and, for some reason, I have a feeling I can believe this old man, whom I barely know. I pull Tina up, by grabbing her shoulders, and look into her eyes before I speak.

“I believe you. I don’t know why but I still have faith in you. Now please stop crying.”

Tina hugs me tight as I rub her tears away. There’s no way I can continue to watch her cry.

“Thanks, Olivia. You saved the office from being flooded,” the old man taunts Tina.

Tina looks at him with all the hatred of the world in her eyes.

“Thanks, for nothing, Leo!” she replies harshly, leaving no doubt in my mind that he must have done it purposefully.

“Don’t thank me. You’d never listen to my advice when I kept telling you to go back to Olivia and tell her the truth. You decided to run away, instead. What if Olivia hadn’t shown up today or if she had come tomorrow and find you gone already? Do you have any idea how much that would’ve hurt her?” he replies calmly.

Tina looks at me and I nod, letting her know what this guy is saying is right, and she sighs before she speaks again.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I should have listened to your advice.”

“Nothing new. You say that every time your decisions backfire on you, yet, you continue thinking you’re grown-up enough to make decisions on your own. I’m not sure if I’m your Manager or I’m still babysitting a kid,” he replies.

I’m totally amazed by the way he continues taunting Tina and I start liking this guy.

“I’m twenty-four, Leo, and I can make my own decisions!” Tina snaps back.

Knowing her, I’m sure she hates to be called a kid, especially in front of me.

“Oh, please! I wish I had a picture of you wrapped around Olivia’s legs! That’s what happens when you make your own decisions instead of listening to my advice. You may be twenty-four but you’re still the same stubborn kid you’ve always been. I wish I could get your brain checked by some doctors to determine what your skull is full of. If it’s been stuffed with cow dung for so many years, you’d think it must produce enough fertilizer to give you some thinking abilities!” he replies.

I’m enjoying this, immensely! Maybe as much as Tina hates it. I’m not sure how a Manager can talk to his boss like this without ramifications but I assume he’s much more than a Manager and I like the way he keeps humiliating Tina.

“How dare you talk to me like this? Don’t forget, I can fire you any time!” Tina almost screams over his voice but the old man immediately waves it off.

“No, you can’t. Don’t forget about the Will and the flaws in it. So be a good girl and introduce us. Your friend must be wondering who this old man is,” he replies.

I look at Tina and she sighs. I think she knows this is a battle she can’t win.

“Okay. Olivia, this is Leo, the Manager of this company,” she replies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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