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Relationships with women haven’t been the best for me lately. I’ve been hurt too many times, and feel like I don’t connect with them. Careful self reflection has caused me to believe that other avenues may be best for me. In other words, I have opened myself up to the possibility of a relationship with a man.

This is something that I had never consider an option, up until recently. A few months ago some friends invited me out to a gay friendly night club. I admit that I was a little nervous at first, but found it to be a pleasant experience. It was very liberating to dance with men. I was even flattered to be hit on several times and have drinks bought for me. I’ll even admit that things got heated when I danced with a good looking guy. He tried to kiss me, but I wasn’t quite ready for that yet. My friends accused me of being a tease and “in the closet”.

Tonight my friends have invited me over for some drinks. Not surprisingly, they bring up the fact that I am a tease and are convinced that they can entice me to at least one gay romance in my life. I admit that I like to flirt with guys, but that I don’t have the same physical attraction towards men as I do with women. Again they argue that they can convince me. They ask me to trust them. I agree, and let them have their way. We surf the Internet for videos and pictures. I can see the erotic appeal but nothing is overly convincing. They argue that our society has conditioned me to play the straight heterosexual role, and that I need to open my mind to new possibilities.

I am Given headphones and am placed in a dark room with a laptop. The title of the video is “Curios Cock Hypnosis”. The title interests me, and stirs up butterflies in my stomach. It begins with relaxation and deep breathing exercises. I play along and feel relaxed. Images and videos of cocks rubbing against each other are displayed in quick succession at first, then slowly. The images are nasty and perverted, yet I find myself curious and aroused. I focus on these dirty cocks and tune out the erotic suggestions coming from a female voice that works subliminally to open my mind to the idea of wanting them. I bet it feels good to give in and let my cock dance with another. Curious thoughts continue to flow in my mind. Suddenly the video is over. I look around the house for my two friends and find them on a bed in a dimly lit room.

They are both naked, kissing and fondling each others’ penises. My heartrate accelerates and my stomach flutters. Their warm smooth bodies do look appealing in this light, but my focus is drawn to their big hard dicks dancing lustfully together. I am ready to come out. I really casino oyna want to join them, and they can sense it. An arm extends out for me to join in. Without thinking I accepted. Virgin meat is for them like doing it for the first time. Sensual kisses explore my neck and ear, while their nimble hands remove my clothing. Their bodies, though masculine, are smooth and silky. My pants are the last thing removed, and they do it in tandem with great care.

My semi-erect cock is let out to play, and is greeted by skillful hands. My penis is fondled then massaged. A feeling of liberation overcomes me as horny gay mouths caress my torso and work their way up to my mouth. Gently, my fingers trace the outline of excited and throbbing shaved cocks. Lust is written all over my face. At first I am shy, but these strong urges overtake me. I am now tugging and twisting playfully and even find courage to massage testicles. Heavy breathing and moans of pleasure surround my ears and mouth.

My own cock, now firmly at attention, needs to feel the warm touch another penis. My nipples harden as warm gay mouths suck gently on them. Three cocks now join each other in sensual group hugging. Mouths please each other as tongue penetrates mouth, revealing oral desires to suck. Warm smooth bodies caress each other, inching to get closer so that our cocks feel the full embrace of each other. Cock heads circulate each other as they ooze precut. Saliva is added to aid to help them glide over each other. The stench of male musk and pheromones is perversely erotic. All of my senses crave indulgence. There is no resisting here, the urge is too strong.

I give in and kneel on the floor to feast on the sensual meats. The scent of male genitals is even more pleasant in close proximity. Warm throbbing skin collides with my face and I swallow whole the first dick that presents itself. There is no turning back. The savory salty taste of precum touches my tongue and oozes down my throat. I am immediately addicted. Cock is my master now, and I serve it proudly. I lick and suck furiously. Another cock pushes against my mouth to receive my diligent attention. The smell and taste is different, but no less pungent and exciting. Under control of its power my mouth yields to its beauty and skillfully extract the first drops of semen. My saliva forms a layer of silky lubrication.

Total transformation begins to take hold as gay cum pleasantly flows through my body. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I jump from cock to cock. My curious fingers begin to explore forbidden regions of male pleasure. One finger slowly penetrates a now welcoming hole, which quickly caresses canlı casino it by tightening its lustful ring around it. He belongs to me now. His hole’s appetite grows as it seems to swallow up my finger. The sensation causes him to arch his back and to pull his cock out of my mouth. I let out a warm sigh of disappointment, but my wet mouth is greeted with glorious testicles and its warm musky sack.

His body is undergoing extreme excitation and he subconsciously demands to produce more semen through testicle stimulation. This erotic display attracts the attention of a recently neglected penis. My free hand guides it over the testicles which are now being stimulated by my tongue. His throbbing piece of male sex is lubricated with my saliva and glides effortlessly between my tongue and his balls. The scent, site, sounds, and feeling of this activity has succeeded in priming his beautiful dick.

My mood now shift to a more passive one. I crawl away on the bed and present myself to my tantalized lover. My hips wave side to side and my hungry hole releases powerful pheromones to attract my mates. This this works too well, and my invitation invites two jousting penises. The warmth of their balls and cocks grinding against my smooth bare ass only entices it to relax and submit. I’m so excited. I push my cock and balls through my legs to help arouse my two jousters. Images of cocks rubbing together flash in my mind which gives me a deep hunger. Their cocks are become distracted by my feminine display, and my crotch is soon greeted with their attention. Gentle strokes are not enough. My body quivers and I want to be fucked. My virgin hole needs to be conditioned. I call for some foreplay. The call is answered promptly by warm wet mouths, one on my anus and the other on my cock and balls. The stimulation is extreme and I am face down in the pillows moaning with pleasure. Fingers are now inserted in me and oral attention is focused on my balls, which quickly swell with thick salty semen. Two of our three dicks are now charged with full loads of semen. Only one left.

We engage in a three way kiss, sharing the flavors of our crotches. We forcefully pin our undercharged friend and shove our dicks in his mouth as our hands pleasure his cock and balls. His legs welcome us by spreading, exposing his glorious sack. Powerful pheromones are detected and release the animal within us. We both descend to give him the frenzied attention he deserves. His balls are sucked to one side, now the other, and the hole of his manhood is swallowed by our hungry mouths. Now fully charged my two lovers set their sights on my virgin ass.

I resume a submissive kaçak casino role, turn on my backside and throw myself at the mercy of two horny lustful gays. My legs spread, and my finger explores my hole, making sure it is ready. The scent from my finger is rubbed on the first cock it grabs, which transforms its owner into a powerful steed. I am mounted and penetrated with ease. My anus easily swallows his firm 8 inch cock. The feeling is bliss. His movements move from gentle lovemaking to frenzied lust. New erotic sensations are felt for the first time as the power of his dick flows from my sphincter through my panting body. He stops and slowly removes himself from me, only to generously rub himself against the other penis. Their display is a pleasant site that leaves my anus in envy. I turn my body over to present my ass to these eager cocks and entice them to fuck me. Testicles and cocks grind up against my ass, which now dances for them seductively. I am soon penetrated and fucked. My appetite for dick is again temporarily satisfied. In this moment I need cocks, it’s all I want. The pleasure is so intense. I lose control and I begin to shout things I never would have before. ” mmm, I love cocks. More, more cocks, I need more dicks. Fuck me”. Admission of these desires is as much of a turn on to me as allowing myself to indulge in them.

My moans begin to sound more feminine. I beg. Both of my holes are now being fucked. My moans are muffled by a thrusting cock. My eyes roll to the back of my head as warm loads of jizz fill my mouth. I swallow what I can, but some inevitably drizzles down my chin. Just as I revel in the divine faggot flavor, warm fluids fill my now satisfied ass which caresses his shaft as he releases himself inside of me. Warm fluids ooze out of me as his satisfied member retreats.

Dominant feelings now return to me. I stand before my two friends and smack their faces with my penis as I simultaneously massage it. They are drunk with their recent climax, and this only increases my feeling of power over them. Fingers penetrate easily into my worn ass. The taste and scent of cock in my mouth gives me the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful dicks. I am lost in a penis escape. I lose control and begin to shower them with loads of virgin gay cum. Their mouths fight to get what they can from me. They carefully clean my cock as it softens. I come down to join their kissing mouths. I reach a level of satisfaction and gratification I never dreamed possible. Our activities wind down and we lay comfortably along side of each other. I fall asleep.

In the morning I wake to gentle strokes of warm cocks on my mouth. Two heads tug away at my lips and try to slither inside my mouth. Their strong erotic odour overpowers me and causes me to salivate. Before I am fully aware of what is happening, my mouth opens to greet these eager visitors

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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