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It had been a couple of days since me and my best friend had got drunk and sucked each other’s dicks. We had still been playing video games online together and there was no awkwardness between us. I had jacked off to the memories of how it all happened and the feel of his cock in my mouth. I assume he was doing the same. We had planned on working out tonight.

We went to the gym like we always do late at night when nobody is really there. We had a good workout and worked up a heavy sweat. Heading to the showers I couldn’t help but be reminded of last time we were here and talking about Veronica’s big tits.

“Hey are you still talking to that girl?” I asked.

“Na man. After that night when I stopped messaging her she hasn’t said anything. I hit her up but she hasn’t answered.” He said sadly.

Showering in our normal stalls I couldn’t help but to glace down at John’s cock repeatedly. I noticed he was checking me out at the same time. I starting thinking about the other night, his hard cock and how he was playing with it while I was playing with mine and our little bouncing cock game. I got really hard really fast. John looked over to check me out and in no time at all he was hard too. We started falling into an awkward silence when I had an idea. I turned around with my back to the shower so John could see my profile and leaned back slightly to help extend my cock out for his viewing pleasure. I was going to wait for him to look over again and springboard my cock like we did for our little game. I looked over at him with a smile and my hand pushing my cock down ready to release it as soon as he looked.

He turned his head toward me and I let my cock go. He immediately started laughing and so did I. As we were laughing he started swinging his cock back and forth with his hand like a sword. At the same time, I was thrusting my hips causing my cock to wave all over the place. We just laughed and enjoyed watching each other’s cocks bounce around in the shower.

Being that we were in a public shower and at any time someone else could walk in and catch us made it even more exciting. My cock was extremely hard as I waved my cock around for John and he did the same for me. There was no shame in it at all this time. It was great being so comfortable with each other that we could freely joke around using our cocks. After our shower, we tried to calm down and get dressed. John was able to get his cock down to just a semi hard-on but for me, I was still totally hard. John was sitting on the bench next to me putting his shoes on. I dropped my towel and let John get an eye full. My cock was about eye level and he had a great view of it which kept me really hard. I took an extra minute to pretend to dig around in my locker looking for my clothes. I decided I would put my shirt on before my underwear so I could continue to have my cock on display.I found my shirt and put it over my head then let it rest at the base of my dick leaving it out to tease John. He turned his head and was face to face with my erection, mere inches from his face. Just then I heard a noise and saw somebody walking by and looking right at us! He was only about ten feet away and I saw him take a direct look at my cock and John’s head right next to it. Fuck, we got caught. We looked at each other like we were little kids getting caught by our parents doing something we knew we weren’t supposed to. I just shrugged my shoulders, got dressed and we left.

“That guy see us?” John asked as we walked to our cars.

“Yea I think so, but I don’t care. We’ll probably never see him again anyway.”

“You’re probably right. I’ll hit you up tomorrow.” He said walking away.

“Alright man, later.” I replied.

When I got home I got online and started playing some video games. I got a few of my dad’s beers again was getting a good buzz. I was playing and drinking beers for about 2 hours when John text me.

John: hey dude you awake?

Me: yup whats up

John: Veroinca finally responded

Me: must be nice haha

John: haha yea shes sendin dirty messages man and she just sent another pic of her tits

Me: lemme see

He sent me the photo of her tits. Damn they looked great. She was lying on her back and had her arms pressing her boobs together. Her nipples were in the perfect spot. Areola’s not too big and nipples a little bigger than pencil erasers. Had to be at least DD’s if not bigger.

John: she is asking me for a dick pic

Me: so send her one. And try to get a video again

John: last time we sent her pics of your dick tho think she will notice the difference?

I had almost forgot that we used my cock in the picture to her. It made me remember the first time I took my cock out in front of him and how hard I was. I remember the feeling of excitement as I pushed the boundary of our friendship and how it excited him at the same time. My cock was straining on my shorts and I started stroking it thru the thin material as I relived the excitement we had in my room together. I was brought back casino oyna to reality by a message.

John: what should I do?

Me: hold on one sec

I stood up pulled down my pants and started to take pictures of my dick. I got a few different angles as I tried to get a really good one. I was thinking more about John seeing me hard than I was the girl he was messaging. As I was taking the pictures John messaged me again. This time it was a picture of him in his underwear with his cock tenting the front of it.

John: if i send her this and she won’t be able to tell

Me: yea that might work

Me: but you should use these instead

I sent him varios pictures of my dick. Some from above, from the side, close up shots, and a few with my balls being cradled in my hand. I knew he would enjoy them and I sat back stroking myself as I imagined John drooling over the sight of my cock.

John: hell yea dude thanks for the pics. Shes gonna love em

Me: ok lemme know what she says

There were a few minutes between texts as I continued stroking my cock thinking about John probably doing the same thing while admiring my dick pics. He then started forwarding more pictures of Veronica doing different poses featuring her huge tits. She was wearing a thin wife-beater with no bra. Her nipples were poking out and she made sure to highlight them. A few different poses like that combine with her pulling the shirt even tighter then eventually lifting her shirt up and letting her tits drop out of her shirt bouncing freely.

Holy shit I was getting hard and kept stroking my cock as I enjoyed the photos. Just then John sent me a video with the message, “she wants one like this.” He attached a video of him stroking his hard dick. He was jerking off at a nice even pace. His shaft looked so smooth and his head was really pumped up. His cock looked so beautiful I must have watched his video 4 times.

John: she says shes got a video comin but needs some motivation

He sent me another video of his very hard erection. The video he sent me this time started off with the profile of his cock and he had his thumb at the base pushing down. This made the head of his erection swell up even more, my eyes were bugging out. It looked so sleek and aerodynamic, like a beautiful flesh missile. It looked so good I wanted to take it in my mouth again. I started videoing me jerking off and it was making me so hard to jerk off for John. I was getting closer to cumming while I started the video. It was for about 30 seconds of me stroking my big cock. I watched the video before I sent it so I could see what John would see. It was making me really hot so I just sent it so he could watch me jerking off.

John: damn that’s hot dude, you are havin too much fun over there lol

Holy shit he was loving it. I could feel myself ready to cum very soon. I laid back on my bed, slouched down with my cock pointed right at my face and started jerking, hard. I grabbed my phone and started the recording. I got a real good close up of my hand sliding up and down my curved shaft. I pulled the camera back to get my head in the frame. I couldn’t take it anymore. The thought of John watching me cum went straight to my head. My cock started erupting big hot ropes of cum toward my face. The first shot landed on my chin as I kept jerking my pulsating cock. The second shot hit me just to the right of my nose and started dripping down to my mouth. There were 6 more shots of cum and I was able to get more on my face while the rest landed on my chin and chest. I sent the video to John. He text back about 2 minutes later.

John: fuck dude I just came so hard

I couldn’t take it anymore I wanted to suck his cock again. I wanted him so suck mine again. I wanted to indulge in my nasty desires to play with his cock. For him to play with my cock and get each other off again.

Me: come over to my house?

John: I can’t. parentals are still up, tomorrow?

Me: ok

The next day I woke up excited for John to come over that night. We both had things to do during the day so it helped kill the time. I couldn’t wait to have his cock in my mouth again. I finished my errands a little early and had some time before we met up at the gym. I took that time to shave my cock and my balls. I wanted to look as big as possible for John. I was hard the entire time just imagining how much better I was going to look sliding my cock into John’s hungry mouth. I got to the gym and didn’t see John anywhere when he sent me a text.

John: hey sorry, not going to make it to the gym but ill still come over tonight. Told my mom we were nerding out on video games

Me: ok ill text you when I leave

I tried to stick to a normal workout but without a workout partner time seemed to stand still. I couldn’t wait to have some naughty fun with John. I let my cock convince me to cut my workout short. On my way back to the locker room I saw the dude that had caught John and I in the locker room the other day. He had obviously seen canlı casino my hard cock out and John’s face right next to it. I decided it was time to hurry and as I turned away I think he looked over and saw me. I hurried to the locker room to take a shower and get dressed.

I took my normal stall at the end of the row of showers and started to lather up. I had my eyes closed and then I heard a noise. I looked up and saw that same guy had followed me into the shower and was showering right across from me.

“Hey man how’s it goin’?” He asked me.

My mind went blank. It was weird that the guy who saw my naked with a raging erection just started showering next to me and talking to me.

“Good, good, how bout yourself?” I replied on autopilot.

“Doing ok. My name is Aaron, I’m kind of new to this city.” He said, and I noticed this time he took a quick glance down at my newly shaved cock.

“My name is Jake.” I said trying to ignore the twitch I had just felt in my cock.

I looked over and Aaron was getting a little hard. WTF? Was this guy gay or something? I knew John and I had sucked each other dry but I hadn’t thought of it as being gay. It felt like two friends just having some fun together.

“So do you workout regularly? I was looking for a gym partner and you look like you are a regular.”

He said as he looked down at my cock again.

Now he had almost a full erection and he was acting like it wasn’t there. His cock was about the same size as mine but had a much more dramatic upwards curve. His cock pointing right at the ceiling. His balls hung heavy but not too low making him look even bigger. The sight of this made gave me an instant erection. He looked over and then down and was checking out my

hard-on as it stuck out proudly.

“Oh! I knew it! I thought that was you. You’re the guy I saw the other night in the locker room with your cock in that other guys face.” He said as he pointed at my hard erection as if that’s how he recognized me.

“Yea that was me.” I said while I gave my cock a quick thrust forward.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying but I think you look a lot better shaved. Really makes you look bigger.” He said as he stared down at my throbbing member.

“Yea thanks, that’s what I was hoping for. You’ve got a really nice piece too.” I said nodding towards his banana looking cock.

“I like how it curves up like that.” I complemented.

“Yea it’s crazy right?” He asked.

He grabbed his cock and pushed it down straight then let it bounce up to his belly button. He did this a few times.

“Yea he likes to stand straight up.” He told me.

Then he started soaping up his cock and talking about how he was thinking of shaving too. Damn, his cock looked good so I started soaping up my own cock. I never thought I’d be jerking off in the shower with some stranger. I was really starting to get into this. We stopped talking and we just watched each other jerking off with the soap until we heard another shower head go on. We motioned to each other to leave the shower and walked out together. We got to the lockers and started walking in different directions.

“My lockers on the other side, meet me outside?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I’ll see you out there.” I told him.

We met outside and exchanged numbers talking about how we would be working out together next time. I started smiling thinking about how I get see his cock and jerk off for him again. Aaron and I said our goodbyes. I remembered John was coming over and I’d get to get some relief. I text him and told him to come over to my house.

When I pulled up to my house John was already parked out front waiting for me. When he got out I could see he was hard by the bulge in his jeans. He was ready to have some fun and so was I. We walked inside my house and went straight to my room and sat on my bed.

“How was the workout?” He asked me.

“I’ll put it this way, the shower was better than the workout. Where were you anyway?”

“I was getting ready for tonight.” He said smiling.

“What do you mean?” I asked a little confused.

“Here I’ll show you.” He said as he stood up.

I could see the outline of his cock in his pants as he started taking off his belt and undoing his fly. He pulled his pants down and let his cock spring out and bounce around. He had also shaved! I started smiling and admiring his cock.

“VERY nice!” I exclaimed.

I reached out and grabbed it by the head, pulling it up and down and side to side as I inspected his shaving ability. I nodded approvingly giving him a couple strokes then let his cock spring out of my hand. I really liked seeing it bounce around like that, it was so hot.

“We must be connected mentally bro, check this out.” I said and pulled my pants down too.

I let my cock spring out just like he had and showed off for him. He reciprocated the inspection by grabbing my cock and giving me a few strokes and cupping my balls. His hands felt so good caressing my cock and I could tell kaçak casino he enjoyed the feeling of my smooth shaft and balls.

“Your cock looks even bigger dude.” He told me as he continued playing with my cock.

He was tapping me on the tip with his hand making my cock bounce. He looked like he was hypnotized by it. Just as we were getting started to have some fun with our cocks my phone went off. I looked to see who it was and Aaron’s name came up.

“Oh shit dude, I gotta tell you about this.” I said excited to tell him what happened.

“Do you remember that guy that saw us in the locker room the other night?” I asked.

“Yeah. The one that saw me staring at your cock like I was about to inhale it?” He asked rhetorically.

“Yea, so he was showering next to me and asking if we could be workout partners. I look over and he’s got a massive boner.”

John’s face lit up.

“His cock was kind of curved up like mine but it points way higher. It was really cool looking. Anyway, the sight of his cock got ME hard.”

As I was telling the story I was standing there doing shower motions and pointing at my cock.

John’s eyes got even wider and he started rubbing his cock.

“So get this. He looks at my cock and he recognizes it from that night he saw us!” I exclaimed.

“No way dude, that is funny as fuck.” John said busting up laughing.

“Dude we even started to jerk off but then someone came in so we left. I got his number and this is him messaging me right now.” I said as I faced my phone.

I opened the message from Aaron.

Aaron: hello. Are you still awake?

Me: yea dude still up

He responded immediately.

Aaron: ok cool. Cuz I dunno if you’re still horny but do you wanna help each other get off?

“Dude, look what he said.” I showed John my phone.

He squinted to read the messages then his eyes popped open.

“What does he want to do?” John asked and that’s what I messaged him.

Me: what do you want to do?

Aaron: I was hoping to see that big beautiful dick again…

John and I were reading the messages together and immediately knew what he wanted to do.

“Tell him to send one of his dick first. I wanna see it.” John quickly said.

I then got the best idea of how this situation could get even better.

Me: my friend John wants to see your dick first

I typed faster that John could stop me as he lunged for the phone. I was laughing when I sent it and we wrestled a bit as he tried to grab my phone. Our dicks were very hard rubbing together. He was laying on top of me and our cocks were rubbing as he was struggling to get the phone. My phone went off again and we stopped wrestling to see what he said.

“Mmmmm, his cock does curve up a lot. It looks really nice.” Said John as we looked at the picture Aaron sent.

“Looks even better in person. Just imagine that all soapy and being stroked in the shower next to you.” I replied.

It was a really nice photo of his smooth shaft and swollen tip. It was close enough to see some good details and took up the whole picture. I stood up and turned so I could let compare the picture to my own dick.

“Ok which one do you like better?” I asked while John admired both of our cocks.

“Mmmm that’s a tough one.” John said.

He was looking back and forth from cock to cock. I couldn’t tell if he couldn’t decide or he just wanted to stare at our cocks. He was taking too long and I was getting irritated.

“Let me put it this way: Who’s cock do you want to suck tonight?” I asked, giving him the ultimatum.

“Yours.” He said with his eyes locked on to my cock.

I turned toward him so my cock was in front of his face as he sat on the bed. I pushed my upturned cock down with my thumb and pointed it directly at his face, he learned forward and took my cock in his mouth. He closed his eyes. He was sucking hard and his mouth felt like home. Slowly, he slid his lips up and down my cock taking me in until I hit the back of his throat. I was in heaven but I wanted this night to last. I took my cock out of his mouth.

“Ok stand up.” I commanded.

“Ok turn this way.” I guided him with my arm.

I got down and my knees and took the tip of his dick in my lips. I sucked on the tip for as long as I could, while trying to resist the temptation to take his whole dick in my mouth. I was trying to tease him but I could not resist! I took his cock in almost immediately. There’s something about having a hot dick in your mouth that just feels so nasty that you can’t help but love it. I sucked his cock as far into my mouth as I could. My chin was pushing against his smooth balls and his tip was pushing hard into the back of my throat. Did not want to stop but I decided he had had enough.

I took the phone and angled it so I could take a selfie using his dick as a prop. His cock was sideways in the picture and my face was looking right at the camera. I had my mouth wide open and his cock pressing against the inside of my cheek. I took different pictures but kept his cock in my mouth for every one. After I had taken a decent amount I spit his cock out and sat on the bed to look thru the pictures. John sat next to me to look at the phone too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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