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This happened a few years ago – you know the score: You start chatting to a guy online, get flirting, maybe swap a few cock pictures and before you know it you’re stroking away on a webcam chat for each other that inevitably ends up with you both shooting your load over your chest and face, and trying not to groan so loud that you wake your housemates in the next room… Or maybe that was just me. Regardless, that’s how I first met my first guy – we’ll call him Alex, for anonymity’s sake. He was bi, about 5’10”, slim… with a pretty damn impressive cock!

Alex and I ended up chatting every other night or so for a couple of weeks – we didn’t always do a camshow for each other, but I think we both enjoyed it far more when we did. We would start chatting and telling the other what we would do if we were there – cumulating in pretty detailed encounter, played out online. It was only natural that we hooked up, and the more we talked about it, the more we both wanted to.

Using the old excuse of “work”, Alex managed to duck out from under his girlfriend’s thumb and came to my place. My housemates were in, but fortunately busy… little did they know that soon, Alex and I would be “busy”, too…!

After a couple of drinks and some TV, we both retired to my room and fired the computer up – porn was going to be involved, as I was pretty nervous, not having done anything with a guy before. Alex took it in his stride, and we chatted easily as twinky gay guys began getting it on on the screen. As he sat alongside me, his hand rested on my leg, and I found my hand stroking his. He grinned, and pulled me over to him, leaning my back against his front and resting his head on my shoulder as we watched, his arms wrapped round my waist. Right from then, I could feel my cock growing in my jeans, and when he pulled me back – to sit on his lap – I chuckled and felt a bulge growing in his trousers, too.

The porn on the computer forgotten, I turned my head and grinned shyly, before casino oyna he placed a kiss on my cheek. The next kiss went for my lips, which I happily returned, welcoming his tongue and mirroring his moves with mine. I must have done something right, as he moaned quietly in the back of his throat, and cuddled me to him as we kissed. When the kiss broke, he gestured for me to get up, and unbuttoned my jeans, sliding a hand up under my shirt and over my chest. As I pulled my shirt off, he got up and unbuttoned his own jeans, dropping them in a pool on the floor, and removing his shirt in a single motion. Damn, his body looked even better in the flesh than it did on webcam! His smooth-shaven chest led down to a very neatly-trimmed crotch with his seven-inch cock waving in the air. He chuckled as he saw me checking him out, and pulled me back to sit on his lap – this time facing him.

My cock rubbed alongside his as we kissed again, my hands stroking his back and the top of his butt, squeezing his cheeks gently and causing him to moan quietly in the back of his throat. He broke the kiss, and gestured for me to stand up, making my crotch become level with his face. He looked up at me and grinned, before slowly edging his mouth over my now-hard cock and down the shaft. Fuck, it was hot – warm and wet inside his mouth, with his tongue playing over my cockhead and along the underside. I moaned quietly and closed my eyes, placing my hand behind his head and sliding in and out of his mouth as he sucked and licked, giving me what I still consider to be the best blowjob I’ve ever had.

Before I forgot myself, I was determined to pay him back. I pulled out of his mouth and knelt down on the floor, with his long, straight shaft inches from my face. Without looking up at him, I licked my lips and slid them over his cockhead, teasing it with my tongue whilst my hands found his balls and began to stroke them. Letting his cock slip out, I lapped underneath the head, and licked along the underside and over canlı casino his balls, taking each one in turn in my mouth and sucking gently. Looking up, I saw him leaning back with his hand over his mouth, stopping himself from moaning too loudly. My cock jerked as I watched him roll his head back, quiet whimpers and low groans coming from his mouth.

Eventually, I stopped the blowjob-torture and sat back down next to him – his hands went immediately to my butt cheeks and began to massage them, pulling them apart as we kissed again. For my part, my hands mirrored his, stroking down his smooth back and crack, with a fingertip caressing his hole. He laid me down on the bed and turned me over onto my front, kissing my back and stroking my ass cheeks, working a finger between them and toying with my hole. I felt a shock of cool lube work its way into me as Alex pulled me up onto my knees, nudging my legs apart slightly. As he climbed up behind my, his head leaned down over my shoulders and kissed my neck before he gently pushed forward. I felt the hard, hot tip of his cock at my hole and a moment of pain as he skewered into me. I grunted out loud, and nearly fell forwards, but his hands were there to hold me up, keeping me steady as he pushed back and forth, working on my virgin hole until I was into the rhythm of his thrusts – grunting happily and meeting his cock as he pushed forwards, the sound of his balls slapping my skin filling the room.

Alex began to breath raggedly, and slowed down and pulled out of my hole with a wet sound. I looked over my shoulder at him and moaned in need. He grinned back and beckoned to me to get up. As he took my place on the bed, he stroked my cock in his hands, and spread his cheeks apart for me, indicating that he wanted my cock just as much as I wanted his. I squirted some lube onto his crack and wiped my rock-hard cock along it, massaging his hole with my thumb, slipping it inside and toying with him. When I couldn’t stand that hot, wet bud from staring kaçak casino at my any longer, I pushed towards him and slid inside. He grunted and bit the pillow, causing me to slow down and withdraw a little bit, before pushing in deeper, gradually working into him until my cock was buried all the way inside his tight ass. As I pulled back and began fucking, I groaned quietly with each thrust, loving the moans I was getting from him in return – my whole head swimming with new experiences.

For his part, Alex pushed back onto my cock with every thrust, causing me to slam into his hole a few times, my balls slapping against his butt loudly in the otherwise-quiet room. I leaned forward and reached underneath him, grasping his rock-solid member in my hand and starting to stroke him in time with my thrusts, causing him to lower his head back down to the pillow and moan again.

I felt the orgasm coming, felt my balls tightening and heard my breathing start to go ragged as I fucked harder, slamming my cock into Alex’s cute, tight hole. My cock throbbed inside him as I started to shoot streams of hot, sticky cum into his ass, causing him to almost shout out loud in surprise and pleasure. I lost count of the number of shots, but after what seemed like ages, I began to soften and pulled my cock out with a soft, wet sound. Alex wasn’t done yet, though – he jumped up as soon as I was free and gestured for me to bend over, which I happily did, waving my butt in the air until he caught it and buried his cock inside me in a single stroke. I groaned out loud as he rode my ass hard, fucking me with deep and long strokes, grunting with each thrust.

“I’m gonna…” he didn’t finish his sentence as he pushed his cock hard inside me, causing me to fall forwards with him on top of me. As we crashed to the bed, I felt his cock pulse and begin to shoot warm, thick loads of spunk inside me. I closed my eyes and began to breath heavily as I felt his seed fill me up, and his breath on my shoulder as he lay on top of me, finishing off and coming down from the high.

With a few whispered “thank yous”, we rolled onto our sides and almost fell straight to sleep… Fuck, that was an amazing night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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