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Continuation form part one

For me the build-up makes the climax, hence here we are part two and we’ve still got our clothes on!!

We stopped at the bed; he pulled me close putting his hand on my cheek.

“Now you are sure?” he whispered gently, his eyes fixed on mine.

“God yes Mike,” I replied running my hand over his chest and reaching up to kiss him. Again our lips met, they were soft but firmer than a woman’s, I could feel his stubble and taste the whiskey as our tongues entwined, my heart pounding with our passion ever growing.

He held me firmly as we kissed, then his hands began to move: over my shoulders; down the small of my back, then gently over my butt …and then tighter. I could tell, from him rubbing against me, that he was just as excited as I was. Jeez, I was near fit to burst, my cock stiff and straining against my jeans.

I let my hands rub against his chest then down to his stomach. Now I should have been nervous, tentative even, and maybe it was the alcohol or maybe something else but any inhibitions were seemingly gone. Down my hand went, rubbing the front of his trousers, rubbing what was clearly a very aroused cock.

“You want?” muttered Mike breaking off from our kiss.

“Please,” I found myself saying. “I want!”

This was a cue for Mike to slip his hands inside my shirt and start pulling it eagerly over my head. Obediently I lifted my arms in the air allowing him to take it off leaving me topless.

“Mmmm, nice,” he said as he started kissing my neck and rub his hands over my now bare chest. I shuddered with excitement at his touch.

“Yes, Mike,” I called out every sense it seemed turned up to the max.

He then started unbuttoning his own shirt, his eyes fixed on me as he slowly and deliberately undid each button, teasing me, letting the anticipation build. The what a site! His chest was broad. I found myself uncontrollably rubbing it once more, feeling how manly it felt.

“You are some hunk,” I said excitedly as I give in to lust and kissed him with what could only be described as animal passion.

Our hands were now all over each other, I couldn’t believe canlı bahis how he felt: firm, hairy and masculine and how good it was. He reached down and began loosening his belt. My heart skipped a beat and without stopping for breath I proceeded to do the same and in undue haste there we were… naked before each other and both clearly very excited.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, what I was looking at. I had never so much as seen another man’s cock erect before, but there was his in front of me, a seven-inch monster, gleaming with pre-cum. I couldn’t resist. I took it in my hands, it felt so big and warm. I was turned-on more, it seemed, than I had ever been turned-on before.

“Do you like?” Mike asked smiling that smile.

“Oh yes,” I said, “I like.”

We kissed again, me still feeling his cock then cradling his balls. He being the attentive lover then started stroking me. Now of course I have had my cock played with before but this seemed different somehow; he knew what felt really good. He rubbed his hand slowly up and down my shaft, slightly twisting at the same time causing intense feelings of pleasure, so much so that my legs buckled slightly.

“I think you better lie down,” he said, carefully laying me on the bed. I opened my arms inviting him into my grasp. Instinctively he read my mind, our lips once more became firmly locked as our now naked bodies pressed against each other. I could feel him, all man pressing against me; his hairy chest on mine, his large cock pressing against my slightly smaller one. Both were very hard, ( I couldn’t remember mine ever being harder) and both oozed what seemed like, rivers of pre-cum.

Mike’s kisses began to wander. He worked down my neck, kissing, licking and biting as he went, and gripping hold of my cock as he did so.

Down he went…kissing my nipples…I gasped

Down further planting kissed on my stomach …I cried out in anticipation.

Down further…a small kiss on the tip of my cock, a bead of pre-cum forming on his lips …I pulled my hair and squirmed on the bed, every nerve seemed now to be on fire. I could not believe what he was doing to me, how it bahis siteleri made me feel.

Mike just laughed and firmly pinned my hips to the bed.

“I think you might need to stay a little bit more still,” he whispered before again kissing the tip of my straining penis: then kissing it again and again and again. Each kiss more passionate, each one deeper. I could feel his tongue licking the head of my cock, his lips sinking further and further down the shaft so my cock was deep in his mouth.

I twisted and turned, going wild with the sensation of what he was doing to me but his firm hands kept me locked to the bed as his mouth worked on my cock. My head was spinning and I knew I could not keep this going long before inevitably I would climax like never before. Fortunately, Mike also knew this and before could I reach that point of no return he sat up and looked me in the eye.

“How’s trying new things?” he asked unable to suppress a smirk.

“Fucking hell, Mike what are you doing to me?”

“Making love to you, what do you think?” again he smirked, “Want me to stop?”

“Don’t you bloody dare!” I raised my arm inviting him to come closer again. “You are amazing!”

And with that he was once again kissing me, I was once again in his arms. This time though I turned so I was on my side Mike on his back. I ran my fingers through that thick chest hair, stroked his manly body. God his cock looked good.

I rubbed my hand once again down the thick frim shaft, cupped his seemingly huge balls in my hand. I moved down the bed to get lower, dispensing of all the niceties I got my head level with his penis, so close I could smell it, smell that musky male scent. It made my head swim and, without so much as a second thought I took his cock in my mouth. My lips wandered down his shaft now as my tongue whirled and twirled all over the head. This time it was Mike’s turm to squirm.

Now I swear this was something that I have never done before but…

“Wow, you’re good!” gasped Mike, “A natural cock sucker.” He laughed then grabbed my head rhythmically making me go up and down his cock as my tongue kept on working. He moved bahis şirketleri my head faster and faster as he face fucked me.

“My little cock sucker…” he cried out.

And I was.

I so wanted that big firm cock in my mouth; so wanted to taste him, so wanted to please my lover.

And please him I clearly was. I could feel his body tense, his grip become firmer and his rhythm quicken before he cried out and delivered hot streams of cum into me. God there was lots! Not a case of swallow or not, there was so much. Some I swallowed, some spilling out sliding down his penis. The taste surprised me, not the greatest but not the worst thing ever but the amazing thing was how it felt making him cum.

I smiled to myself as I began licking the cum from his shaft.

He winced, clearly his orgasm made him too sensitive to bare my tongue – not that I let it stop me.

“You are good,” Mike called out as he ran his hands through his own hair.” Sure you’ve not done that before?”

I lifted my head up, “Never.”

“Then you certainly are a natural,” he lay back slightly spent from want had just happened.

I lay against him, my hands running through his hairy chest.

“Just for you,” I said kissing him again.

He put his arm around me as we kissed.

“I can taste my cum,” Mike laughed. I joined in the laughter.

“I know, good isn’t it?” I replied laughing again as we held each other tightly basking in the after-glow.

Mike sighed. I knew the feeling of how an orgasm can take it out of you. His eyes closed but the grin remained firmly across his face.

I pulled the sheets over us and kissed his chest. He didn’t respond.

“Men! What are we like?”

I guess that must have been about an hour ago as I think I must have dozed off too. I woke up with that taste in my mouth and I realised what I had done, what we had done. My enthusiasm, bravado called it what you will had deserted me.

Shit! I am not gay! What the hell am I doing here?

I am not gay!

I repeat I am NOT gay!

A feeling of guilt was sweeping through my body at the realisation of the night’s events. I wanted get out of there, run away as far as I could.

I sat up, my head in my hands. I had to get out of there. Suddenly, I felt and hand rub my back.

“You okay?”

Shit …he was awake!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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