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“Tom your making me crazy, my cock is ready to blow a load and you have not even removed my pants. If I had known sex with a man was this good I may have tried it many years ago.” Robert told me.

“Robert so I really am your first man?” I asked him.

“Tom of course, I was so deep in the closet before all this do you really think I could even get undressed in front of another man before today? The fear I may get hard in front of him, I had a hard time to pee in a urinal if another guy was next to me. I even had a hard time to get naked in front of a woman. I would never let any man see me naked and vulnerable.” Robert told me.

“Speaking of getting naked may I?” I asked as I held his belt.

“Yes Tom but please take it slow, I am still so very nervous and shy.” Robert said concern in his eyes.

I laid on top of him, I gently kissed him over and over.

“Robert just relax Babe I will be respectful and take my time, you and I have lots of time, I never rush it.”I said to him between kisses.

I kissed my way down his body from his nipples to his navel, I sat between the mans legs, my hands running down his jean covered legs to his socked feet. I removed one sock I ran my hand all over it, his feet so soft, his toes so long. I kissed his feet all over, running my tongue along the arch of his foot, then between his toes. Robert was grabbing at the pillows with his fists, holding back screams, when my tongue got between his large toe and the other one he lost it.

“Tom oh please, you’re making me go crazy here, Tom Please slow down.” Robert screamed my as my tongue gently licked between his toes.

I sucked his big toe into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it, I pulled it out with a pop, placing his feet on both sides of my legs. My hands slowly made their way up his pant covered legs from his ankles to his hips, eventually landing on his belt. The motorcycle logo so sexy, the bulge in his jeans huge, his cock straining to be held inside his tight pants.

I unhooked the belt, it laid there on each side of the clip that held his jeans closed, I ran my hand over the bulge in his jeans, I leaned in my mouth on his bulge sucking on his cock, pinching it between my lips, it pulsed, throbbed, starved for attention tired of being held captive. I grabbed the clip with my two hands his pants held only with the zipper now. I could see the look in Robert’s face, fear concern, there was no going back after this point.

I grabbed the zipper tab, held it in place.

“Is casino oyna this okay Robert?” I asked before I pulled it down.

He shook his head in the affirmative.

“Yes Tom please, I’ve waited long enough for this please.” Robert said to me.

I slowly unzipped the man, one cog at a time, his cock pressed hard against the fabric of his jeans as my hand ran over his bulge, once unzipped his jeans bulged outward, his cock almost free to grow to its full size. Robert had on a pair of basic white underwear, tighty whiteys I call them. I slid his jeans off of him slowly, still I could see the nervousness in his eyes, the fear, was he okay with being naked in front of me? was he doing the right thing?

I had his jeans at his knees when I stopped, I leaned in and kissed the man.

“It’s going to be okay Robert if you want me to stop you say so and I will stop, if its to much to fast you tell me. I will not make you do anything you’re not ready for.” I told him to try to comfort him.

“No Tom it’s okay, your being very respectful and taking your time, I’m just so nervous right now is all. Thank you for being patient with me, please continue.” Robert said pulling me into a kiss.

I removed his one leg then the other, the man had beautiful legs, well proportioned, covered in black hair, the hair so dense on the lower half, I gently ran my hands up and down his legs, the hair felt so nice on the palms of my hands. Roberts legs were tight, the man needed a massage. I grabbed the oil from the nightstand and proceeded to try to loosen him up, his thighs were a mass of knots, his calves too needed some work.

Roberts cock continued to tent his underwear, he quickly repositioned his cock so it was not so uncomfortable, his bulge so huge. I placed his right leg on my chest as I massaged his right calf muscle till the tension was gone, I continued down his thigh close to his balls covered in the thin material of his underwear. I massaged his beautiful feet, massaging each toe, then kissing his foot.

I then placed his right leg back down and took his left leg, doing all the same things to his left leg, after kissing his left foot I placed it on my shoulder, then took his right and did the same I grabbed the mans underwear and slid them off of his ass, his cock still covered but his ass in full view. The man had a beautiful ass, the cheeks so round so perfect, his hole so tight, the strip of black hair so sexy. Again Robert showed how nervous he was.

“Tom you won’t be doing anything canlı casino to me back there will you? Cause I am not ready for any of that yet.” He stated concern in his voice.

“No Robert I may massage your butt cheeks nothing else, relax Babe I won’t hurt you or cause you any pain.” I said leaning in for a kiss.

His underwear now off and on my bedroom floor, there it was in its full glory the mans cock and balls, his cock had to be almost eight by six, his balls huge orbs seemed so full needing to be drained. The man needed a trim the hair out of control, he had never trimmed his bush ever by the looks of it.

“Robert Babe would it be okay if I trimmed your cock balls and pubic hair?” I asked him.

“I guess that would be fine Tom. Not shaved bald or anything weird like that I hope?” Robert said to me.

“No just trim the hair around your cock to show what a beautiful cock you really have.” I said to him.

I went in the washroom to grab the trimmers and a towel to catch the hair, I quickly trimmed him up, his cock a geyser of precum, I took his cock in my left hand held it firmly, coaxing more of the mans clear fluid to the surface, I leaned in and sucked the precum out of him. Robert quickly gasped for air his balls quickly tightened wanting to unload.

I trimmed his cock and balls short leaving him with a trimmed bush, I got rid of the towel and the hair and brought them to the bathroom. Robert was standing next to the bed looking in the mirror at what I had done to his cock and balls.

“Tom my cock looks bigger, I can actually see my balls now. Thank you so much for all this.” Robert says to me as I got closer to him.

He pulls me in kissing me deeply.

“Do you plan to get naked Tom or will I be the only naked one here?” Robert asked me.

I unbuckled my pants and slid them off, my underwear next quickly thrown in a corner of my bedroom. Robert stood there just looking at my naked form, not a word said to me, he stood back taking it all in, I turned so he could see all of me. I was not sure if he had ever really saw a naked man besides himself.

“Tom may I touch you?” Robert asked.

“Yes of course, please do.” I insisted.

Roberts touch was soft, first my shoulder, down to my pecs, grabbing my nipple in between his fingers, looking in my eyes for approval.

“Oh Tom its so perfect, I could have never dreamed a mans body, your body could feel so good to my touch.” Robert said in awe of it all.

Roberts second hand touched the kaçak casino other side in unison, he seemed nervous to go lower, Robert went around my back, from my shoulder blades down my sides, to my butt cheeks, first he held them like they were breakable, then firmly grabbed a handful in each hand gently spreading them to look at my hole. Robert held my butt for some time, he loved how firm they were, and how the hair felt on his hands.

Robert came back in front of me, he was inches from me at this point, his lips pressed to mine, his cock touching my own. I took his right hand and placed it on my cock, I was dripping precum like I had never before, Robert was mesmerized by the feel of it, his own cut mine uncut, the skin so loose my knob covered under the hood of my foreskin.

Robert slid the skin back to reveal my knob, it glistened in the dimly lit bedroom lamp, Roberts cock was pouring out precum, I took his cock in my one hand catching the stream of precum dropping from the tip of his beautiful cock, with a palm filled with his precious clear fluid I brought it to my mouth, lapping it all up with my tongue.

Robert stared at me as my tongue devoured his precum, I held it to my tongue, pulling him in for a kiss, sharing his precious liquid with him. Roberts eyes were like saucers, then the flavour of it caught him, he sucked my tongue to get more of it. I pulled out of the kiss, Robert still wanting more of his precum I had just shared with him.

I got down on one knee, his cock right there, rock hard, a pool of precum at the tip, a perfect ball of clear extract. I held his cock in my right hand, my left cradling his freshly trimmed ball sack, his cock continued to pour out more juice for me to lapp up. As I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth Robert held me back.

“Take it easy Please Tom, I’m so close to shooting, I want this to last all night.” Robert said to me sounding so vulnerable.

“Robert Babe don’t worry, if you cum I can make you cum again and again and again, till your balls ache till your cock is sore.” I said to him holding his cock inches from my mouth.

With the last word my mouth inhaled his cock to the base holding it deep inside my mouth sucking down on it. Robert jumped, held his breath, then slowly exhaled, his hands naturally going to hold my head to his cock, like I would ever let his cock out of my mouth now. My tongue swirled around his cock, I milked him for more of his precious precum, his balls soon retracted, his cock jerked and swelled, his body convulsed as his cock fed me what I really wanted, his wonderful semen.

“Oh Yes Tom, suck my cock Baby, drain me, suck it Tom, TOM! Fuck take it all TOM.” Robert screamed as he fucked and filled my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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